Stress 101, Part Two

Oh my god, guys! I just had my first  (of many) sessions with Robert, and I was blown away. The first part is mostly an introduction: His life, how he met Erik, how their relationship grew and what it’s like now. Here’s an interesting fact that I got from two spirit communicators, including Jamie: In many past lives, Robert was Erik’s teacher. Poor Robert. 

Me: Why are some people able to stand more stress than others?

Like my husband. The rock. Nothing fazes him, not even me.

Erik: That’s from training. They’ve trained themselves to feed off of the adrenaline, feed off of what chemical changes the body makes when they’re under stress, so when there’s no stress around, they feel lethargic, out of touch, lazy, useless, hopeless.

Me: Yeah, some people really do thrive on it, on stress. It makes them feel alive.

Erik: Yeah, that’s fucked up.

For those of you who don’t already know, my husband races motorcycles for fun. I’m talking about 200 mph, knee dragging the ground type racing. Thank god he’s padded from head to toe, because I was looking at the suit he used last race season, and clearly he has been a human hockey puck more than once. Gulp. Anyway, this fits with what Erik is saying.

Me: I know. Now, how does it affect our body? Maybe you can go through all the bodies: emotional, spiritual, physical, mental.

Erik: Mm. Stress affects the four bodies. Mental—

Jamie (to Erik): Mm. Slow down.

Erik: In the mental body, stress attacks the ability to focus. We pretty much talked about this when we were talking about stress before. Staying in the future, it puts you in the possibilities rather than in the now.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: So, it fights with the mind’s willingness to stay centered, and it triggers the mind—the energy speeds up to trigger the mind to think ahead and be ahead, because obviously if you’re in the now, it’s too late.

Me: Okay.

Erik: —which is such bullshit!

Jamie and I giggle.

Jamie: Such bullshit.

Erik: So, emotion.

Me: Right.

Erik: Stress wreaks havoc on the emotional body, because, the same that it does with the mind, it revs it up to be prepared. It won’t let you feel what you are actually going through in the now. It’ll mask it. It covers it up with layers of energy that’s been created by the head for these multiple possibilities that could be coming that are putting stressors on you.

Me: Hm.

Me: Or even if you, say, know what you’re outcome is going to be, and you’re stressed out about it, and it hasn’t happened, like let’s say you were busted for something, and you know your ass is going to jail, and they told you on the 5th they’re coming to get your fucking ass.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: And so you know you’re nervous, and you’re stressed out about the 5th, cuz when it comes, there you have it. Well, your head is thinking about how it’s going to play out, how’s this person going to look. Are they going to be mean to you; are you going to be safe; are you going to like it—


Erik: —is this going to be horrible? It’s going through the past, “I regret doing that. Why did I do that? Why did I make the mistake?” But it’s never once letting you stay in the now. So, even though you know what you’re outcome is supposedly going to be, there are so many variables that are the mystery and those create the stress.

Me: Hm. Very interesting.

Erik: The heart. All of a sudden the emotional body will not let you feel what you’re going through naturally. It’ll cover it with all of these layers of energy that your mind is creating, because you’re trying to prep when really what your heart should be doing is staying completely open, emotionally honest, so that whatever situation comes your way, their way, you can be readily available for it and be able to handle it.

Me: Well, you said, “prep” but at first you said, “Yeah, you need to be prepared,” but now you’re talking about preparation in a negative way. How should we be prepared?

Erik: If I say prepared in a positive way, I mean that you sit down and look at the plausible outcomes, and you think of maybe three ways of how you can handle each one. Then, you let it go and go back to being in the now.

That’s the hard part. Letting go of things has never been my strong suit, except maybe my sanity, but I blame my kids for that, in part.

Me: What about the negative way? Are you prepared for a disaster that might not even happen?

Erik: I didn’t think we’d be into the disaster thing, but, yes, similar to that.

Me: I guess expectation would be a better word. You expect the worst to happen.


Me: Maybe?

Erik: Expectation really sucks, because if you’re expecting it, you’re almost setting it up to be that way.

Me: Yeah. If you put yourself in that place of expecting, you’ll always be expecting. Law of Attraction 101.

Erik: Yeah. You gotta remove expectation. I don’t mind that you prepare yourself; I just don’t want you to get stuck in one of those avenues of possibilities.

Me: Ah!

Erik: I want you to come back into the present, to the now, to being centered.

Me: Right.

Erik: The negative part is that most people will worry and stress and freak out about what’s going to happen, and they’re trying to prepare for it, but they won’t fucking come out of that state of mind so they constantly stress about it.

Me: Mm. I know what that feels like. So, if it has affected our bodies, how can we reverse the effects?

Erik: Well, we didn’t finish going through the bodies, Mom.

Me: Oh, okay!

Erik: So with the head and the heart being all fucked up, the body can’t naturally be balanced, because all four roommates aren’t on the same page.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Head, heart, body, soul. So, the body will start to compensate, because it’s in this high stress moment. The mind is revving up the emotions and the body to respond to things that aren’t even happening. So the heart and the body are already in responsive mode. It’s already releasing hormones and chemicals, tightening the muscles, collecting lactic acid and all kinds of fucking crazy shit.

Me: When did you get to be a biologist, Erik?

Erik: Thank you, thank you. I’ll be taking autographs later.

I guess next he’ll be talking about the Krebs cycle.

Me (chuckling): Professor Erik.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: I can’t even pretend that that wasn’t for real. But you wanted to know chemically what the body does. That’s exactly what it does, and if you stay in a high stress situation all the time and your adrenaline is up, you can blow that shit out. Then all of a sudden when you get back to what’s really neutral, you feel like it’s the bottom of the fucking ocean. You’re used to your adrenals firing off for no fucking reason at all just because your mind is going on some goddamn journey.

Me: Okay. Mine is always on some kind of journey.

Without a sextant or compass, might I add.

Erik: And we sit around, and we wonder—

Jamie bursts out laughing.

Jamie: His voice just squeaked! I don’t think I can imitate that!

Erik: We sit around and wonder why (this is when his voice crescendos to a high girlie pitch) fucking meditation doesn’t work!

Jamie (still laughing): It just went up really high!

Erik: It’s the same thing. Meditation is the focus of the mind. Stressors are actually a focus of the mind, but it’s all fucking made up. It’s not in the now. Emotions can truly react in the now; the body only can truly react in the now, but the mind? Man it just doesn’t understand time at all.

Me: That totally makes sense. So, we can reverse the effects with meditation?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Anything else? Is that the biggest one?

Erik: That’s the hugest one. It’s state of mind, and if you can’t figure out how to reach that state of mind, look at what’s under the most stress in the body. Then find a massage therapist. Find a physician that you really trust. Find a holistic physician that you really trust. Maybe get some herbal supplements that will support you and your body in finding, you know, ground zero again.

Me: Yeah. Interesting. So, there are a lot of options. That’s good. This blog member says, “Stress is known to be one of the biggest silent killers, and more illnesses can be attributed to it, but why now? Does our environment have a major impact on stress? Our surroundings?” I don’t know what he means by, “why no?.”

Erik: Yes, and I totally understand the other one, Mom, cuz now they’re talking about, “Oh, cancer. It’s actually related to forms of stress.”

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Stressors in the body. Migraines, they come from stress.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And so now, all of a sudden, if we boil everything down, it’s back to stress. I think that we’re coming out with that information now to help people find a more enlightening way of life. The truest answer in alleviating stress is meditation. So, this is a great excuse for all these New Age centers to become more modern, more respected, and that’s why we’re finding out that yoga works. It kind of puts the mind in the now, connects it to the body, allows you to understand what you’re feeling in the present.

Me: It makes all those four roommates behave themselves.

Erik: Yes! It puts them all on the same page! That’s what Americans are mostly missing.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: We’re signing up for all this huge fucking external world that’s collapsing, and we’re not acknowledging and honoring the internal world.

Me: Yeah, we want those four roommates to sit in a circle in the living room and sign Kum-ba-yah.

Jamie: He was talking about Kum-ba-yah, too!

Me: Oh, my god!

Jamie: He was like, Kum-ba-yah! (She sings it.)

Me: One playing a guitar, one playing a little tambourine. I like that idea. Okay, Anything else on stress?

Erik: Nah. I’m good.

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  • bobaeomma

    Great part 2. Also, really looking forward to hearing the posts with Robert! 🙂

  • Daniel Lucas

    I would love to hear more from Erik on meditation. Like tips to calm our mind, relax our body, things to visualize – if anything. Types of crystals to use, etc.
    But I can’t wait to see what the Ask Erik question will be haha!

    • Tony

      If you visualize good then try a soccer ball. Spin it around in front of you. Bob it up and down.
      A mantra could be something like “see-ring” emphasising the ‘ing’ or the ringing sound at the end. TM uses mantras. Make up you own as long as it sounds inging and doesn’t make too much or a real word that can bring up mind wondering 🙂

  • Emeraldd

    Outstanding post and Erik has just gone up 1000 percent in my admiration of him! This is truly helpful and so very easy to follow and understand. My, my I’m blown away. Elisa, you are such a precious commentator during those sessions and your self-deprecating humour is so refreshing, so natural. Merci beaucoup!

  • Chelsy

    Much love.

  • Cyndi

    This is some fascinating stuff…And I do believe this is a belief system that modern medicine will eventually adopt as we become more aware of our own innate abilities to heal ourselves.
    I have just begun the process of uncovering the past and present life events that have been the driving force behind debilitating migraines and more recently, an arrhythmia that required surgery to correct. I may have spared myself that experience had I tapped into these memories sooner, but with the help of a gifted channel and friend, I have been able to open the door of consciousness and expose these memories to the light… Painful as it can be to remember, just the act of acknowledging the pain is necessary for it’s release….There is no need to relive it, just give yourself permission to feel it…release it…and move on with greater awareness. The triggers will always be there, but with a better understanding of what drives them, you can more easily manage your responses. BTW, for all of you in the Northeast with me…don’t forget the kitty litter and shovel if you venture out today 🙂

  • Jaime Baxter

    the boy is a fantastic yogi 🙂

  • Jaime Baxter

    my suggestion is my favorite practice called yoga nidra/guided visualization/iRest. i began practicing in high school because i suffered panic attacks. you can equate it to siestas 😉 in a sense. ht body gets to a state of intense healing – it’s an investment i highly recommend. there are free vids on youtube or you might be able to find a class at a local yoga studio (i like ones that offer sound accompaniment like singing bowls and gongs which also stimulate the cakras). it even improves my vision and is how i learned what it felt like to hear and feel spirits 🙂

    • Nate

      That sounds really cool, I’ve been intrigued by those bowls where a mortar is scraped along the inside and it makes a sound. I love the thought of sound being healing and stimulating the brain.

    • Ginger

      Thank you! I need to get this for my teens whom are constantly stressed and myself because of the domino effect. W I do see someone now for reiki and hypno but too expensive to bring all the kids too! Need help and this will be a good start along with their therapy we are getting them back into.

      • Jaime Baxter

        its a great tool for preparing the spirit and mind for absorption of the complexity that surrounds us – let the experts assist 😉

      • Jaime Baxter

        this is one of my fav teachers – if anyone is ever in the austin are pay him a visit (i’m sure i’ll be there) you can also order his cd, i keep a copy for naps 🙂

    • Cyndi

      Great suggestion about the singing bowls…I seem to continually get “stuck” at my root chakra every time I attempt emotional release work…I have utilized many different modalities, but the bowls sound like the perfect solution. I also think it would be wise for me to use them during my massage sessions so that I will be less likely to pick up any transference from my clients…I’m sure they will enjoy them too! Many thanks to you all who help us to help ourselves:-)

      • Jaime Baxter

        we tend to hold on to things deeply in our root and sacral – these emotions can hit us heavily. stomping and pelvic circles/thrusts (think hula hoop) and massage in this area help me get right to release. staying grounded is one of my constant issues. the ability to ground gives us foundation to propel upward from so it’s related to shedding baggage for me (old hurts, self blame, seeing things as obstacles rather than blessings-being stuck in the mud ;)) sound can help “charm” out these subtle energies to move into the larger waves and create a fuller cleansing and change the pattern of inertia in the channels to redirect the disposal process. turn your body into a recycling center rather than a junk yard!

  • Nate

    My stress comes from thinking I’ll “never be good enough”. And the reality is when you have no choice but to work for a corporate system (for the sake of money and health insurance) that doesn’t honor individuality, creativity, and taking your time then you’re actually better than that and stressing because you’re trying to belittle yourself into operating like a computer without human emotion. We live in quite a humorous sitcom, the best thing to do for sanity’s sake is to grab the popcorn and take a seat, cause the only way the curtains will close is when the whole production collapses on itself by the same hands that set it up in the first place!

    • Jaime Baxter

      do what honors your body and soul. god will reward you 🙂 life doesn’t have to be the way we ‘taught’ it should be

  • clara

    Well said Erik……if. Only we can be smart enough to take this sound advice.I. Always said…”if only we could all practice meditation .no one would have the need for drugs”

    • Jaime Baxter

      or more importantly the shame of using a god given tool to learn a lesson

  • clara

    Great insight Erik!! I’ve Always thought if we could all meditate we would all. Have fewer need of drugs.

  • Chandra Michelle

    I can’t wait to hear about how Robert and Erik’s first life was like together! How were they in all the other lives together? What have they done together in past lives? This is so exciting! ALSO, any word if we will ever get to read celebrity interviews again? I missssss the old ones and would love to see some new ones!! Love & Light

    • Patrick De Haan

      You can find some celebrity visits on this website:

      In 3 places; 2013 right hand column, some on 2014 and also on the home landing page.

      • Chandra Michelle

        Awesome!! Thank you they are so much fun! It’s interesting to see how people think of their lives and what not after they are “gone”. Also, do you take requests? Or does it just come to you sporadically

      • Actually a large part of the questions are from you guys so suggest away. My email is

      • Patrick De Haan


  • Jenn Furney

    I love all the posts you and Erik share! Would love for Erik to share why we hold on to the people in our lives that don’t seem to really put forth too much energy in ours.. Why we have a hard time letting go

  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    Can’t live in the now cuz I’m too excited for the weekend.

  • marcela

    You can tell where Erick got his sense of humour, so easy to fall in love with both of you over and over…

  • SoulScribbles

    I wish I had understood more about this before I blew up my adrenaline glands. Apparently, I had been abusing the body’s natural ’emergency alert’ buttons by constantly pressing down and running them on full speed because my mind was in constant stress mode. I blew up their fuses, which in turn caused havoc with my body. I wasn’t aware of meditation being helpful then but I did pursue my spiritual side and it has helped enormously with getting my mental and emotional roommates becoming better acquainted. (Actually, this blog and Erik had much to do with that!) As a natural consequence, my physical health has visibly improved. Perhaps Erik has already addressed this in a previous post, and I may be in the minority here but at the risk of sounding ignorant … How does one meditate, exactly? A daily dose of that sounds like just the right kind of medicine for me just now.

  • MikeHulse

    Or you could just smoke Pot for stress relief.

  • Brett

    Man when Erik said “that’s some fucked up shit” per your cement regarding people thrive on stress, my boss popped into my head and I was in tears laughing.

  • HAHA. The weekend is happening now!

  • Great question! Can you email it to me? I’ll put it on the list!

  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    Part 2 was excellent!
    I have to say that the news is always putting something out there to be worried about and it never ends. I wonder what would happen if they talked a whole hour about all the positive things that are happening in our world. Most probably wouldn’t watch the news because they have gotten so use to seeing all the negative things on t.v.
    I can’t wait to hear more about Robert. I just finished a book called Your Soul’s Gift. The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born by Robert Schwartz. I found it to be very good and was able to resonate with some of the stories. Peace!

  • I really enjoyed that book too!

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