Success, Part Two

The deluge here in Houston is coming to an end, and it promises to be good weather for the big CE event. I’m so excited, but I’m nervous, too, because there will be so many people there, and I’m actually a little shy. Plus, I’m going to be interviewed for the documentary, so that’s a little scary. I’m just so used to life as a quasi-recluse, cozied up with a laptop that this will be quite a change. 

We have had a lot of last minute registrations for the event so over 40 are coming. I’m pretty sure we’ll have to hold it outside, but this is Kim’s gig, and I’m just one of the attendees so we’ll see what she wants to do. I also plan to heat up the pool and hot tub so if any of you guys who are coming read this, please bring your swimsuit and a towel if you want to get wet!

I’m also planning to raffle off some of Erik’s belongings. I haven’t cleared any of his things away because every time I think of doing that, I feel panicky, like I’m losing a part of him. But I need to start eventually so I plan on selecting 10 or so things of his, drawing names from a bowl and giving those away. These things still have his energy on them, so it might make it easier to connect with him.

Note that because I’ll be busy with the event and filming the documentary, I won’t be posting tomorrow or Saturday, so if you still want your daily dose of CE, you can browse the archives. 

Also, we’re still working on the glitch in the mobile app. Everything works except for the blog posts so you can still get the YouTubes, Instagram posts, tweets and radio shows as they come up. I sure hope they can find a fix. It was working at first, so I don’t know what the heck is going on!

Enjoy the last post of our Success series!

Me: Talk some more about people who think success means material possessions and power and status.

Erik: Well, Mom, for people who are pursuing it from a place that’s not sustainable, it’s about power, about proving that they’re worthy.

Me: Is it because they don’t feel like they’re worthy, themselves?

Erik: If you get down to the very core of it, it’s that. It’s not feeling like they’re worthy. The power makes them feel like maybe they are. It’s just a façade, though.

Me: Yeah, like Ferraris and yachts is the little man’s syndrome.

Erik: Yeah, status and that kind of thing, but I don’t knock people who have those things.

Me: Yeah, some people are probably fine and love themselves, are very spiritual and wonderful, and it’s okay for them to have abundance, right?

Erik: Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that. Abundance, from the spiritual perspective, is about knowing that scarcity doesn’t exist.

Me: That’s right. Scarcity is an illusion.

Erik: Right, and you have to feel that within yourself. Abundance is related to this unending, infinite supply of love that you’re immersed in.

Robert: There was a great quote by this poet names Rumi—

Me: I love him!

Robert: He has become one of my favorites. I’m just paraphrasing, but it’s something like, “Your task is not to seek love but to remove the obstacles that keep you from receiving it.”

Erik: That’s what we’re here to do. That’s when we live in abundance, when we remove those obstacles, and as a soul, it knows that the process of living that we go through as human beings is what we’re doing.

Me: Erik once said, “We are here to remember that we are Love.” That’s kind of the same as Rumi’s.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: We are love. Get the obstacles away. Remove the camouflage.

Erik: Mom, I need to hire a publicist.

Me: Yeah! We already have love in our lives. We just don’t recognize it.

Erik: Let’s get this shit out there. Love is everything!

Me: Right! Anything else about success?

Erik: You know, it’s really so simple, Mom, so I can’t really elaborate too much more. We covered the main two topics: It’s about abundance and the material stuff can be a representation of that for you, but if you don’t embrace that on a soul level, which then gets reflected onto an emotional place, then, the material things won’t matter.

Okay, I totally don’t get that last sentence. I must have committed a major typo?

Me: They won’t satisfy you.

Erik: They won’t satisfy you, right.

Me: So you keep trying to get more and more and more.

Erik: Right, more power, more status, more stuff. So that’s pretty much it.

Me: All right, that’s great. Thank you, Robert!

Robert: You’re welcome.

Me: Next, we’re going to talk about how to manifest your intentions or goals, and that kind of goes along with this topic of success. That’s going to be a good one!

Robert: Yeah, these are all kind of tied into one another.

Me: They really are. We talked about love and what that really is, and then success, which has a lot to do with self-love, and then intentions and how to manifest, basically. So we’ll talk in a little bit. Bye, Robert. Bye, Erik. Love you!

Erik: Bye, Mom.

Me: See ya.

Scarcity is an illusion, so I’ll take two, please!


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  • Terri Moreno Gelbaum

    Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you were telling me yesterday. I appreciate IT. And you and your mom of course. Have fun baby boy.
    Love you muchly,

  • Rog

    In relation to the sentence that seemed weird, I was just reading this today and I think its kindof saying what that sentence is saying (in terms of abundance having to be taken to the soul and emotional levels before it begins reflecting fully into the material world.)

    “Here is another example of how the egoic state of consciousness can become a self-fulfilling prophesy: If you believe that life is scary, untrustworthy, cruel, harsh, and unfair, instead of feeling angry and aggressive, you may feel defeated, powerless , and afraid to face life.

    Many who find themselves in the grip of addictions feel just this way. Such an emotional climate makes it difficult to summon the confidence, optimism, courage, fortitude, insight, and perseverance necessary to achieve a happy, fulfilling life. Without the necessary internal emotional climate, you are not as likely to go after what will help you to be happy, grow, have healthy relationships, develop your talents, or do what makes your heart sing.”

  • T Diaz

    Elisa, I can SOOO relate to your talking about being shy. People don’t usually think that about me and watching videos of you, I wouldn’t think that of you either, but I completely get what you’re talking about. I bet you’re good at pretending not to be, though. Trouble is, I pretend not to be and then people ask me to do things like facilitate groups or present this or that, so I guess I must be really convincing. One of my goals is to lead workshops, though, so gonna have to fake it till i make it! Enjoy the CE weekend, Elisa, Erik, and all the CE peeps who will be there. It will be an amazing time, I’m sure! xoxoxo

    • I just push myself to be more extroverted and that helps me come out of my shell naturally.

  • Mike

    Is this the same as the Law of Attraction?

    When we have material abundance we tend to forget about scarcity, but scarcity still exists. If you have abundance and forget what scarcity feels like, then how can we become one with everything?

    • 403LEC

      Good point Mike!

    • I think Esther Hicks (LOA) says that you can recognize that scarcity (or anything) exists without giving attention (energy) to it. Focus on what you want in your life, not what you don’t want. She actually says this is a good type of selfishness, and the only way to experience genuine abundance.

  • Jacqueline Orszulak

    Have a great time

    I’m like you where many times in my life I isolated myself
    With spiritual friends it’s easier to branch out
    Bless you

  • TTS

    Would we then interpret our new president as unfulfilled with his abundance, and seeking greater status with little regard for others?

    • IIt might not be for power/abundance. It might be that he genuinely wants to help our country, but only he knows what’s in his heart.

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