Suicide and Loss, Part Two

I have a question for you guys. What kind of reality TV show would you watch with Jamie, Erik and I in it? There are so many possibilities, so I want your input! Ponder that after you read Part Two of Three of the Suicide and Loss series. 

Me: All right. How do you know if it was a mistake or destiny if you kill yourself?

Erik: You know it the moment you arrive.

Me: Okay, so I guess it could be like, “Oops” or it’s like, “All right! Made it!” How can we prevent ourselves from taking our lives? In other words, how can we get help if we have suicidal ideation? That’s kind of an obvious one—seek the help of a mental health professional, call the suicide hotline, etc. –but for example Erik, you had all these resources. You even had the cell phone number of your therapist, but you didn’t do it. You didn’t call for help. How can you, as a person, get help?

Erik: I got years of help.

Me: Yeah. You sure did.

Erik: It wasn’t like, “Today I want to commit suicide so I guess I’ll go ahead and do it.” Jamie mimics his happy face.

Me: Happy face!

Erik: I thought about death before on several occasions and discussed it with other people, so in my case, I did the logical thing and weighed my options. I felt at peace with the idea of leaving. That was the way of death that attracted me the most. I knew this ending would create a joy, a release, and I was right.

Me (crying a little): Yeah.

Erik: I think for those who are thinking about suicide and they think they want to just go ahead and do it and they haven’t talked to a stranger or a therapist or a friend and heard feedback and really gotten in the community to find out what their ideas were based on or not based on, I think they’re missing out. I think that they think of suicide and choose it immediately, when they arrive, they’ll see where they missed the boat. For us, even Robin Williams who we talked to, he had decades of thinking about death and leaving. It was not some fleeting moment that he played upon. And when you read the stories of people committing suicide and they tried before or talked about it before and had issues with it before, put a smile on your face. This person found their answer and had the balls enough to give that relief to themselves. We need to stop condemning this shit. We need to start looking at it as what it is. It’s an option that doesn’t value life any less. I hope that sits heavy in your head. It doesn’t give—

Jamie sighs and makes the talking hand gesture in a way that says Erik is talking a mile a minute.

Jamie: He’s boiling with it. Hold on. He wants it to sit with everyone who’s watching (or reading) this that if someone chose to take their life, they didn’t value life any less than anyone else. It took more courage to step out of their lives than to stay in it.

Me: All right, well you’re not condoning suicide are you?

Erik: I’m accepting of suicide. I’m not condoning it because it’s not the answer for everybody, like it’s not the answer for everybody to smoke pot.

Me: Right.

Jamie starts to talk. I’ve clearly interrupted her.

Me: Oh, go ahead.

Jamie: No, he was totally off topic. Go ahead.

Me: Yes it is and that’s typical. What do you say to people who’ve lost somebody to suicide? What do you recommend for them?

Erik: Isn’t it true that the first words you hear are, “I’m so sorry for your loss?”

Me: Yeah.

Erik: What does that really even mean? You’re “sorry” for the “loss.” First of all, there is no loss—okay a physical one, yeah, but you didn’t lose the person after they died. They transitioned. I don’t know why you’d be sorry for them because it’s obviously what the person really, really wanted. In away, it’s a form of achievement. Sorry I put it that way. I know I’m really going to piss people off, but I was in those shoes, so I can at least say that, right?

Me (sadly): Yeah. No trophy on the mantle though. Please.

Erik: No, no. This is not like a trophy thing, but for those of you who are coming across people who are living who have had a family member, partner or friend take their own lives, acknowledge them. Just say, “Oh”—and say their name and acknowledge that they’ve transitioned, but why are you apologizing? Nobody needs an apology. Nobody needs pity while you’re in a moment of grief or not understanding what has happened. Show support. Say, “I’m here if you need anything.”

Me: There we go. That’s perfect. I didn’t like it when they say, “But you’ve got other children,” or when they say, “Just move on!”

Jamie laughs, but I don’t know why.

Me: I just don’t like that.

Erik: I don’t care how a person die; it’s not about moving on and forgetting them because that’s really what they mean. It’s about reaching out and showing support like, “Hey, if you want to talk about Erik, I’d like to listen.” You know, hey, they transitioned. It’s going to be a change.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And it’s okay to admit to someone, “I don’t know what the fuck to say. I don’t know what to say to you, but I’m here; I’m available. I can’t imagine what it feels like. Here’s my hug.”

Me: I wish more people had done that for me.

Erik: Yeah, where’s the support? Why do people just take grief and then dump sorrow on top of it? It’s maddening to even think about it.

Me (crying softly): I know. I lost a lot of friends.

Erik: Yes.

Me; I guess they were really uncomfortable.

Erik: Yeah, and oh, and then how great is it that, um, —

Jamie listens and then says, “Oh, that’s said sarcastically.

Erik: Like three months after or a year after when you want to talk about me and the person’s like (Jamie mimics a facial expression of a person being completely poleaxed like they’re trapped and want to escape.)

Me: I know.

Erik: They don’t know how to handle it. Relationships can carry on, even after death. (Leaning back in his chair): A whole lot of people are missing out on a while lot of love.

Me: Yeah. That’s a shame.

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  • Heather

    What are some of the ideas that you’re throwing around in your head right now in regards to the reality show? I’ve got a couple of ideas that might work.
    1) Do one-three episodes about you, then Erik, and then Jamie’s life. Then lead up to where the blog comes into play, and then take it from there.
    2) Do one where you just go straight into the blog, and shoot everyday life stuff with you, some of Jamie, and definitely do some episodes of Channeling Erik events.
    3) Purely do a reality TV show of your family life, the blog, and of course Jamie will be in them when you do your readings together. You can do this either purely from your perspective or incorporate all family members’ opinions and perspectives into the show as well.

    Just some off of the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll come up with more ideas 😛

    • I think we’re going to keep our families out of it. They don’t want the exposure. Too bad because it’d be fun. My family is cray-cray sometimes.

      • Justin Casey Zakop

        Im sorry that what I offer is not as positive. Any main stream network is sure to exploit the situation for all its $ worth. My concern is that before its done it would be turned into a circus. Be careful how much control you allow anyone else to wield.

      • I would have complete creative control for that very reason.

  • lsm

    Thank you Erik & all. This was a deep deep breath for me.

  • Really really interesting!! Thanks youz. I think about suicide a lot too… because my life has been incredibly hard and lonely… I am not succeeding in a society where I could be quite easily if I had had some goddamn nurturing as a teenager. Have had to work and work and work to heal myself. So hard. Don’t have a best friend.. never really had cause we moved so much and I find people are not nearly as loyal as I am.. they are more together and not as needy. I’ll keep plugging away at creating a better life but I tell ya I get fucking sick of it.

    • Claire Hall

      Sorry it’s so hard… I understand how a lousy childhood and teenager-hood can make it hard – I had the same and suffered badly with depression for years – it was my kids that kept me trying to get better – I didn’t want to inflict the pain of suicide on them. I’m happier than I’ve ever been now (I’m 53) and have been steadily getting happier since my 20’s. Psychotherapy, spirituality, prayer, books, nature all helped but it was a long journey… I hope you find happiness… it is possible even with lousy beginnings… xx

    • Rick

      SofterEarthTeam….Cool name. I actually felt a bit happy after reading your post. Not that you have to do “hard times on planet earth” but for me being reminded I’m not alone. “Misery loves company.”
      If I told you my story I think you’d be glad to be you. Then I have to remind myself there are those who are worse than me. This life is a flash in time; hang tough and look for the learning. If it were easy you don’t learn much. Know that you’ve chosen a dense negative planet to live on. You’re among the bravest of the brave.

      • It’s so hard sometimes. The only way I’ve been able to stay alive is to search for the value in my pain. From my history of childhood abuse, I learned to be assertive, more compassionate and nurturing. I’m grateful for that pain because I wouldn’t have become the mother Erik and my other children deserve otherwise. From Erik’s death, I learned that healing others helps me heal. I traveled that bumpy road from skeptic to believer and take comfort knowing that Erik is still alive and that he’s happy. I took that tragedy and made a platform for Erik to do the work that he’s doing.

      • M

        Although I have been reading this blog for about a year or more now… I’m still not sure what I believe. Despite that I keep coming back… It is painfully obvious how much you love him. It is also obvious that many people relate to Erik one way or another. For whatever its worth Mrs. Elisa I think you are one cool ass Mom. Thank you for allowing everyone to get to know Erik and I hope the best for the TV show.

      • Maya

        But the “value of your pain” is embracing anger. Remember on the emotional scale, you cannot go directly from grief and powerlessness to joy. Between grief and joy, there is ‘anger’ in the middle. After anger, I believe there suppose to be an ‘Empowerment’ that can bring you the power to address the real issue of the pain.
        If you seek ‘Empowerment’ you will be healed for real. Because empowerment tops the ‘powerlessness’. It gives you that “extra energy” to go through that ‘bump’ that keeping you in pain place forever. After passing that ‘bump’, automatically, you will be going towards healing direction.

      • Very wise words, Maya!

  • Priscilla

    Reality TV show? Hmmm. OK my input is… I think that the You Tube sessions with Erik, Elisa and Jamie are very popular with the existing Channelling Erik family. And also people who just happen to find them, stay to join the family. I love watching the clips for the interaction between the three of you – how strongly your personalities come through. How Erik always manages to embarrass dear Jamie and her gorgeous reactions. Elisa your questions are always great. But throughout it all Erik manages to put things in perspective in such a “human” way that everyone can understand! No pulpit preaching. No holier than thou. No mysteries.
    Just straight talk.
    Be careful though – lets not go to the level of some of the reality shows now on TV – cheap sensationalism. That aspect worries me a lot.
    Also Elisa – you are an original and come up with some pretty good ideas, but be very, very careful with any sort of reality show – please.
    With love to everyone

    • No I’ll veto cheap. We want a show that is classy and gets people to think. And we want the show to help people.

  • MichelleSettle

    Three’s Company! (2 girls and a guy, that show still comes on here) Just kidding!
    Where’s Erik – like Where’s Waldo – for people grieving the loss of a loved one and not knowing where and how they are, to …”is Erik visiting Jamie, the family, another medium or pranking”. Following Elisa and Jamie showcasing their everyday lives would be interesting, especially as interest in Erik grows. I would be interested in knowing if the Medhus family feels slighted in any way with Erik getting so much attention. You could do something like the Doogie Howser show where he would write something in his computer diary at the end of every show. (same as blog) Maybe start the show with a blog entry. I find the interviews with famous people intriguing. (Let’s talk to Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci) I guess it really depends on what your goals are.

    • Lot’s of good ideas. Gosh, the possibilities seem almost endless! And thankfully, no one in the Medhus family feels slighted. We are all so proud of Erik and consider ourselves part of the adventure.

  • T Diaz

    I would watch ANY reality show you and Jamie and Erik are on. I love the thought of seeing what your day-to-day lives are like, that you’re just pretty much average, everyday people like the rest of us.

    I like most of what Erik had to say in today’s post. I would offer, though, that when I say “I’m sorry” to someone who’s grieving, I’m offering this as I’m sorry to hear this news and I’m sorry for the suffering that they’re going through and, yes, for their loss, because it is, indeed a loss and a huge change for whatever loved ones are still living. I’m not, however, sorry for the person who has passed on, be it by suicide or otherwise, because for the person who’s transitioned, things are likely just fine. I think this is an issue of semantics and the intent behind what one is expressing is key. I do like the other alternatives Erik offered to saying “you’re sorry.”

  • CathyH

    I might be in the minority here….but I am going to politely disagree with Erik on the “sorry for your loss” statement. Having had a sister pass from Cancer….many people said “sorry for your loss”. For me it was appreciated at the time. I did have a loss….a physical loss of my sister. Lost years of not doing things together and hugs etc. Spiritually….I know she is at peace and doing what she needs to do. But Erik needs to look at it from the ones left on the physical realm, the ones still here do deeply feel the physical loss of their loved ones…..and that loss is real.

  • Rick

    I would watch your reality show but if your serious I would first look for a network who’s interested. Robert Schwartz wrote 2 books about “Courageous Souls”. Stories about the horrendous lives people go through, then they connect with one of the authors many psychics to go back to “Life Between Life” to find out why they chose such a hard life.
    Schwartz’s 3rd project was going to be a TV documentary on the same subject. He asked people to send in there story. I thought, I’ve had an extremely difficult life, I’ll send in my story, not expecting anything to come back. He heard thousands of stories from all over the world and chose 16 people for the documentary with the most impactful stories. To my surprise, I was one of the 16 chosen. I talked with the author and producer; they’d fly me to Colorado for a week of taping and royal treatment. This was 2012. Three years later they still can’t find a interested network or public support. That surprises me.

    • We do have a very well connected producer. Still, it’s a long shot, I’m sure.

      • Rick

        I’ve spent the last few days with all these posts maybe as a type of therapy. I’m totally relating to the frustration of AKP having so much physical pain (mine has been everyday since 1977) and not finding any help. I’m relating to what happened to aaronrewired; his physical pain was Desert Storm, mine was Vietnam. After 30 years of handling what I thought was the worst pain possible….it all got worse, this time making me housebound and alone the past 8 years. Yeah, I think about suicide everyday. I also think I’m balancing karma. Is there anywhere here where Erik talks about karma? Thanks

      • Thank you for serving Rick!

      • Yep, he says there is none. No external force tells us what to do here or there.

    • Julia Fielder

      will you share your story with us? I’m sure there are some of us here who would benefit from your sharing… 🙂

  • AKP

    Suicide is something that I think about a lot. Not there yet but leaning towards it. I’m so sick and tired of being stuck in a battle that I can’t seem to win.

    • Nancy Yates Martin

      Please reconsider! Remember that You chose to come here and learn a lesson. If you quit, you will have to come back again.
      Find your joy in giving to others. I promise it will change the way you feel about everything. Go to Safeway and buy a bouquet of flowers, whatever kind you think is the prettiest, you will know, and take them to an elderly neighbor or anyone. If you’re too shy, then leave them on the porch with a note that says “from someone who thinks you’re great” can you imagine their surprise and joy? It is the best high you can ever have. And then do it again the next day for someone else! I promise you that ‘giving’ will change your life, because life is not about you, it’s what you can do for others while you’re here.
      We can only be happy when we step outside of ourselves and ate focused on serving others.
      I also think you may need more sleep. It’s amazing how much better the world looks after 8 hours instead of 6.
      You are loved by many on earth and above, just keep passing the love on.

      Keep in touch. Please? and may God bless you. I’m praying for you tonight.

      • AKP

        Don’t worry I’m not at the point of making a final decision on it yet. My problems are paritially mental but mostly physical. My health is fucked. I have Been trying hard to fix it for many years but things aren’t really getting much better. I still have a couple of things I am trying and I will know by around September which way I will be going (better or death).

        Regarding the flowers idea, I do help other people when the opportunity presents itself with things like health problems for example. Recently I helped my mums friend with a thyroid problem (an issue I know a lot about). This sort of thing does feel good but doesn’t even come close to offsetting the bad I experience. while I probably could keep on battling on for another 40 or 50+ years I can’t be bothered if I can’t be bothered. I know this is a selfish attitude but I don’t care much anymore. Almost everything I enjoy in life I can’t do anymore and I just want release. The impact my death would have on my family is the main thing that is holding me back at the moment.

      • AKP

        Thanks for your comment though. It is appreciated!

      • Nancy Yates Martin

        Hi AKP (sorry, I don’t know your name, but would like to)
        I completely understand how you feel. Whenever Im really sick in bed with a virus, or flu, I think, “This is how people must feel when they want to check out” It seems like such an easy answer. I so much empathy for you and am life is so hard for you.
        Suicide is always a quick way out, but you’re right, the pain it leaves behind on your loved ones is what keeps people from doing it. When you read what Elisa went through, you can feel still feel hers. Hearing from Erik helps, but maybe it even makes it worse because it makes her miss him more.
        Im a big believer in reiki. It cured my shoulder (torn rotator cuff from a fall) in two days. I’d been dealing with the pain for 3 years! Pain blocks energy. It was a miracle! Now I go and have it done just to keep my energy moving. Have you tried a healer? I’m sure this blog is full of them and they can even heal remotely. Calling all healers, anyone out there willing to help?
        Never, ever, ever give up, we’re all here for you. Im praying for you right now and will continue to everyday as AKP unless you can give me a first name 🙂

      • Nancy Yates Martin

        You’re so sweet

      • AKP

        I have tried reiki and, off the top of my head, 14 other energy healing/energy medicine modalities (and possibly a few more). Some of these are considered to be much more powerful than Reiki (and I can tell as I can feel energy quite well). The best I can say is that they have given me slight improvements but at the same time other I will go backwards with other issues. My name is Ashley btw.

      • Hi Ashley.

      • The fact that you’re here suggests you’ve been nudged for a reason, most likely to let you know that you still have things to do here on Earth. Maybe you should ask Erik what you should do about your health through one of Jamie’s small group calls.

      • AKP

        Yeah keep getting told I’m supposed to write a book and/or teach something every time I go to a psychic medium. I have been to 6 over the past 3 years and they all say I’m almost there I will get better soon but things aren’t changing much despite putting in a big and sustained effort. Also, they information I have gotten from my spirit guides -depending on the particular health issue – has been non-existent, useless or contradictory. I don’t really think very highly of them to be honest. For example, 4 months ago they told one of the best mediums in my country that I should not let anyone operate on/put anything in my lower back (1 of the many issues I have). 1 month ago when I asked Jamie about it in a small group session she said that she sees me having an operation and things will get better. She may be right and I might need an operation (but maybe not) but if my spirit guides were doing their job they would have also told her that I have a metabolic disorder and my muscles don’t repair themselves much when injured. I can’t even have a massage because the tearing it creates makes the issue much worse. So any operation involving cutting into my lower back would be a disaster until/unless I find a way to correct the metabolic issue (something the spirit guides have given me no help with).

      • I fired two of my spirit guides

      • AKP

        Lol why and how did that go down? DId they put up a fight? What I assume are mine don’t seem to listen to me at all. Like they will be running energy into me or touching the side of my face and I ask them to stop and they won’t. I probably couldn’t fire mine even if I wanted to.

      • I was feeling stuck in my life so I reached out to a psychic. I was getting my Akashic records read and told the reader that I can see glimpses of my guides and that two of them appeared to just be sitting there. The reader said that sometimes a guide will run out of usefulness and that its okay to relieve them of their duties to let a few more in. So I downsized, and two more showed up shorly after this. Lol.

        Certain parts of my life feel different since that day, very subtle. Erik told me that I have a small world of guides around me waiting to help and that through meditation I can connect with them. I struggle with traditional meditation, the pillows, the candles, the binaural beats throught the headphones, etc. I seem to do much better with a more dynamic form of meditation, when I’m playing guitar, walking in nature, doing dishes… this Tom Brown Jr. called a short form of meditation, a few breaths and we’re there, and this is how I connect. Edgar Cayce pointed out that a communication with the other side is usually spontaneous and in my opinion, long form meditation is an attempt to force a connection; it doesn’t work for me.

    • Did you read the post, “A Break from Being Human?”

      • AKP

        Just read it and agree with it but it doesn’t change things for me.

      • M&M

        I don’t claim to know what you are going through, AKP, although some of the things you write I can very much relate to. One thought for you, as well as anyone else who can relate, is to look up Dark Night of the Soul and see if it resonates. There is some information out there, which may or may not help, but coming from someone who has “tried it all”, sometimes the right information or understanding can make a little difference. Wishing you well.

      • 🙁 Keep reading through the archives. Maybe something there will help.

    • aaronrewired

      I’ve had suicidal ideations. As a severely abused child I would pray to not wake up in the morning. As a three time NDE survivor I would be brought back to my human body each time, frustrated & protesting. Ten years of talk therapy, three different antidepressant regimens that did some good things for me. EMDR did very good things for me. In two weeks I will find out if I am autistic. Got called up for Desert Storm. Previous military trauma that left me with a TBI, PTSD, a spinal cord injury, nerve root injuries, titanium in my spine, memory & speech difficulty, In 2010, during grad school I learned how to walk again. 24 different jobs, no girlfriend, poverty, and two weeks from homelessness & bankruptcy.

      I now have 4 degrees and an honor student, own a very small computer business, am a part time musician and a gifted healer from my second NDE.

      I understand what it is like to be in pain everyday. I get it. You have 100% of my empathy. Tell me about what you want and what you need. Go to Chatango for privacy if you like. I am there too under aaronrewired.

      Keep trying.

      • AKP

        Normally people like you inspire others but it has the opposite effect on me. It makes me feel weak and pathetic for wanting to kill myself. Good for you though for getting a handle on your problems… I don’t really want or need anything from you but thanks for the offer. My fate is in my own hands.

      • But I’ve been where you are. After Erik died, I tried to take my life but my daughter found me in time. I’m so grateful to have another chance.

  • Jacqueline Orszulak

    Well..just as Long Island medium is interesting. Of course edited, and could show the life and background of you, erik, Jamie. For people not familiar. They would need to explain channeling and all for people who don’t understand how everything vibrates and the rate of the vibration determines the nature.
    You would need a very good producer. I bet oprahs oxygen channel would carry your show. It would be a science meets spirituality show. I’d like it. I would have more ideas

  • Judith F.

    NOW I figured out what that clicking sound was! I just happened to look over to the right hand side and see that every time someone entered a comment on the Chat feature, it clicks. So, I found out how to turn that off. 😛 Erik’s being rather judgmental, in my humble opinion. Remember, Erik, most folks don’t get it that when a person dies, by whatever means, they’ve simply “transitioned.” Even religious people view it as not having that person around physically, which is often termed a “loss”; loss of physical hugs, kisses, the ability to visit and talk with that person, etc. When my son committed suicide in 1997 at the age of 29, I had no clue that he had transitioned. As an atheist, I thought he just went into the void. I did take some comfort thinking “at least now he’s at peace.” I know my son thought of ways to commit suicide long before he finally did it. He had moved away from Houston where I lived to Tampa in 1988. I had little to no contact with him for all those years. The evening he did commit suicide, he was drunk, and he drank all the way to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg, FL, parked his little truck and jumped. I know in my heart he would have eventually done it. I had been searching for him through various ways over a couple of years, thinking all the time “I hope he’s not dead.” After his death, my co-workers were so kind, and my friends, and especially my Welsh boss. I worked at British Petroleum at the time. (Strange and terrible thing, almost one year later, that same boss’s son died in Spain in a motorcycle accident. That really brought up all the grief.) Maybe WE, as CE people, can use OUR understanding of transitioning to help others understand that they can still communicate with their loved ones in spirit (though I have not had such luck with my son, either on my own, or with a medium). As well as reach out in the ways Erik suggests. Pass the love and light along, so to speak,

  • Tiggg

    I can’t take any reality show serious. I love the youtube videos and for me that’s the show.

    • It wouldn’t be a Kardashian style one. It will be one where people are encouraged to think. Some reality shows are great. I love Ancient Aliens and Through the Wormhole.

  • Ideas for reality show.

    I see Heather suggested some very good ideas to start off the show. I liked the second one where you go straight to the blog in the beginning and then your’s and Jamie’s day to day stuff. This will be a great start. So I want to suggest some more idea to carry forward the show after the initial introduction. You can ask people to send you entries for channeling someone who they have lost with the help of Jamie and Erik. Erik can help to find the departed ones and connect with Jamie who will then channel and give messages to the audiences whose loved ones they are. Before and after the reading people can confirm on camera how they could feel their loved ones presence and how powerful and life changin the messages have been. Which surely will be, no doubt. If you are connecting people here with their departed loved ones, then automatically it will become popular and as they will receive good validating and messesges their belief becomes stronger in the truth.

    If it’s an hour show the. Half an hour could be dedicated to this and half an hour to general topics about life/celebrity spirits channeling etc. that you do for the blog.

    I hope it all turns out good. I am feeling very protective. Don’t want people to think of it as anything other than the special feelings we all have in our hearts.


  • Andrew

    It really is interesting how now in many, if not most countries, suicide in now longer an offence, and how many orthodox religions it has been “down graded” from being a mortal sin. May be in many ways Humanity is “growing up” to the personal freedoms and responsibilities of the individual…
    My own family has and continues to suffer from Bipolar Disorder, it appears to have some hereditary element to it through my fathers line, my aunt, grandfather and great granfather all succumbed to the final act, and my brother has attempted it at least three times over the last 10 years; he now lives in a somewhat “drugged” state. It is fair to state that my family has lived with this condition for over a hundred years…
    Personally to have suffered from serious depression, to the point where you feel as though you are stnding alone, right on the edge of the precipice and then stand back…I can understand to some extent what is is to let go and be free; that was nearly 40 years ago, and was a great lesson to me…
    The key point is to learn to accept, and love yourself, yes yourself for who, and what, you are and let go of all of the other modern/media/social crap that is hoisted on to us at a young age..
    Elisa, I would think very carefully about doing a TV programme, you do not want to do anything that detracts from the work that you are already doing…

    • Well said, Andrew. As for the TV show, it will definitely reinforce what we’re doing here. It’ll empower our mission and we’ll be able to reach out and help more people.

      • Nancy Yates Martin

        Hi Elisa,

        I so agree with reaching more people and that is a great thing, but there’s a lot of humor in this blog (that I love) and Im concerned people may take that the wrong way at first.

        I think the show would need to have a serious documentary format where the humor would not underscore the message. Sometimes you and Jamie really get going laughing and we all love that because we believe, we’re on your same vibration, but for people hurting over the loss of a loved one who has passed by suicide, illness, or a traumatic accident, it might be misconstrued. Does that make sense?

        If you watch Long Island medium. you can see the pain people are in and it is a very serious part of the show peppered with some laughter, but initiated by the people being read, it relieves the pain. I don’t know if I’m right or not, but I do know Erik will guide you to the right venue!
        I love you guys!

      • I think humor would have to be in an appropriate place.

  • AKP

    I don’t live in the USA and I am not religous either. Also this is merely another form of energy healing which doesn’t work for me (refer above). Thanks anyway!

    • Since you’ve thought about suicide, are you under the care of a mental health professional and do you have resources like Suicide Hotline at your fingertips? It’s really important. Also, if you have any family members or friends who might be supportive, please lean on them. Of course we’re here to support you, too.

      • AKP

        My family knows I am physically struggling but I keep quiet about the suicide thoughts. I don’t want to upset/stress them out as they won’t be able to say/do anything to change the situation. As for mental health professionals, I don’t see any and I prefer to deal with this stuff myself anyway. Nothing they can do to change me either and my problems are more physical in nature anyway. Besides I don’t see them believing some of the stuff happening to me anyway (e.g. Getting energy stolen/raped? Daily by God nows spirit/entity). I have done some self EDMR and some emotional release work myself and am starting on some lambic system retiring (DNRS) at the moment.

      • Let us know about the DNRS and how it works. I’ve never heard of it.

      • AKP

        It’s full name is Dynamic Neural Retraining System. It works by retiring the brain to get rid of Limbic System Trauma Loops. it works well (in some cases life saving) for things like Electrical Hyper Sensitivity Syndrome (EHS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, food intolerances and more. The basic idea is that the brain gets rewired by some sort of stress and a trauma loop then forms. This trauma loop then strengthens over time with repeated exposure (I.e. Repeated exposure to chemicals strengthens the loop by increasing the density of the neural pathway).you then start reacting more easily and more severely to the given stressor and things slowly become worse. this is where DNRS comes in. It allows you to retire the brain to get rid of the trauma loop. You can do a 3 day intensive course or get the DVD program. For more information check out their website which has lots of good information on it.

      • Fascinating! Thanks. Let us know how it works for you.

  • HSB

    For the reality show, how about teaming up Jamie/Erik (spiritual), you (doctor – physical), a life coach (action) and a therapist (mental) to work with an individual who is struggling (not necessarily with deep psychological issues but someone wanting to make a change, improve their lives). This person can get insight from all levels and work with the life coach to make improvements. The reality show can follow the person through their journey. This would allow you all to teach that change is possible, that inspiration and help comes from all levels, and it shows the reality of change – that it can be messy, there can be fallbacks, it can be difficult… but transformation can happen if you take responsibility for your own life. Like one of those weight-loss shows only for the spiritual!

  • Mika

    Ooh nice. Where will it be airing if ever?

  • Yes, they have an idea and it’s a good one. I just wanted others, too. Keep having fun with Erik!

  • luvscats

    You should go on coast to coast with George Norry he’s awesome

    • I wish he’d let me get on! We tried a year ago.

      • He or one of the other hosts will.

      • There, I just now sent three of the hosts and their producer a second guest request. I have a lot of luck getting people or their music onto this show.

  • Kathy

    Reality show…. currently not a fan. But, maybe yours would be different.

    The blog is a collection of interviews with Erik and other spirits that have passed. What if, besides your great interviews with Erik, your interviews included spirits that are still in human form with the aid of Erik and Jamie
    communicating with the persons guides and spirits that are aiding the person to accomplish what they came here to do.

    Many of the spirits that are interviewed in the blog say that they are “helping” people on earth. Who are these people they are helping? Maybe they would be willing to get together for a discussion with the person(s) they are helping. Is Steve Jobs downloading information to specific humans? Is he willing to sit in on an interview with a human he is connecting with? It could get really interesting if a spirit would be willing to participate in a discussion with its incarnate human form. Okay, maybe that is going too far. You could really go in many directions with this concept. The person participating could be televised through a monitor to save on travel expenses.

  • Anomomom

    It would be interesting to hear from someone, celebrity or otherwise, who committed suicide and regrets it. I see what Erick is saying, that if someone chooses it that it should be well though out, it would be helpful to see the other side, since all the celebrities who you’ve talked to so far who have done it have no regrets.

    • Great idea. I’ll do that from now on. Anyone who has killed themselves, I’ll ask if they regret it.

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