Tech Zombies, Part One

We are now in Sedona having a great time! We went to two vortexes and they were magical. Both Cathedral Rock and Airport Vortex had an intense energy, and clearly, it amped Arleen up into high gear. She could see the vortex energy in colors of purple and yellow. Some of the cedar trees had straight bark, but in the area of a vortex, the bark was twisted. Very cool. After that, we went to a wonderful restaurant (The Mariposa.) It had the most magnificent view of any restaurant I’ve been to. Just before that, we went to a crystal show. There, Arleen was again amped up by the intense energy. She was called to a pendant with a ball of fluorite and hasn’t taken it off since. Of course we cleansed its energy since it had been handled by so many other people. 

Today, we took Arleen to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. We got to feed a giraffe celery sticks, watched the Tiger Splash Show and hand fed the tiger afterwards. We say every imaginable animal you’d see in Africa. I love the fact that most of the animals are rescues and none are trained or forced to do anything they don’t want to do. Tonight, we’ll check out the shops in downtown Sedona again, and tomorrow, I think we’ll go to slide rock.

Here’s some pics and videos!

Cathedral Rock

Beautiful! The view is nice, too.

Swirly Tree

Video of Beautiful Arizona

Enjoy the first of our series on technology. The channeling and transcription is courtesy of the wonderful medium, Missy St. Clair. Please visit her site HERE, and book a session with her before she’s booked up for months or years. She’ll catch on quickly.

Elisa: Hey Missy, what’s up girl?
Michelle: Oh…it’s morning. (Smiling)
Elisa: What time is it there?
Michelle: It’s 11.
Elisa: 11, okay you’re in my time. That’s Right.
Michelle: I’m in your time but I’m a night owl.
Elisa: But I hear that Erik wants to talk about technology.
Michelle: Yeah. He calls them tech Zombies.
Elisa: Tech zombies… I have a few under my roof as we speak.
Michelle: Well he yells at me for it too.
Elisa: Oh yeah So, hi Erik, I love you.
Erik (M): Hi Mama! Love you too!
Elisa: What’s he wearing today?
Michelle: Well he’s kind of playing on the whole summer thing. He’s wearing a pair of khaki shorts and this ridiculous … kind of like a touristy Hawaiian shirt I guess.
Elisa: Yeah. (Little laugh)
Elisa: Oh my gosh! When I was in Norway one time, it was one of the few times I’ve actually seen him, it was freezing cold in Norway, we were in bed and I see him in a Hawaiian shirt.
Michelle: He is over here going… (Emphatic nodding yes of the head)
Elisa: That was you. There we go. So uh… Well let’s go ahead and start. Erik, what’s your take? I mean there’s probably some good and some bad. Take this down any rabbit hole you want. Take us down. Go for it.
Erik (M): First of all, ya’ll are a bunch of tech zombies. Everywhere you go…
Michelle: This is how this came up originally in conversation between he and I is I am driving down the road and I see people with their phones up to their faces, texting or talking on their phones. You know where they can’t turn their head. And I have to say 90% of the cars I’m seeing, this is the case. (Elisa says: That’s horrible.) And I made a comment one day thinking I was in the car by myself and I wasn’t apparently because Erik’s like…OH YA. Tech Zombies.
Elisa: Oooooh. Yes that’s dangerous. Those commercials that they have where the last thing they text, it shows them…was it worth it. Those are so profound you would think that would make people… It would make me stop doing it. I tell you that!
Michelle: Well I won’t do it. My phone stays in my car. Luckily I got Bluetooth wired in through my car, so I don’t even have to touch my phone. My controls are right on my steering wheel.
Elisa: Yeah. Good. Well, Erik, why do they do it Erik?
Erik (M): Because it’s convenient. It’s available and it’s become…people think that they’re good drivers and they can still drive and text or drive and talk. Some people still can’t chew gum and walk at the same time.
Elisa: Meeeeee! Ok so, but, why do we get into the whole technology thing as a whole? Not just driving, but as a whole.
Erik (M): It’s an addiction. It’s an addiction to the immediacy of… (Michelle ask Erik: Immediacy of what?). Instant gratification.
Elisa: Is it really? Ok yeah. And I think it makes our instant gratification even worse.
Erik (M): It does. And people are actually more disconnected from each other than ever. Beause you can see them walking down the street, they’re not even watching anything around them, they’re one their phones. Faces in their phones. Every last one of them. Sitting at the dinner table you got people on their phones.
Elisa: Yeah. I know. Not in my house! No, at restaurants, no. Put your phones down. Pay attention. Communicate. I think also it’s made it to where people can bully people easier and be rude easier because they’re shielded by cyber space, so to speak. And so they can say some really hurtful things to other people or about other people.
Michelle: Wow, your face just got really big. (On the computer screen.) Your screen is like really big. All I can see is like the lower half of your face.
Elisa: Oh really it’s okay because it’s going to record it as I see it probably.
Michelle: Oh, I hope so. Ok.
Elisa: Oh yeah. Well the less they see of my face the better actually. (laughs.)
Michelle: Oh that’s not right.
Erik (M): No. My Mama’s beautiful.
Elisa: Awwww. Well you have to say that or I’ll put you in time out.
Michelle: Uh-oh.
Elisa: Alright Erik, so go on and tell us about the spiritual aspects of this ever increasing problem.
Erik (M): It’s disconnecting people from spirit too. They are so focused on the electronics. This has more than one aspect to it. They are soo focused on the electronics that they’re working with. Be it their computer, their phones, TV, all of it! They are zoned in on whatever they are doing that they can’t even receive messages from spirit if spirit is trying to contact them.
Elisa: Oh really? That must be frustrating for you guys!
Erik (M): Oh it is! That’s just one aspect of it. (Michelle asks Erik: What’s the other aspect?)
Michelle: He’s talking real fast. Hold on.
Elisa: Slow down Erik.
Erik (M): So you’re disconnected from each other, you’re disconnected from spirit and its fuckin up your energy. All that artificial electronics is messing with your energy.
Elisa: How does it mess with our energy?
Erik (M): It’s an energy field. It’s an artificial electronic energy field and it does affect your natural vibrations.
Elisa: What can that do short term and long term?
Erik (M): People see shirt term with…you’re going to see problems with the eyes…people with the computer get the carpal tunnel and you’re seeing the carpal tunnel more in younger people because of the phones and the texting. That’s the physical aspects of it. As far as the …they’ve solved a lot of the problems of, you know, (Michelle struggles with understanding Erik’s words: radiation is not the right word. Something that comes off the computer that can make you internally ill.) They fixed a lot of that. But it’s only one small piece of that puzzle. It’s the spiritual disconnection. It’s the connection between you and your family, your friends. C’mon people put the phones away. And the other thing is its dumbing people down. That’s the double edge sword there. You have the internet that you can get access to information, more information, quickly but the downside is it’s harder to verify information, what’s real and what’s not, and it really fucks with your memory. How many people can’t remember a phone number anymore because its auto programmed into their phone.
Michelle: I know I can’t and that’s one of the things he yells at me about. This is terrible. Somebody asked me for my daughter’s phone number and I said Hang on I gotta look it up. Because I don’t ever dial it out.
Elisa: I know.
Erik (M): Nobody knows how to use the library or reference information. If something were to happen and the internet were to go away and you didn’t have cell service, people would be so lost they would probably end up dying because they wouldn’t know how to take care of themselves.
Elisa: Yeah! I mean like North Korea could have a bomb that explodes…what do you call it a dirty bomb(?)…whatever, that gives the EMF pulse that can completely take down our entire grid. All electronics, all cell phones, everything. What will we do then? Maybe that would be a good thing. No NO. Erasey erasey.
Erik (M): No. Technology does have very useful and very good progress that it’s made. It’s just generally the public has abused it.
Elisa: Yeah, well, we’ve cocooned ourselves. I agree. Even in my own household, my husband and I, we eat dinner and stuff, but then after a certain point, like 8 o’clock we go upstairs and watch Netflix. Instead of like communicating with each other. And stuff. Before Netflix and all that, we used to sit on the couch and talk and stuff like that. So maybe we need to go back to doing that again.

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  • Paulette Roberts

    Thanks! Elisa if you read this, I ordered cbd oil but I don’t know how to take, like how much w the dropper etc, got a tip or two?

    • Sabrina Reyenga

      If what you purchased was the oil tincture in a glass bottle… Start out with one or two drops under the tongue or in a hot beverage such as coffee. That is one or two DROPS not droppers. Start small to see how you react to it. Wait around 30 minutes to an hour and something should be noticed. Increase the drop amount as you acclimatize yourself to it and how it makes you feel. If you purchased the “paste” in the syringe, the dosage is one drop about the size of a grain of rice. That is best taken on a piece of toast or something that can be swallowed down without chewing. Don’t plan on going anywhere or doing ANYTHING the first couple times you take this. It can and will knock you flat to where you feel like a limp noodle. By the way, the “oil tincture” can also be used as a topical if needed. Just use tiny amounts and rub in gently until fully absorbed.

  • Paulette Roberts

    Thank you so much for answering my question! I know it different mg and that’s confusing.

    • Sabrina Reyenga

      Hmm, I am guessing you are referring to milligrams. I honestly have no understanding of measurements. Especially not medical dosages as would be described via CC’s and MG’s. What I was describing was a general usage based on what is available where I live in California. They have the dosage description in mg’s and such. As I stated I have no understanding of that stuff so I go by a different guidance and do trials in small amounts until I reach the state desired.

  • Paulette Roberts

    yes I am talking about milligrams. That parts confusing. I will just experiment because its not addressed that I know of. I’m new at it. I’m still waiting to get it in the mail. A friend gave me a vap thing with some that someone gave him. I don’t know if I should use that kind or just the oil under the tongue. I had open heart surgery a year ago. I’m doing fine with that, never had a heart attack, had four blockages and didn’t even know it, can you believe it? I’m not a smoker anyway but didn’t know if the vaping was a good idea, even though its not tobacco. I want the cbd oil for anxiety and inflammation.

    • Sabrina Reyenga

      Vaping is and can be helpful when one needs to medicate in public. Because it looks like an E-Cig most people do not bat an eye at the vaping pens. By the way, the plant or buds are called/referred to as “flower” within the industry. I do smoke it and use a bong most of the time due to rolled joints being a bit to harsh for me. I use edibles, topical, pills, oil tinctures, pastes and a bunch of other stuff…

      Be aware that what is sold and used now is not the stuff you came across as a kid. A lot of this stuff is grown to amplify the potency and specific properties for medicinal uses. Please be aware that the medical cannabis can cause one feelings of anxiety. As much as it can and does relax me and make it so I can function, it has also caused me to have anxiety attacks too. The potency of the medication can vary and sometimes it literally knocks me on my butt. I have been using the medical cannabis since 2011.

      • Paulette Roberts

        What I ordered does not have propylene glycol. Since it has helped many kids w anxiety, I thought it would help me but it’s supposed to be helpful for inflammation which is good for heart, but I don’t need it to make my heart beat faster that’s for sure

      • Paulette Roberts

        I’m not using it to get high, this doesn’t get you high

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        When I say it knocks me on my butt, I am referring to how effectively it can and does relax. I am not speaking about head highs here.

  • Paulette Roberts

    Thank you again for the discussion.

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