Ted Bundy’s Victims, Part Two

Before we embark on the eye-opening journey through the words of Bundy’s collective, I’d like to ask you a small favor. As a surprise for Jamie, I’d like those of you who can to write a little something about what she means to you. After all, she has given our Erik a voice, and for that I am so grateful. You can send what you can to my email: emedhus@gmail.com. I’ll also remind you at the end of the entry, although I doubt you all are as forgetful as me!

Me: Did that duality help you understand the opposite side of suffering so that you could have a fuller understanding of joy?

Victim: Yes. Most of the women that he pursued were stronger, confident women. He enjoyed tearing that part of them down. He enjoyed the rape of the emotional side before the physical rape.

Me: Okay. Now are you in the same soul family as Bundy?

Victim: No, but there are women who were.

Me: Okay. So, have you met him in the afterlife, and if so, how was he? Was he contrite? Was he apologetic?

Victim: We did meet him. He had the opportunity to make amends with all of us. In the afterlife—


Jamie: She’s talking, but, I don’t know, it just kind of faded out. I don’t get it. Erik’s telling her to talk directly to me instead of to the room.

Victim: In the afterlife, you have all the opportunities to mend and heal your energetic tears. They do not need to be done with the specific soul or person who caused the discomfort and the pain on Earth, but it is good to have a completion or full circle on it. It doesn’t need to be that way though. For me, I did meet him. It took a long time after his death before he came about.

Jamie: I guess she means before he woke up. Oh, he died in Florida.

Me: Okay.

Jamie (giggling): Peninsula. Kind of like Texas.

Victim: He took a long time to forgive himself and work on what his mental and psychological needs were and to heal himself emotionally. Then when that happened, he was able to meet the people that he harmed in his life. And that’s not just necessarily the victims themselves but also their families.

Me: Oh, yeah! Of course. Did he ask for forgiveness?

Victim: In an earthbound story that is what you would need to hear, but here, there is no need to have the conversation of “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you.” You can feel it in the person’s energy. There’s no room for hidden agendas or lies. Everything is very transparent, and you know when someone is asking for forgiveness or saying I’m sorry when they’re able to—

Jamie: That’s a nice visual. The words sound a little rough, but it’s not as rough as she’s saying.

Victim: The spirit pushes themselves outward to stand in the person’s energy, and you understand immediately how they’ve forgiven themselves and what their regrets are and how they love you. It’s not necessarily a sit down, deep conversation. It happens within a moment of time.

Me: I see.

Victim: It’s understood, and it’s better than conversation, because you have no doubt that there is nothing hidden.

Me: Exactly. That makes perfect sense.

Victim: He no longer has deep sorrow and a need and a desire to tear apart lives to figure out what its worth is and how to love it. He has no desire to come to Earth and try again—not for now.

Me: Good. Do you forgive him or is that a part of the same question we asked?

Victim: I have. If my life beyond the one of Earth wasn’t as joyous and happy as it is, then I probably would have had a harder time letting go of what happened, but the gifts and opportunities of the life I have now has given me great joy. I don’t have a lifetime of suffering.

Me: Oh, that’s wonderful. Now, how can we learn to forgive people like him? A lot of the blog members, including me, have a hard time understanding how there is no right or wrong—that there just “is.” We just can’t wrap our head around that! What can you tell us that might help us?

Victim: It’s like taking any other historical figure that has caused great pain and death and suffering. I find it overzealous—

Jamie: Can you say it again?


Jamie: She’s talking about the people who were not harmed by Ted. They’re the ones who are having the difficulty forgiving, but they weren’t even the ones to feel the immediate pain. They’ve taken up with the identity of what is fair or equal. That person’s concept of balance is more based on revenge than compassion. It is a very old, engrained pattern, and it must be set aside for the future of the Earth to evolve and survive.

Me: It’s so difficult.

Victim: I agree that especially for those on Earth it is difficult, but for those who are just witnesses, their opinion is just that—an opinion.

Me: Yes, of course.

Victim: But they make it so quickly into fact, and they rally around opinions that turn into misguided energy.

Jamie: I know she’s trying to make a good point, but…

Me: Like the concept of right and wrong? Is that what you’re saying?

Victim: Yes. It’s not about judgment. People on Earth judge all the time about what is right and wrong, and if there’s no judgment in Heaven, why is there judgment on Earth?

Me: Well, how can we learn not to judge and not to have this sense of fairness and unfairness?

Victim: Like you said, it’s harder to accept things for what they are, but this is the lesson that’s being presented.

Me: I suppose everyone has their own individual path toward that goal.

Victim: And it’s why stories like mine and why lives end like mine again and again and again that gives a platform for humans to witness and to not form a judgment or opinion but to show compassion for the situation. It’s a hug disappointment to see that there is still anger and resentment for something that has happened so long ago.

Jamie: How long ago? When was this?

Jamie listens.

Jamie: When I was a child? So, in the seventies.

Me: Erik, do you have any questions for her?

Erik: No, no. I’m just trying to help them.

Me: Well, thank you so much. You’ve shared some vital pearls of wisdom with us—ones I also need to abide by! I think this will help a number of people. This is a concept that we’ve all been struggling with a great deal. Thank you so much for your sacrifice too.

Victim: Thank you. I hope that it helps.

Me: I know it will. 

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Elisa Medhus

  • Allen

    Elisa, please accept a huge thanks to you, Jamie, and Erik for pursuing this one. The decision to obtain the perspective of someone that we consider the ‘victim’, as well as the original aggressor, was a great one and much appreciated.

    There are a lot of things in there to really make one think and consider how to approach and dissect the strong / passionate feelings about ‘tragic’ events like this. I’m going to re-read it a couple more times to take it all in. Seems like more questions come to mind, but I can’t really articulate them…. it’s just stuff that makes one go “Hmmmmmmmm”.

    Interesting perspectives to consider, and certainly not ones that I would have come to on my own; therefore, these posts are really enlightening.

    Thank you!

    • JoAnn


  • Oh my gosh Ted was sincere and he was telling the truth. Never in a million years did I think Ted Bundy would have such a profound effect on me as he does in this moment.

    If one would think about what it would take to make such a choice, to become something so dark, to volunteer so to speak…oh my gosh I am speechless.

  • liz

    Great interview, so glad you, Jamie, and Erik could make it happen…and that everyone is safe 🙂

  • Mommazee

    Wow, when she said “Victim: But they make it so quickly into fact, and they rally around opinions that turn into misguided energy.” And the part about revenge vs. compassion, I immediately thought of the Trayvon case, how everyone has an opinion and rally around it, wanting revenge, judging Zimmerman and misguiding their energy.

    We should send love to Ted Bundy, and all those who agree to play the bad guy, they are angels, too, and sending them negative energy is not going to help them heal. Being angry, unforgiving, judgmental, saying he’s of the devil and such…seems so harsh. Especially to ‘bad guys’ who have recently crossed over and still haven’t forgiven themselves, are lost, healing, dwelling in 3rd dimension because they don’t feel worthy to go to the light/source….instead of condemning them, we should send love. Maybe that’s why it took Bundy so long to heal. Even on Earth, we should try to see things with our spiritual eyes, and have more understanding and compassion, even for the ‘bad’ people. Easier said than done, but it is possible. I’m not saying to embrace things they do, and say ‘oh, it’s OK ‘ (because it’s not, to those on Earth, we still need to protect ourselves from danger in order to live), but like Elisa said, we can do that without the harsh judgment.

  • Tracy Lamont

    So this lovely soul just answered a question I put on yesterday’s post – that when we cease to be judgemental in our opinions, (as bystanders and not victims), then the need for bad things happening will cease……but that’s a big ask of humanity.
    How will we ever achieve it?

    • JillR2009

      It will be tough, but I sure hope so for our sakes…

    • Eva

      That is such a key phrase: “when we cease to be judgemental….”. If this is true, it would have an enormous impact on society, wouldn’t it? But our notion of right and wrong and retribution is so ingrained as to be almost genetic. Look at our penal code. That would require truly saintly behavior. Are we anywhere close to that as humanity? I’d say we’re in preschool, if that. But the work that is being done in this place, among so many other places (if one cares to look), can only be furthering our progress, and thanks to you, Elisa, Erik, Jamie et al, we can be cautiously optimistic. I love to read CE everyday, it’s my daily dose of enlightenment. Again, a BIG thank you!

    • Emeraldd

      This is a key phrase: “that when we cease to be judgemental….”…”the need for bad things happening will cease”. If this is true, what enormous impact it would have on our society, the world. Our sense of right and wrong, for retribution is so ingrained as to be almost genetic. Look at our Penal Code, our sense of justice. Does it mean the evil person will get away without punishment? How can we obtain a different perspective with duality in place when the “lessons” are so obvious in the afterlife? These are milestones of growth and progress for humanity. I do so love the work you do, Elisa, and THANK YOU and Erik and Jamie for what you do. I wouldn’t go a day without checking CE. Maybe the progress lies in the individual which then nurtures or feeds mass consciousness. It’s all so awesome!

    • Lorraine (LP)

      I know…..I just love that what she said though. I want to write that down and keep it!

    • Amber

      ‘The Practise of Bystanding’. I dig that! Yea, like trying to be a bystander when we think someone is doing something to us, no matter how trivial. That’s practising setting little ole human judgement aside. About reacting differently. These posts really are making an impact with our awareness. Would be nice to think that down the line we actually get good at being bystanders in all situations. 🙂

  • Clay Monrief

    For me, this is a difficult post to get my head around. I would very much like to fully understand, and accept, and internalize what message she is trying to covey, but I sure have a hard time. I think of myself as a compassionate person, or I try to be most of the time, yet I feel so limited when she indicates that as humans we are”to witness and to not form a judgment or opinion but to show compassion for the situation”. In my mind, and perhaps I am missing the point, but should we as humans simply allow “evil” events to unfold without any intervention? Would Christ have done that while he was incarnate? How do I set aside thoughts of revenge for wrong doings, and morph them into compassion? Perhaps I need to re-examine about what is actually the true nature of compassion and detachment.

    And when I read what she she is saying, in the back of my head I have a self-judgmental voice telling me I must be a spiritual oaf because I do sometimes sit in judgement. Man, I’m not sure about you guys, but postings like this one make me think I am due for a lot of return trips to the Earth plane in order to learn more lessons.

    On the other hand, I have a huge sense of compassion for those locked away by our penal system. In the United States, we have 5% of the world’s population, yet an astounding 25% of the world’s prisoners. Many of those need treatment for illnesses, not incarceration. I clearly see the causes of the behavior which led them to being behind bars; perhaps this is an element of what she is referring to.

    That Erik continues to impress me more and more; such a growing voice of maturity and understanding. What a good guy, I sure would like to give him a hug. Thanks Elisa and Jamie.

    P.S. Elisa, would you please ask Erik to help get me up to speed on the whole space/time/ simultaneous multiple lives thing? I sure could use an epiphany. Thanks again.

    • Ash

      Not sure which part you want to “get up to speed” on, but a few posts ago I gave a comparison that a few people seemed to like to help them grasp what it means to be living simultaneous multiple lives:

      It’s kind of like playing a video game that has multiple characters – like Madden NFL where you have 20 people on your team but they are all essentially “you” or the Sims where you have a completely computer generated life – the “you” that is playing is like your higher self/oversoul. The individual player or character is simply one of your incarnations – which are all happening at once, although it could be during different periods of time, past, present, or future. Each player on your team represents a different person, with a different personality, different beliefs and experiences, but you, collectively, make up the entity that is your higher self. When one of the characters die.. they simply come out of the game. The “player” still has those experiences and personality (even though it isn’t the whole of who the player is).

      Now – imagine that the “player” that is you… is also just another facet of an even bigger “player” (source/god/the collective). Like Erik says, it’s kind of like a hollogram – each little picture makes up an even bigger picture… but what if we keep going up? Into infinity? The players just encompass more and more and more entities? And there’s no end!

      The same can be said going the other direction – smaller and smaller into forever. Hard to grasp just how “big” infinity is, eh?

      Remember the movie Men in Black? The whole time they were searching for the galaxy that was in Orion’s belt… and Orion was actually just a cat and his “belt” was the collar that held the entire galaxy 🙂 And at the end of the movie, you pan out and see that our own galaxy is inside of a marble being played with by two aliens? It’s kinda like that! One tiny molecule of one of your cells could contain a whole universe of conscious entities… and to them, YOU ARE GOD! lol

  • Lorraine (LP)

    what a powerful message….

  • Denise


  • amy cavanaugh

    Victim: The spirit pushes themselves outward to stand in the person’s energy, and you understand immediately how they’ve forgiven themselves and what their regrets are and how they love you. It’s not necessarily a sit down, deep conversation. It happens within a moment of time. This happened between me and Keith-is so well put

  • Cincanra

    So does anyone want to forgive Jack the Ripper and take back the comments that they made about him.Howcome Jamie felt appalled by that interview like ewwwwwww so weird and evil?I am sure if we intervied his victims too we would find the same answers.

    • remerk

      Hello! I wanted to reply and please know I do not mean this in a confrontational way (just want to say that because sometimes comments can be taken wrong – I truly am just pointing out something I think you might have overlooked and mean this ONLY in a positive way)
      Jamie thought Ted Bundy was a bit creepy too when she interviewed him and said so. She is just translating for us and adds her human input once in a while (same as us) – shes not the one telling us not to judge, that was the “victim”. I just wanted to point that out – shes just translating – it can get confusing sometimes. Just don’t want you to think she is being a hypocrite (Bundy vs. The Ripper). (I have to sometimes go back and re-read these things myself) 🙂

      Its hard to digest that we need to have compassion for such horrific acts but shes (the victim) right. But that’s what we are here trying to do – learn, open our hearts/minds to seeing things different, etc. – and it takes time to evolve. So I’m not ready to take back thinking hes kinda horrific right now, but I’m open and wanting to learn to view things this way. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks so it may take me some time to truly get there 🙂 lol!

      • cincanra

        Yep I know Jamie is human and we all are too.I was really glad to get the victims point across this time as it opens us to understanding murderers because the comments on Jack the Ripper were pretty nasty.I actually felt sorry for the guy because nobody wanted to understand his interview.Here I was feeling like at least he’s coming forward to talk.We can appreciate that because its a learning curve for everybody.

  • I’ll try but you know how kids are about listening to his mother! (heehee)

  • cc

    So when will this duality contracts stop?Dont you think if we continue it only sends out more hatred in the earth.Not everybody will stop the abuse and use it positively and learn from it like we are,sometimes they will repeat it because they were abused by an uncle or teacher or priest,people that they thought they could look up too but incidents like these make them not to trust anymore . This causes them to hurt and abuse someone too.It becomes like a chain.Then we become a human race that live in fear.Does source ever think that maybe its time to stop so whatever we learnt in the past we can use it to create better environments for everyone. We can do away with laws like death penalaties in all countries.The more mass murderers are incarnated the more the states wont think they need to break away from this type of law.

    • I think it’s when the Ascension occurs. Have you read what Erik says about that? If not, you can search it in the search bar. XOXO

      • JoAnn

        Hi,,,Elisa ,,,I have tried to use search,,,but it has only a drop-down list?,,,is there somewhere else i can type a word or phrase and it will bring up those post?

  • Anna

    We lack congruity between what we want and what we actually do to achieve what we want. For instance, we send out greeting cards for x-mas that extol the ‘peace on earth” sentiment” and everyone agrees that peace on earth would be lovely. Yet as a species ..what have we actively tryed on a continuous basis to achieve that goal? We continue to war and makeup all kinds of reasons why it is necessary to war. Of course all those reasons are valid from different perspectives . But protecting one’s family, land, food and other resources are not the same as working to protect the peace. The loftier goal is always put aside to promote the survival instinct. The survival instinct is part of the mammalian portion of our brain and nothing is going to change it unless we actively change our thinking about what we really want and start acting like it. We’ll never dispell judgements unless we stop making them and I don’t see how we can do that if being judgemental has positive correlations to our survival. we don’t need to judge on the other side because there are no benefits for it. all our needs are met and we are eternal and most of all we all know it. No need to put up facades because theres no benefit in them over there. Earth would be a great place to live if we figured out how to meet our bodily needs without putting out so much effort. But then why would anyone want to come here if not for the experience of need, or work or problem solving? Or anything else that we have in abundance on the other side.

    • amy cavanaugh

      but just saying your are being judgemental or i need not to be judgemental is a judgement-i think gratitute and forgiveness are as close as we can get while we still have bodies and tounges

      • Jane5

        Profound statement Amy! Thank you!

      • Anna

        It all becomes circular if you analyse it; I guess the only way you know your not doing it anymore is it never comes up again on anyones to think about or to do or not do list. I guess this is where I have this little problem with this whole ascention thing. I know all of us will get there eventually, but I know that I’m not ready because I am not perceiving it now. and if I start believing it will be in my lifetime on earth event -I’m really no better then those who believed in the second coming that was supposed to “fix” things in whatever lifetime they were engaged in when they felt the need for divine intervention. It then becomes the “new Agey version of deliverance by some supernatural means without any input on my part.

  • Guitarlinda M

    I feel that part of the problem is that we feel such empathy with those who are hurt, how can we be emotional by standers and non judging when we feel so close emotionally to a murdered and raped child for example.?……………..the only way I can partially remove myself from judging the perpetrator is to believe that if they knew better (were aware and loving) that they would not harm another….or perhaps as in ‘the little sun’ its about learning forgiveness

    should we always just stand by when people are being harmed?

    whoa, this is difficult to grock

    • I think one of the things that helps me (this was brought up by another blog member) is that Bundy may well have another incarnation (or several) of himself as a wonderful mother, a humanitarian, a creator of a wildlife sanctuary, a hospice worker, etc. You never know.

    • Jane5

      That is my question too Guitarlinda. Clearly the world needs more people seeking justice and equality and compassion and speaking out against injustice etc., not fewer people! Perhaps her meaning of “judgement” is referring to judgement of a person as in what punishment they deserve, as she referenced. And that is where we truly go wrong, in our focus on retribution and denial of human rights for anyone who does not meet our approval (from a murderer whose acts everyone can agree are bad to people who are simply “different” from us.)

      Empathizing and advocating for the innocent and vulnerable and persecuted IS what Jesus would do and DID do and I believe most of us can see, if we simply look, when someone – or a whole group – needs help and is being treated without compassion or being persecuted or bullied. We just need to come from a place of love and desire to protect and advocate rather than a place of hatred and/or punishment.

      And to what she said about “why is there judgement on Earth when there isn’t in Heaven?” that is a complex question. To start, there is the epic bummer of 3 dimensional reality and duality here, which Heaven is unencumbered by. 🙂 But perhaps her point is that we are trying to evolve to bring Earth closer to the level of Heaven and as she said, setting retribution aside is necessary for this evolution. But I think we would all LOVE for Earth to be much more like Heaven in any way!!

      It reminds me not of the Trayvon/Zimmerman case, b/c the victimhood of Trayvon was blatant there and b/c the protests on his family’s behalf were peaceful (but agreed I do not support mob justice, I simply wanted the killer arrested and given a fair trial) but of Troy Davis who was put to death despite glaring reasonable doubt, and also the disproportionate presence of black people in our prisons.

      i don’t think the lesson here is to avoid trying to give a voice to the voiceless. I believe it is a reference to the sacredness of life, specifically female life and empowerment of women, and avoiding the kind of judgement that leads people to punish and deliver retribution rather than seek first a path of compassion.

    • Denise

      I think part of our work here on this place as a human is to be compassionate for all. We do not ignore the victim blinded by compassion for the perpetrator. We have as part of our contract to be compassionate and step up to help the victims. If there is injustice we have to speak up and stop it. Sometimes the contract is to stop the Ted Bundys of the world.

  • M and M

    Wow, wow, and wow. Profound in so many ways. A huge thank you to the (victim), Elisa, Erik, and Jamie for bringing this insight to us. On a higher level this all makes complete sense. It is so modern human to feel we need to take retribution for spirit. We can grieve for the loss and the terror and learn the lesson and grow from it. I love how she gets that message across. And how wonderful that this (victim) is living a joyful life- that gives goosebumps of joy.

    We live in a world of duality which means positive AND negative. That means we will be touched by negativity in some way in our lives- even if it’s from afar. It’s like someone peeing in the swimming pool while you are in it and expecting that none of it will touch you. It may be a lot or it may be a little, but some will touch you. The reason we may be struggling with this is that we don’t feel we need these intense lessons of negativity in this lifetime, and we may not. We may just be here to shine our light and show people there is another way. From this perspective I find it easier to not get wrapped around the axle with the why, but to honor those that did participate in that experience and take what we can from it for our own growth.

    Thank you so much for bringing this post to us. I found this so powerful and so profound, words don’t even begin to cover it.

    • Love the peeing in the pool metaphor! Hm,might go swimming for awhile though!

  • Just a few minutes ago, I passed a car that is an exact replica of the car Ted Bundy drove. Same color, same style. Of all days….

    I’d like to think it was a message from my masters, saying “Well done.” Because in my earlier post, I felt nothing but love for Ted and the females involved.

  • When I type in Ascension in the search bar on the right top of the home page, I get entries on it. Do you see the search bar? It’s kind of grey.

    • JoAnn

      thx,,,i finally saw it,,,it was just a bit different shade than the background,,,i guess i am getting blinder,,,lol,,,i had wanted to search Erik’s afterlife girl friends name, in answer to one of a blog members request and i found out her name ,,,Jillian but then couldn’t find the post to put it in,,,,,,,,

  • I think that’s just part of Jamie being human. As far as the compassion is concerned, I guess it might help to think about this: It took a lot of courage for the victims and Bundy to go through such difficult lives–this is what they chose to do to spiritually evolve. We’ve all been the “bad guy” in many, many lives.

    • cincanra

      Still want to know about Whitney Houston,Jamie said her eyes were so weird or something like that.Whitney Houston is not a murderer so what was bad about her eyes?

    • M and M

      Well said, Elisa, very well said.

  • I disagree with the victim! I don’t care if she is in the ethers either. Guys like Ted Bundy need to feel what it’s like on EARTH. There needs to be justice served. Earth is the school of hard knocks! If you come here and you hurt someone, then you need to have that reciprocated back at you in earthly terms! Not necessarily that someone like Ted deserves to be hurt physically, as that is barbaric, but for God sakes lock people like this up and let them spend the rest of their lives in a jail cell.

    People should get upset over stuff like this. It’s wrong, he robbed these women of their free will. Even if they signed up for it, you can’t tell me that their lives wouldn’t have been better served ALIVE.

    • Lorraine (LP)

      but, if it was their contract, we can’t judge that….
      so I would say there was no ‘robbing’ of their free will…..does this make sense or are we all missing the picture?

    • Mommazee

      If you did something ‘bad’, do you think God would punish you? Lock you away in hell? Guess what? Hell doesn’t exist, and God Source Energy is nothing but love, forgiving always and compassionate. And seeing as how we are all part of source, we should strive to be the same. Doesn’t matter where we are, Earth or other dimensions. Revenge is a fear based concept. Those women signed up to be part of that story, it was a choice they made and obviously it had lessons to teach others, as well as lessons learned by the victims and Bundy. All we need to do is look at what we can learn from stuff like this, not pass judgement and seek revenge, especially if it didn’t happen directly to you, which is what the victim was trying to say. Those who weren’t even hurt by Bundy are the ones who are hating him the most and wanting revenge, and they didn’t immediately feel the pain the victims did! What kind of sense does that make?

      If you ask me, I say we take murderers and such, and rehabilitate them, give them spiritual help and guidance, do some energy work on them, get them in touch with their guides to find out if they were supposed to do what they did or if their free will got out of hand and they took it too far. Just like in “heaven” there are healing centers, there should be some on Earth for those who are lost and not living life based on love.

      • Mommazee and LP– I agree with the both of you. Understand that I am not all about tossing someone in jail cell to rot, and I would accept nothing less than for prisoners to be treated humanely and offered spiritual healing. But at the same time, it is quite dangerous in my opinion to so openly accept what people like Bundy did as “lessons” and speak so sweetly of them. We must focus ultimately on the need for there to be no “negative” lessons such as this. If we go around saying, “Oh, this man killed so and so because it was part of their spiritual contract. It was a lesson for humanity…” then human beings will naturally be to willing to just let things happen like that more easily!

        I am very spiritual. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t even visit this blog, let alone comment on it. But there is no reason for such suffering to occur! Ultimately, those women shouldn’t have had to die brutally as part of any contract. Ultimately, we should increase our spiritual knowledge and develop our abilities so that such need for “lessons” isn’t necessary. Those women should n-o-t have had to die in such a way. Period. Yes, those were lessons that help consciousness flower in others. But ultimately we should focus on the ball here and ask, “What if? What if instead people increased their awareness in another way?”

        Free will can also entail no contract. Meaning there are instances when people are brutally murdered and there was NO contract involved. That is the essence of free will, that you may sign up for a carefree existence only to have a rapist abduct you or kill someone you love. Don’t think for a second that everything is planned. That is the taking of another person’s free will. Forgive the perpetrator, yes. But it is surely unwise to gloss over the unfairness of suffering here on this earth by pigeonholing such instances as “lessons.”

        I’m sorry if I seem rude or judgmental I’m not trying to be. But I think that a very specific attitude should be reserved for people that commit crimes such as these! And you know what, I think it’s ok, because this is the earth plane we’re talking about. 🙂

  • I think people should just forgive Bundy and let go and know that there will be times where one gives and one takes away. Esp I think americans are so bent on revenge. Other countries like Norway and a few others have lighter sentences or prison terms for people who kill others. Compassion is needed at all times but nothing wrng with defending yourself at that moment. I am all for self defense but we as a people need to learn how to let go and not be so self righteous about things. That is how the concept of heaven and hell came to play… I think the Christian idea of punishment of an afterlife is worse than any psychopath could deal… which leads me to believe that a lot of people are so much tied to revenge not only in their everyday lives but spiritual as well. People should take care of not becoming the monster that they hunt.

    • I think our penal system is too punitive. Many people who commit crimes like drug possession, etc. have a world of pain inside. Many criminals have PTSD, horrible childhoods, etc. I agree, Autumn Fae. We need to revisit how we treat (most) criminals and help them rather than just lock them up. This would be better not only for them but for the collective as a whole.

      • I agree. I hope things change in the future and also the hearts of others. Revenge is like a forest, easy to get lost in. But sometimes I wonder if the penal system will improve as now it is a big business to build jails and keep them full, esp when they are financially backed by quite a few banks and investment firms. sigh.. but i have hope for the future. 🙂

  • No, it was just hard for her to make eye contact with Whitney because it distracted her and made it difficult to repeat everything Whitney said.

  • Mary

    This morning I read an article in the Boulder paper about the thousands of people in Norway gathering to sing a sond of peace in response to the hatred of Breivik. God bless them and thank you for this timely information.

  • Pearl112944

    i thank Jamie because she has taken the time out of her life to sit and speak with souls,which is helping the readers to understand about life continuing after death of the body, without her,we would never know about this subject,so i thank her for her time and devotion to this subject..

  • JoAnn

    been thinking about what the victims said ,,,about forgiveness and us not holding judgement,,,,,especially as bystanders in the events .,,,,,and what i feel is ,,,that in spirit we are not human,,,, and although i know it would be easier for consciousness if we were able to be detached from judgement,, the simple fact is ,,,,if we do not allow our human selves to honestly feel what ever it is we are experiencing ,,,,whether as a by-stander after the fact ,,,or a victim in a horrible act , then our reason for being incarnate will vanish,,,,,i am not saying that we should spread the lower lvl vibrations around the world,,,like the victim described,,,,by voicing our opinions ,about what our first re-action/feeling /emotion is concerning such violent acts . But we do need to personally feel what ever emotion we get when we think about these crimes,,,,and understand the feelings and ,,,then basically work from that moment on,,,trying to find your own way to forgiving the experience ,so that you can use that energy to direct love towards all the many people effected directly by ,it all.,,,if we only process our own feelings and keep them to ourselves instead of fueling each others out pour of fear and such,,,then we can actually make the great sacrafices they all made , do what it is meant to do ,,,,,teach us how to learn to gather all energies around us ,,,whether they are fear-based,,,or love- based and be able to by ourselves process the energy ,,,welcome it into us,,,and then heal any lower vibration energy with our love and give all that light energy back to the world.,,,i watched the movie Celestene prophecies,,,for free on stagevu,,,online,,,and it showed a part in the movie where if 2 people are sending love to each other,,,then that energy that they produce continues to expand out from around them ,,,,,although they didnt show the other spectrum,,,i would have to say it would work the same way with the lower level energies as well,,,,so although we do not get alot of post that bring up alot of fear anger,,need for redepmption/revenge,,,there have been a couple,,,and i have noticed that we all get kinda hiped up ,,,and very emotional,,,,and that is good ,,,,but i think we fuel each other through our comments and do build up alot of heavy energy,,,,i am a good one for it,,,i know.,,,,,,,i think if we can try to process some of the emotions/ re-actions to these kinds of post,,, in a meditaion ,,,prior to posting ,,,and try to keep love in our hearts as we are discussing the transcripts,,,then we can actually kinda graduate ,,,to the blog that learns to grab up all the heavy energies,,and transform them all to light energy ,,, and give it away ,,,give it away ,,,give it away ,,now ,,,lol,,,,that saying /song just popped into my head ,,,,sry i don;t type jokes or say them as well as i hear them,,,,lol,,,,Love To All!!

  • Thank-you from the bottom of my heart to Jamie, Erik, and Elisa for this interview. It was so profound and I was so touched by the words of the victim you interviewed. Thank-you and thank-you again. One of my favorite interviews everrrrr <33333.

  • Yngeljung

    Thank you Jamie for doing this! How you capture the souls and the wisdom that comes through is heavenly!

  • It was interesting that she–the victim–could instantly feel his regret, but in his own “interview” he said he has no regrets.

  • It’s very conflicting–Bundy says he was not here to teach anything, while the Victim says that he was here to teach women about safety, and basically called him a feminist icon. Something sounds fishy, because these two things are not adding up.

  • Tim Wilcox

    I don’t even know if it’s possible to comment on these anymore, but I think a way we would be able to forgive such terrible people is by understanding that All is One, and we are all interconnected. This inherently means that every single person is somehow a part of you, including the evil ones. And if a part of you is sick, the whole cannot be healthy. The evil ones of our world are broken and ignorant and some part of each of us is broken until each part is healed. Christ taught that we should pray for our enemies, and I think that is why. Forgiveness has the effect of making what is broken whole again.

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