Thank you Erik, Elisa and Jamie

Erik has helped me each and every time i called on him …if i was scared or needed protection or needed guidance. He is just amazing. And your blog covers so many topics which help me to learn and grow immensely. I even tried one meditative technique you and Erik talked about to let go of the past and it was just amazing. I felt so relieved of the burden. I hope you continue to do this beautiful work as it is changing many lives. Luv to u – Elisa, Erik, Robert and Jamie. Elisa..thank you for having the courage to share your son with the world and the love and light he brings to all of us.

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  • Justin Casey Zakop

    Oh how I envy you…those who have a personal relationship with those passed on. I have been a diligent student of life beyond the living. I have read Newton, Cannon, Olsen, Moody & many others. I have studied NDE, reincarnation, past life regression, life between lives, child past life memory, etc.. It started when I was a Paramedic, when all too often life would slip right through my fingers. Better yet, those I yanked back from the abyss…some with stories, most not. I followed many cases in those days and though there is compelling evidence that grows with every passing year as resuscitation gets better & better, I finely call myself a believer…one who carries that one little grain of sand, that little irritating remainder of uncertainty that I want so desperately to shed. Thats why I return here, waiting for a sign from our friend. Oh how I envy you your unfettered belief

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