The Afterlife Investigations

By popular demand, here’s that amazing video. Be sure to watch all of it, because, despite some repetition, the evidence just keeps getting more and more amazing.



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Elisa Medhus

  • omg…..I want to go to the scole hole!

  • UFF. thank you Elisa, this is a very good one. 🙂

  • Steve

    I have one problem with the Scole experiments. I studied them years back. They are sketchy, in my opinion. They would never let anyone into the darkened sessions with infrared glasses or whatnot. If you read up on these experiments, you can see where many in the paranormal community doubt the authenticity. It’s really hard to say, but I’m always a skeptic as there is so much fraud out there.

    • But how can you explain what the independent scientists found? I’m not that keen on EVP, but some of that stuff was just indisputable to me.

  • Skoshi

    Elisa, can’t doctors draw off some of the fluid in Robert’s lump with a needle to examine and test it? – Simple Minded

    • Not where it is, behind the bladder. The interventional radiologist said it was impossible to tap.

  • Skoshi

    Tonight on History International at 10 pm est is “Science of the Soul” which is supposed to be about the history AND modern technologies seeking to determine whether souls exist. To which we say, Duh!

  • Kathy

    Some of you may have read the other day that I was struggling with how to interpret readings/channeling sessions I have recently had. Shannon on this blog generously offered to help me out. We talked last night at length and I feel I have a greater understanding and comfort level now. Shannon channels for others just like Jamie, Jeannie and Kim, although her style is different. If you are looking for a session, her website is Thanks for the help, Shannon!

    • Wow, Shannon, I had no idea!! That’s incredible! Tell us about your style and how it differs from Kim, Jeannie and jamie. We can start funneling business your way, girl!

  • Shannon

    OMG!!! Kathy, thank you!

    What I do that’s different from the channels (mediums) like Kim, Jeannie and Jamie is that I usually do energy work on my calls and I use “channeling” as a means of communicating with Guides to figure out what is blocking a person from moving forward (in finances, relationships, business opportunities, etc.) then I use energy clearing techniques (guided visualization, EFT, HPT, etc.) to clear the block or limiting belief (conscious or subconscious). I also ask for suggestions (practical advice) from a person’s Guides as to what my client can do to gain clearer communication for themselves on a daily basis. So, I guess you could say I give homework!


    • Kind of like psychic Reiki Plus! Can you help Robert? I’ll pay for a session!!

  • M and M

    I really enjoyed that video, thank you Elisa. There is just so much we don’t know, and even if some of this isn’t what it is made out to be, there is so much out there that we have yet to fully understand. I wonder if Erik can confirm any of this. Maybe he can bring Montague with him to one of your readings.

    • Ooo, great idea. I plan on writing another book of him bringing celebs and historical figures to channel their thoughts, advice, etc. That’ll be a great one to include!

  • Shannon

    Hey Elisa,

    I told Robert I’d work with him (before he landed in ICU). He just has to be able to focus and follow along so it would depend on his pain meds.


  • Michael

    Hi Elisa,

    I would love to watch this video. How do I go about gaining access? Your website is really fascinating, so much to learn. I am looking for answers, (aren’t we all?)
    Videos with scientific folks are much more convincing to share with my skeptic family members. I saw the trailer, googled it and wound up here. I intend to share this find with my friends.
    Thanks for your help.

    • @ Michael: Dang, I guess it’s no longer available on Vimeo. I have the actual DVD and I can say it’s SOOOOO worth a purchase. Just go to Otherwise, I’ll try to find another free site.

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