The Birth of Souls

I’m so exasperated, y’all. Over the last couple of months, Xfinity has throttled us back so much that it takes me over 24 hours to upload one YouTube. What’s up with that? I ordered an adapter for my laptop to hook it up directly to the ethernet port on the router (because it has to be Thunderbolt to ethernet or USB to ethernet) but until then, it’s horrible. Netflix won’t even load. When I signed up for Xfinity, they were the fastest and our speeds were incredible but not any more. I have spent hours talking to their tech support with no luck. They changed the channel and that did nothing. They sent out  technician who said the speeds are good out of the router so that’s all they’re responsible for. All they did was accidentally shut off our Internet for hours and change the names and passwords of our networks against our will. We have extenders, including an Airport Extreme, but nothing has changed since this degradation in speed happened anyway. Arggh. Does anyone know of a service that’s faster? Or do you have any advice? 

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Oh, and here’s a message from Kim:

Good afternoon everyone! I just finished up the AE questions for the Sedona Journal, and boy! I kept getting interrupted so it seemed to take forever! Anyways, I wanted to share a reminder of upcoming events that I have planned for spiritual growth & development workshops, along with open channeling and an ‘Ask Erik’ segment too.
Traveling to various towns and cities to teach others how to do what I do has become a true passion. If I can foster that development in another, than I’m doing a better service than simply making others rely on my services. 🙂 Meeting you guys, and seeing the inspiration in your eyes, and the truth from your hearts is so enriching!! I look so forward to meeting you all as I travel to each town, suggested by you!
May 20th is the next planned event, in Virginia Beach!
Tickets are available on my site, so you can  book your spot at
I simply want to take a moment to thank Elisa, Erik, and the entire CE family for creating such a beautiful place of unity! Keep it up guys!! You’re incredible!
Below is the complete list so far!
Virginia Beach- May 20th, 2017  

Asheville, NC- June 24th, 2017

Nashville, TN- July 8th,2017

Seattle, WA- Aug. 12th, 2017

Sarasota, FL- Sept 9th. 2017

Sedona, AZ- Oct. 12 – 14, 2017

New Orleans- Nov 11th, 2017

Here’s Thursday’s Best of Erik!

Me: When are individual spirit created, or are they every born, in a sense? Have they always just existed? We’ve already covered this, but it’s always nice to approach the topic again for the new members who don’t go through the archives like they should.

(Hint, hint.)

Me: Also, how far back in time can you remember? Oh, that’s interesting! So, to recap: The individual spirit: Are they every born, or have they always existed, and how far back into time can that spirit remember?

Erik: Individual spirits are not born. They are just a—

Jamie (to Erik): Do it. Just explain it.


Jamie (to Erik, laughing): No, I don’t think there’s a word for that either! He said, “I want a word that means piece, like a piece of, but you’re still a part of it.” He was telling me how blanking, blanky, blank the English language is.

Jamie and I can’t help but burst out laughing.

Jamie: I said, ‘Just explain it out,’ and he said, “Okay.”

Erik: Human spirit is never born. It’s just a piece of the whole.

Me: Right.

Erik (sounding a little frustrated at his loss for words): We always have to go back to the hologram thing, because I think that’s the best way to describe it. I don’t know anything else that does this where you can shatter it and pick up all the pieces and look at the individual piece and there’s still an image of the whole. So, Prime Source, God Source, Life Force, whatever the fuck you wanna call it, we are little particles of that whole. Though we identify ourselves in the human form as separate, we’re not. We’re a part of the whole. We’re connected. It’s just in subtle energy layers that we don’t see. A lot of us can feel them, but most of us cannot see them. So, we aren’t really born, because the whole—Prime Source or whatever—has always existed. As far back as you can remember? Um, that’s up to you.

Me: Okay.

Erik: If –

Jamie (laughing): You know a paddleball?

Me: Oh yeah.

Jamie: It has that elastic string and a rubber ball at the end ,and you try to hit it.

Erik: You know a kid version—it has a short elastic string and it’s much easier to do.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: But you get the adult one or the cheap one where the elastic is like already four feet long, and you can’t even like swing the ball because the elastic is so long.

Me: Oh god. I can’t even use the kid one.

Erik: Okay, so the ball is the human spirit, and the paddle is Life Force, God Source.

Me: Okay.

Jamie giggles at whatever Erik is now saying.

Erik: And the string, the elastic, is the subtle energy that keeps us all whole and connected. Sometimes when you pull away from God Source, your elastic’s really short, and you still have this intense connection and these memories. And those memories can go far back—

Jamie (giggling): Um, he’s cussing.

Me: Ah oh.

Jamie (mimicking Erik): Fucking, fucking, fucking. The word he wants to use is “beginning” and he refuses to say it, because it’s not accurate.

Jamie and I both laugh at his conundrum. Poor Erik.

Erik: But in our linear world, that’s what we would call it. Beginning.

Me: Sure.

Jamie: He’s yelling at me. “That’s not the fucking right word!” and I tell him, ‘I know, but you can’t come up with another word, can you?’

Me: Oh, he’s stumped!

Jamie: Yes. It’s ticking him off! Wow. Sore spot!

Erik: Yes! Language is a sore spot for me. It’s stupid.

Me: Aw.

Erik: I wish I could—you know, I just close my eyes, and if you’d feel it, you’d get it.

Me: I can feel it, but I can’t type that. But I can feel what you’re talking about, Erik.

Erik: Not linear, but what you’d call back to the beginning.

Me: Right.

Erik: Because you are part of God Source, you have all of the experiences and memories of what God has.

Me: It’s almost a place instead of a timeline, right?

Erik: Yeah. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! And some of us, we have like that really long elastic cord, and we just wanted to get as far away as possible.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Just cuz it was what we wanted to do.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And nobody is going to judge us for it. We just did it, and sometimes it’s just hard to get the ball back to the paddle.

Jamie bursts out laughing.

Me: God, Erik. We’re all bouncy balls to you, lately!

Jamie and I both laugh.

Me: Okay, so can you remember the time of the split from Source?

Erik: Hell yeah!

Me: Wow! What does it feel like?

Erik: I can only speak for myself on this one.

Me: Okay.

Jamie (laughing): He’s going to get all Zen on you!

Me: What?

Erik: I’m going to get all Zen on you.

Me (chuckling): Okay. Got it.

Jamie: I’m just laughing, because the way he said it was so unnatural. It’s funny. He’s got his elbows on his knees, and he leans forward.

Erik: It’s like when the raindrop leaves the cloud. That’s how it feels.

Me: Ooo! Wait, how does that feel? I’m not a raindrop, and I’m not a cloud.

Erik: Maybe you should be, Mom.

Me (laughing, in jest): Oh, god, you little twerp. If so, I just might rain on your parade. So explain.

Erik: Well, it really doesn’t have feeling. It’s not excitement or scary or anything. It’s not like giving birth or painful or—

Me: Is it like a breath?

Erik: Yeah, like when you breathe out. You know, the air that leaves your body as easy as it came in.

Me: Okay.

Erik: I hate to disappoint you, but there are no fireworks.

Me: Well, I wouldn’t call it disappointing. You might hurt Source’s feelings, you know.

Erik (laughing): No I’m not! Source does not judge!

Me: I’m teasing, silly.

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  • ja

    Hope to see a atheist interview you with Erik or and agnostic ..creationist.. To see how responds to those different angles.. And debates..

    • Marts

      Wisdom of Divine truth Knows.

      • ja

        Okay that sounds very general : )

      • Marts

        Hey there ja.. yeah, from thinking out from the intellect in certain ways is the minds way of justifying that of proving and some proving is done out of fear.
        But when there is no fear, as fear is only a manifestation of humanity.. there is nothing to prove, all of our answers are right here and that’s just it.. we are all in evolution experiencing searching for whatever it maybe.. man! Enjoy, dance the night away!

      • ja

        Hmm thanks for being friendly wasnt trying to be disrespectful just the gap between science and spiritual is too wide in my estimation and needs rationality to bridge that

      • Marts

        Hey there ja, no way were you being disrespectful at all, sorry if l came across harsh.. you see my brain has mostly been operating from the use of scientific analogies and observations…. Through reading books on spiritual awareness, gave me an understanding that our thoughts are either manifesting from the intentions, that births out of love or fear…
        To find this out, one has to ask the self “why is it that am l thinking in this manner” and then its just a process of tracking back along the thought line or pathway to where at the precise time of intention, the birthing of thoughts… l came to a realisation that fear had been behind much of my thought intention.
        This then openend up my awareness and has been very helpful.

      • Love your wisdom!

      • Marts

        Well many thanks to you Elisa.. many thanks for creating what is truly… “one big step for mankind”…. all coming from your love for your son Erik..
        In coming forth the birthing of website of truths, a web born out of best intentions, a place of love.
        Where listeners can source to heal to laugh and to grow, back to a place of wonder.

      • You write so well!

      • Marts

        Thank you Elisa, this is very kind complement.. all l can truly say is everything changed for me soon after the moving forward of my sweetheart four years ago, a then switch was flicked for me and the circuit board rewired….
        Grief seemed to be a subject that no one can teach, you are a student and you blindly take on the test and feel your way in the search for hope.
        I could only really say l may have learned the sense of feeling… so “thinking” now comes with a degree of “feeling” that being from the heart.
        Each and everyone of us have many senses to explore, these are our God given Divine right for us all to work with… to have schools or web lectures, great webs sites like this one and sister Allison, as she also has some really helpful heart felt teachings, thanks to Erik and all his pals, sows us to grow in divine truth, the truth shines the way for us out from unconditional love.
        Thank you Elisa..

      • “Grief seemed to be a subject that no one can teach, you are a student and you blindly take on the test and feel your way in the search for hope. ” Beautiful!

      • It’s getting there. The bridge is being formed.

  • Sandy Olson

    I know these are serious topics, but they are so much fun to read. The whole interaction: Jamie, Robert, Kim, Erik and Elisa’s sense of humor makes my day!

  • JaniceT

    Hi Elisa,
    I asked my boyfriend who’s a software engineer to take a look at your problem regarding internet speed. His suggestion is hard to forward on this message board, so I will email it to you right after I write this. Hope it helps

  • Replace your network interface card (NIC). It is either wireless or direct connect and in a desktop or laptop they are easy to replace.

    • Okay, I’ll check that out. Is that in my Mac or the router?

  • Sabrina Reyenga

    Hello Elisa, Jaime, and Erik. I get the sense that the space Erik is speaking of is the instant we chose to believe we separated from Source. I am being told that I had to make a conscious choice to believe that I could separate from Source in order to manifest the experiences I wanted. Another way of looking at it is as if I have divided myself up into multiple facets. Each facet is an aspect of myself as I am perceiving me. Some are clear and true. Others are dirty and muddled so the picture is no longer clear. Each facet is a belief I am holding of who I am thinking and believing myself to be in those moments. What taints the purview of the facet I am viewing would be my choices to believe.

    Something to consider here is that God’s Will for us is whatever we so will for ourselves. Whatever we choose to experience is what He wills for us. Our Will and God’s Will are one and the same. This is why He does not judge us our choices. He gave us Free Will to choose for ourselves what resonates within our hearts. We have been taught to seek outside of us for the answers. To constantly look to the world and our brothers for the end to our pain and suffering. What we get in return is more pain and suffering. The answers we seek are within us. God and Holy Spirit are waiting patiently within us. They wait for us to turn within and seek their guidance. To ask for the understanding and correction to these things we have chosen to believe.

    Blessings on your journey brother. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.

  • Cole Balthazar

    Ever thought about the possibility, that god is nothing but a lonely paramecium in eternity and everything is happening, is happening inside of it(‘s plasma) and every soul it creates or splits from itself, inside of it, is just this one lonely paramecium by himself watching another fantasy reality from another view.

    Means in fact, everybody of us “in god” is the same soul, there is just one!

    So we must hope there are other parameciums beside us, or by just me, so to speak 😀

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