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Story #1

Hi guys,

I moved to the new place in Jan and the light on top of mirror in bathroom didn’t work but since there is another light on the ceiling so I didn’t bother calling the superintendent to come replace it to another one. Last night as I come out of shower i heard a ‘zzz’ sound and flickering and in a second bam, the light is on and the neon light works overtime I turn it on and off now. It is amazing! Thank you Erik! I know that was Erik coz I was just saying how he hasn’t come to visit me in a while, lol, and he did and p.s. the first time he came around, he played with another neon light which went off with a bang sound that kind of scared me but I was laughing at the same time and his name came to my mind saying: ‘Erik, that’s not funny’, wonderful experience!!

With love

Story #2


I’ve been avidly reading in the Channeling Erik archives. The TV cut itself on while I was reading the Erik material at 1:30 a.m. last week.Now this may or may not have been Erik. TV’s in four separate locations have done this in recent months. My friends think I’m crazy but it seems to be a regular phenomenon in my life, along with a lot of other paranormal events. Have become rather blase about these matters,they happen a lot! Any insight into who is messing with the TV’s would be greatly informative.

Erik, please don’t mess with my cat if it will scare him! Together we stared down a shadow person and he’s a brave little soul,sensitive and shy. More information on Shadow People would be appreciated.I have lived in many paranormally active places,some gently haunted and some very lively! The Shadow Person was the most tangibly evil entity yet encountered. Upon awakening from a sound sleep there was a dense, inky black humanoid mass about 7 feet tall, standing beside the bed. Pinching myself I sat up, glancing to the right at the cat, who was looking at the black shape with his eyes huge. My first thought upon seeing the cat was that he was sent to protect me in that very haunted apartment. The shape was so dense it could not be seen thru and evil rolled off of it in waves!What was that thing?

Story #3

I SAW Erik tonight! It was an awesome experience!! I was leaving my college campus (where I am an alumna advisor to my sorority) and there was this tall, young man wearing somewhat baggy jeans, a white tee shirt and a baseball cap set off to the side. His unruly curls were peeking out of the bottom of the hat. There was no one else around. (Odd for a college campus). As I drove past, he smiled and waved. I said, without any hesitation, “Erik?” Out loud and when I looked in my rear view mirror – no one was there!! As I continue to think about seeing him, I was in a winter coat and a warm car. He was in a tee shirt in Michigan in February! He hadn’t been on my mind but I did ask for a more of a definitive visit/prank a few days earlier. I believe it WAS him! So thank you Erik!!! I LOVED your visit!!

Well, back to cleaning and sealing the grout. Sigh. 

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