The Four Roommates

Now that we all get a picture of what a beautiful, gentle, wise soul Erik is (and how well Robert gets along with (and, yes, tolerates) Erik, I gave him a couple of questions to ask Erik. Here’s the first one. I’ll post the second one Monday and then on Tuesday I’ll share the first Ask Erik question.


Me: You can see him now, right?

Robert: Well, here’s how it worked out in the beginning. In the beginning I didn’t see him until I knew who he was or until I started coming across any of his pictures. Then I started to see images of him, but they were really quick flashes. I remember he had shaggy hair, and—

Robert laughs at something Erik just said.

Robert: I was going to call him a pipsqueak, but he told me, “Don’t you dare call me short!”

Me: Aww.

Robert belly laughs.

Erik: Don’t you say it!

Robert: But anyway, he was short.

Me: Not super short. He was like 5’8”.

Robert: Yeah, and he would wear a lot of t-shirts and things like that—certain kinds of t-shirts. Then there would be times where I could see him very, very clearly in different types of clothes that he would wear in life. Like I remember this one instance where he wore a shirt that, I think it had red sleeves and like white in the center.

Me: Like a baseball shirt with three quarter sleeves?

Robert: Yeah, like that. And there was something on it like some kind of writing. I remember that one, particularly. Now, as time has gone on, we’ve refined the way we talk to each other, so I don’t necessarily always try to see him. I’m just open to hearing him and allowing the other things to come in and allowing him to show me the things he needs to show me. If I do see him, it’ll be something super quick, just long enough for me to get it. It can take only a few nanoseconds.

Me: Hmm!

Robert: Then, I’ll get a sense of what he’s wearing and things like that. It plays out that way, because I’m refining things.

Me: Sure. I remember the shirt that he died in was one of those baseball shirts. He had one with blue sleeves and another one with red sleeves. I can’t remember which one it was.

Robert: I’ve seen the blue on also. Then he has baseball caps that he wears sometimes, caps in general. Yeah, so that’s him, and that’s my story.

Me: Thank you, Robert.

I drone on about what an adventure it’ll be with the three of us.

Robert: I was distracted because Erik was saying, “You know, Dude this is all about me. It’s all about me.”

Erik’s teasing makes us both laugh.

Me: He’s used to being the ringmaster!

Erik (to Robert): Have Mom, ask a couple of questions, at least!

Me: Okay. Well, Erik, can you tell me what the difference is between those four roommates you talk about: the energetic body, the spiritual body, the mental body and the physical body? I’m not quite sure what the spiritual body is and where the emotional body that he talks about fits into all of this. Also, is the emotional body the same as the energetic body or the spiritual body?

Erik: Here’s how I’ll put it. You can think of things as layers even though there aren’t any layers or separations. That’s what we’ll go with, because you need a point of reference. The energetic body: That’s what everything is encapsulated in. The energy, that’s the waves that consciousness is carried on. The spirit body is like the individual personality, that thing that creates that illusion of separateness but also recognize that it isn’t separate, so, the individual, right?

Me: Right.

Erik: An individual doesn’t have to be just one person to one person. An individual can be a collection of spirits that form a unique individual as well.

Me: Interesting!

Robert: Yeah, that’s fascinating!

Erik: And the emotional body is the part of the energetic and spiritual body that allows us to connect to our emotions. It’s the feeling side. Now, this might sound like a contradiction, but ultimately, everything is all about feelings. Everything is all about emotions, even the energetic body, but to make it easier for people to understand, I’m going to separate things into different layers. So the energetic body is the part of the layer that is about the feelings, the emotions, and then what was the other one you wanted to talk about? The mental body?

Me: Yeah, is that the brain?

Erik: That’s the part of the energetic or spirit body that you can associate with being part in the brain, and it’s the thing that’s easiest for us to identify in the human realm, as being the brain, but in the spirit realm, it also exists. It’s that part of you that some people might associate with being the Akashic Record, so it’s what carries all of your experiences, when you walk your dog, when you brush your teeth, when you see someone you really find attractive, and they catch your eye, and all that stuff. All of the 3-D experiences you have are stored in that place. It has its own way of processing things, too. It can be aligned with the brain in the sense that it does require, um, housed within that or a part of it is rational thought, the logic and all that stuff. It helps with the spirit to create some kind of way to attach feeling to it. Even though there’s no time here, some still like to thread it as if it were linear, right?

Me: Mm hmm.

Erik: And if you don’t do that, you don’t have a way to create experiences like walking through a heavenly park or field or whatever. You need the mind for that. The emotional side comes into play when you’re walking through that field or park, you can feel the sacred wellbeing; you can enjoy the beauty—that enjoyment isn’t going to come unless you have a feeling attached to it.


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Elisa Medhus

  • Iola Regnier Gomez

    great session…kinda knew it would. Robert, you have a fan here! Erik finds the best to hang with! lubya all…

  • Daniel Lucas

    That’s awesome. What a great way to show these types of being, roommates! haha
    I would love to hear a little more detail about the Akashic Records! I know they’re described as a massive library-type structure, in which everything that was and will be was kept! But could Erik give us more of a visual? That’d be fantastic.

    • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

      I have read about this type of place from others…..very cool

  • MikeHulse

    The times when I have seen him he wears an oversized Black, Rolling Stones t-shirt (with the famous Red tongue and lips on), dark Blue baggy jeans and what I can only describe as a dark fishing hat and his curly hair bushing out underneath it. And always a wry grin on his face.

  • cristina

    is this a typo? “Now that we all get a picture of what a beautiful, gentle, wise soul Erik is (and how well he gets along with (and, yes, tolerates) Erik” – i think Erik LOVES this typo 😛

  • Amy Cavanaugh

    For those who are interested in their Akashic records, my friend Susan Rich does a Blog Talk Radio show on Monday and Tuesdays at 1 pm EST. I will be happy to share further details offline. She is amazing.

  • cristina

    found this pic about the roommates and associates chakras 🙂 May be good explanations for beginners like me 😛
    And here is to confuse other people (because now i am confused 😛 )
    “Etheric Body ~ The etheric body extends out about 2 – 4 inches from the physical body. The etheric body is the template of the physical body.

    Emotional Body ~ The emotional body extends out beyond the etheric by another 4 – 6 inches. The emotional body is of course where we primarily store our emotions from this lifetime and are often reflected back to us in the physical world in order to heal ourselves.

    Mental Body ~ The mental body extends out another 4 – 6 inches from the emotional body. The mental body primarily holds our thought processes; again reflecting back into our lives those processes which are determining the unfolding of our choices, consciously or unconsciously.

    Spiritual Body ~ The spiritual body is often referred to as the astral or causal body and extends out another 4 – 6 inches from the mental body. The spiritual body is the connecting layer between the physical or lower fields (including the physical body) and the higher or spiritual fields. This is also the field where we flow love.

    Etheric Template Body ~ The etheric template body extends out another 2 – 4 inches from the spiritual body and is the mirror double of the etheric body. The etheric template body holds the negative space of the etheric body and is where we align with Divine Will.

    Celestial Light Body ~ The celestial light body is somewhat similar to the spiritual body in that it is a field of love, however at this level it is a unified field of love and compassion and extends out to all of humanity. When this field fully integrates, all fear releases as we come to the understanding that Love is all there is.

    Ketheric Template ~ The ketheric template is most often seen as a fine weaving of golden light and contains the web of our reality and creativeness. The ketheric template is where we are connected to the Divineness of All that exists and where we receive the deeper understanding of our path or journey.”

  • bobaeomma

    “Erik: An individual doesn’t have to be just one person to one person. An individual can be a collection of spirits that form a unique individual as well.”

    Okay, wait. Did Erik mean, for example, my mom, brother and I could all decide to incarnate into one human on Earth next time? To experience life as one person? I’m confused!

    • cristina

      I think if you have as example Mother Earth, you will understand. I bet the interview with mother earth is now available and you will understand how many energies act as one conscience 🙂

  • Anne Read

    Great topic,we bander about the extra bodies we have,but Eriks explanation is sooo much easier to understand .thank you.

  • Nancy Tremblay

    I am amaze how Erick explained these four bodies, which are similar to the teaching of Eckankar! That within the physical body there is this subtle body the light body of the Astral world! Within the Astral body is the Causal body , then the Mental body, then the Etheric body ( which lies between the Mental and the Soul body) . ( I am interested if Erick can invite the founder of Eckankar Paul Twitchell! He died because of food poisoning!

  • Changed he to Robert. Oops!

  • Melanie

    Robert – It is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you.

  • Nate

    I’ve been watching the Olympics and Robert reminds me of the figure skater Patrick Chan — point being they’re both extremely talented in their own realms! (As are Jamie and Kate ^v^)

  • hi everyone. i hear through the grape vine whispers. they say “Does Robert do private readings?” for now, emphasis on for now, i do not do private sessions, at least not in the way mediums typically do. it isn’t because i don’t want to help. on the contrary, i would love to be there for everyone! that’s why i decided to channel for CE. 🙂

    anyway, some may want to know why i am not pursuing (traditional) private sessions. there are several reasons, but most importantly, it is because my stamina depletes quickly (due to past/current health issues). so i need lots of rest. and that means i can’t always be consistent with schedules. whomever is getting a reading deserves i/we be dependable! 🙂

    now, to totally contradict (sort of) myself. there are times when Spirit compels me to read someone. usually that happens when i become aware of someone either directly or indirectly. in those times, i have to get with them. so, don’t be surprised if out of the blue you hear from me (and, thus, us). 🙂

    love and hugs!

  • Beth Murphy, M.Msc.

    “Erik: And the emotional body is the part of the energetic and spiritual body that allows us to connect..”

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