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Today is a very sad day for me and my family because we had to put down the very first cat we ever made a home for. Her name was/is Bluebell, a gorgeous Russian Blue rescued during Hurricane Katrina. As with Erik, her illness was mostly a mental one, but a disabling one at that. Although she “belonged” to my youngest daughter, Annika, it hit me particularly hard because I was the one who took care of her. Annika couldn’t take her to college because her roommate is deathly allergic to cats, so much so that she goes into anaphylactic shock when exposed to them. 

As I saw the light leave Bluebell’s body, I felt Erik close by. I take comfort in knowing that he will show her the ropes, feed her massive amounts of kitty treats and reunite her with our three deceased dogs and her mother and father. Please send her love and healing energy. She’s at peace now. 

Me: You know how the Illuminati are supposed to be protecting us from realizing our full potential, because we can’t fully handle it in our current human state? One of the blog members isn’t sure how withholding the truth from humanity isn’t about controlling the masses for personal or group gain. This person goes on to suggest that withholding the truth from humanity keeps us down, controlling and limiting our true potential. It’s hard to accept anyone having power over us whether we’re ready or not. I guess, on the other hand, if we’re not ready to embrace our true potential our heads would explode or we’d spontaneously combust and burst into flames. It’s like handing a two year-old a loaded gun.

Erik (laughing): I think the Illuminati, Scientology, and Aliens all need to sit down and just have a cup of tea.

Me: Amen, brother.


Me: Is that all? Is that the extent of your wisdom? An illustrious trans-dimensional tea party, Erik? Really?

Erik (chuckling): These kinds of mysteries—

(Long pause)

Jamie: I’m arguing with him.

Jamie and I giggle.

Jamie: I should argue out loud, but to keep my demure… Um, he’s saying that humans don’t have all the information for a reason, and it’s not to keep us dumb; it’s not to keep us in place; it’s not to rob us from some kind of experience.

Me: And not to control us, right? Not to control us for their personal or group gain?

Erik: Correct, correct.

Me: Good.

Erik: Um, it’s like having a vegetable plant, and the plant is growing from seed for the first time. So it’s at first life. It already knows that it’s attracted to the sun and that it needs the water to survive. It’s making relationships with the weather. Then all of a sudden this person comes along and starts to tend to it, and the person knows that, “Oh, I need to fertilize it; I need to cut it in a certain way, and I know when to reap the harvest.” Now, the person is cutting back on the plant to make the plant better, to produce more, to be healthier, to feel better, and the person’s not just going to come in and take all the fruit before it’s ripe or take all the vegetables before it’s ripe. It makes no sense. The people that are caring for us, the beings, the God Source are all going to let us grow to reach a certain –

Jamie burst out laughing at what Erik says. I hate having to be the last in line for these translations!

Erik (with solemn importance): LEVEL OF FRUITATION.

Me (laughing): I didn’t even know that was a word!

Erik: Now it is.

And according to spell check, it isn’t, but they have their own dictionary in the afterlife, and Daniel Webster is no doubt updating it all the time.

Erik: You see my point! I just didn’t know how else to explain it.

I actually think it’s a perfect analogy, because I feel like a vegetable most days. And, yes, sometimes I act a little fruity.

Erik: You know, there are things, um, this plant doesn’t know of as it’s growing, and here’s this external being that’s not making an emotional or spiritual connection or a oneness but is coming in and taking control without the plant asking. But the person’s intention is full of integrity and utmost respect and love. That’s how some of the systems in place are caring for us.

Me: So, instead of “Don’t shoot the messenger,” “Don’t shoot the gardener.”

Erik: Yes. But yet, people just like to live in fucking fear. It just burns—

Jamie howls with laughter.

Me: Chaps your ass, does it, Erik?

Jamie (trying to compose herself): Yes. In other words, it burns his asshole.

Me: Hm. I think “chaps my ass” might be a little more palatable, Erik.

Jamie: Yeah, maybe you should delete what he said and replace it with that one.

Me: Nope. I never edit things.

Jamie (still laughing): Oh, god! Erik, I’m not saying it.


Jamie (embarrassed): The fiery door to Hell is his asshole is what he’s saying.

Me: That’s Erik, all right.

Jamie: He leans over on one hip and he goes, “You wanna see it?”

Me: No, we don’t. I’ve seen it too many times when I checked you for pinworms and changed your diapers, Erik.

Erik: And I’m sure it was the most perfect asshole you’ve ever seen.

Me: Wait, am I to understand that you’re a perfect asshole, Erik?

Jamie wails in laughter.

Jamie (to Erik): You set yourself up for that one!

Me: You did. You set yourself up for it.

Erik: Ah, there’s nowhere to go from that one. That was good.

Me: I know. I know. So, anything else on the Illuminati?

Erik: No, we’ll just leave it there. The vegetable plant.

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R.I.P. Bluebell

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  • I am so sorry to hear about your kitty, Blue Bell. She became a part of you, just like any person in your family, so you will grieve just as much. Please know my prayers are with you and that in time you will find peace and comfort. <3

  • Lynx234

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Blue Bell. I know she had a life filled with love being a member of your family. We had a Russian Blue named Winchester for many years, kitten through old age–they are so sweet and affectionate.

    I once had an experience that I didn’t know how to explain, that might be comforting to you. The first time I met what turned out to be a wonderful group of friends, I went over to introduce myself to the hostess. She was sitting on a chair with her feet on an ottoman, and curled beside her legs I saw a darling little white kitty with a pink nose. Immediately I felt more at home; pets always puts me at ease. Before I could ask about the kitty, a group of people came over, introduced themselves, talked a minute, and as they were starting to leave, I turned back the hostess, Jean, and to my disappointment, saw that the kitty had left (as cats tend to do when there’s a lot of people around.) So I asked, “Where’s the kitty?” The people leaving kind of stopped & gasped, and one of the guys, David, said, “What did you say?” I said, “There was the cutest little white kitty curled up right there with Jean…” They looked shocked, & I couldn’t figure out what I said wrong. David told me that two weeks before, while Jean & her husband were moving, her kitty got out, was hit by a car & was killed. A little white cat! I looked over at Jean & there were tears rolling down her face. Now, this kitty did not look like a ghost, you couldn’t see through her, she just looked like a regular sweet little cat. Clear as can be. We did a lot of psychometry & other psychic-type things in that Meditation group (things we got confirmation on later) over the next few years, but this is the only time I’ve ever seen anything that I couldn’t tell from the regular day-to-day physical. (The second clearest thing ever that I saw was Erik’s face when I was trying to see if I could connect, he looked happy & mischievous–amused that it startled me a bit; I’ve never seen faces before, just gotten information in my mind’s eye, or ears, or nose.) I’m no where near the same league Jamie is, but most of us don’t even use half the capacity of our minds & hearts to connect & to get knowledge. It did really help to be with a group of kindred souls. I knew one person at the time, who had heard about the group & invited me (neither of us knew what to expect); and then I had known David, the guy I mentioned, years back. One of these days scientists will see that so many things called “supernatural” are very natural, energy particles flowing over the spaces between electrons or like that for ESP, & finer energy for brings freed from their bodies. I’ve just seen so much confirmation of so-called “psychic” things in my time with –I guess they were/are my Soul Group (some have passed over), I think if people could be so fortunate as to seek & find kindred souls similar to the meditation group, we could advance in ways that would be hugely beneficial. In a way the little white kitty introduced me to kindred souls, because thanks to her it was out there before I knew what was going on!

    I believe your sweet Blue Bell still loves you & knows you love her. (Even as a child I thought that when a pet dies their energy comes back to us.) Animals can do so much more than we think, because 1-no one tells them they can’t the way humans are told, 2- they are full of innocent love.

    Sending much love and light to you <3

    • Lorri Lewis

      Nice story! My cat did not appear to me physically after he died, but he did come to visit. He walked on my bed several times and one time he purred, though the purr sounded like it was in surround sound – all around me.

    • Whoa what a freakingly awesome story. It DID make me feel better.

  • Carolyn S. Valera Hodge

    I am so sorry to hear about Bluebell. She is beautiful. I’m sure Erik will take good care of her. I had a Russian Blue cat many years ago too. Praying for you and the family.

  • T Diaz

    Heartfelt condolences on Blue Bell’s passing. Funny, Russian Blues are one of my favorite types of cats, and Yorkies one of my favorite dogs! And yet another great post, I must say! I especially liked what Erik had to say about living in fear. Something helpful to remember in my own life when it comes to certain things, tyty Erik!

  • Alba Kambouris

    That’s a beautiful cat we rescued a short tail bob cat to keep our outdoor cat (Bandit) company once we had to keep him house bond. Now Bandit has died we all were very sad he ate his food and went home. Our bob cat (PeeWee) seems content alone we even buy our pets, pets of their own. Lol

  • Alba Kambouris

    I am still laughing at the butt joke that Erik walked into….So funny. Elisa you have a great sense of humour

  • Nancy Antia

    Sending love to Bluebell.

  • Susan Zeke

    Warm hugs and condolences Elisa on the passing of BlueBell. It’s so shocking how much we become attached to our beloved pets even when they belong to others; like our friends and family; it can hurt just as much to lose them. I was visiting friends this past August when their gorgeous white cat was starting to fail,,,I think she had long standing kidney issues and i was there for her passing at the vet clinic. Even though I didn’t know her well at all, she looked at me long and hard before she left this world as if to say, ‘thanks for coming to visit and support my owners,,,I am very grateful to you’. Sounds strange i know, but that is what it felt like to me and to one of the family members. I cried as much as they did to see Sophie leave as she was as beautiful as BlueBell was.

    • But on the other hand, I was relieved for her. It’s a mixed bad of emotions.

      • Susan Zeke

        If i can make a miracle happen, I may see you in Houston this weekend! Then I can give you a warm hug in person Elisa!! You are so down to earth and why everyone is so drawn to you and Erik and your family. You are an intelligent but compassionate woman who has experienced some pain in your early years like a lot of us have but you don’t pretend that you haven’t. That is why I can identify with you and your cause. Eriks’ cause. It’s for the human race and something we all want to add love towards and be a part of. Anyways,,,enough sappiness for now!! Hope this finds you well Elisa!!

      • I hope you can come! It’s going to be amazing and I’m giving away some of Erik’s stuff. Plus you’d be in the documentary!

      • Susan Zeke

        I’m trying to find some excess cash so I can go but it’s not looking so hot. Maybe the next CE event it will have to be! Remember, it’s normal to feel nervous but know that everyone is going there to support you and Erik as you are so well loved! Let all that love pour over you like a warm spring shower whenever you start feeling the jitters. That will calm you immediately. I know I feel the same way when I have to do public speaking or sing in front of people,,,I use that technique. You can always use the ‘imagine everyone naked’ but that seems gross to me! Hahahaha! You will do awesome Elisa!! I love you and remember,,,Feel the love!!! Oxo

  • Lorri Lewis

    I’m sorry about Bluebell. She looks just like my cat who I lost a few years ago.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Russian Blues are such amazing cats. They’re easy to miss when they go, because they’re so affectionate. I’m sorry for your loss Elisa. Take comfort in the fact that she is going to Erik.

    It’s interesting that you decided to post this interview with Erik about the illuminati, considering what’s been going on in the news. The WikiLeaks Podesta emails showed some pretty sick stuff and it seems to point towards ritual child abuse and Satanism–practised (it’s said) by the Illuminati (who believe Satan is an alien)–and child trafficking.

    People on the free media (as opposed the propaganda mainstream media) say that governments and leaders are controlled by about five self-interest groups–the banking industry, pharmaceutical industry, military complex and a few others. They are the ones really in charge. And had Clinton got into power, they would have driven the US to a war with Russia. Instead, much to the shock of the controllers, Trump was voted in. That’s why the media and so many others are railing against him–he’s put a spanner in the works. People are waking up to the fact that there is a group of unseen people who are the string-pullers, and these are the illuminati–Rothschilds, Bilderberg group, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission and Freemasonry. The United Nations’ publishing house is Lucifer House and the UN is based on the Lucifer Trust (now Lucis Trust). Their aim is to create one world, without borders. They seek to subvert and create chaos. They sow seeds of division. Their plan is a one-world government where they are in control. Interesting that Rothschild owns $700 trillion.

    • Rede

      Your believe system is pretty much fear-based. You are afraid of being controlled by “evil forces”. Sorry but this is nonsense. What you lack to understand is, evil in fact does not exit, we are souls in this physical reality on an educational trip. You are in control of your reality, if you believe in evil powers or even Lucifer, then you give this ideas energy, but it is a waste of energy, because in fact all of this ideas have no direct influence on your personal life.

      The United Nations are a great thing, because humanity should be united, because we come all from the same source..

      • Erik says there is evil, but there is no good or bad. Evil is just the lower part of the spectrum of light, and everything is light.

      • Rede

        But isn’t “evil” only depending on the angle point of view? Didn’t Erik equally say there is no good and bad and everything has a propose. I’m sure many other species could see humanity as evil. We would surely call these beings evil, who regard us as unimportant, perhaps even superfluous,,

      • That’s right. It’s all about semantics. I actually think there’s a blog post called, “The semantics of good and evil.” Try looking that up by typing it in the search bar on the upper right side of the homepage if you want.

    • mia

      I wish you and people like you would stop spreading this ‘fake news’ that is untrue in its entirety. This story is clearly from a website that has zero factual information and was an obvious ploy (written before the election) to cast suspicion on Hillary, her advisors and the real media, that actually has to confirm stuff before putting anything out there. Anyone who would believe this crap without checking its merits is spreading misinformation.

      A ‘free media’ is some idiot making up lies for his/her own amusement/agenda. What resources could they possibly have to confirm this knee-jerk stuff that just happens to sound juicier than the truth? Ritual child abuse? Are you kidding? You’re a fool.

  • Rede

    I still don’t get it, why to be sorry for Blue Shell, she went right back to Erik’s dimension, so right to heaven, you could say. I understand what Erik is trying to explain here and I hate it to be on this site of the chain, earth is a special place of restriction. Humans are so heavily restricted, that is why they behave so stupid most time, choosing fear and conflict instead of love and unity..

    • I miss her physically just like I miss Erik’s hugs and face to face conversations.

      • Rede

        Well, I respect nature that is why I think animals do not belong home but to nature. Nevertheless, I’m sorry for your pain!

      • I couldn’t resist rescuing her from Katrina. She would have died if I had not, so… Thank you.

  • KickAsh Artistry

    Aaaaaaw, kitty! Losing a pet can be so awful. 🙁 ❤ I’m glad she has Erik to welcome her.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    This is a woman who was raised as part of the illumati. She speaks of their beliefs and their plans:

  • Allison

    This post had me dying laughing!

    I am so sorry to hear about Bluebell, too! Erik is there to help her out 🙂

  • Angeles

    It seems so unlikely that people in the afterlife use such foul language. Most information from other mediums suggests that individuals who have crossed over have become loving and kind. Is this disgusting terminology really necessary? Would you speak like this to your family and friends?

    • Erik says he curses to seem more approachable and casual rather than the stuffy “Welcome my dear one” style. And he says that words are just a string of letters. They get their power from the intent behind them.

  • mia

    Sorry for calling you a fool, that was not right.

    But this clip does not include ‘facts.’ This is conjecture. Innuendo. Listen to the last two things the guy says:

    1. His last comment: It’s curious that these allegations have not been investigated by authorities.
    2. His penultimate comment: There is no evidence of wrongdoing.

    I wonder why the police have not investigated ritual child abuse by this high-level Democratic operative? Perhaps they have better things to do than waste resources on conjecture. No evidence of wrongdoing. Zero. Another guy, who thinks like you, fired a gun in a pizza place based on this conjecture and they didn’t even have a basement where they reportedly tunneled the poor helpless children into the homes of pedophiles. Where are these kids? Where are their parents? Where are the police reports? Podesta is on TV every day, followed around by reporters every day, and no one even blinks about these emails except for some idiot who can get a website for $100 and throw words around like Illuminati and Satan. By this logic, all politicians, all mainstream media and all law enforcement are in cahoots to deny the truth. All of them. No cracks, no leaks. No one squeals. All evil.

    I’ll admit that rich conglomerates like the banking industry and Big Pharm and companies like Monsanto are in the business of making profits, helped by separating you and me from our money, And we let them with our votes.

    Remember when we were kids and everyone knew their neighbor and kids could go outside and play without supervision? That dreamscape wall killed by fatcats who use fear as a tool. Fear works (see Trump, president).

    It’s hard for me to imagine that you, a regular customer on this site, who understands the value of Erik’s overall message of ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ would help the bad guys by spreading fear with this particular post. Forget conjecture, would you, please? Look at your neighbors. I know you don’t talk to them much anymore, but are they mean to you? Is everyone a jerk? Organize a block party. Make that your church. That’s all Erik is trying to teach you. That, and that social media is not news, it’s opinion. Trust your experience, not second- or third-and tales of woe.

    • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

      People are free to make up their own minds, as Ben Swann says. It’s only when we shine a light on the unspeakable that it can lose its power. What Ben Swann didn’t show the audience are the things too vile to show to the public. I won’t mention them here because this is not my page; it is Elisa’s and Erik’s.

      The boy that went into Comet PingPong was a hired actor; he has an IMBD page. If anybody is interested to know what is going on, please listen to any youtube video of Ted Gunderson, former FBI; Noreen Gosch, mother of Johnny Gosch. I talk about these things for the children who have survived it.

      • mia

        You are right; people are free to make up their own minds. I’m a people too, and I’m trying to understand how you can believe these various one-source stories as truth. What you are saying is that the police, the FBI and the justice department — all of them — are covering up odious child sex rings. For what purpose, do you think? Can you imagine how much work that would take to cover bases? Is everyone in law enforcement in favor of child sex rings or do they all — all — have no morals and want to keep their jobs above listening to their conscious? What did Ben Swann not show? What information do you have? The public should know. What do the children who have survived have to say? How widespread is it? Do the kids have access to information the general public doesn’t, because I would guess it would be a big story on any news-entertainment site that is trying to make a buck on sensationalism, even if they are not legit and unafraid of libel suits. What facts did Gunderson produce that there is a secret widespread network of groups who kidnap children and infants, and subject them to Satanic ritual abuse and subsequent human sacrifice? Maybe as a good American he should give us their names. And kind of strange that this hideous cult would leave pictures and bring Johnny to Noreen’s door. Shouldn’t they keep it under wraps instead of leaving evidence? What kind of dolt cult is this, anyway? What proof do you have that the ‘boy’ who went into Comet PingPong was a hired
        actor? What do your ‘sources’ tell you? Great acting job, I must say. I hope he got paid a lot for spending his youth in jail.

        You might be right. It might be a giant cover up and all law enforcement is in on the scam so top Dems can wet their noodles with kadoodle.

        Please, however, consider the distant possibility that you’re wrong.

        I’m stuck in the house, same as you, every day. I see the same shit you do. It’s fun to speculate that Boris Badenov is around every corner, trying to have man-boy sex with your kids.

        But as any lawyer knows, you need proof, not a talking point during martini hour. Go outside. There is still some fresh air left.

        If there is 42 percent unemployment, how is almost half the country eating? If pro-life supersedes a woman’s right to do with her body as she pleases, why don’t we eliminate guns, as there is only one thing a gun can do? One!

        You are not right. You are ultra-far-alt right. Nothing wrong with that, free speech and all. Maybe it’s me that’s left of wrong on the mountain of conjecture. But . . .

        In my youth I foolishly said to a wise mentor during my fundamental Christian days that Jesus said in the Bible he was the son of God and judgment goes through him, so either he’s right or he’s wrong. And this atheist said to me: “Yeah? Who wrote the bible? Were there reporters following Jesus around, recording everything verbatim? No, it’s a book of telephone, generations of stories embellished and sorted and edited, imbued with the final writer’s opinion and Constantine’s mantra to rule. Instead of depending on that, just consider the consequences of your actions, asshole.”

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