The Milboro Case

Hey everyone. First, Robert is doing much better. His pain has abated. His hemoglobin has stabilized. He should be moving to a regular room today and has been advanced to a liquid diet. All good signs.

Below is the letter Stanley received from Coburn. It’s a pdf file, so it seems to insert as an image. Hope it works.

When I asked Stanley if he needed some financial support, here’s his response. I hope you all can contribute within your comfort zone. If not, sending love and light would be appreciated greatly.

Hello Elisa,Yea, you can put it up. As for any collections, my paypal address is and has been verified. But please do tell everyone that anything they give will be paid back ASAP. I am thankful for the help, but I want people to know it will go back to them, even if it’s a dollar at a time if need be, but it WILL be returned as soon as SSI corrects the issue. I would feel totally bad if people gave and I couldn’t return it. But yea, do post the letter so people know what’s being said, and yea, let them know I will pay every cent they send in back as soon as I can. **hug**


And now, enjoy this fascinating video, courtesy of Victor Zammit’s website.

The Milboro Case

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