The Milboro Case

Hey everyone. First, Robert is doing much better. His pain has abated. His hemoglobin has stabilized. He should be moving to a regular room today and has been advanced to a liquid diet. All good signs.

Below is the letter Stanley received from Coburn. It’s a pdf file, so it seems to insert as an image. Hope it works.

When I asked Stanley if he needed some financial support, here’s his response. I hope you all can contribute within your comfort zone. If not, sending love and light would be appreciated greatly.

Hello Elisa,Yea, you can put it up. As for any collections, my paypal address is and has been verified. But please do tell everyone that anything they give will be paid back ASAP. I am thankful for the help, but I want people to know it will go back to them, even if it’s a dollar at a time if need be, but it WILL be returned as soon as SSI corrects the issue. I would feel totally bad if people gave and I couldn’t return it. But yea, do post the letter so people know what’s being said, and yea, let them know I will pay every cent they send in back as soon as I can. **hug**


And now, enjoy this fascinating video, courtesy of Victor Zammit’s website.

The Milboro Case

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Elisa Medhus

  • Denise

    After watching the video I began reflecting on my family, friends, and acquaintances and realized the familiarity of all of them. Some felt like here we go again!

  • nina

    This letter is colored with cobourns opinion of being an adult baby. You can tell this is lashing out against a behavior he does not agree with. This has nothing to do with real politics. And unfortunately, most people are not going to understand things like we do on CE Family.

    Many prayers go out to Stanley. And I’m so pleased to hear Robert is doing better! I’ve been praying for him like crazy!


  • JoAnn

    the pdf is not showing up.

    • It is for some, so maybe it’s a browser problem. I can email it to you.

  • GeorgeN

    There are 2 documents that are in a photo format. Try double-clicking on the blank space and see if your computer will open the pictures. If the first one opens, try further down the page and double click again.

    Kinda like unraveling secret messages 8^)


  • JoAnn

    this letter is just a bunch of B.S. ,,,it is basically an insult not only to Stanley and Sandra but also to SSDI claims department,in his accusation that because these 2 individuals are role-playing ,which in its name claims a make believe display, and not really “who” they are.and that because of those actions the SSDI department must not have done their jobs properly. I am on SSI myself and i have a stack of coloring books and crayons that i sometimes color pictures and relax, is this a form of AB actions in that when i am coloring and expressing my artistic energy i am utilizing this energy to kind of go back to an easier time ,when i was a child and loved to color in my coloring books.When i decide that i am going to “color” it is a special time in my adult life the same as it was in my childhood and when i am coloring i feel as if all the pressures of life and all my responsibilities have been put on hold for a spell. Honestly i believe that every Adult utilizes some form of A.B. therapy in their lives. Everybody either Does some action that was special for them in childhood, sports, cookouts,camping,etc or they Dream or Fantazise about being able to afford to do certain actions or are capable of doing those actions. Afterall society recognizes quotes like “what i wouldn’t give to be a kid again” and we do yearn and wish for the easier times the seemingly innocent times in our lives.but when we look at a man in a baby outfit we gringe and say “hey” you are not allowed to play that way , that is against the “rules” or hey . you are “cheating” ,so maybe the problem with this politician is “he is jealous” because Stanley and Sandra have given up the shields and actually have the courage to do what most adults just dream they could do ,in going back to their childhood, having that feeling of innocence again and enjoying just a little time building with legos or collecting their army guys, gi joes ,coloring books or Barbie dolls to escape from the pressures of life.Love to you all!!

  • Jane

    Coburn is trying to score points off of Stanley. Points for his base to shore up re-election (or some other political gain.) I’m sure as a Senator he has seen and heard of all kind of crazy and messed up behavior far beyond 2 consenting adults meeting each others needs, in this case emotionally. He doesn’t really care about this issue, it’s just public so he’s seized on it like a vulture as something he can use, and f*** him for that.

    Stanley is a whole and significant human being who probably doesn’t need to be dissected and ‘fixed’ which is what most staff at psychiatric hospitals do to the people who come in as patients. Half the time the staff doing this are disgusted and disdainful and even angry at the patient, the other half the time the staff are very well-meaning. However the end result is the same in that it ends up objectifying the person who is the patient. When Stanley finds and grows his own light he will become more self-sufficient. Erik has said he and others are there to help Stanley with this. And each person’s “self-sufficient” may look different. Perhaps for those of us who are Stanley’s blog friends the best thing we can do is continue to offer love and support, as everyone has done so brilliantly, and just be there as he finds his path. He has already contributed so much just by being here on the earth and doing his best to walk his path authentically.

    As far as financial assistance, I have always liked what Erik said in the past: If you think about giving but some inner feeling makes you hesitate then go with that, listen to yourself. Likewise if you don’t feel any resistance, then go ahead! 🙂

    This is not directed at this post or any of the comments but rather just general thoughts from someone who has worked with psych. patients. While there may be some times where struggling people need ‘tough love’ there are far more times when such people (including many many people) have not received enough love in their lives and therefore don’t know how to love themselves. And any ‘tough love’ usually needs to come from those close to us in our lives, resulting from a relationship of mutuality where one person feels it is the highest and best good for them to stop giving at that time (or vice versa, where we make that decision about someone close to us.)


  • iola

    It isnt showing up for me either…but if i listen to it, i will probably just get angry at him…what a windbag!
    I am sending what I can to you Stanley..and i dont want it coming back to me..its a smile and know we all love you, ok?
    Glad for Robert! He needs to get in the fast lane on the recovery road! Prayers to you all!

  • Stanley, here’s a little story for you: For all my life I rarely accepted anything from anybody and when I did it was always with the intention of reimbursing the person somehow. Until My friend Lorelie told me off. She yelled at me “don’t deny me my Mitzvah”. She then explained that when somebody GIVES you something in love, it is a JOY for them, it makes them feel good, and it is a “sin” to deny them that. So if someone asks to be payed back, do it, but if they say “keep it” then you have to do just that because it is A WAY OF GIVING!!
    And by the way, with your income you do not have the means to pay anyone back, I know, I’m on SSI too, $674 a month pays rent and utilities and nothing else.
    Love to Robert and Stanley and all the CE family!

    • Yeah, give people the gift of giving, Stanley. I think as much the lesson of your situation is to teach other’s compassion it’s about you learning to love yourself. Such a hard thing for all of us, but to deny ourself love is to deny all of us love since we are all a collective and divine ONE. I sent you some money Stanley and don’t want you to consider sending it back to me. But I understand because I have the same problem with gifts, complements, etc. You see, I’m trying hard to learn that same lesson.

  • Amy c

    Keith was disabled about 30 percent of the time he could do stuff but you never knew when he suffered much of the same discrimination minus the lifestyle. The rest of the story was the same. He came from a wealthy family but his fathers timeout chair was the psych ward. It is very painful for me to watch this story play out only with the media and this senator gunning at him however with all my heart I believe this will be a time of growth for all of us

    • I totally agree. This is a lesson with a broad reach: about compassion, civility, and self-love. (among other things)

  • Steve

    The Milboro case is fascinating and very compelling!

    • I know. Love it! Hey Steve, where do you think we should stay in Atlanta??

  • nikki

    Elisa says:
    … This is a lesson with a broad reach: about compassion, civility, and self-love. (among other things)

    I totally agree Elisa. In my opinion we need to be careful who WE are judging. If in fact we are all ONE that makes Coburn one of us. I am NOT defending him, just trying to see the big picture. He clearly does not understand Stanley (haven’t we all been there?). Coburn needs to be informed. We all have a lot to learn, our actions speak volumes our words should be carefully chosen. Educate him in a calm, informative manner. We can take the high road and still get our point across.

  • Patrick

    I’m so jaded about elected officials, I must agree with Jane, Coburn cares about the issue only as far as he believes he can milk it for political gain. Insofar as Stanley, I can’t say, I don’t know him, his circumstances or his background, but they sound bad. I’d like to think his purpose is as has been said higher up; to make people think about their attitudes towards an imagery that has no effect on their own life, at all. I also think Stanley’s purpose is to shed light on a very real problem; abuse of taxpayer funded benefits. I’m not saying Stanley is – AT ALL – but it IS a problem, and maybe, just maybe, this will trigger that discussion in a new and beneficial way. Insofar as “Senator” Tom Coburn; well “sex on him”.

  • amy cavanaugh

    Both Senators Coburn wasa resident at C-Street that right wing flophouse in DC organized as a church where several Republican leaders were revealed to be in sexual scandals. Stones-Glasshouses, he is also about to be brought up on ethics charges.

  • amy cavanaugh

    on a brighter note-for the Atlanta bound set-I have a few hotel options, but I need some feedback before I proceed-what are people looking for as far as # of stars, price etc when is it again?

  • Nina

    Hmm that’s so true, Jane. I play barbies and cars with my little kid all the time. Hell I even pretend to be her pet cat! Lol! And it’s so fun! The only reason that’s acceptable to most people is because I’m with a kid. But apparently if you’re not playing with a kid then it’s not okay. When you put it like that…this whole thing just doesnt seem right. People are so quick to judge.

  • Dina

    “Insofar as ‘Senator’ Tom Coburn; well ‘sex on him’

    Sorry to break up the seriousness but, Patrick, I think I just went blind all over again.

  • Skoshi

    You saw the case of the reincarnation of the artist Paul Gaugain?

    • Fascinating! I’m going to post this on Facebook in hopes that my skeptic father will see.

  • Skoshi

    Until midnight tonight, there’s an interview of Rasha (who channelled the book “Oneness”) on the Sheila Show:

  • Skoshi

    This might appeal to your father, Elisa. It’s a scientist talking about Dr. Ian Stevenson’s work:

    • Thanks Skoshi. I’m emailing it now!

  • Yvonne

    Off topic, but not really: Elisa, I did two segments of “Taboo” for National Geographic years ago as a commentator. It would be a PERFECT format for you to talk about Erik/your work. You just have to make sure that you and the producer see eye to eye. This letter just reminded me of that.

    • I’d be scared that they’d make me out to be some sort of whack job. But I am willing to try. Do you have contact information, Yvonne?

  • Tracy Lamont

    Saw this last year on UK tv. If this aint proof of reincarnation, I don’t know what is. A little boy couldn’t make this up and know the geography of an island he’s never visited.xx

  • Tracy Lamont

    This should hopefully be the rest of the story of the reincarnated boy, Cameron from Scotland xx

  • Stanley

    Hello All,

    Accepting gifts has always been difficult for me. However, I think my past has much to do with that. Growing up, my mom always had this little book where if you asked for a loan or something, she would write it down to the penny. She would actually ask me the second I cashed by check “got my money yet?”. Then she would deduct what I gave her and made me sign it. So when people loaned me money in the past, I paid it back as swiftly as possible. So when family here loaned it, it really caught me off guard when no on wanted it back. I have just never experienced that like that before. Overall, I have been so greateful for all the support. If there is anything I can do to return the favor, just ask. You can count on me. 🙂


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