The Opiate Epidemic

We still have part of our house without power and some other things that need fixing, but one of our dear friends has 4-6 feet of water in his house and his cars are all totaled. No flood insurance, either. So many people are hurting right now in Houston and the surrounding areas because the flooding is pretty much of biblical proportions. I’ve never seen anything like it. In fact, The Weather Channel had to create a new color for the amount of precipitation that fell on Houston. If you want to give a small donation for the disaster relief efforts, please click HERE. My heart was warmed to see so many volunteers using their own personal boats and risking their own lives to save people from their submerging cars and rooftops. Why does it usually take a disaster to bring out the best in people? If we could only adopt that mindset 24/7.

I’d like to give my condolences to the family and friends of Louise Hays who passed recently. For those of you who don’t know here, she was a pioneer in spiritual matters, especially the spiritual aspect of diseases. 

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Enjoy this session on the opiate epidemic, transcription courtesy of A.G. As promised, for those of you who prefer watching the video, I placed it at the end of the post.

Emma: Hellooo!

Elisa: Hello, how are you doing?

Emma: I am doing good how are you?

Elisa: Excellent, Rudy decided, oh god, we better to leave at 10:30 , so we need to get it down but hello Emanuelle McIntosh medium extraordinaire and hi Erik how are you and I love you!

Erik: Hi Mama; I love you too!

Elisa. Were going start out this session today talking about the opiate epidemic. It’s all over New Hampshire. I mean there are like 93 people a day dying a day from heroin, Fentanyl from whatever other opiate. Why Erik?

Erik: Why is there are so many deaths? Why are there are so many casualties from these opiates? There’s a lot of different reasons. If you just look at the products themselves. The biggest one that’s circulating right now and that is very popular and very deadly is Fentanyl.

Elisa: Oh ya, Fentanyl. That it’s so true Erik! It’s so bad for you. It has a small edge where you take a little bit too much and -Boom!- your dead.

Emma: A lot of the drug cartel been replacing heroin with this one, because it’s a lot more powerful than heroin. They can ship in smaller amounts which it is easier to smuggle in and can get the same amount of money from it. It is not only cheaper for them to purchase and make it as well. It’s also easier to ship in.

Emma: There replacing heroin or any substance of that matter with this Fentanyl. Am I saying this right..I had no idea.

Elisa You’re doing good.

Emma: I didn’t know about this crisis, this is all very new to me I had no idea.

Elisa: Well I mean maybe it’s not so bad in Europe– I don’t know.

Emma: I haven’t heard from it over here, but it might be I don’t know. I usually don’t know watch the news.

Elisa: Yeah, that’s good.

Erik: There’s two main reasons why these addictions gone into enormous proportion and why the death rate, like you said mom, is very fragile. If it’s not cut right and there a little too much of it in there it’s deadly right away. It’s a very dangerous drug, they mix it with heroin as well. So just a little too much of one thing or off over here can basically result in death.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: It’s pretty bad that we have to say heroin is the safer way to go. But what can we do? This fucking world going upside down and that’s what it is.

Erik: Two fucking great reasons why this is so enormous well first of well a lot of opiates are prescribed drugs from doctors. What happens is, let’s just call it the increase is to blame to the carelessness of doctors prescribing these prescriptions opiates or drugs like Oxytocin and Hydrocodone and are all apart of opiate family. So why do they prescribe them? Well they’re painkillers so they prescribe it to dull people’s pain but they also boost people dopamine, so they really give people a high experience. ( Emma raises hand up higher)

Erik: The thing is people, let’s just say doctors nowadays we want to treat everything with a pill. We try to treat everything with a pill.

Elisa: There’s pressure to give a patient their money worth, not walk out empty-handed.

Erik: Ya right, were not allowed to have anymore pain, were not allowed to feel basically. Because people don’t understand pain makes you feel alive and pain makes you sense that “hey something’s wrong.” It just an indication that it is either something mentally wrong, spiritually away from something, or there is physically something wrong. So, either way pain is a positive thing. it’ll help you realize ‘uh-oh” something wrong and something not up. What is it? Then you really have to go inside and search for it.

Erik: But what do we do? We don’t like pain. instead of listening to our body we try to ignore and we numb it out. Because of these doctors, it’s just easier for them when people are not in pain. So, they’re easier dealt with, there you go. The problem is that people bodies start to rely on these drugs to deal with any kind of pain.

Emma: He’s going showing me how it kind of works in the body. So, he is kind of saying your body builds up a tolerance. The more you use it, the larger of the dose you’re going to need to get the same effects. So people become dependent on it. Your body naturally create opiates that will be released when you hurt yourself, but if you are constantly taking these painkillers he says then your body stop this natural production.

Elisa: Endorphins.

Erik: The body doesn’t know how to produce anymore because you replaced it with it these pills. Your body will rely on these drugs to produce the dopamine as soon you want to stop and say “I’m done”. Your body goes in withdrawal and your body doesn’t know how to function anymore and the smallest pain feels like torture. So, people continue to take them and they take higher doses and higher doses.

Erik: Not everyone who dies of opiates started out as a drug user or as heroin user.

Elisa: It could’ve been a back injury at work and all of sudden hooked on Oxytocin.

Erik: That’s the increase, there are people in pain and people in chronic pain or people in surgery for six months they become addicted to it and they get into state a mind and can’t live without it anymore, so it’s really hard for them cut it out of their lives. So, you see regular husbands, wives and mothers who become addicted to it and it eventually pushes away from their normal existence because they need more and more. The doctor will eventually say hey we need bring it down and they say “No no I need this”. So, they go to the streets and need a replacement and that’s when get in touch with that deadly Fentanyl that you see on the streets.

Elisa: Is there another time of analgesic, a pain medication that is effective enough that you’re not suffering, but it doesn’t completely numb the communication with your body with you that something is wrong and is not dangerous or addictive?

Emma: Well yeah, he’s going like this (smoking marijuana gesture.)

Elisa: Oh okay!

Erik: Believe It not that’s one of safest one that completely naturally- based and your body doesn’t become addicted to it.

Erik: We sometimes may become addicted to the nice feeling it give us. But the physically body will not crave it and that makes it safe because you can quit any time of the day and say “I’m done” and your body won’t suffer from it and you won’t have withdrawal effects. That’s why it should be legalized.

Elisa: So what’s another option since it’s not legal in all states?

Erik: Well I think we need to all step in and help each other out. I know this is going to sound fucking crazy and fucking wacko. We need to build centers where people who are addicted where people who need their dosage can get help in a safe controlled environment, where they can get the Fentanyl that’s cut the way should be so there is no overdose. They can keep an eye on them while they are in their high so if something happens these people will get the care and they need and at the same time guide them and help them to lower and fight the addiction they can give them the “spiritual healing.” (gestures “Your healed”)

Emma: He’s all of a sudden a priest and got little thing and black thing and saying “Jesus.”

Elisa: That’s funny!

Erik: In order for addicts to really overcome this you have to understand they get to a point they know that they need help and they know they can’t do it alone. A lot of the time, those people have been rejected by family and we don’t want to hear anymore because family starts to give up they start not to tolerate it anymore. In order for addicts to really recover from this addiction its important they explore their own spiritual condition and start align with idea if they want to recover from this disabilitating self.

Emma: Is that even a word disabilitating?

Elisa: Disabling.

Emma: Is he making words up?

Elisa: He makes up words all the time!

Erik: In order get from this devastating state ( Emma: I am using my word) they need to connect with something bigger then themselves and connecting to source and connecting to the idea something bigger out there. They connect to the idea they’re not alone in this journey, they’re not alone in this struggle, and it’s really going to give them a sense of, “Okay, we can do this.” It will give them a sense of control over themselves and purpose.

Erik: By connecting with source or God or some people really go religious and that’s fine by connecting with something that bigger than themselves. They’ll also feel included, when your mind accepts the idea that there is something out there helping you that you’re not alone then you’re sending that energetic vibration out to the universe and the universe will make sure you’re not alone that you are being surrounded by people. And people will be sent to them and will be drawn to this addict who basically saying I’m not alone so he will create that reality and people will show up and give him help, pick him up, try to guide him and give him solutions and so on.

Erik: By doing that he will see that there is something bigger out there than me and I am also surrounded by human being who care about me. You get surrounded by love and compassion it really raises your frequency, it really lifts you up and yes sometimes every now and then they’ll have a set back when something goes wrong, but as long as we don’t give up on them and give them that support and love that will help them overcome that. They’re going see their lives and what they went through they will start helping others or become volunteer themselves or teachers, or guiding people or become the guides that other people need because they know its possible to overcome it and it almost impossible to overcome addiction on your own without any sense of self or any connection to spiritual source.

Elisa: You got understand that your part of collective how do they connect to source?

Erik: It’s a decision that they have to make. A lot of people sometimes need that darkness that they’re in that really low dense frequency in order start realizing how vulnerable how they really are, in order to realize how fragile they really are. I know this sounds a little bit weird but from that they have the illusion they are separate from everything right they have the illusion they are separated from source. From that illusion it kinds create a wound inside of them, they feel wounded, they feel hurt they feel lost they don’t know how to overcome this. From this wound usually comes a sense there’s got to be more than this. When people get to their lowest lows is when sometimes they can make the bravest decision, “this needs to change or I’m going to die”. A lot of them really do and they start looking for help and first thing they do is going to a church and pray. We pray and were sending that energy, were sending out manifestations, we need help we need connection.

Elisa: I am going ask segue to that one, but before I forget this one besides pot since that’s illegal in a lot states what did you say is another natural substance people can take for pain? Like crystals or whatever?

Erik: Well crystals can be very powerful when it comes to overcoming addiction, but it requires one requirement and that’s one that really hard to find in an addict. They need to 100% believe the stone is going help them out and because of their state of mind it can be really hard to do. I don’t think that will be a good one to do.

Emma: However, he is showing me something that looks like a flower but it’s not known in the western field. it will come out in next couple years. It doesn’t have a name.

Erik: It’s being used by tribes locally but it’s a very powerful and used as a sedative. It’s completely natural and can’t do any harm to the body. The sedatives used in surgery have risks but the western world has not come in contact with it, yet. But in next five years they will; there’s a great search going on and not a lot of people know this with scientists who are looking for different pain medications, more natural ways dealing with illness and diseases.

Emma: When it come weaning off it he describing what you use that neuro–

Elisa: Oh, Low-dose naltrexone. To give people a background, naltrexone is an opiate blocker and the tablets are like 50 milligram, but if you take 4.5 milligrams at night and it doesn’t last in the body very long since its such a small amount. When it gets out of the body, the body responds by tripling its endorphins release during the night. It really helps with a lot pain and endorphin receptors are in almost every cell and its responsible for pain, autoimmune disease, cancer, heart disease anything with an inflammatory base. So, I thought well it be cool, of course they have to be off the opiates or it would make you withdraw.

Emma: It’s almost like a transition.

Elisa: Are some of these people suffering from endorphin deficiency? Not dopamine or serotonin or other neurotransmitters?

Erik: There’s a lot of people suffering from that at this moment and usually medicine don’t pick up on it and have no idea that’s what the problem is.

Elisa: It’s really hard to test.

Erik: People constantly in pain all the time, it fluctuates through the body and they can’t find out what’s wrong so they numb and sedate them.

Elisa: That’s a shame.

Erik: We have a long way to go in understanding the brain, there still a lot of things that we need to discover.

Elisa: Oh yeah, we have a long way to go. It’s so cheap too with one 50 milligrams capsule you can make 50 cc of distilled water in it and dissolve it and take a syringe and put in your mouth 4.5 cc it will cost less than penny a day compare to these big drugs the ones used for autoimmunity like Methotrexate, Consentrix, and steroids that’s so toxic!

Erik: Mom and that’s the fucked up thing about our society. The cheaper the shit it is the better it works, but no, they rather they give you the shit that doesn’t work and cost millions.

Elisa: That’s because they can they make money off it they can’t make money off something for cheap.

Erik: Exactly that’s why people really need to stand ground and say you know what no were done with this were going for herbs and for this, and I don’t care if you say it doesn’t work. If you believe it works I can guarantee that it works.

Erik: How do you think people did it olden days? They didn’t have pharmaceuticals, taking pills. They used nature why do you think nature is there to provide us everything we need. All we need to do is look, use it, test it, try it in different combinations.

Erik: If we can do that we can block companies making billions off of you staying sick. That’s what they want, the longer you stay sick the more money they make off of you. It’s up to us to say enough is enough I am not longer doing this and I am not longer doing that. I am going find my own way.

Elisa. Talk to your doctor people if you have any of these ailments go to Pharmaceutical company are not going send pharmaceutical reps to educate doctors about this. A lot of the doctors if you try to bring it up they not going to know anything about it, forget it.

Elisa: There is this one guy, I told him about it, he has terrible Ankylosing Spondylitis which is a severe autoimmune disease and makes your spine rigid and it involves a lot of pain. He asked his doctor to put him LDN because I told him about it and he did the research. The doctor laughed him off and well he got it online anyways and now is he for the first time in years and years, he is off the masses of doses of Corticosteroids and very toxic Methotrexate. He is able to work a full day instead of a half a day, it’s been miraculous so you have to fight people you have to fight for it.

Elisa: So there is something called Autoimmune Endorphin Deficiency and I betcha some of these people that are self medicating on heroin, Fentanyl, or other opiates because they are suffering from this and regular antidepressants are not going to work against that. I want to go on before we close. How do we stop the flow of the stuff into our country?

Erik: Here’s another fucked up thing that’s going to make everyone go “Whaaaaat”. Make it legal!

(Elisa grimaces.)

Erik: Take away the power of the drug the trading, the drug smuggling take away the power of the mafia. Make it legal but also attach some rules on it It’s only allowed for certain people over a certain age, it’s only allowed to be used in controlled environments. Try to make it to accessible to everyone who needs it but make it in a safe place. Do not judge and try to help whoever is addicted to it whoever does need these substances and try to see the root cause of their addiction. The root cause of an addiction never really starts with the addiction it starts with the human condition before this addiction ever happened. We need to learn to listen to these people, what is the root cause? what started all of this? Really treat them with hypnosis. Hypnosis is something that does work for people who are addicted. They already do it for when you want get rid of smoking. Why not try it on drugs? Why not implant that seed in the mind?

Elisa: Even past-life regression if their pain is due to an injury from another life from the past or future.

Erik: Exactly! Addictions really have so many individual starting points. It could be from a past life experience, a trauma as a child or an accident, they’re in pain it could be from a mental or physical illness. There are so many sources to addiction, but everyone says you’re an addict -Boom!- you just go straight over, walk the line and your “bad”! That’s not how it works people! We have to be more compassionate. These are people who are in trouble, who are in need of help, and who are seeking help but are afraid to ask or they don’t want to be judge or they want to be left alone. If we can make it legal we can control a little bit more of who brings it in, where is it being given and these people can have a safe place to do it at where they can also receive the help, compassion, love and the feeling of “Hey you’re not alone! We can do this” where they can get counseling and any kind of help that they need. That’s how you do it. Take away the money inflow that comes from this. This is a multi-billionaire thing, right! So cut the money source, make it legal and your going to see that.

Erik: Making it legal reduces the number of usage because it wouldn’t be so “cool” anymore. A lot of kids start on drugs they start on weed or start on something else and then they move on because it’s cool and they want to be part of the “gang” . Peer pressure is one of the big sources for addiction, unfortunately. So, take away the coolness, it’s not cool, it’s medicine. If you look at it from a neutral perspective they are self medicating themselves because they are not feeling good. There is either pain, mental pain or they are too far removed from source or from their spiritual self. So, either way they are medicating themselves. So, start seeing it as medicine you take away the “coolness” and take all the money involved in drug dealing and all of that stuff and I can guarantee you the addiction rate will drop immensely.

Elisa: It will be legal for certain people and under certain circumstances. There will be a black market for those who don’t qualify.

Erik: No, If kids really want to try this and they’ll have to wait until they’re 18 like when they have to wait to drink a beer, same thing you know? They might sneak some here and there but it won’t be a multi-millionaire business.

Elisa: Anything else you want to talk about this horrible epidemic before we close? I think I asked all my questions.

Erik: Stop looking at it as a horrible epidemic. Start Seeing it as a cry of help from the human race. There’s something severely wrong we feel so distant from everything and so connected from everything. The medicine we’re using today is not helping us with the needs of the physical body. Not only do we need evolve mentally but medicine needs to adjust to the new diseases that haven’t even been discovered yet. So, lets all stick together and lets pop the lid off the shit making billions of dollars off people getting sick. Let’s make a pact, lets say that’s it were done were going to look for our own things and were only going to invest in homeopathic methods or only buy homeopathic remedies. Pills do more damage than they do good. If we reduce the sales of that if we stop buying it they will say, “Oh crap!” The homeopathic stuff is going up so they’re going to have to change their business perception and look for new things in nature. So, lets help them in that! They don’t see it right now, but if we can help them in that and really focus on those methods they won’t have a choice because the people eventually decide what happen not a few big-ass companies.

Elisa: There is a very unusual surge in opiate use, this epidemic, is there a spiritual contract behind that?

Erik: When it comes human consciousness and when it comes to the planet we are in a shift that started a few years ago. It creates changes within people and what it’s going to show all the things were not doing so well in and kind of highlight the flaws of the human race in some shape or form. That’s what were seeing with this opiate addiction crisis is highlighting that were not good within ourselves and that we need guidance, we need enlightenment, we need source, we need to reconnect to ourselves. We’ve been guided for years and years to follow the outer energies, the energies that are surrounding us, but that’s not good for us we need to follow our inner guide system, the inner self, the high self, our intuition, that’s our inner guide system. This is showing, hey people, we need to start looking differently at the world and we need to start looking differently at ourselves. So, it’s creating more awareness that human beings are not doing so well spiritually, mentally and physically. It’s creating awareness of compassion and unconditional love because were going to need to help each other if we want to get through this. It’s also highlighting something is wrong with society, there’s something wrong with how doctors are freely prescribing all the medications we need and that’s what it’s highlighting. That’s the purpose of why this is going on this is to open people’s eyes unfortunately it comes with a lot of suffering especially from parents, from family members and friends, and it comes with a lot of suffering. If we can see this as a cry for help this is basically the human beings cry for help. We need to change our perspective of our thoughts and of the world, that’s what it is.

Elisa. Sounds great! Thanks, Erik. I love you!

Erik blows kisses.

The Less Romantic Side of Heroin

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