The Physics of Death

Update on the low dose naltrexone: I’ve been on the target dose of 4.5 mg now for several days and feel so content, calm and am sleeping well. I find it hard to muster up any negative emotions. So, I’m sticking with it. If you broach your doctor about it, please print out research for him or her because they probably don’t know anything about it and will object before considering. It’s so cheap that pharmaceutical companies can’t make money on it so they don’t send out their reps to educate doctors about it.

I recommend it for anyone with a disease rooted in inflammation which includes autoimmune diseases, heart disease, cancer and even depression and addiction. You can check out what it works for at

In reading various forums, there are probably just as many protocols as there are patients taking LDN but here’s what I did: I took 2 mg the first night and had no side effects. (The most common one is sleeplessness for the first week only.) Then I raised the dose every night (as long as there were no ill effects) until I got to the target dose, 4.5 mg. It’s important to take it between 9 and 11 PM because our natural endorphins are released around 2-3 AM and that’s when the LDN is out of the system. It’s also important to be careful taking it with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis because you might have to reduce your thyroid supplement. You can’t take it if you have an organ transplant or if you’re on opiates. In any case, always check with your healthcare provider. Also, although tolerance is rare, they suggest you take a one week vacation every 2-3 months. 

Your doctor can give you a prescription to make LDN at a compounding pharmacy, but it’s important that they make it immediate release. Personally, I just got a prescription for Naltrexone 50 mg. You’ll have to get this from your doctor. I cut it into halves so it would dissolve quickly, put it in an amber jar with 50 ml of distilled water and put it in the refrigerator. After a couple of hours, it will have dissolved. By the way, I bought a cheap graduated cylinder on Amazon (along with the amber jar and a medicine syringe) to make sure I measured the correct amount of distilled water. I use the medicine syringe to draw up the appropriate dose. 

In a compounding pharmacy, you’ll pay between $50-60 a month for the pills. If you make your own, it cost less than a penny a day. The only drawback is the liquid is a bit bitter, but you almost look forward to the bitterness because you know it’s the taste of feeling better. 

If you guys try it out (under the supervision of your healthcare provider,) please let us know how it works. It doesn’t work for everything, but the risks are so small that it’s worth a shot. 

On a side note, my acquaintance who was addicted to opiates, including heroin, no longer is. Again, he says he feels normal for the first time in his life. He, like most who self-medicate with opiates, has a deficiency in endorphins. Endorphins are crucial for the immune system, for brain chemistry and for fighting inflammation. It’s the root of so much physiology in the body that it’s no wonder it helps so many conditions. 

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Enjoy today’s post!

Me: Energetically, what happens at the time of death? Does something happen to the wave pattern or the frequency of our energy? Does our energy pass into a white hole? What happens from sort of a physics perspective?


Jamie (to herself): From the physics perspective.

Erik: Well, um—

Me: In simple terms. You don’t have to get elaborate, cuz you might not even know, and we might not even understand it if you do, but what happens energetically at death?

Jamie: The visual that comes with it is that he’s showing me a body that’s just recently deceased, and the energy is separating from the matter.

Erik: The energy is separating from the matter it created.

Jamie: The way that I see it in my head is kind of on a cell level, and there are these sparks—it almost looks like when you rub your feet on the carpet, and then you tap someone and zap!

Me: Mm hm. Okay. The sparks are on each cell? Coming from each cell?

Jamie: Yes. Spuck, spuck, spuck, spuck. So that the energy can escape the matter that it created, and this is how the matter is left behind. There’s not like this spontaneous, mass exodus of, um, like—

Erik (to Jamie): What are you doing?

Jamie (to Erik): I have no idea! I’m just trying to watch! I don’t know, but I feel like extremely handicapped today when you’re showing me images and talking!

Jamie (to me): What he’s saying is, um, he’s almost posing a question. If the energy leaves the body, if the soul leaves the body, why doesn’t the body just completely disappear?

Me: Oh my god! Yeah!

Jamie: Right? Because it was the energy of the soul—

Erik: Well that’s the difference! That’s what I’m trying to tell you. There’s this kind of spark, this kind of separation, and the energy that created the body, created the cells, created the muscles, created the bones, is leaving it behind. That’s the whole idea of the death—it no longer wants the body that it had manually created put together and thrived in. That’s why it becomes a shell.

Me: Ah, molting!

Erik: Because when it’s alive, it’s very much connected on every level.

Me: Okay.

Erik: That’s pretty much the first thing that takes place. Instant separation. Pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! I think here’s where lies the answer of spontaneous combustion. It’s those people whose energy couldn’t leave its material makings behind, so it created sparks so violent and so strong that it actually—POW! —Went into flames. These are people that have trouble letting go of everything. Even the body.

Me: Interesting.

Erik: After this, the energy collects. This is the soul energy. And when the soul energy is able to completely separate from the body, it’s able to be identified as spirit. And it still uses the memories and the collection of characteristics that it created throughout that lifetime to journey itself back Home. So, if it believes in the tunnel, if it believes in the spirit, the demons or whatever, that’s what it has to go through until it gets Home. It’s self-powered until it arrives Home, and than it can be delivered a certain kind of truth.

Me: What do you mean by, “delivered a certain kind of truth”?

Erik: It would be a truth that would match that spirit’s understanding. In other words, when the soul arrives, it’s still so connected to human understanding that we have to pose concepts in a certain way so that it can be understood. But then, once the spirit comprehends where it is and has a broader acceptance of knowledge, then we can feed deeper truths, broader truths, and concepts that are larger than the body itself. That’s why we keep saying that when you die, you just don’t get the keys to the city. You just don’t instantaneously know everything, but that speed does depend on your willingness. Your free will. In terms of earthly time, it takes some people years; it takes some people 3 minutes. So, there’s no right or wrong here.

Me: When you say, “We can feed deeper truths,” who are “we”?

Erik: We are, I’m just trying to say in general, the guides that show up and help. So, it’d be that person’s personal guides or angels, or if there was a spiritual counselor that was dedicated to that person, then that’s who would show up. It might be deceased family members.

Me: Okay.

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  • Elisa, regarding LDN, I had an appt. on Monday with the head of the family practice in my town. He had never heard of LDN, but said he’d be willing to let me try it after he spoke to his rheumatology guys. I explained your dosing procedure and the cost benefit of that vs. a compounding Rx. I have yet to hear back from him, but I will badger him until I can try LDN. Everything you say about autoimmune aspects pertain to me, and I suspect I will benefit greatly from this protocol.

    Will keep you posted when I start treatment. Can’t wait!

    • Paulette Roberts

      Will also be interested in what you hear Delving Eye, I want to have it to for inflammation but don’t know how to approach doctor

      • Will do, Paulette! I’ll bookmark this post, so look for my response here as an UPDATE.

      • Come to the office with printed out research

    • 403LEC

      I am going to ask my doctor about LDN as well.

    • Great!

  • T Diaz

    This is just wild. I was at a grief group today that’s running for a few weeks. One topic discussed was the physics of death, and then I come home to this blog repost entitled “The Physics of Death!” I’ll bet Erik was smiling about that “coincidence.” Things that make ya go wow 🙂 Also, Elisa, I mentioned CE at the group, as one of the participants is a mom whose 19yo son suicided last year. I was so happy to be able to offer her another resource for managing her grief. xoxo

  • Judith F.

    Elisa, in addition to chronic fatigue syndrome, I’ve had fibromyalgia for many years; I’m 72. My most challenging symptoms are severe pain and headaches. LDN is well known in both communities with these chronic illnesses. I live in NY and am on Medicare, and my budget doesn’t allow me to pay out-of-pocket. I have long wanted to try LDN, and I did ask my rheumatologist quite awhile back and spoke about the results of use in fibromyalgia, since that’s what she treats me for. She adamantly refused, saying she’s found no supporting evidence for prescribing it to her patients. Your information and updates on your usage has re-motivated me to find out if I might locate a physician who would just prescribe it for me, and like you, I could mix up the liquid form as you’ve explained here. I’m really happy you’ve experienced such excellent results for yourself!

    Erik’s explanation of the Physics of Death is easily understandable and eloquent. I also feel a deep sense of joy that I’ve been given the gift of becoming spiritual the last few years, and open to learning about much of the aspects of life, death and the afterlife, so maybe I’ll have an opportunity to “speed up” my arrival “Home” after death; maybe minutes instead of years. I’ll find out!

    • Find another doctor. You can get a prescription for 50 mg of Naltrexone and make your own LDN for a penny or less a day. Maybe you can get it from Canada. Or take the research to your doctor. It’s so safe she should at least let you try it.

  • Sue M

    Hi Elisa –

    Your discussion of LDN fits in with what I have been doing over the past few years with herbs and natural substances. I have found that two natural substances are great at allowing the body to reduce inflammation – vitamin D and sulfur. Sulfur is necessary for the body to make glutathione, our main detoxifier. By assisting the body to detoxify, inflammation decreases. I use a cream that contains organic sulfur – MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), and rub it on the inside of my arms twice a day. My 90 yo parents also use it and have noticed improvements in their health. Sulfur is needed to make collagen, and it is also important for the immune system. So this one cream benefits the body in many ways.

    My source for vitamin D is lanolin! Yes, the oily substance that people used to use to keep their skin soft. I started using lanolin after I read that the vitamin D 3 pills we buy are obtained from lanolin. It is less expensive to buy pure lanolin and apply it to the skin instead of buying pills. I rub lanolin on the arches of my feet at night (then put on socks as it is a bit “oily”) and allow my body to absorb it as I sleep. It works extremely well. And pure lanolin also contains vitamin K2 which helps the body absorb other minerals besides calcium to strengthen bones and teeth.

    Both these substances can be purchased at many drug stores or online. They are around $10 each and a container will last months.

    To help balance out neurotransmitters, Lemon Balm and St. John’s wort work well. Both plants help boost the inhibitory neurotransmitters which help calm people (and animals) down. I add St. John’s Wort in liquid form to my pets’ water and it calms them down. Lemon balm can be taken internally as a capsule. Both can be found online or in many stores.

    I offer this information for educational purposes for anyone who is interested as I am not an M.D.

    Thanks for all you do for us!

  • Nancy Antia

    Dear Elisa, I printed everything you said about LDN and gave it yesterday to my psychiatrist. He was truly very interested and thanked me many times. He said they usually use it for alcoholism cases and apparently didn’t know about the rest. He said he was going to read everything about it and evaluate it. I’m seeing a psichiatrist because I’ve been feeling sad and in very low spirits for quite a long time and became afraid of developing depression. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto two or three years ago so I’m not sure if they’re going to give this drug to me. I’m still not too sure I have Hashimoto. I’ll check it with further studies if there are any (: I wanted to thank you for posting such a clear note about this drug. You keep helping us in more than one way.

    • Yes, the full dose Naltrexone is used for alcoholism and other addictions, but it doesn’t increase endorphins like LDN does. It’s almost like they’re two different medicines with two different effects.

      • Nancy Antia

        Thank you, Elisa. I will tell him this. Very important!

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