The Spiritual Contracts of Animals

Me: Let’s talk about animals. Are they able to make pre-birth contracts to be victims of abuse, or are they just extensions of the abuser’s energy and they just go along for the ride? In other words, do they have contracts?

Erik: Hell, yeah. Every living force on Earth creates a conscious effort to leave the dimensional plane that they’re in and come here.

Me: Why do animals have contracts? Is it for their own personal growth or is it purely to teach us?

Erik: Let’s take the word, “animal” out of it, Mom, and let’s so life force.

Me: Yes. Life forces.

Erik: So, why do life forces have contracts?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Cuz I think if you make it broader, people can see themselves as part of that answer. It makes it more human and people understand what’s alike to them. Really, that life force in an animal is human. The life force in a plant or an insect or a worm or whatever—that’s human.

(I guess he means a life force is a life force.)

Erik: They still have subcultures and societies and relationships to like minds, to enemies, to self, to weather. They’re having the same experience. They have the use of language and communities. Each of these subcultures, animal life as a dog, wild or domestic, animal life as a horse—these subcultures provide different levels of lessons. Like, you really want to learn compassion and loyalty? Be a dog, a domesticated dog. It’s superb how the personality of that subculture of the dog yearns to, enjoys and loves being part of a pack, being part of a family. Those are natural instincts. And giving attention over to the lead dog of the pack—the level of emotions and focus that’s required for that—it’s something you can’t truly obtain if you’re choosing to be human all the time.

Me: So, they are here to learn some things, not just act as teaching tools?

Erik: Yeah. All life forces do.

Me: So, it’s God, you know, as in the Conversations with God book by Neale Donald Walsh, um, that God is just manifesting parts of Itself as life forces and creating different lives to experience itself?

Erik: Yes!

Me: Okay. And they’re all part of the collective that is God Source. Everything is God.

Erik: Yes.

Me: All right.


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