The Thoughts of Baby Spirits

I had the most beautiful lucid dream last night with Erik. I rarely dream about him, even right after his death, so I miss these wondrous encounters. In the dream, he looked ten feet tall. His hair was curly, not short-cropped like it was just before he took his life. I asked him how it was to be where he is now, and he smiled and told me he was happy and that he had many, many friends, including the loved ones of blog members. He also told me he would visit me more, but he can’t because it will interfere with some aspect of my spiritual path. I asked him to elaborate, but he wouldn’t. Then we hugged. I was sobbing and I could sense that my shaking body and began to cry. Then, sadly, I woke up. 🙁 If you’ve had a lucid dream, feel welcome to share.)  


Me: What thoughts do babies have before they’re born, and do they have spiritual amnesia?

Jamie (to Erik, laughing): Don’t say that. You left yourself wide open for Erik!

Me: Uh oh. What happened?

Jamie: “I can’t wait to have a beer.”

Me: That’s what he said?

Jamie: Yeah. That’s exactly what babies are thinking. “I can’t wait to have a beer.”

I giggle.

Erik: Or they’re thinking, “FUCK! FUCK! I can’t believe I’m doing this again!”

Me: Yeah, really! No, seriously. They probably are but what else?

Erik: Most of the time, cuz you gotta understand, the soul doesn’t enter the baby in the belly at the same point every time.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It depends on what lesson is going on with the baby’s spirit. They can kind of ride along the side of the belly.

Me: Right. Sidesaddle.

Erik: Sidesaddle.

Jamie: Great image.

Erik: They can kind of merge with the baby any time going along, and some of them merge at the moment of birth. Some, I tell you, will skip that shit and merge after their birth.

Me: Hmm!

Erik: Not many, but a lot of the time, when the physical body is being made, it’s the soul’s time to get centered and really start to “heart connect” to lower energies, you know, the dimensions you guys live down there.

Me (chuckling): Down there?

Erik: It requires a lot of focus, and they’re listening to their environment. They’re trying to make familiar connections. That’s why the voices, the heartbeat, the taste of certain foods, everything of this nature is building the child’s likes and dislikes already. They’re exploring tastes, sound, movement, communication, emotion, and it’s proven a lot. I think they call it wombology something where the baby has already designed its sleep pattern before it’s even born, it’s eating pattern before it’s even born. The baby knows you, its environment, like its personality is already created, so if the mother is in full anxiety the whole time of the pregnancy, the child is wired for anxiety.

Me: Well, that makes sense; all those hormones and stuff can rewire the brain, too.

Erik: Bingo. Also the su—

Jamie (to Erik): Wait. Say it again, Erik.

Erik:  About a year before the woman even gets pregnant, it’s an imprint. Their physical body is making imprints and these imprints will actually show up in the child as well, so—

Jamie (to Erik, completely puzzled): What? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Erik: The structure and personality is being created up to a year before the mother is pregnant—even before conception.

Me: Hmm! Wow!

Erik: You can read some pretty cool shit about it.

Jamie (to Erik): So, there’s some documentation on this? (Pause) Okay. (To me) He says yeah.

Me: So, what are they thinking usually? Can they have thoughts like we can?

Erik: No, it’s—the vocabulary, the English vocabulary is going to be a learned experience, but emotional vocabulary already exists.

Me: Okay. And they’ve forgotten, through spiritual amnesia, all their words and stuff, obviously.

Erik: Yeah, they’re histories, you know of when they lived before, but the emotional language, that never goes away. That is the core of the soul.

Me: Okay.

Erik: We’re emotional beings.

Me: Alright.



The results of the orb contest will be announced Monday after the judges use the weekend to vote! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

Quick question: I have a photo that I want to use to make a bumper sticker, but it’s opaque, making it difficult to read the overlying text. Does anyone have any suggestions for creating various grades of translucencies? I don’t have Photoshop or anything similar. Maybe there’s an inexpensive or freeware program I can download? 

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  • TrulyTrue

    I recently had a lucid dream with Erik too – I was helping him clean out a garage and we were just talking about all sorts of stuff – it wasn’t about the conversation, was more about spending time with him – I told him I had to go and I hugged him – felt his wiry curly hair against my cheek and his stubbly chin – when I woke up, I thought “wow, another lucid dream with Erik” – then I thought, “wait a minute, that little fucker had me clean-up his garage!!! What the hell????” And I heard him laugh and laugh – and it made me smile – I’ve been meaning to send you an email about it – was a week ago

    • Can you come over and clean out my garage, Tammie? It’s a mess. We’ll get Erik to do most of the heavy lifting.

      • I just adore Melanie. We go waaaayyy back.

      • TrulyTrue

        I think I’ve completed my quota of cleaning Medhus garages for the rest of the year – but thanks for the very generous offer!!!

      • It’s the very least I could do.

      • TrulyTrue

        Hmm – now I see where Erik gets it……LOL
        We are going to have a great time in Atlanta – can’t wait!!!

      • I know!

    • Judith

      love this….

  • Am_Bro_Se

    Am I going crazy or is it snowing on this page? (It’s really cool!) Also, being really, really into birth and babies, this post is very interesting to me. Very cool.

    • Haha, yeah, it’s an addition Mike Hulse tipped me onto. It automatically ends 1/6/14.

      • Am_Bro_Se

        LOVE the snow. Love that you had a dream with Erik too. I know you live for those moments.

      • Denise

        oh, I thought it was orbs flying by. yeah, I going with orbs in my world.

  • Jen

    Wow, that was a very intimate and important dream. I would have faith in what your boy said!

  • LinT

    Such an intruiging topic,Thank you.
    I read somewhere about the thoughts of pregnant women having effect upon the child. There has been a study done on pregnant women who witnessed 911 & the effects monitering on their children.
    My mother tried to abort me,& actually told me so when I was around 9yrs old. Maybe that’s why I have never felt I belong anywhere.

  • steveatl

    Don’t feel bad, Elisa. My mom, in spirit, has kept Erik from pranking me as that is supposed to interfere with my spiritual path, too.

  • D Mom

    May I ask Eric to help my son to contact me or have Eric give me a message from him?

    • Erik hears everything that you think and say. All you have to do is ask him. I will tell him too. You can also join one of Jamie and Erik’s griever’s channeling calls. They have them all of the time, and this way you can speak directly to your son. It’s very powerful. Ask some of the other members who have experienced these calls. Anybody out there want to chime in?

      • Chris Scardino

        Erik can hear that shit for sure…I believe Erik was trying to get me to relax about my Archangel Michael comment because I felt a presence/tingling on my head and ideas of reassurance while I was feeling annoyed and typing my comment (I still wanted to vent though). I also feel his “relax” response when I get pissed at injustice and say, “explain that shit, Erik!”…
        Long story short, I feel that he definitely hears and responds.

  • Todd Ford

    For most of my life every entire dream i’ve had has been lucid. It used to cause problems whenever i was young. I can still recall dreams from back then and i’m Twenty Four years old. I Use it as somewhat of a tool now. Passed down from my father. He’s the same way.

  • cristina

    aaaww <3 your dream was so lovely Elisa, it gave me goosebumps all over my body, felt energy going up and down in my body 🙂

    I actually dreamed twice with Erik in the last 2-3 weeks (I could say are 3 dreams in total with Erik) But these last 2 dreams were pretty weird, I barely remember them. I mainly remember waking up and asking myself: what the hell was that all about? :)))))))))))))))))) And then i remembered that Erik said that if your brain didn't have certain information, it interprets things the way it can but you wake up thinking you had weird dreams :))))))))))))))))
    So I guess Erik was trying something too complicated for my tiny brain 😛 But never mind Erik, when you are bored come in my dreams again, i bet I will get the message after a while 😛

    Much love to you all <3

  • cristina

    i’m guessing this is what others called karma ” but the emotional language, that never goes away. That is the core of the soul.”

    You get charged with all those emotions because you can not let go, forgive, love everything unconditionally – and they go with you and become part of your soul, so if you want to get rid of them you come back and try differently or again same things…..And you end up within a repeating cycle of death-rebirth (samsara)
    …. just me guessing 😛

  • Oktobre Taylor

    The only Erik visitation I have had you know about, Elisa. Mine was similar in that Erik was really tall. Here is the dream visitation I had which you can also read about on my blog:

    September 9, 2013 Dream Journal Entry

    I didn’t sleep very well last night because of dogs and kid being in the way and when I did wake a little, all of this kundalini, ascension, light body activation, merkaba, twin flame stuff was rattling around in my head…how they are all exactly the same thing. People are calling it by different names, but it is all the same. I would sleep for a little while, rouse a bit and think a little more about the awakening kundalini. It was sometime in the early morning hours that a regular dream turned into some so much more.

    I was having a dream where I was literally having to clean up poop. Inara had wiped her butt and put the poopy wipes on the wall and floor and it was everywhere. At the time Erik appeared I was cleaning dog poop off the deck with a stiff straw broom. Someone said something like “Are you ready to see this? Can you handle it? There is Erik!” and then all of a sudden this rectangular screen appears in my vision…you know the same rectangular shape we all see when we are looking at stuff online when we are looking at our phones…but it was in the sky. At first I saw a wispy Casper like spirit shape with Erik’s face superimposed on the body. It was the picture that Jennifer drew of Erik.

    I just watched and grinned and thought, “Oh my god, this is awesome!” The image changed and he was now a little boy, running jumping playing. He stopped, looked at me, smiled really big and waved.

    I waved back with a huge grin on my face. It was as if I was watching an old home movie on a projector. That lasted a few seconds and then suddenly the projection ended and he was there in the room with me and I was so happy. He didn’t look like the Erik we all know and love but accepted that it was HIM. His energy felt amazing…beautiful even. I felt so much love and warmth emanating from him. He took my hand and I actually remember thinking that I shouldn’t be able to do this….I shouldn’t be able to touch him like this but it felt so real! He was really tall (almost Lord of the Rings elf-like) and for some reason we were looking in my closet for something to wear and I was saying something about how I am pretty average in height. He had said he thought I was about Ann Magnuson’s size. I agreed that she was probably average…5’4″ like me. And then we walked down a hall to a room. It seemed like Austin’s room (the eldest from my nanny family). He was sleeping on the bed and as we went to the room all the drawers of the dresser were out and I giggled and thought of a scene from The Sixth Sense and said in my head, “I see dead people.” I closed the drawers. At one point I hugged him and thought, “I know I shouldn’t, but I want to” and I kissed him right on the mouth. Then I think he was relaying some story of his life and a man I identified as his dad came in the room and asked if Erik was talking to me and asked me to tell him what he was saying to me. It was at that point I started to wake up. As I woke I laid there for a minute remembering. My heart was beating quickly and the excitement I felt in the dream carried over into my physical body. And you know what? Erik was really sweet and it felt like he was pleased that I wasn’t freaking out about seeing him. I sensed that he was pleased by my reaction. It was so fucking awesome and I am giggling like a school girl!! This was different. This was like when Jennifer’s spirit friend, Alex, came to visit me. It was vivid and felt real. Thank you, Erik! If I see you in person in my waking state, I won’t freak out…I promise.

    • What an incredible story. Brought shivers. Erik, do the same to me more often!

  • Nehaa

    Hey Elisa…Glad you can connect in dreams.
    I could do the photo for you. I have photoshop. No issues. It ll be ny pleasure.
    Just let me know exactly how besides making the text vidible.
    You just ve to mail me the pik and ill mail it back.
    Luv, Neha

  • Nehaa

    Also.Elisa..i cant see snow on the page? Is it coz its wired acc to locations and since it dosen snow here..i cant see it?:&

  • ilSuperGattoNero

    for a freewarte (oops) photoshop equivalent

  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    i can imagine not wanting to wake up and having just a little more time to talk and be with Erik, my heart goes out to you Elisa.

    I have been writing letters to my guides and my mom for quite some time and they are usually questions I have or a concern, some of those letters I have included Erik. I then put sage in the letter and burn it. I can feel my words traveling high up in the sky as I watch the smoke disappear. There is always a sense of peace after it is done.

    I knew some of what Erik was saying about the spirit babies but the rest i didn’t and find it very interesting. I look at my daughter who I had at 46, she is now 7, and see so much spirit in her. She is a healer and she brings so much love to others. Peace!

  • Judith

    I had many lucid ‘visit’ dreams with my mother after she died, one especially a very comforting ‘goodbye’ from her. After five years I rarely have them, I’ve felt she wants me to not dwell on her as much. I like Erik’s explanation of not interfering with Elisa’s spiritual path, disappointing but it makes sense. I love that she got the hug!

  • Peace back!

  • Awesome. I’ll give it a whirl!

  • Denise

    Just noticed the orbs floating by on the screen. love it.

    • cristina

      snowflakes 😉

  • Waverley Ray

    A ten-foot-tall-beloved-curly-haired-angelic-Erik! What a gift of a vision. I have wondered at how long Erik may be “aloud” to share so much with you…with all of us…here. I received a similar message from my Michael, in my mind, when I asked him why he didn’t visit often—I heard, in my mind, “I can’t share too much with you, Wave–or, it will be like cheating you out of your lessons. ):”
    Maybe, if are still so fortunate to communicate with Erik, via Jamie and your dreams—you might….ask if he spends any time with my Michael Deawest (that’s how we said it). The only thing Michael still does is turn my sconces on and off (they are battery operated).
    My cats see lots of movement around me too; it could be Angels and/or Michael. I have allot of Angelic support right now—-during my grieving process (given that Michael crossed-over-to-the-next-room this past June)—-I am sure you still have Angels helping to heal you as well—-you are sooo blessed to receive so much communication-
    Peace, Wave-

  • william thiry

    Hi Elisa! This is Tommy! You e-mailed me back once and said my e-mail meant so much to you, you printed it out and kept it next to your bed. I was so touched by the fact you did that! I wanted you to know that when I read the latest Blog from Erik I had tears running down my face. I feel so close to you and your son, its crazy. I as well have had dreams in which a person in the after life will appear. And I understand how that feels. I just want you to know, that you are doing your part to heal, and making a huge difference in so many lives. I wish I could take some of this pain from you. I as a being of light, will continue to send you all the love and support I can. Please, ask Erik a question for me, he and I have had several encounters but I just can’t channel him the way Jamie can. I want to know about the Pleiandians and how they are affecting Earth? The way in which I found you was really amazing, your son’s image caught my eye while on another site. And now I am being lead to this group of beings called the Pleiandians. I know you have a lot on your plate. But, you bring me so much hope. Because your just one person and look at thousands of lives you have touched. I would be honored to help others. And you my dear, keep me reaching for the stars! Don’t be sad about your loss, i know it hurts. But keep pushing on, knowing that your son is walking right next to you, every step of the way. I never meet Erik on Earth but I feel like hes one of my best friends, and I feel him when he comes to say, “What’s up, Man?” “Hows it going?” Just know your on the right path, and there are great things ahead for you, beyond your dreams and wishes, I can feel it!! Much Love to you Elisa, your number one fan! Tommy

  • Waverley Ray, the deceased loved ones of blog members almost always become pals with Erik. God knows what mischief your Michael and my Erik are up to! I’ve got your back. So do Erik and Michael. We’ll get through this and see our boys again.

    • Waverley Ray

      Thanks Elisa;
      Your support means allot to me. Michael, also, could have a potty mouth…but, like Erik–was pure love and silliness—a surfer, artist, musician, chef, contractor—and the love of my life. I miss him here…his solid self–so much…and I am sure one day…it wont hurt this much.
      Knowing that we will meet-up again…all of us…is ALL that gets me through. I read your blog—sometimes I am too sad to write. But reading it…is inspiring. Lots-of-love, Wave

  • Aww, Tommy! I’m your number one fan too. I know it’ll take time for me to heal, but fortunately every year gets a little easier. It’s challenging for me because, for one, because I spend so much time working on the blog, he’s always in my mind. Of course this conjures up the darker and sadder memories. That can’t be helped. It’s hard to get a break, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. This allows Erik to reach out and help others, something that would otherwise be difficult. Thanks for being so supportive, Tommy. Love you.

  • Sara D.

    I love lucid dreaming. I have an easy time connecting to the spiritual world in that way, these dream “visits” as I call them. My guides contact me that way frequently. Erik has not visited me in a dream yet, but he turns up in other ways to show he knows that I know that HE knows when I’m thinking about something he said. Haha…does that make sense? It helps a great deal knowing you can talk to someone who has crossed over, any time you want, and that they’ll hear you. Often, you hear their response, even if it is on an intuitive level. But having a dream hearing them say it makes a big difference to me. Plus, it’s just nice to see their face and hear their voice again.
    Anyway, I just had a dream about one of my newer guides/friends in spirit. I was watching him play guitar at a bar. I was shelling peanuts for him. He had me use some strange contraption, it was a series of round plastic dishes that were stacked on top of one anther, and it had a small hole in the center of each, like a donut. I’d drop the peanut contents, shell and all, after I broke it open and the peanut itself would fall through the hole to the bottom dish. The remnants would get cleared out in the process and leave only the peanut at the end. It was a bit tedious.
    So at the end of the show he went to leave and I said “Wait!” And I ran and gave him the small handful of peanuts from the bottom dish. I’m still puzzling a bit over the imagery but I’ve gotten this far. I think it’s about getting to the truth, the center, the heart of the matter. The sequence of dishes, there were quite a few…I had a flash of inspiration about. It’s chakras. The information comes in the top of the head, and you have to process the information yourself, which can be tedious at times. The truth falls through the center. And you can hand these “truths” to your guide to help you with them.
    In the end, all of these important physical tasks are just peanuts.
    Interesting, isn’t it?

  • Jonette Teresa Benavides

    Aww that was definitely a visit!!! I always know when it actually happened (as opposed to just a dream about someone) because I’m sobbing uncontrollably, don’t want them to go, and I feel like my whole chest has been blown out by a cannon (soooooo heartbroken).

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    What you wrote about the dream saying he would visit you more because of interferring with your spiritual path. When my fiance died, and then two years later my son died, I could speak with them on a pretty regular basis…now, really never. It saddens me beyond belief, I can speak with others, but not them. And I had read before that they will do this. Frankly I get a little upset thinking they are being very condescending to say the least! lol

  • Maya


    Yeah, of course he won’t share all of the “how to” secrets, because he want you to figure it out yourself, otherwise you will miss the fun of seeking and finding.

    If you figure it out on your own, you will have the “eureka” moment, and the ‘pride’ of finding the solution.

    Besides, he wants you to rely on friends from ‘this side’. Like me (and other living people, of course), for example. 🙂

    Hmm, in that case I’ll respond to your thanksgiving post, about ideas of ‘how to get over thanksgiving blues’. Hang on please….

    Maybe one day you’ll write a book of how to get over losing loved ones, based on your own ‘finding’ and ‘seeking’.

    About lucid dream, I never have any meaningful lucid dream. For example, I had it several days ago. Every time I have a lucid dream, the first thing in mind is, “Hey, I know this is only a dream. How about if I open all my clothes, see how others react? Or jump from this 2 story building?”

    But I never dare to do that, because in my dream I am concerned of what I do in reality. I am afraid I am doing sleep walking, and might jump for real.

    But after I wake up, I always regret I didn’t do it.

    • Maya

      Hi Elisa,

      I know right now you spend too much time blogging. But please don’t think of it as a waste of time. Take this as your ‘informal school’ of how to get over grief (just like you are going to medical school). Once you ‘graduate’ (means healed 100%), then you can make your “how to get over grief” book, and/or become a ‘grief free’ consultant. The good news is, you don’t have to feel guilty making money for it, because you are no longer making money ‘from your son’s death’. But you are making money from what is purely your own creation. Something that you can be proud of.

      To get over a huge grief is a huge accomplishment. Let’s make it as your target. Erik is the professor, you are the student. But the student has to figure out her own math in order to graduate from ‘spiritual university’.
      Well, it looks to me that your journey will be fun!

      • I couldn’t think of a better analogy, although med school sure was a lot easier. It’s so surreal how I was once Erik’s patient teacher and now he’s mine. Still, I wish he could be teaching us all, including me, in the physical. Not meant to be.

      • Maya

        Even medical schools have vacations.
        Take a vacation from ‘spiritual school’ if you wish.
        We are not the slave of ascentions.
        You are the boss here. You study at your own pace. There will be no punishment of taking a vacation. Only good things will happen.

  • Jess

    I have plenty of vivid/lucid dreams, but I remember the one I had with Erik following me around in a red towel, telling me that I was going to be ok and that he would date me :).

  • HAHA!! What a flirt. He said he has crushes on blog members all the time.

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