The War of Information

A blog member approached me with a novel idea. She thinks that a group of us CE members should travel together to Peru to experience Ayahuasca under the supervision of a Shaman. Erik has said I should try it, but I’m scared. I don’t like the fact that it comes out of both ends, and I’m afraid that my fear will cause me to have a very negative experience. I’ve heard that there may be a place in Florida where you can do Ayahuasca, too, because it’s legal if you do so with the Native Americans. Maybe you have to go through a ceremony to become an honorary member of the tribe; I don’t know. What do you guys think? 

I’ve also been reading about microdosing with LSD. Apparently you take a super small dose (a tenth of the recreational dose), so small that it causes no hallucinations, but it helps those who are depressed to the point of being suicidal. I really think something like this should be legal. So many take their lives needlessly, and something like this might have saved Erik’s life. Why can’t Big Pharma make a pill with a tiny dose of LSD for such people? At small doses, it’s apparently very safe, and it breaks open pineal gland calcifications. Have any of you guys heard of this? Apparently you can microdose with psilocybin as well. Check out a Huffington Post article on it HERE.

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Enjoy today’s Best of Erik. Tomorrow, I’ll post the last segment of our Trump series.

Me: Here’s one from a blog member: “With people putting massive amounts of personal information online—their own and others—and with governments also trying to restrict online access to information and communication, I just see it all just going faster and faster to where, in the future, there may be a whole lot less privacy throughout society and the world. How is this going to change social attitudes? Are we going to become a lot more tolerant after we’ve all seen each other’s baby pictures and had our closets opened? How bumpy a ride is it going be? Is this part of a spiritual plan to help society face itself?

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik, in a singing voice): Back it up!


Jamie (clearing her voice): He loves the question.

Me: Oh really? Good!

Jamie: Yeah, he’s fascinated by it.

Erik: We’ve talked about it briefly before about having so much information on the Internet now and, yes, it is part of this whole spiritual evolution now—this holding up the mirror so that everybody can see themselves. It doesn’t mean that holding up the mirror gives everyone the right to judge you. There is no right to judge anyone. Actually, nobody has the right to judge. You have the right to your own opinion. But for you to claim that you’re the accurate end all, be all of whatever it is that you said is fucked up.

I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Erik: Vulnerability is a key aspect of spiritual growth. A lot of people don’t want to have it. (In hushed tones) A lot of people secretly want to do it, but they don’t want to do it in front of people. So, the Internet is the best vehicle to let that happen. And so people purge and share and show and tell. Then all of a sudden a million people know, but they’re still comfortable, because they haven’t met those million people face to face.

Okay, Now I get it. And I can relate.

Erik: The fucked up thing that I don’t like is how this whole Internet fiasco of collecting information is going to lead not just—

(Long pause)

Jamie: I lost him, and I was just trying to ask him what he was trying to say, cuz, um, he’s talking about how you can tag certain words on like a blog or a picture or a post.

Erik: Yeah, it going from tagging concepts and words into tagging people themselves whether it’s ID bracelets or something that’s inserted or connected.

Me: Hm.

Jamie: He doesn’t like the idea of people being tagged.

Me: Oh no. God no!

Erik: We’re going to peek, uh, in seven years there’ll be; the biggest war will be the war of the Internet.

Me: Oh.

Erik: The war of protection. The war of information. And a lot of people are going to start valuing going back to the root of things: using trade, talking to a person in person—one-on-one. Eye contact.

Me: Good.

Erik: Making deals and exchanges that way so that they can avoid the whole Internet share, credit card, information, numbers and things of that nature.

Me (in jest): Oh my god does that mean I can’t buy my Christmas presents online anymore?

Damn, and wouldn’t ya know, I just renewed my Amazon Prime.

Erik: No, no. You’ll still be able to do it, but there’ll be a motion of people who’ll say it’s not what they wanna do.

Me: Okay, good. Otherwise we’re talking bah humbug here.

(Long pause)

Me: Anything else?

Jamie: No, he’s being quiet.

Me: Nothing else, Erik?

Erik: Nope.

The War of Information

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Elisa Medhus

  • Maureen Roane

    Hi! I heard there is a Ayahuasca experience available in Ft. Worth on a monthly basis. It is conducted by a Peruvian shaman, so it’s authentic. That would sure cut down on travel expenses! I will see if I can find the information again if you are interested.

    • JaniceT

      that would be great!

    • Rog

      I’d also be interested on information on this…

    • That’s be great! Can you email me at when you get it?

  • T Diaz

    So glad we’ll all still be able to order things online–that’s a godsend for this single mom, especially around holiday time and other gift-giving occasions! Also, just have to tell you, Elisa, that I really admire your curiosity, inquisitive nature, and bravery, and not only about ayahuasca but about life in general. I’ve said it before and will say it again, if I don’t meet you in this life, I look forward to it on the other side!

  • JaniceT

    Long time ago, when books on Buddhism was located in the “Occult” section in bookstores, and when you were labeled a “devil worshipper” if you are not a Christian, Shirley MacLaine wrote a book called “Out on a Limb” which part of it took place in Peru. Ever since I read that book, I have always wanted to visit Peru. Having Elisa and Erik there would be soooo fantastic BUT….scared about the Ayahuasca thingy…..I’m a wimp…probably pass out for a week and wont remember anything….still….

  • Edgar Anselm

    LSD microdosing is beyond phenomenal guys. From my personal experience I can say this:

    – Much lower anxiety
    – Much lower depression
    – Much higher motivation, drive
    – Much higher creativity and insight
    – Much higher intelligence and clarity of mind
    – Greater health
    – Much higher energy levels
    – Much greater focus, attention and presence
    – Expanded physical capabilities
    – Much higher confidence
    – ESP

    LSD has given me a much better chance at life and I think everyone would benefit from microdosing. The relief that even a tiny bit of LSD can bring is incredible. It doesn’t magic your problems away but it slips you in a state of consciousness that is very conducive to healing and enjoying yourself.

    I did not know it was known for decalcifying the pineal gland, but I would agree with this based on my experience. It is excellent for the pineal, almost as good as monoatomic gold. I often use them together.

    I also microdose mushrooms sometimes and they produce a more sociable effect, however they also produce more of a physical slowness and are more likely to involve some anxiety or other emotional turbulence.

    • How do you get the LSD in microdoses?

      • Edgar Anselm

        Dear Elisa,

        You can cut up the papers with a knife but this is not precise. For people who want more serious scientific precision, you’d want to drop the paper in some distilled water overnight, or some other suitable liquid like alcohol. Store in a cool place in an amber glass dropper. With some basic measurements you can know roughly how much you’re taking per dose. I recommend a dilution of 2mg of LSD to 1ml of water. So a 100mcg tab in 50ml of distilled water. Then remove tab if you want, or leave it if you want.

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        Do you know whether doctors prescribe LSD micro-dosing? As I have a history of anxiety and depression, I would want to do it under medical supervision.

      • Dustin Ebaugh

        It’s not legal in the U.S. for prescription, but if you are elsewhere, I’m not sure.

      • Edgar Anselm

        I don’t know – depends where you are and what’s available. Microdosing is mostly independently practised. I would say that the whole point of microdosing is that it is flexible and gentle. You don’t need supervision for it as it only affects you a tiny bit. But doing it in a therapeutic setting, which is a service that does exist, is extremely beneficial. Personally I don’t think a structure is necessary to use microdoses.

        An alternative to LSD therapy was developed by a Mr Stanislav Grof after LSD was made illegal – he developed Holotropic breathwork which allows people to induce their own psychedelic healing experiences using just their breath. It is recommended to practise with a trained practitioner but you can also do it yourself.

      • Not sure but if they do, it’s probably in California. I wish they;’d make it legal.

      • I wish it was legal. Sigh.

      • Edgar Anselm

        Elisa, do you know about mono-atomic gold? It is an alchemical substance that the government has miraculously not banned yet. It isn’t a psychedelic but I can tell you it definitely stimulates the pineal gland like nothing else. It lights up your energy body, stimulates your dormant DNA and facilitates repair on subtle levels. I cannot recommend it enough for serious seekers. And it is entirely legal as a supplement. I have seen some charts online that show how it dramatically balances the brain hemispheres, which is something I’m experiencing with it. It makes me very aware and in-tune with my thoughts as if they are real physical things, and vice-versa. It stimulates ESP strongly and it undoubtedly increases endogenous DMT production. It is not a psychedelic, and it doesn’t feel like one even though the effects can be similar. It feels very real and grounded. I recommend combining it with powerful deep breathing exercises such as Holotropic Breathwork or Iceman Breathing. If I had to measure it, I’d say this substance is like 1/3’rd psychedelic, 1/3’rd health supplement, and 1/3’rd electricity. I noticed you talking about how you wish you had more ESP ability, as a fellow left-brainer I empathize and I believe I’ve narrowed down this elusive field down to a science that anyone can replicate. I hope to pool everything I know in one place soon. From about 11 years of research, I believe I can say that mono-atomic gold, or ORMES/ORMUS/Elixir of Life/a thousand other names is absolutely number one in its capacity to enhance someone energetically. If you find it interesting then I recommend a source from Washington which you can find by googling Gerald or Christa Clark, who I believe supply very high-quality and legitimate produce for a price that is very fair considering the power of the substance. I converse with them via their Facebook group and they are very aware and benevolent individuals. I have only ever used the liquid form, which is more powerful than the powder form, I hear some people get subtle effects from the powder form but I seriously doubt someone could consume the liquid form and not feel anything. People who are not as in-tune with themselves may not notice effects easily, but this is easy to overcome by incrementally increasing the dosage as wanted. It should be used with care and sensitivity, and serious grounding, otherwise there’s a risk of becoming too aware and becoming overwhelmed for a short period.

      • Wow, where do you get it? Is it expensive? How do you ingest it?

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    “She thinks that a group of us CE members should travel together to Peru to experience Ayahuasca under the supervision of a Shaman” I’m in like Flynn. I have always wanted to try it. My concern is that, because I have suffered from depression and anxiety and I’m on antidepressants at the moment, I might have a negative reaction.

    • Dustin Ebaugh

      If you’re on SSRIs, it might not work. The efficacy will be lower for sure.

  • Edgar Anselm

    Ayahuasca was my first ever drug (not just psychedelic, first drug period). I regret it immensely. I agree that it shouldn’t be the first port of call, there are many entheogen and healing options out there that are much easier and less volatile.

  • Wow, I’ll check it out!

  • Looks like there are several types.

    • Edgar Anselm

      I recommend the liquid form. You can get 1oz to try and this would be more than enough to feel out the effects. I’d be interested to know what it does for you. Nothing has ever made me more confident that I could realistically develop ESP – not even psychedelics. It has an accumulative effect so I don’t take it every day as it can get tiring, especially around the pineal area, so I recommend slow and easy usage most of the time.

  • madhub1

    I have experienced Ayahuasca over a period of three nights with a reputable shaman in the Portland, OR area. I too was fearful, but decided the adventure would be enlightening. It was. I learned many things, especially the idea of how the process of ‘thinking,’ and how it affects our brain and attitude in life. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was an exceptionally healing process.

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