The Whereabouts of Susan P.

Out of respect for the family, given the content of this post, I chose to make it nearly impossible to google Susan P’s name.

Me: Okay. Susan P., you know the one who’s missing still?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: And her husband, Josh P. blew up himself and his adorable kids recently in the house. Is she around so that we can talk to her? Can you find her, Erik? I’m pretty sure she’s passed over. 

Jamie: He said she has. 

Me: Yeah. I never felt safe asking until her husband died, of course. Now, I would like to know where she is. It would be nice if the family could have some sort of closure to their loss if only we could help them locate the body. 

Jamie clears her throat uncomfortably.

Erik: She’s alright, but her body is kind of mangled and buried. 

Jamie: He’s showing me that the body is under something, and it’s not water. It’s compacted. It’s not concrete. It’d have to be dirt or soil. 

Me: Like a landfill maybe?

Jamie: That would make more sense, because I’m not seeing a forest or anything. 

Me: Okay, so compacted in some way. 

Jamie: Yeah, you know like when you put someone in a coffin laid straight out? She’s not laid straight out. 

Me: Not laid straight out. Like in a junk yard, how they compact cars?

Jamie: Junk yard. No, it’d have to be something with more soil.

Me: Oh, more soil. Okay. 

Jamie: So, a landfill would fit better with that. Did they bury it or something?

Me: I don’t know. Maybe. Did he bury her there or —

Erik: He put her in a big bag.

Me: Oh, he put her in a big bag, took her out to a trash can or dumpster?

Erik: No, not a dumpster.

Jamie: When was this?

Me: Oh, it was a while back. 

Jamie: I’m happy I don’t watch the news. She’s not coming in. Erik’s not able to get her now, but he knows she’s just fine. 


Here’s a note from blog member Betty who, as an author, goes under the pseudonym, E.J. Daniel. She and Erik wrote the fantastic novel, Same Sky, Same Moon, and it appears Erik has his fingerprints all over this one, entitled SECOND CHANCES, too. If you’d like a free copy, here’s your chance. I suggest you don’t miss this one or Erik just might “prank” you! Here’s a note from Betty:

Anyone who wants to read my novel, SECOND CHANCES, for FREE, send your request to me at:

Below you can read the PREFACE which tells you the premise of the story. You will receive the manuscript as a PDF. This novel is NOT a sequel to SAME MOON, SAME SKY.


Life, Death, Near Death, and Places In Between


E.J.Daniel with Erik Medhus


Most of the information in this novel about the Other Side was supplied by Erik Medhus. As members of the Channeling Erik blog, you already know Erik died October 2009 and made contact with his family shortly after his death and that his Mother, Elisa Medhus, M.D. established the blog where Erik continues to share what he’s learned and which encourages the blog members to contribute their stories and ask Erik questions about the afterlife.

My own experiences with supernatural events are worked into this novel where appropriate, and of course, the main characters, Erik, and his Mom, are my fictionalized versions of the real people.

I have often wondered where the soul goes in patients who are in a coma, have Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, or other illnesses which make them unable to communicate.

In this novel, Erik’s spirit is the one who makes contact with the incapacitated patients. I don’t know if this premise is mine or came from Erik. See what you think.



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  • Lorraine (LP)

    Unfortunately, most people, as well as myself, did feel her husband did kill her. I wish her family could locate her body so they could have closure.Elisa, I know this is a very sensitive case but any way to find out ‘where’ her body is and perhaps share this information with the investigators?? So many investigators/police officers do use psychics in their cases….just a thought. xxxxx

  • BeFreeMyAngel

    So sad, for many reasons. Just simply profiling someone isnt going to be sufficient enough to asses if they are fit. They learn quickly how to hide what they need to.

  • Clau_Bueno

    I followed that story… everything is creepy! her husband, her father in law… everything is so wacky!!! I feel horrible for the kids! I can’t understand how a parent can kill his own children!

  • Patrick De Haan

    I realize there likely is a greater purpose in this tragedy but the machinations of Heaven don’t suspend humanity for me.
    What lesson is taught by vicious violence men commit against women and children?
    I wonder if the endless electronic news cycle and voyeuristic human tendency it exploits have caused humanity to place excessive focus on such incidents? Jon Benet Ramsey is another example.
    It could be that it’s only increased awareness of what, in fact, has always been; incidence hasn’t increased. Even so, the volume of attention placed on these murders has inflated exponentially and spread around the world; I don’t see what good comes from it.
    I don’t mean to criticize this entry; to the contrary, it’s sparked my thought and for that I am grateful.
    With so much happening (and soon to happen) and such opportunity to focus on the positive, it seems as if mindless, escapist entertainment and rapt attention paid to gruesome crimes play too large a role.

    • One day we will learn that it is not our place to judge anything. I know that sounds impossible but it is what we stove for because we are meant to become that energy called unconditional love.

      • Patrick De Haan

        I struggle terribly with this; just last night 5 miles from my house a disabled, unarmed man was killed after provoking police gunfire. This afternoon 4 miles from my house a new mother with her 3 day old baby was shot, the baby taken and the mother is in critical condition. (According to reports; a boulder sized grain of salt on these)
        If there is a purpose or lesson, for whom and why? Is it family not directly involved who need the experience and lesson? Could there be a less horrible way? Surely we must understand how horrific these things are when planning; who chose to be a holocaust victim, or blown up in a Baghdad bombing or be maimed in combat?
        Is there not a less intense, longer term route to the lesson? Where is the line drawn between Earthly decisions NOT planned, where we act once we’re here and the things we do plan? Is everything possible to be planned, even almost unspeakable tragedies?
        I really admire your approach Elisa, you’re a wonderful doctor. I struggle with this as if I were attempting breast feeding (and for the record, I’m very male with grown kids; imagine THAT intensity)

      • I’m certainly not there!

      • Jason Shapeofacloud

        I often feel as you all do when it comes to violence suffering and poverty. On a soul level it is sometimes helpful to take a million steps back and look at All That Is possible, and all that is probable based on our personal point of view and then ask our selves, just exactly how much do we create or co-create with others? If this particular universe, is an amalgamation of Harmony and Chaos, and we strive for mastery and balance through comfort, of all we might be in all that is; naturally some of the possibilities with in that system we agreed to work with will contain matter or experience of both types. As such, our karma, our choices, our free will can lead us into many vastly different scenarios. All of which, are but exploratory tools, or emotional puzzles for us to attune, balance and master our souls within this particular universe’s constructs. Both in the physical and the non-physical. Earth was set up as a plane of duality specifically to address the vastness of these two polarities and provide an arena or stage in which souls could learn through intense focus, balance through hands on experience.

        Here is something my guides said when I asked them the question,

        Q) “Can we end war and poverty?”, I am sure or at least for me, applies to situations such as mentioned here. (And yes I personally do realize where everyone is coming from on an emotional and belief level and that for many/most, it is all unacceptable.) That said, here is what Spirit said,

        A) –“When this question is frequently asked, what is implied is, “why am I living with this pain in a world that offends and hurts me, why did they do this to me, why are they doing this to each other”.. The answer lays not in the “other, why, or the world”. The answer lays in the “me”, the I in spite-of the we. “Who are you, who am I with and without you”. “Who are you with and with out me”? “Who are we together”. These are the great questions that help answer your question. “Who can we be without the other. Who can be together”? It is when we play with focus we see most clearly. The point of view will illuminate where you should go. Because of the free will you were created under, because of your own soul’s journey of self discovery, no one or thing will give you the answer you desire except for that which you create for yourself or with other souls. This is a great power of self creation. And to be aware of it and embrace it, in all it’s facets is to create the resolution, create the cure to what troubles your soul.We know you are not satisfied. This is good. It will drive you to create your answers. We will help you if you ask.”

        All of which brings up another point of which I asked my guides;
        Q) — How do people grow, improve and learn from fear based life experiences. How do we know? How do we move to only love based experiences?

        A) — “By living, remembering, and moving toward your highest possible self, through action, thought, and emotion. By creating a balance of self creating causes that enable effects that serve us and others. You know when you experience with conscious awareness, that you have served your best interest. You know this through experience. What you think is your best interest is not always what your highest possible self would do. To merge the two takes a working experience that enables personal awareness of the totality of the self. This frequently takes more than one life time in both love and fear experiences. It is something to work at with assured knowledge and faith that you will meet the goals you set for yourself. It is not to be feared. Working through life and mastering your experiences does not suddenly limit you to only one type of experience or out come. Many masters in your history have had to deal with seeming difficulties, but even so, they move themselves through it with a balance that enabled them to overcome, thereby helping themselves and others. TO do so with conscious awareness of what they are doing and hold to fearless faith in service to others is serving ones greatest interest. To know life, to know all it’s manifestations, to know your neighbor and all their journeys is to know and master yourself. This is moving through life. This is the return to the highest possible self.”

      • Jason Shapeofacloud

        I know a lot of people really struggle to understand this world. The anger, the fear, the grief, the inconcievable means of why they or anyone would choose such a life. Here is something that may be useful; From Spirit:

        “You are love moving through the illusion of duality. The return to self is the bridging of spiritual separation.

        All life, all material, is- a direct manifestation of the divine love that permeates ‘all that is’. This manifestation, this love, is consciousness, that is, self pervasive, self creating, and seeks to know itself though all that it creates and moves through.

        This is an inner reality that everything feels in one way or another. It is seen and unseen. It moves through every spectrum in broad sweeps of emotional energy. Every manifestation of this love seeks to know itself through an attraction with other manifestations. This is a self created push-pull. A duality.

        Each end of this expressive modality of exploration is a valid way to explore aspects of this Love. In higher consciousness, each aspect of this duality is weighed in experience which swings from end to end until a balance is achieved. From the full expression of the emotional experience, balance is achieved.

        An exploration tool used by humans that is often applied is that of reason. Many times humans focus so narrowly on physicality that reason creates a separation from this love that is all encompassing. Many times, this then creates conflict with the love of one’s self and the perceived love that is outside of the self, the gap between. The gap seems to be a ford that is unpassable.

        Thought from the tightly focused personality clings to reason as life raft in turbulent waters unable to realize that there is no true separation. This creates fear. Reason without the knowledge of universal love can never create the peace of self knowledge. Love without reason can never be fully experienced or known. The key is to balance the two.

        You can have both, but unless you mix the two together in a meaningful way you only create confusion for the self, which lengthens your journey back to yourself. When one is able to merge the two in harmony, you create an expansion of personal consciousness. A new level of Spiritual awareness.

        Only through deliberate intent to discriminate our emotions and thoughts can we hope to achieve this balance. That is not to say that we are amiss or remiss when we seem unable to get out of a rut of life, or we take a break, but if we pick ourselves up and keep trying, we will eventually succeed.

        Avoidance of self limiting thoughts is key. In spite of, and despite feelings of less than, poor self worth, failure, and despondence over not having what we think we should have or need; we can overcome. These feelings ARE subordinate to our ultimate reality and the LOVE that is infused into our soul.

        These feelings are just a temporary infatuation that is blinded by the illusion of reason in physicality. We often become so bogged down by our feelings that we can’t seem to see that our perceived limitations are self created.

        In this state of mind, this state of being, an increase of awareness is impossible. New experiences are hobbled. To recognize this in oneself is to catch a glimpse of the pulse of original love within one self. This glimpse is a gift, it is an opportunity of divine proportions.

        If taken, it allows us a chance for self evaluation, exploration, and opportunities for expansion and self discovery through and in spite of difficulty. This is a good thing. This turmoil means your ready for change.

        Do not worry. You can do this. Ask for help and the universe will revolve around you to help you facilitate enabling change in your life. Let go of all expectations other than knowing thyself through change. Do not worry, you are worth exploring yourself. It will lead you back to love. “

      • Jane5

        Erik told me, via ryan, that there are infinite better ways to learn than suffering. Everything I do is to create evolution beyond it.

      • cindy

        Patrick, Thanks for bringing these questions and ideas up. I grapple with them every day. I have not been able to find answers to them. When I think about these questions, it always brings my anger to the front of the line, and keeps me questioning the lesson of love, the pain from grief does not feel like a good tool to have someone learn about love–just saying! I think I must be a real idiot while planning my life, for choosing to “plan” this most powerful grief into my life!

      • M and M

        Very good question Patrick, we all seem to struggle with this. We have been told many times by the other side that there is no good/bad, right/wrong. From that perspective then all that happens here just is. It is just a lesson to learn from, without the labeling of joy/pain, good/bad, right/wrong. Very hard to swallow, but maybe that’s part of being in the illusion.

        If our higher self sends us here with our life plan, and our higher self learns the lessons our consciousness here acts out, then think of how amazing things could be here down the road when all the “negative topics” have been learned? Hard to imagine from the earth consciousness, but from the higher self consciousness it probably looks worth while. Who knows, just a thought…

  • Stanley

    Hey all,

    I don’t really follow the news. Mostly due to being empathic. Most of the news stories I tend to empath. Like the guy who waterboarded his son. It’s a panic I hope to never feel again. So yea, I don’t know anything about the woman, her husband and her children. I like the saying “Sometimes it’s what we don’t know that lets us sleep at night”. I do feel for the family though. I hate to see bad things happen to people. That’s my input here. As for the book, sounds like a very interesting read. Have to check it out at some point.


  • StaceyK

    I would like to read Second Chances, but am having trouble with the request part…. I emailed a request to address listed above and got an error email back. I tried to put it in the ‘search’ field and come up with something totally different. Any ideas?

  • Amber

    I get what Patrick says about the prolonged intense media coverage and I agree with him but I do think trying to find out from the invisible world if a victim is dead or alive is something we can’t help but want, if only to bring closure to the family.
    I have often thought about this subject in regards to what the spirit world is ‘not allowed’ to reveal. With Erik, I’m so impressed because he goes get ’em like a dog after a stick, and if they can’t come he tells us so, and he might tells us why not. But I wonder how it is with Erik when he knows he just can’t tell things. What criteria? Who says no? His own moral ‘perception’ ? Source permeating through? Teachers/guides he works with regularly?
    I just cannot believe a thousand psychics will not have offered their services to the McCannes whose daughter Madeleine disappeared while on holiday in Portugal 4 years ago. When we talk about so-called ‘karma’ I can’t imagine what those parents did that causes them such torment as not knowing whether their child is alive or dead. So how come nothing from the spirit world has been forthcoming? Millions have people’s hearts have prayed for a clue. I want to know what our Erik says about cases like this? Perhaps the psychics contradict each other? How come they think they have a truth when it’s not? False spirits?
    I guess, as with this page’s case, if spirit at least knows their dead, how can we expect the family to believe them. Like, we all know that Erik has credentials but how would we get that through to the parents. What point enlightening us CE bloggers alone? I know that if Erik were to tell us about Maddie I’d want to send the message to her parents!!. I guess this sort of thing -protocols, must pop up a few times for you in this work Elisa. Is the world ready for the real Jesus? Mohammed? lost children, who- murdered-who, etc etc. (Like I’ve said before I gotta lotta questions…… 🙂

  • PollyMax2010

    Aww that was sad 🙁

    Oh, very exciting about that book, it sounds great. I haven’t read “Same,Moon, Same Sky yet. Must do that 🙂


  • I’ll try to get it through for you.

    • tomslove52

      Elisa, I’m having the same problem with my e-mail request for Second Chances. Please let us know what you find out. Thank you for all you do!

  • Abrilvr2002

    I just read the whole the story of this family on abc , what an awful thing to happen! my heart sank! :(:(:(

  • I’ll ask Betty!

    • KMW

      I just finished reading Second Chances…what a fun little book. A quick read that is so uplifting. Can’t wait for part two!

  • Socks the monkey

    This story was all sorts of bizarre, and so heartbreaking.
    Just a question, why wasn’t Susan able to come through? How about the little boys? I don’t think Erik would want to talk to the dad even if he did come through 😛

  • Gosh, I didn’t think to ask about the boys. I guess it’s because I have so many people to channel and so many questions to ask. Sigh. My bad.

  • It is fun, isn’t it? I think a lot of people had trouble with the email because the thought it was “daniels” instead of “daniel”

  • WendeelouHew

    I’m glad you explored this case…It really bothers me. I live not far from where Josh P murdered those poor babies and we (unknowingly) lived right around the corner (about a block away) from his pervert father a couple years ago. I hope that Susan and her babies are together and hopefully soon they can recover her remains so that her poor parents can have closure.

  • Cynthia DeSoto Buckner

    AbrahamHicks has a wonderful video on YouTube “The Biggest Missing Piece” where she discusses how/why humans look at the suffering of others and understanding how it plays a bigger part in our/their lives. And, as Erik has said many times, it has a lot to do with the way WE perceive death.

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