The Zika Virus

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We froze our asses off here, and a few of my favorite plants bit the dust, but it was nice to have a weather change here for once. Today, I have some announcements:

  1. The winner of the contest, Justin Marsh, has chosen Alexander the Great as the next interviewee. I’ve asked him to send me a list of question, but if you have some burning ones, please let me know. 
  2. Kim wants to give everyone a heads up about her upcoming events. She sent me this message: 
    Hello Elisa! I hope this finds you doing well, and excited for the upcoming event in Houston! I’m so excited, and can’t wait to see everyone there!  I’ve received many inquires from Channeling Erik blog members to host an event in Australia and in Edinburgh, UK after the poll we did some time ago.
    I have finally set up the link for ticket sales for both events! The venue information and details can be found on my website. My goal is to sell at least 30 tickets for both events, to cover travel and venue expenses! I look forward to seeing everyone there! Rich blessings in 2017!
    Tickets and details can be found here:
  3. Emma McIntosh is also hosting a repeat performance of the Belgium CE event. Here’s her email to me:
    Here is the info on the second Channeling Erik event is coming back to Belgium
    Saturday, September 9 from 10 AM to 6 PM
    Details: Hey guys! Channeling Erik is coming back to Belgium.Bigger and better 😉 Experience a spiritual day filled with fun activities, incredible experiences and friendships and of course a Q & A with Erik Medhus and Emanuelle McIntosh and this year we have Special guest all the way from Texas, USA Kari Mena; host from the Shiny Show and an amazing energy healer.
    Lunch is included in the ticket price!
    ORDER YOUR TICKETS NOW (last day ticket sale July 1st 2017)
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I have a feeling that the freezing temperatures may have done a permanent number on the Zika virus, but we’ll see. Here’s what Erik has to say about this nasty pest.

Me: Hey, Kim. How are you doing?

Kim: Fingers crossed that the Internet is up to par. I’m doing good. I’m plugged in, and I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.

She laughs.

She lives on a farm so has to rely on satellite Internet.

Me: Well, you’re a little blurry, but you’re not breaking up. So maybe it’ll be okay. You probably need to run to see if you’re getting what you paid for. But we’ll start all over again. Hello, Erik. I love you!

Erik: Let’s start all over again. Hello, Mom. I love you back, and I’m still lud and proud.

Me: Yep, you said you were loud and proud, and I’m glad! Hey, we’re going to talk about the Zika virus because a lot of people are up in arms about it. Do you think that it will spread?

Erik: Let’s take it on, Mom. It will spread.

Kim: He’s showing me it spreading starting in the southern part of the U.S. and then spreading north. I don’t know if this is an issue right now, but he’s trying to make a differentiation between the fact that we’re able to track it but not prevent its spread like confine it.

Erik: Scientists, researchers, biologists aren’t able to formulate a vaccine against it that’s going to be able to keep up with it because the virus is able to continue to grow and mutate.

Kim: It’s actually really gross what he’s showing me. He’s showing me what looks like a worm and there are these lines coming out of it. Of course it’s all energy. The lines coming from it represent new areas of growth. I don’t even know if that would make sense, but he’s showing me based on how a person’s body responds to it, that’s what fosters its mutation or growth. It’s really gross.

She laughs.

Me: Oh, boy. As it mutates, will it cause any other problems more than it already does like microcephaly in children and other symptoms in adults?

Kim: He’s so sweet and boyish with his little hand gestures. He went here and in a real sloppy manner and did this.

She sloppily taps on her chest.

Kim: He’s tapping on the lungs like pointing to the chest.

Erik: If you have asthma or other breathing issues, be mindful. It may worsen those who are already compromised with breathing issues like emphysema and that sort of thing.

Me: Anything else?

Erik: Fluid retention.

Kim: He’s showing me fluid retention in weird parts of the body.

Me: Is that from kidney disease or heart failure?

Erik: It would be more related to kidneys.

Me: So it would cause a kidney problem that would lead to that retention of fluid or is that some separate issue?

Ever the doctor.

Erik: No, it’s the same. It’s the kidney issue.

Kim: I’m just so grossed out by what he’s showing me and how he’s making me feel!

I hear a beeping noise.

Kim: It’s interesting because he says that whoever is being infected by this virus, it must be very obvious. It seems very rapid and obvious that something is really wrong.

Erik: I want to encourage you people that if you’re feeling wrong like not yourself, you should listen to that.

Me: Hey, I gotta tell you that it seems like a lot of times when we have session or the radio show, Erik makes this little kitchen timer go off, and it’s inside my drawer where nobody is touching it, but it drives me nuts! Erik, is that you doing that or do I need to blame somebody else?

Kim: He’s funny! He’s mocking you. When you said, “Inside the drawer where nobody is touching it,” he went like this: (She puts her hand with the back side of her four fingers touching below the right side of her face and has a very nelly tone.) “Nobody’s touching it.”

Kim laughs.

Erik: Yeah, I am!

Me: Okay, knock it off, buddy! During the radio show, I had to throw it, hoping the batteries would fly out, but they didn’t.

Kim: I had to do that with my phone a couple of weeks ago. I literally launched my phone across the room.

Me: Uh oh.

I better stay on her good side!

Kim (laughing): Whatever it takes!

Me: Yeah, whatever it takes, man. So are there any other things that the Zika virus can cause?

Kim: He’s talking about early onset symptoms to be aware of. I don’t know if this is true or not, but he says the more responsive you are to these new symptoms, the better chances beating, fighting or surviving it.

Me: How? If we catch it early, what can we do? If we catch it early, does that mean we can do something like take antivirals or is it just supportive care? What are oyu asking people to do?

Erik: It’s more supportive care. You can get faintness, dizziness, confusion and disorientation. So if you begin to feel that way—and also trouble breathing—

Me: I always feel that way! Maybe I’ve had Zika for the last 60 years, I don’t know!

Kim laughs.

Kim: Me, too! Most people are like, “Kim, come back to me. Come on!”

Erik: To really be responsive, you people know your bodies better than anybody else, so if you’re feeling unlike yourself and it seems like a rapid onset, be quick to respond and help yourself in any way you can.

Kim: He’s showing me anti-inflammatories being pumped into the system to support or be reactive to what’s happening so that further damage isn’t caused by inflammation internally. You guys no I’m illiterate to the news. This virus must be rampant like it spreads like wildfire in the body, in the system, and I just see everything exploding like inflammation and horrible destruction.

Me: Will any antivirals work like the ones we use for the flu or the herpes virus? Will those help?

Kim: When you said the one for the herpes virus, that resonated with him a little bit stronger than the one for the flu. The flu one didn’t resonate with him a whole lot but the herpes one did.

Me: Okay, like Zovirax or Famvir?

Erik: Yes, all of those.

Kim: I feel bad, like I feel compassion for those who have this because he makes me feel like the medications just flood into the system to see how they’re going to respond, to see what the virus responds to, but in that flooding, of course they’ll have side effects. Either way, it’s going to be very difficult for the physical body to go through.

Me: Oh, I know. Do you think there’s anything we can learn from this? Is there a spiritual reason for the virus?

Kim: You know, I love his mannerisms and character. Sometimes he’s a little blunt but when you asked if there is anything to learn, he went like this: (She puts her face right up to the camera and widens her eyes.) “Ego!”

Me: Really?

Erik: I’m talking about how, collectively, mankind seeks control. That’s the essence of where we’re going with this. Collectively, we need and want control. When we don’t have that, we’re forced to think outside the box and be creative. Let’s say you’re a doctor or researcher trying to find medicines or a cure for this. The inability to control it is what motivates creative thinking.

Listening to the recording, I can hear Erik saying these same things but in an electronic type voice. Another EVP! (AROUND 9:35?)

Kim: Is it just me, or, Elisa, are you hearing that feedback? Or is it just on my end?

Me: It’s fine here.

Kim: Oh, okay.

Erik: It motivates more creative thinking instead of running through the same, redundant rituals. There is a purpose for it, Mom, just like for everything that seems (air quotes) negative. It’s about letting go of control and stepping into creativity.

Me: But it also must be for parents that have these very deformed children with microcephaly, these very tiny heads and other birth defects, that must be something they have to deal with. “We can’t even control the outcome of a pregnancy, and now here we have to raise a child that’s going to have health issues all of its life.”

Erik: That’s right, Mom, and that all falls under the umbrella of surrendering the ego. Believe it or not, people, even associating your children with, “Look at my beautiful child! This is my perfect, beautiful child with ten fingers and ten toes,” sometimes we even have to surrender control over that.

Me: Yeah, that’s sad.

Erik: You have to accept, and this is a learning process in that acceptance. Zika virus is just an avenue for that to take place. It could have been another avenue like Down’s Syndrome or other things that cause noticeable differences that make people have to step aside from the ego. Zika is just one avenue for that experience to manifest itself.

Me: Are we ever going to eradicate it?

Kim: I don’t know if man is going to be in control of eradicating it. Erik shows me that it just dies out. The virus itself will just die out or the carriers will die out.

Me: Do you mean the mosquito carrier will become extinct, that particular type of mosquito?

Erik (nodding): Yes. The strain.

Me: The strain of mosquito?

Erik: The strain of virus.

Me: Oh, okay. The strain of virus will die out. Okay, but that won’t have anything to do with what we do?

Erik: Not a lot.

Me: Okay. When do you see the eradication of the Zika virus? How many years from now? Or decades?

Erik holds up four fingers.

Me: Is that four years or decades?

Erik: You’ll see an improvement in four years. You’ll still see some cases, but the frequency is really going to thin out.

Me: When will it be COMPLETELY eradicated?

Erik (laughing): Well then you can go to 40 years.

Kim: I even think it’s going to be before then.

Me: Okay.

Kim: Between 20 and 30 years.

Me: Okay. Here’s a question from a blog member. Some people think that pharmaceutical companies, governments or vaccines created the Zika virus. Is that true? I don’t know how that would happen.

Kim: It’s funny how he reacts to this question. Based on his reaction, it’s not coming from our pharmaceutical companies or anything like that.

Erik: How does that thought process even occur?

Kim chuckles.

Me: I know. Well, where does it come from? How did it originate? Just spontaneously?

Erik: From spontaneous mutation.

Kim: This is interesting. He makes me feel like it’s been around for a while before it started affecting us.

Me: Oh, okay. Maybe it just adapted to a new host, to us?

Erik: The virus itself has been around a long time. Now it’s on steroids in a way that makes it capable of penetrating and affecting humans. But just as easily as it can mutate and grow, it can fizzle out and die off. That’s going to be close to 20 years.

Me: Well, that’s good. You know, I’ve been reading a lot about gene editing. I think they’re using bacterial DNA that has little gene editing parts to it that go in and edit the DNA of the virus to totally disable it. They’re coming up with promising gene editing therapies for the herpes virus and others. I can’t remember which but several types of viruses. Is that something that could be an option?


Me: Gene therapy?

Erik: Yes.

Kim: Here’s what he shows. Here’s this line, and let’s say the line represents neutral. There are positive effects and negative effects so the frequency can go up or down.

Erik: Gene editing neutralizes the effect of these mutations and these viruses. It brings it back to the neutral zone. He’s funny. He’s all pictures today.

Me: What do you mean by neutralize? It’s going to take out the part of the DNA that inflicts harm? Is that what you mean?

Erik: Exactly. It neutralizes it so that it doesn’t manifest negative symptoms.

Her image gets really blurry and her speech chops up.

Me: Uh oh.

More Internet problems.

Erik: Let’s say someone has the virus, and they’re going to try gene editing. Let’s say their blood reads +4, and that means that they’ve tested positive for Zika. They do the gene editing, and that brings them back to zero.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Do you see what I mean?

Me: Yeah.

Sort of.

Erik: You have to incorporate the opposite, so the +4 has to go -4 to bring it below the line to create neutrality.

Kim: What are you talking about?

Any further explanation will probably only confuse us.

Kim: This is like stuff from physics when I was in college, and it went right over my head.

Me: I know! Really! So how far will it spread? That’s my last question.

Kim: Are you talking about on the map?

Me: Yes. Will it come to all 50 states?

Erik: It’s going to be much thinner out west. It won’t go to all 50 states. It will go almost as far as Canada. It reaches up north pretty high.

Me: And throughout South America or any other continents?

Erik: South America, yes.

Me: I think that’s where it originated. All right, Erik. Well, thank you! Anything else you want to add?

Kim (laughing): He’s just drumming with his fingers going, “I’m still loud and proud!”

Me: I know! You always used to like to drum your fingers.

Erik blows me kisses.

Me: Aw, I love you! Thanks, Kim!

Kim: You’re welcome. Always a pleasure.

The Tragic Effects of the Zika Virus

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