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Not certain if there is life after death? Wondering what happened to your loved ones after their death? I think these three short stories and the video that follows will give you the hope you need to take that leap of faith. 

Story #1

I watch CE YouTube videos and read the CE Blog everyday so I talk to Erik a lot 🙂 I have asked him several times to prank me or show me a sign that he is there. I never see one until later on it will hit me that “Oh! That was probably Erik” but I always second guess it. Well He finally sent me a message that I absolutely can’t second guess.

I have been having a really rough time lately and last night I was outside looking at the night sky and admiring all the stars. I started talking to Erik and asked him a yes or no really important question. I told him to let me see a shooting star if the answer was yes. In less than a minute a shooting star flashed across exactly where I was looking at a group of stars. I went in the house tickled by this and then slightly doubted it again as coincidence. (I know, DUH! right)
I woke up in the middle of the night about 3:00 AM and went outside again. I looked in the same place in the sky and asked Erik to please show me one more just to convince me. I thought of the orbs that appeared in the photos on The blog that his sister captured and said, “Erik, could you send your energy across the sky like that so I will know for sure?”

What happened next about tipped me over! In the same place in the sky I witnessed the biggest shooting star I have ever seen. It was more like a ball of light with comet tail and it traveled from one side of the sky clear to the other.

I KNOW it was not a shooting star, it was Erik. The question he answered was a life saving question. I love you Erik and thank you for coming through in such a way that left no doubt for me at such a crucial time. I will follow your answer the best I can!

P.S. Love you too Elisa and Jamie! Thanks for all the work you do and share! Your reaching a lot of people and it is making a difference in their lives!

Story #2

Hi, I am enjoying the YouTube videos. Thank you.

I woke to find Erik and another person. I wondered who he was as I didn’t quite match him to Erik at first. Erik had a blue shirt and dark blue jumper on and curly hair. I remember him saying ‘hello’. What stood out to me was his caring eyes. Erik then spoke to his companion and then was off.

Thank you Erik for coming to see me.

Bless you x

Story #3

Hello everyone. I have recently been introduced to Erik through Healing With the Masters Life After Death week. I loved Erik’s energy and messages! I’ve listened twice and was guided to the Channeling Erik blog.

This morning when I went to the blog, I clicked on the link: read the backstory. What came up? TripAdvisor’s Las Vegas page! I knew from the show that this was simply Erik’s way of “pranking” me, as I had said, “yes” to the invitation to be open to communications from this very special soul. Thank you, Erik. 😉 I went back to the link and, of course, it worked the second time. I’m truly interested in reading all the information shared. I wonder if a trip to Vegas is in my future? *chuckling*

Thank you, Elisa, for sharing your spiritual journey with the HWTM community.

Blessings to you all.

Elisa here. I truly didn’t know that Erik had anything to do with Healing with the Masters. Does anyone know how I can find out where he’s mentioned in association with it?

During our Houston CE get-together a while back, blog member, Pamela Oakes, took this footage in Erik’s room, the place he ended his life. You’ll see all sorts of orbs, and about halfway through, Erik even “sits” in my hand. Truly touching. Click HERE to download the video to your desktop.


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  • T Diaz

    Thanks for sharing the video, Elisa! When I’m investigating, orbs give us some of the biggest challenges because they can be dust or they can be actual orbs. I’m glad that the video is lengthy enough to look at both the number of and the movement of the orbs, both the speed and the path, which lends them greater credibility. Very cool!

    • Plus we were able to see them in the dark so they were their own light source!

      • T Diaz

        I missed that detail, and that makes it even more credible. I’ve never seen that myself. One time, someone was showing me orbs through her iPhone and was so excited, and I hated to tell her, as I looked around to the other side of her phone that I saw a TON of dust right in front of her phone light. Such a bummer. But to have orbs visible to the naked eye with their own light source, that’s pretty cool!

  • Paulette Roberts

    I saw orbs but not anything in the hand on my iPad

    • It’s pretty clear. He does it twice, but it’s pretty quick.

      • Lelabelle

        SO MANY orbs!!! That was wonderful. Thank you Elisa 🙂

  • maureenk83

    Loved watching the orbs video! I have seen pictures before but never such active video! So cool! Also, I wish your event in Chicago wan’t so expensive. It’s my birthday weekend is calling to me. Hopefully someday I can attend one of sessions.

    • Give yourself a birthday present! It pretty much only covers our costs so we can’t get it any cheaper. It comes with food, too.

  • shane phelan

    Wow, ive never seen so many orbs, did u ask erik about it, was he just zooming around or was he having a party…

  • Marie Klaszky

    I love the orbs! Proof that they never leave us and love us SO much they want us to know they’re around and haven’t left at all. Elisa, WOWZA Erik sat in your hand TWICE at least and kept buzzing by – The love in that room was so very apparent what a beautiful 3 minutes, Love to you all Marie

  • Sandy

    My son died 14 days ago. How do I go on for his young child, his siblings, his father? I am so broken….. Searching for an answer to this senseless loss….

    • Oh, sweetie, I wish I could hug you right now. I hope you try to read through the blog archives because they will help. Also, you might want to see if you can communicate with him through any of the mediums I use. If you want to do that for free, you can call in during any of our Thursday night radio shows. I’ll post details about that Wednesday and again on Thursday morning. Also, consider joining the Channeling Erik Facebook group for support. They’re a loving bunch and it’s private so you’ll feel safe. I’ll help you in any way I can.

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