Thunderbolts of the Gods

New blog member, Michael Suede, sent me this fascinating video about the connection of electricity with all that Erik and others have been teaching us. Fortunately, it’s in layman’s terms. I love the beginning–perfect for knocking closed-minded skeptics off their soap boxes. Michael’s primary interest is teaching people why the initiation of violence can never lead to economically or socially positive outcomes.  Michael’s website,, focuses on teaching others why this non-aggression principle creates the most prosperity and happiness for humanity.

Let’s welcome Michael into the fold and enjoy his gifts–I’m sure this is the first of many!

Thunderbolts of the Gods

GUESS WHAT! THE 2012 BLOGGIES WILL BE ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS JANUARY 1ST! Let’s win first place this time! Just put it in your calendar and get all your friends and family to vote! I’ll remind you (pester you, really) daily!


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