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Do any of you know a trance channeler by the name of Desteni? Check out her trance channeling Luciano Pavarotti, Ingmar Bergman, and others. She even trance channels a dog named Bud. Let me know what you guys think. Some people think she has a cult and that something with her is amiss. I’m not really interested in that facet. I just want to see what trance channeling is all about.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Nancy Antia

    Hi Elisa,
    First I’d like to say hello to everybody in our Channeling Erik family.I was away for months for personal reasons as you already know. Now I’m happy to be back home.
    As to Desteni I really don’t know what to say to you. I spent hours listening to her in 2008 and 2009 (I even might have found her in youtube as early as 2007) but I ended up giving up trying to understand what she meant. In general terms what happened was I couldn’t tell if she was serious. Sometimes she did appear to be saying things that made sense to me but then her speech would become somewhat dark. I’m going to listen to these videos anyway. Desteni used to hypnotized me back then. Please don’t laught at me! Maybe it was because of that, that I expected her to be much more enlightened than she apparently was. I never listened to her doing trance channeling, though.

    Love and Light,


    • Wow, Nancy, I never heard of her and now I’m seeing that a lot of blog members know so much about her! Where the hell have I been all my life? (hee hee) I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many spiritually knowledgeable souls. It’s like getting a crash course in all things important to catch up once I pulled my head out of the sand. (Erik keeps wanting me to write “ass,” but…that boy. sigh.)

  • JoAnn Nichols

    i joined the web site and watched a few hours of the channeling videos too . I believe that if something is the right answer for yourself then it will feel right to your heart. I see on the site that there is a farm/ cult-ivation as they call it. as far as the trance channeling it is a very instantaneous event with Dsteni, and is not considered as channeling in the normal sense. Dimensional beings describe Desteni as a interdimentional portal where the soul of the medium is not taken over but on its aggrement completely leaves the body and goes in the dimensions same as when you die and your soul enters the spirit world. (like Moses and Ezekeil do in the bible) so, as she breathes in then out her soul leaves her body then as the spirit enters the body and breathes in it is that soul that then occupies the body(vessel) 100% and has control to do and feel and experience what they choose to while here. a particular spirit says that Desteni is the first person to do this and i havent learned if any of the spirits or dimensional beings have said if Desteni will or is to be the only Vessel capable of this. Alot of what was being said from numerous souls was very hard to take in and also hard to believe for me. I would have to devote more of my time and understanding of the entire event as a whole before i could say yea or nay though because i need to learn something completely or to the best of my ability before i can determen how i feel about it. I will read mpre and learn more about it though because if it is true what is being said then i have alot of work to do and no idea where to start. If anyone else watched videos on you tube please let us know how you felt about it all.

    • That’s pretty much what Robert says about trance channeling. It’s not a complete body take over. Robert, any thoughts?

  • Skoshi

    Good morning. I have seen her before. As far as the content of what is said on these videos, the information is correct. As to whether she’s the real deal or a fake, I don’t know how we could judge. Does she have a cult following? I haven’t heard her say or write anything that would encourage people to follow her and cut off loving family, etc. the way, for instance, the cult my mother and ex-husband did and still does after being in existence for more than 100 years now. If I named the group, members of it would be irate and insist it isn’t a cult.

    The scientific world has set a definition of what is a cult so that researchers can use the same basis in developing research modalities and evaluating a group’s literature and members’ experiences. It allows researchers to validly compare results. The definition sets forth a dozen characteristics of cults. I clearly see them and they can be observed and measured in the cult my mother was a part of, Jim Jones’ cult, etc.

    In common language, terminology is used sloppily, and I’m sure there are people who would say that Elisa has set up a cult and those who follow this blog are enmeshed in a cult, but it isn’t so from my studies of human development, and I don’t believe any researcher could apply the “characteristics of a cult” to the CE Family and conclude that this group is a cult.

    It’s funny that Pavaroti says the same thing about anger causing cancer, which is the same as all the books by Reiki practitioners and medical intuitives. Some of the sweetest people get cancer. The idea is that they (not without reason) have anger, and they don’t consciously see it or acknowledge it or express it, so the Self gives them more and more powerful messages trying to get the idea to be consciously acknowledged and healthily acted upon…like releasing the pressure on a pressure cooker. Instead people use inadequate coping mechanisms (overeating, drinking, drugs). The Self will give them dreams, then nightmares, then aches, then pains, then illness, etc. If, for instance, a person is in an abusive, controlling relationship, it’s far better to consciously realize it, tell the abuser their treatment of you is unacceptable and must stop, than to get on the unconscious path and end up unknowingly making oneself sick. I had stomach aches because of my husband’s mistreatment. It led to an ulcer. I then ate because I found my stomach hurt less when I kept it full. As a result I had a terrible weight problem. I could put myself through a continuous round of pain and weight loss and low self esteem, or I could grow a backbone that allowed me to speak up about the abuse. When I informed my husband that he had to cease being abusive and he refused to go with me to counseling or to change, I had the option of staying stuck in illness or leaving him. At that time I was a Christian in a Church that pointed to the scriptures where it is claimed Jesus said the ONLY basis for divorce was if a person’s partner was unfaithful. That puts a person who is being abused in huge spiritual, psychological turmoil. They have to not only leave their partner, their church friends, their church community, their god(!) or die from physical ailments. Some unconsciously choose to die.

    • Of course cancer can come from anger toward others, anger towards self, but also, as Erik says, it’s a way to go home–an exit point. Maybe that’s why “the sweetest people” seem to come down with cancer. I bet there’s also a component of collective consciousness evolution involved, just as with HIV. Look how breast cancer awareness has brought people together.

  • Steve

    I’m very skeptical of this. I believe that this concept is very real, but I believe that the charlatans greatly outnumber the true channelers. Not sure what to think of her…but her message about disease and lack of self expression rings true. Who knows? Comparing the two sessions, she seems very different in each one.

    • Yeah, Steve. Robert tells me that she’s a member of the “Desteni” ?cult. I don’t know much about it. I do think she’s trance channeling, but as Robert says, trance channeling isn’t really about a spirit completely taking over the body. It’s more a melding of the two, so the girl’s personality will also come through. Perhaps the lesson in this is that we can learn to pick and choose what’s true and what’s not by learning to listen to our Higher Self, discerning what “rings true.”

  • Skoshi

    I don’t want to give anyone the false impression that “I’m so smart; I figured it out and got out of an abusive relationship.” We were married 20 years and went through cycle after cycle after cycle of abuse. And goodness knows how many lifetimes before that that I put up with being abused rather than effectively taking a stand and listening to my Self. No one says growth is easy.

  • I want people to be aware that there are many many forms of Spiritual communication. And an innumberable number of opinions on it. Aside from the mediumship descriptions I’ve posted in the forum. ie. Trance, vs, mental, vs, physcial mediumship;
    The following description is taken from the following website and I feel is another good description of “Trance mediumship”.
    What is Trance Communication?
    By Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis

    Trance mediumship or channeling, like so many other forms of spirit communication, is very much misunderstood. In recent years, a number of mediums have called themselves “trance” channels, when, in fact, they were not working in a genuine trance condition. This has been a source of great confusion for many people.

    When spirit links with a medium, the spirit communicator exerts various degrees of control, or overshadows the consciousness of the medium to a greater or lesser degree. This varies, depending upon the intent and conditions of communication, as well as the ability of the medium to lend himself or herself to be overshadowed or controlled.

    Trance is considered the strongest degree of control. Yet, even here, there are various degrees of trance control: from light trance to very deep trance. Deep trance is used primarily in physical mediumship.

    There are many factors which indicate genuine trance control, and parapsychologists have used various tests to determine whether, in fact, a medium is under trance control; and, if so, to what degree.

    Genuine trance is a strong sharing of mental and physical energies and consciousness between the medium and the spirit communicator. There is generally — although not always — manifested, within the medium, the following:
    A slowing of the heart rate.
    A slow, deep, and steady breathing pattern.
    No rapid eye movement, or REM.
    A lowering of body temperature.
    A greatly reduced reaction to touch and pain.
    Various degrees of unconsciousness.

    Furthermore, because in the trance condition the spirit communicator is speaking directly through the consciousness of the medium — rather than the medium relating what is being mentally given to him or her — the voice pattern, inflection, and general manner of speech differ from that normally exhibited by the medium.

    Finally, much research has been conducted around the language patterns of dialogue exhibited during trance communication. There is very often a broken speech pattern, a reversal of sentence structure, and an overall change in grammar usage. This is very evident in the Cayce readings, the Seth material, in Eileen Garrett’s trance communications, and in our own Rev. Stephen Fulton’s trance communications.

    One final point needs to be mentioned: that of control. What does it mean to be controlled by spirit? First of all, it does NOT mean that the medium is, in any way, possessed by a spirit personality. Possession — or attachment (apparently a new and, in my opinion, disturbing buzz word) — is extremely rare. Nor does it mean that the medium leaves his or her body and the spirit enters therein.

    Mediumistic control means a sharing of mental and physical energies between the medium and spirit communicator or operator. Control signifies a telepathic rapport between the two. How strongly en rapport they are determines the degree of control. Control can range from inspired thought, to conscious control, to light trance, to deep trance, to very deep trance. It all depends upon the work at hand and the mental and physical energies available to the spirit communicator or operator.

    • You explain things so well, Jason. Thanks, I needed that!

  • iola

    Hi All,
    I dont know if this woman is on the level, but I do know its possible to do. Jason is now working with Andy, letting Andy type thru him..and since Jason isnt Andy, I know they are working together..not taking possession thing.
    I get no feelings about this lady one way or another. But posting it helps us all to understand more and more.
    I like the music being able to heal…maybe I will live long enough to see it done. And I dont think Erik is a god messenger…he’s like Andy..over there and able to help explain it to us still stuck here. He is a savior to me, but that is related to how far down I was with grief when I found my way here. Just a figure of speech, but I love him no less than God or Andy.
    We all need to take what is good for us from all this and pass on what doesnt feel right…but one mans salvation is another mans garbage…or something like that!
    yeah, we def need some good looking cabana guys to go with the towel!

  • Tracy Lamont

    I don’t think she’s genuine. She was making lots of errors as ‘Pavarotti’ and then quickly trying to change what she said; her eyes darting about as she thought about what to say next. With both celebrities she never said anything that sounded personal, it all sounded very vague. And she didn’t look like she was in a trance. She looked controlled and scripted.
    I’ve seen a trance medium ‘live’ and just feet from me, holding the hands of the woman whom the message was for. It was very real and, according to the recipient whom I spoke to later, her voice took on the quality and tone of the dead relative and she gave a lot of personal evidence.
    Are any friends/family members of these celebrities corroberating what Destini is saying?
    Sorry, don’t think she’s the real deal. Good to be able to see her though and judge for myself.
    Love to all xx

  • Skoshi

    Did you see Desteni the “interview” Hitler1 on youtube? “He” says his childhood was without fear; full of peace and love and joy. According to historians, that’s not correct. His father was very abusive; Hitler wanted to be an artist and his father wouldn’t allow it, etc. How far back into his childhood would he have to reach to be living in a state of joy?

    • Exactly! I didn’t listen to it, but I understand that Hitler’s childhood was wretched. Saw a whole program about it on the History Channel. Not sure about this girl. She’s adorable though; looks like a little pixie!

  • Cara

    Re: Desteni
    Check out The Rick Ross Institute Archives for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements.
    I think this is a highly reputable group. Of course people can write whatever they want but there are 88 pages of people writing about their experiences with Desteni.


  • yahaira

    I have seem this kind of medium ship in my country. We are very used to it. Some times in a funeral some body out of the crowd ‘d start talking like the dead person saying things that only the family ‘d know. One time i saw with my own EYES in the funeral of a neighbor who got killed in other country and was brought to our country to be buried there, his spirit got into his cousin to said the name of his killer, who was one of his best friends. Also there are the kind of people who work like this. They have many guides who come inside of their bodies drink different types of alcohol eat many food, and work telling ppl what they need, then go out of their channel’s body who doesn’t remember anything at all and don’t feel drunk or anything at all. I know at least 3, but in my country this is very common also in Cuba and puerto Rico…One time a lady who was like this told me : this is hell, i just want die, this is no life.. just helping others and cant take vacations, i don’t wish any of my kids to inherit it”. Also met one lady who became christian and she said it was all diabolic and every time she ‘d go in trance she ‘d experience the worse punishment one can imagine. She publicly said that the spirits are not from god and used to abuse her in many ways in the astral world and that they feed from ppl’s fear, and that they are just cheating human kind so they forget about Jesus . That she was their victim since she was 7 yrs old. and while her mother used her to make money she was living hell. But she never could get rid of it till she became christian at the age of 40. Also I practiced Santeria, which is a joruba religion based in Cuba and Brazil but comes from Africa. During this time my guru or god father as they are called, did trance channel for me and that spirit ‘d change my godfather s body and face, he said he was from 500 years ago and he is helping the “saints” to work with ppl. He’d drink and eat this that my godfather didn’t like, so I do believe that they are many ways on which spirits communicate and also there is a wide universe of astral planes and not all of them love us as JESUS LOVE US. 😉


    • Yahaira, talk about bringing drama to a funeral! Was the best friend there? I hear that there are souls who feed off of other people’s energy, though. Robert says it’s because they have a very narrow perspective about their situation and feel they need the energy of others to survive. They don’t have ill intent, they just don’t realize they can survive on their own energy.

  • Nancy Antia

    Dear Elisa,

    It seems to me there’s the right time for most of what we came here to do whatever it might be. Wherever you were, spiritually speaking, before Erik’s transition, was part of your path. Anyway, here you are making the lives of so many grieving people a lot brighter!



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