Turning Back the Hands of TIme and Gross Feet

Me: Here’s an interesting question from a blog member: “I am curious if Erik has met or has knowledge of all the various Erik incarnations happening at the same time. Can Erik still influence the Erik that passed on in this latest incarnation?” I love that question. Can you, Erik? Can you meet and influence all of your incarnations past and present?

Erik (laughing): Damn that makes me sound like a super hero, doesn’t it?

Me: You’ll always be my super hero, Baby.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Yes, um, being in the spirit world where I am, I could go out and meet myself if I wanted to do that, but when you’re here, you kind of find that it’s not necessary, because you’re actually connected anyway.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: You pick up on it, but—

Me: Can you still influence the Erik—my Erik—before you passed on?

(Of course what I’m really asking is, ‘Can you prevent yourself from pulling that trigger so Mama can have her precious boy back.’)

Erik: Yes.

(Long pause)

Me: Okay.

I think, ‘Is that all ya got, Erik? Please give me more!’

(Awkward pause)

Me: I mean, you could obviously save your own life or make changes to it so you wouldn’t be dead. How would that work?


Jamie: He’s kind of tugging at his hair on the side.

Erik: I knew you would go there.

Me: Yeah, yeah. No, I’m just trying to figure out, because then this life would be completely different for both of us and the family and of course our Channeling Erik family. It’s not supposed to happen, I guess.

Erik: That’s the thing, Mom. If it were an accident, then that kind of time travel shifting—you could come and change things and, you know, heal. But if it’s meant to be that way, then no, you can’t really shake it up that way.

Me (solemnly): Yeah. And you wouldn’t want to, or you couldn’t do it?

Erik: I wouldn’t want to. It’s not like we don’t really get in trouble, but we can!

Me: Ooo, principal’s office! But whom do you get in trouble with?

Erik: Our guides.

Me: Okay. Darn. Thought I’d ask.


Me: Okay. Now, someone brought to my attention that recently there have been some feet washing ashore in Vancouver, and they have tennis shoes on. Like a dozen disembodied feet. What is that all about. Kind of gross. Just sayin’.

Jamie: That is kind of gross! He’s talking about it being murder—

Me: Like a serial killer?

Jamie; Yeah, where they’re releasing the bodies in the same place each time, but it doesn’t look like a mass dumping. It looks like it’s been going back and forth for a little while.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: Two, three trips with several different people. But this is from a long period of time.

Me: Where are they dumping it, in Vancouver? Or maybe it’s from Japan?

Erik: Nope, not that far.

Me: Must be joggers since they all have tennis shoes on. That just proves my point that jogging is bad for your health!

Jamie laughs.

Jamie: Especially in Vancouver!

Me: I know!

Jamie: He’s showing me it’s in that local area. It’s not from far away and washing up. 



IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Blog member, Lynette, from Augusta, Georgia needs help from her Channeling Erik family. She has been recently diagnosed with uterine cancer and will be scheduled for surgery soon. Until then, she will not know what stage is it. Please send her as much healing energy as you can. She’s a lovely woman, and Erik has a very special fondness for her.

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  • Sending positive energy and love to Lynette!

  • Clau Bueno

    Hi Elisa,
    could be the “deja-vu” feeling about going through your different “times”? kind you realize that you “saw” that before but actually you don’t have too much idea when you could do some action to change the “destiny”? sorry, sometimes is so much information that i get confused! 😉
    Lynette will be in my thoughts and i’ll be sending lots of blue and green healing lights on her way!!
    Tchau for now,

  • Vicki

    Oh, how strange! Wonder why it’s only the feet?

  • Sachi

    HEALING ENERGY BEING SENT TO LYNETTE! Along with love and prayers.

  • You are in my mind Lynette. I will think healing each time you are put in my mind and heart.

  • Irina

    Oh my! Erik just told me to get 21 people to do energy work for so I can start being “the kick ass healer that I am”. So I will definitely send healing energy to her, but if she could contact me it would be great! irinanelson@Ymail.com is my e-mail. much love

  • Vickie

    Sending rays of healing to Lynette!

  • amy cavanaugh

    Lynette what a gentle giant-doesnt say much but every word counts. I will keep her in the light. I am working with a natopath in Austrailia — apparently cancer hates oxygen!!!!

    My friend Sharon-her husband died in a freak diving accident on Sunday-oddly enough they are from NY but he was diving really close to where Keith’s ashes are in S Florida.

    It is wonderful to be able to be there for her and explain the nature of grief-and I am already dropping little clues-“well I did go to a medium”. Jack Valante is his name-please hold him in the light for a safe transition and Erik-you are so good at orientation!!!!!!!! He is a 47 yr old dark handsome Portuguese.

  • Anonymous

    OF COURSE you “went there!” Come on Erik, I mean really! If so much is possible, why not that? Elisa i think you have every right to ask all you want on that topic and you deserve as many answers as Erik and every single spirit in the spirit world is willing to give you! If anything is possible in all our myriad simultaneous existences then why can’t we have what was done be undone yet still find a way to get the message out and heal the world? It’s like all is possible with Quantum Physics except the deepest desires of one’s heart and/or the prevention of suffering. Going back and healing wounds and tragedies throughout our history, personally and culturally, seems like a great thing to investigate and pursue!

    Elisa I just want you to know I am totally with you on this one and am not disparaging or rejecting Erik in any way, I know he can handle my questioning and i don’t mean it with any mean spirit but rather out of concern and wanting to advocate for you and your very legitimate questions and feelings! Maybe it comes through differently in the transcript from how he actually feels or thinks but it comes across as VERY unfair to you! I do not say this out of pity at all but rather solidarity and empathy for your suffering.
    It is very human and legitimate to say well with this whole realm of possibility that we’re discussing, full of love and light and creativity, why can’t I have my child back in human form? Why is that wrong, especially if there isn’t really “wrong and right” or “bad or good” technically speaking?

    Hugs Elisa and I’m so sorry for your loss. I experience Erik-in-spirit as real and know he is still with you. You have still had an unimaginable loss though and I see and acknowledge that and support you as you grieve and seek to heal.

  • Anonymous

    Ohh interesting, I guess while in spirit, you just know who all your selves are !

    Healing prayers for Lynette


  • Anonymous

    Lynette, I have Gods white light around you.

  • Anonymous

    @Linette: Sweet Lady, I am sending you Reiki energy and picturing you filled with and surrounded by that healing energy…and I want you to know that it’s SO important that you try to remain mentally as positive as possible (I know that’s hard, believe me!), and to try to focus on wellness instead of illness – just try to catch your thoughts and turn them around if they get negative. I’ve seen so many cases of cancer being put into remission and even reversed by the power of positive thought and visualizing that part of your body filled with light and glowing health. Try to keep that picture in your mind as you go through this, and determine to freak out the doctors by how well you’re doing! The body responds to all your thoughts about it. In the meantime, know that you are loved and valued by all of us in the CE family!

    @Elisa: I love you! <3

  • StaceyK

    Could be that rubber floats…. the rest of the bodies could be decomposing and becoming fish food. (I believe the feet are found in their shoes)

  • Lorj11

    Much positive energy and love being sent to Lynette.

  • carol c

    Holding Lynette in white light…oxox

  • amy cavanaugh

  • Denise

    I am inviting all my guides and angels to be with Lynette during her surgery to help with a successful surgery and quick recovery.

  • Cgowensby

    Dearest Lynette,
    I’ll be praying for you and sending the white light to surround and protect you,the green lightof healing ,and the archangels to surround and protect you as well.Sending reiki your way!

  • Flanaganatlarge

    Sending loves to Lynette!

  • Nadina405

    I went outside and asked for healing love and light for Lynette and another friend who is in critical condition. I know I was heard! I too, have had 2 events of affirmation recently and my prayers were heard! I know all our loving and healing thoughts will be channeled to her in her time of need!

  • Linda

    Elisa, why is it that Erik can not send Lynette a healing? Does Erik not know what will happen to her? Is this her time to escape and her choice to go this way, if that is what had been decided. I always get hung up on ( Thy will be done on earth as in heaven) in these cases. But I will surely send to her positive energy and prayers.

  • Mekaylah

    Blessings Lynette! I am from Augusta, GA too! I am sending you prayers, love, and light.

  • I’m sure Erik is doing everything he can and is rounding up all the healers he can to do the same. Maybe Lynette will ask Erik on the conference call why she developed this illness and what will happen to her.

  • Jroukey

    Is the photo below Loryana’s comment that of Lynette?

  • Patrick

    “Turning back the hands of time” exists in our minds here on Earth. Animals with more complicated thought patterns – deemed intelligent – have sleep and waking cycles. We have identified the “brain waves” of electrical cerebral activity, that identify each phase but we don’t understand them; not yet!

    Because we sleep and awaken, and generally do it according to sunlight and darkness, it’s easy to segment time into days, divide the days in half, into hours and seconds and to also add them up into weeks, months, years.

    Everything you just read is Earthly. Step up and away from the surface of “The Planet” (title of a new book [e-book, to be precise]) soon available on Amazon!) You are in “space” and looking down upon the surface just as seen from a satellite in orbit. Earth rotates below you; the planets of the solar system are but a few of an infinite number of celestial bodies you can see. No sunrise or sunset occurs. There are no shadows orangle of sunlight, or clocks. What “time” is it?


    Erik can return to influence himself in this recent lifetime on Earth just as we all can. With this ability as humans, in dense matter on Earth, our purpose here would be nullified.

    Each episode or experience in life can be seen like a computer file. Our development of analog and then digital computation and storage of data is modeled after true information as it exists permanently in the real world from which we have come to the Earth’s surface and to where we will all return.

    Your existence is at the center of a large storage disk; it’s a simple matter to travel out from the center towards the edge and locate any file you like; simply turn the disk to the point needed – you remain at the center – and reach out to the file. They are not arranged in chronological order because there IS NO CHRONOLOGICAL order.

    Each episode or series of events can be “opened” examined, reviewed and modified. If we “like” the changes, we can either save the file, permanently changed OR we can save the altered file as a NEW file. We can retrieve any file any time and review, create or alter as we choose.

    Erik can retrieve his experience from earth years 1989-2009 and read them over just as we can take a book off a shelf; and he can rewrite each event, experience and occurrence and when he “saves” the changes, he then has the option of turning that “screenplay” into a show, and generally the creation of a “show” means the experience was manifested on Earth and occurred within the dense, human construct of existence.

    Because all things can be created, eliminated and altered as we prefer, there is no concept of possessions, ownership, passage of time, deterioration, harm, damage and hurt as we know them on Earth. We humans have learned slices of this reality in prior civilizations and used them; why do pyramids suspend the effects of deterioration?

    We have decided to measure what doesn’t exist but for our decision to create it. In Spanish the word for weather and time are the same word, coincidence? No…time is the current condition, it’s not the passage of anything EXCEPT as we choose it to be.

    Let’s discard every clock, watch and calendar every created and strike every reference to units of measurement every conceived; does the sun stop shining and so the plants cease to grow?

    Time can seem to slow down of speed up for no apparent reason at the most unusual of moments; do we all remember a fall or an accident where time seemed to go slower as we fell? Do we all remember a trip, an amusement park ride or classroom where time “flew by”, where several hours seemed like minutes?

    Soon time will compress for us on Earth as changes occur, in fact they have begun in a bigger way; the Earth is experiencing Richter scale earthquakes of 5+ to >7 daily; the undersea quakes receive little press attention, however that will change soon.

    The speeding up of time’s perception will assist us all and help us through this currently open”file” to our collective benefit. We will soon be on our way forward and in what will seem like just a moment, we will return home to see what we lived, what happened and what we learned from this most enriching and entertaining of places the universe offers.

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