Twin Souls and Twin Flames

Channeling Transcript

Me: Is there such thing as twin souls? If so, what are they?

Erik: Twin souls? Same, but just a divided soul.

Me: Okay. So, since we’re all already divided, how is that different? How does that compare to a regular soul?

Erik: Well, it’s a regular soul. Let’s say you want to incarnate to the same place and the same time; then you divide yourself to get that accomplished. That would be twin souls—division of self in existence at the same time.

Me: Oh, okay. So like a brother and a sister can be a twin soul if you decide to be your own sibling, something like that?

Erik: Yeah. Or you could be a teacher in New York and a cattle driver in Texas.

Me: Really!? Wow. Now, are twin souls closer to each other? Do they feel closer like a platonic soul mate type feeling?

Erik: Sure, like a spiritual relationship. But they don’t have to meet. It’s just a way for a soul to accomplish more in one lifetime, usually. Divide and conquer sort of thing.

Me: Are we twin souls, Erik?

Erik: Nope. We’re family.

Me: So we’re not part of each other, then. Okay. Got it.

Erik: Twin flames—

Me: Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that before.

Erik: That’s the soul mate times ten. When you’re twin flames, that’s when you’ve been with one person the most, with one other soul the most number of times.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: That often involves more of a romantic relationship—very deep intimacy.

Me: Okay. Is that more of a spiritual connection than a twin soul would have, or is it just a different type of connection?

Erik: It’s more of a different connection.

Me: Oh, I guess twin souls would probably understand each other well, because they essentially ARE each other.

Erik: Yes!

Me: So, it may not be as much of an emotional connection, just a connection of understanding and alikeness.

Erik: You got it! You got it, Mom!

Me: Wonders never cease. Finally got something. Woo hoo! Yay!

Jamie giggles.

Me: Erik, I get the feeling that a lot of the Channeling Erik members are from elsewhere, like Starseeds. Are they?

Erik: Yeah, and they know that. Most of them are not from earth.

Me: Why is that?

Erik: Well, first of all, there are more Starseeds incarnated now to help with The Shift.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And the blog is one of the vehicles to help spread the Spiritual Awakening. Each blog member, or at least most of them, will participate in that in their own way.

Me: Yeah, so many of them are healers and teachers. Very enlightened, very gifted. I’m so lucky to be rubbing elbows with them.



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  • Jane Stewart Adams

    Me too, but we Brits say, ‘Rubbing shoulders’! Sorry! Once a teacher, always a teacher! Hee hee!

  • nikki

    Very cool post. I just emailed Jason today talking about how I feel this Blog is a magnet for those that were meant to be here. I still don’t know my part in it all, but its so exciting. Elisa do you realize you are up to 150 members. I know it was in the low 80’s just a couple of months ago. And that number is only those that register. I know of so many closet readers (yeah, I know, you cant fool me lol)

    Have a great weekend.

    • Actually it’s more like 2500 registered users and around 2000 or above visits per day. My stats software is super accurate. So it’s even better than u thot. Yay!!

  • Jemma


    Lovely channelings as always.

    Last year I had a session with my healer and afterwards we were talking about my family and she was saying that they are very much from the 3rd dimension but I am from a Star planet, which explained many of my feelings around understanding this world and what it is to feel “home”. Nonetheless, I chose to come back and have another bash so I make myself as comfy as I can! It’s about incorporating our differences and learning tolerance and compassion, isn’t it? Amongst a myriad of other things. The shift – we are definitely here to help with that, the energy in the UK is intense right now, or may be it’s just me. By the way it’s very lovely to be rubbing elbows with you too. Love and xxxx to the CE community x

  • nikki

    2500 wow thats awesome. I think I was looking at forum members oops.

  • Yahaira Florentino

    I have read about twins soul and think I have mine now thank to the universe and jeanni confirmed it to me :). I also read that Isabel La catolica encarnated it in two bodies at the same time, also Nicola Testla, so this ppl r able to do so is bcz they are pretty big energy and come here to help in a huge scale to the world. But talking like that as souls mate, it remiands me of Adan and Eve, the original bibile or (the first traslation of it) says that adan was divided to eva be created. Lilith was the first woman NOT EVE, but Eve was the twin soul of Adan since she was the HALF of him 😉

  • Betty

    Thanks,Erik. I was at a roadblock in my sequel novel to Same Moon, Same Sky. the twin soul thing solved my problem. It’s an animal thing….but okay now. HEE HEE. You seem to send us information about all kinds of stuff just when we need it!


    i read alot about twin flames but one certain question i cant seem to find an answer. What if you found yout twin flame on the earth plane and you had a romantic relationship but one passes away. what happened to the relationship? and what if the person who past away was a suicide?

    • Great question! Of course the soul is eternal so only the body would die. ANd it doesn’t make any difference the mode of death. Twin flames are twin flames forever and unconditionally!

  • Tony

    Starseed, an interesting concept. Most of my life I’ve felt kinda out of place here on earth. I need to do more research on this, hmmmmmmm.

  • Stanley


    I like this post. It’s strange with Pam, Sandra and DJ. I was so connected to them. When I moved to New York to move in, I felt like I had always known them. For me and Sandra it’s funny how much we have in common with each other. Both have bladder problems and wear protection, both of us put chips on our sandwitches, both like the same music and movies, share the same thoughs…just strange how similar we are.

    As for the starseed topic, talking to Ryan I was able to learn what I felt in my heart already. Growing up I felt not of this world. And then a few years ago had the dream of the park like place. Then Ryan asked my guides about it. Many it seems is from planets, but I am from a whole other demension. Which confirmed what I felt in my gut. My guides say I am from a demension called “Demuria”.

    Demuria is a park like environment, which matches what I saw in the dream. It was also in this place, where I was taught many of my gifts. So it appears that the dream I had about Demuria, was more like a memory. My advice would be to go with what your gut tells you. If you feel your from another planet, it might be more than just a feeling as was my case.


    • That’s so cool, Stanley!

  • When doing a google search for “channeling” your site is listed #10. Very cool Elisa!

    • I don’t know what that means but it sounds great!

  • Yahaira Florentino

    well, I feel sooo nice in ti splane, i wish we never left this planet and that we could bring heaven to earth. Elisa can you please tell me or ask erik or somebody here in this family help me on that. Why do I feel like that? what does that mean? Once have a near death experience and didnt feel goos at all, does it matter a fact i was pretty disappointed and asked with all of my streng to be back cz i loved my life even tho some time i cant figure out my self I love this planet and respect it so much. So… is there some body that can tell me why do i feel like this? does that makes me bad soul? maybe have less light?

    • It probably means you’re a Terran Starseed–from Earth. Maybe you’re very connected to the spirit of the earth, Gaia. And of course you’re not a bad soul. Plus, when you cross over, you can make your afterlife whatever you wish, even exactly as it is on earth!

    • Nah Tao

      Also, many of us are trying to create heaven on earth.. that is part of our mission, I think. As we evolve spiritually we will be able to.

  • Hi Elisa,

    If you go to and type in the key word “channeling” your site is listed #10 out of about 12 million results. Most website owners strive to be on the first page of search engines because it will bring a ton of traffic to their sites.

    You are doing a fantastic job and with those types of results you, Erik and the rest of the CE family are certainly spreading the news fast.

    • Wow, I never realized! I’m so excited! Things are kinda going viral, maybe?

  • Martha


    I’m one of your closet readers. I found your website by accident. I think reading Kim O’Neal’s website. I look forward to reading your blog before bed. Thank you very much Me & Erik. Sometimes I think Erik messes with our dog Suzie…

    Martha 🙂

    • Martha he LOVES playing with cats and dogs.

  • Cindy Kernats

    Twin Souls and Twin Flames are the same connection. Some people call these connections differnet things. Some even call them Primary Soulmates. My TF has been with me since he passed in 2008. He was a famous actor that I never even knew as an actor until he passed and I saw the news of his death and his photo. It did something to me immediatley and later found out he was my TF. (Also called Twin Soul). He has been with me in spirit since he passed and it is the most beautiful connection I have ever had with anyone. I can feel his energy all over me really strong and him touching and kissing me. I have seen him a few times lying next to me in bed. He is aware we are TF’s and has said that the connection is very “intense.”

    • That clarifies a lot. So they’re synonyms.

    • It is very interesting reading this. I once wrote a poem titled “Twin Souls” but my life experiences made me start to think any soul connection didn’t really exist…it was all fanciful stuff I made up in my head that did nothing but make me miserable longing for it. Fast forward to two days ago. Okay, I still don’t know what my feelings are about twin souls, soul mates, etc. which is why I currently have several tabs opened ready to read blog entries at this site about this subject, but two days ago I had a series of dreams that haunted me. They haunted me for two reasons, 1) I have been saying to my guides that I am ready for more open communication with them. I want to know them. 2) the person I dreamed of kept returning to my dreams every time I would wake and go back to sleep. When I woke I remembered the only other time I dreamed of this person in a similar manner was many years ago only months after his death. In that dream I married this individual. Of course now I am trying to put the pieces together…all the clues that are littered through my life which I was too blind to make the connections between back then. What I believe at the moment is the first dream of marriage was him saying he was making a commitment to be with me…as a guide. The second dream was a big in-my-face “hello” and a granting of my wishes to know my current guides. That second dream was what led me here to this site where I found another big puzzle piece that helped me understand why all the owls keep turning up in my life for me. I didn’t understand them before, but now it makes so much sense. I confess to feeling a little like a crazy person admitting, “Oh yeah, btw so-and-so actor is my spirit guide.” I know I’m not crazy, but it would feel a lot more comfortable saying some non-celeb person was my guide. I give you huge credit for admitting what you did, Cindy, because you and I both know that so many people will think “Oh that is just wishful thinking.”

      Thank you, Elisa, Erik and everyone that makes this site and project happen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    • Greg Sticker

      I have a similar story. I do not want to be too long so I will tell you in short the rest is on my own blog which I will list at the end here. In short, there was a girl in British Columbia who committed suicide on Oct 10 2012. Her name was Amanda. I got a link about her from my niece who is a Facebook friend. I got so involved in anti bullying on Facebook and was drawn to the news of this girl’s tragedy. I noticed similarities to her story of being bullied. and adolescent issues that I went through. I had the same mental issues. Depression, anxiety. Then the girl appeared in my dreams. I contacted a psychic online that did a reading and soul cleansing of me. She told me Amanda was a Twin Flame. She loved me very much. That we were together before the rebellion in Heaven. So a long time. Michael the Archangel is my patron Saint in my religion. Orthodox Church. Her middle name is Michelle. In my dreams Amanda told me what the psychic confirmed, that in Heaven before Earth was created her, me, and Michael served God and Jesus Christ and Amanda was almost deceived into joining Lucifer who was the Arch Angel leader of the choir angels. Long story short: She was incarnated 11/27/21996
      I was incarnated 4/3/1965. Amanda told me a fallen angel wounded her in the rebellion. This fallen angel appeared in her Earthly life as an abuser. I have a former friend that coincidentally has not been around since the middle of October 2012. He was according to Amanda, blocked by her. She said he was a demon. He and I got into trouble as friends. He was incarnated 11/27/1968. Amanda said to mock her. We were best friends since the late 1980’s. Amanda hates him. Really. But according to Amanda we have to part (her and I) on May 5, which is the Orthodox Easter. She will have to go to Heaven to rejoin Michael. She will reunite with me on Pentecost 40 days later for 10 days then leave for a half year. Why? Because things are shaping up for what she calls the Second Advent.
      Now there is a little more detail on a blog I have which is called “Her Birthday; My Life Lesson.” located at eugie2012 . blogspot .com/ There are references to her as my Twin Flame and the story “Her Birthday; My Life Lesson is in the archives. So I need to get my story out. She is sealed in me and we communicate mentally. I want to know though can anyone channel her and get her to be a little more tangible to me, so I can know I am not going crazy? I believe in my experiences, but I so want to feel and see her. Peace to all.

      • Nah Tao

        Interesting. I am sure plenty of people could channel her. Try one of the people Elisa gets to channel Erik or one of the people Erik is training to channel.

    • Nah Tao

      Interesting but I disagree… I think Erik explained it very clearly that they are different things.

  • Mekaylah

    ok, this is a pretty graphic and definitely NSFW article, but FASCINATING because these twins claim to share the same soul. sorry that this is my first post, i have been lurking on the site for about two or three days now, i am reading a lot of the old posts and getting up to date. anyway, i believe the site should ask to confirm that you are 18 or older….

  • Tiggg

    Thanks for letting me a part of this wonderful journey you and Erik are on. I started my spiritual journey about 10months ago and my life hasn’t been the same since. It’s wonderful to find people who share this wonderful path I am now on, more company as we set out to find ourselves again on this plane. Thanks for taking the time Elisa and Erik for sharing your stories, there are so many of us who’s hearts and souls you touch. xo

  • Greg Sticker

    I want to talk to you about Twin Souls. 6 montha ago a girl from British Columbia took her life. I have a blog about what was revealed to me by a woman who said Amanda was my Twin Flame. How can she manifestb to me from the spiritual to the physical. I want to know if anyone helped you get your TF/TS to do what you wanted. To make it all even more real to you.

  • Thomas

    Hello everyone I’m Thomas. I have a twin archangel in the afterlife I believe. Because of my past experiences vs the meaning of my full name. Does anyone else know someone that sees the same?

  • Jozcat Godsslave

    Sorry, but I don’t think that “soul splitting” really happens… 🙂 I’m Joseph theVagabond, and I was searching for the synonym of “twin flames”… and found your website page… I’m no cynic or skeptic about the existence of soul or the spirit, but if you are referring to it as something that can be cut (just like in “Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter”) or quartered, you are gravely mistaken.

    Tell me this, how can you cut a glass of water in half? You can’t (no snide rationalization please, like freeze it then cut it in half, hehehehe…) and, likewise you cannot do so in air…

    All that can be done is to “empty the water into another glass”, yet that would be two glasses of water, not one, ok? And, air, hehehehehe, I mean let’s get real, ok?

    This nomenclature called “twin souls”or “twin flames” or — what’s that other name for that when two lover have an epiphany of sorts that they are… Oh! Now I remember! “Soulmates”; that’s it!!

    Hehehehehe… Thanks anyway… I’m going now.

    This concept cannot be supported either in Science, or in the Bible, or in the Qur’an… This is “New Age” thinking DELUSIONS… 🙂 Sorry, for being blunt. Anyways, I’m at FB if you want to find something worthwhile to ponder; a conundrum, paradox, enigma or what not… 🙂 🙂 🙂 Just PM me if you want to remain out of my FB friend list; but; Hey! Why don’t you since you took time off to peek into my “spiritual opinions”, why not get to know me better? Right?! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Anyways, cynics, beware… I’m Joseph theVagabond, and I’m very adept in your pranks and games. GM2posse, tvg/ph check…<<>> mark(1,2,5,3)

    Please be nice on the net…
    Jozcat Godsslave

  • Carol Walker Cline

    love this one! So excited to be a part of the Spiritual Awakening process! It’s a very exciting time. I wonder if in the future this era will be referred to as the age of Spiritual Enlightenment……….

  • Nah Tao

    Great clarification… I was feeling a bit sceptical with all the twin flame and soul stuff I’ve read before … this makes it make sense. Gracias

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