Twin Souls and Twin Flames

Channeling Transcript

Me: Is there such thing as twin souls? If so, what are they?

Erik: Twin souls? Same, but just a divided soul.

Me: Okay. So, since we’re all already divided, how is that different? How does that compare to a regular soul?

Erik: Well, it’s a regular soul. Let’s say you want to incarnate to the same place and the same time; then you divide yourself to get that accomplished. That would be twin souls—division of self in existence at the same time.

Me: Oh, okay. So like a brother and a sister can be a twin soul if you decide to be your own sibling, something like that?

Erik: Yeah. Or you could be a teacher in New York and a cattle driver in Texas.

Me: Really!? Wow. Now, are twin souls closer to each other? Do they feel closer like a platonic soul mate type feeling?

Erik: Sure, like a spiritual relationship. But they don’t have to meet. It’s just a way for a soul to accomplish more in one lifetime, usually. Divide and conquer sort of thing.

Me: Are we twin souls, Erik?

Erik: Nope. We’re family.

Me: So we’re not part of each other, then. Okay. Got it.

Erik: Twin flames—

Me: Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that before.

Erik: That’s the soul mate times ten. When you’re twin flames, that’s when you’ve been with one person the most, with one other soul the most number of times.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: That often involves more of a romantic relationship—very deep intimacy.

Me: Okay. Is that more of a spiritual connection than a twin soul would have, or is it just a different type of connection?

Erik: It’s more of a different connection.

Me: Oh, I guess twin souls would probably understand each other well, because they essentially ARE each other.

Erik: Yes!

Me: So, it may not be as much of an emotional connection, just a connection of understanding and alikeness.

Erik: You got it! You got it, Mom!

Me: Wonders never cease. Finally got something. Woo hoo! Yay!

Jamie giggles.

Me: Erik, I get the feeling that a lot of the Channeling Erik members are from elsewhere, like Starseeds. Are they?

Erik: Yeah, and they know that. Most of them are not from earth.

Me: Why is that?

Erik: Well, first of all, there are more Starseeds incarnated now to help with The Shift.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And the blog is one of the vehicles to help spread the Spiritual Awakening. Each blog member, or at least most of them, will participate in that in their own way.

Me: Yeah, so many of them are healers and teachers. Very enlightened, very gifted. I’m so lucky to be rubbing elbows with them.



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