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The Houston area CE get together was so much fun. One person drove all the way from Dallas and another all the way from Alabama just to join in the fun. First we had a great lunch at The Corner Bakery. Then we all went to my house for wine and homemade cookies from Sara Kujawa. We must have talked for a couple of hours outside by the pool before we went inside to ask Erik questions on the eBoard. Before everyone left, Pam Oakes captured some great orb videos in Erik’s old bedroom. If you live nearby, be sure to join us for the next one. I’ll announce it on the blog in a couple of months.

Story #1

Hi Elisa and Erik.
I started reading your blog a couple of months ago and have been so affected by your encounters. It started as curiosity because a wonderful woman had passed previously. Now it’s more than curiosity. I live in a mobile home that I bought in March 2012. My teenage daughter and I moved in on St. Patrick’s Day. Near the end of 2013 I met a man on a dating site who happened to be a longtime friend of the man from whom I bought my home. I found this out when I told him my address, he knew exactly how to get here. I asked his friend’s name and sure enough it was Jeff Sears, the man I bought my home from. Then my new friend told I that Jeff passed away near the end of 2012, from cancer. I wonder if Jeff had a part in bringing my new friend into my life. I have always felt, to some degree, a presence in my home. I do believe there are angels here too because I, sometimes, asked for their help and have received it. I do still ask if I feel called to.
Almost two weeks ago my sister Judy Dalberg passed away, almost two weeks after she and I were back in touch. It’s been very difficult for me. I do have good days but I keep thinking about how mad I was that she would spend our time on he phone lecturing me about insignificant things. So, I didn’t rush to call her, answer her call or call her back. I chose to take my time for the sake of avoiding another lecture and potential argument. I have been beating myself up for it. Last night I dreamed that I was sitting at a long table with family. We’re having a family dinner in remembrance of my sister. I remember looking up and seeing her walking in, dressed so nice. She looked beautiful. I remember being nervous that she would be mad. I stood up and we hugged. I said “I’m sorry” and she said “It’s okay”. She seemed peaceful. Was my sister reaching out to me in my sleep? Elisa and Erik, I understand that this forum is for Erik encounters but I really need to know, for my own peace of mind. Are Jeff and Judy reaching out to me?

With much love and gratitude,

Story #2

So I’ve been following the blog for over a month now. I have bought both books and devoured them in a matter of days. I’m very grateful to Dr. Medhus and to Erik, but onto the story. Okay, so I had two tabs open in my laptop this evening. One I was watching a Dr. Medhus interview (on youtube) the other I was checking out the latest blog posts. I clicked on a blog post, I believe it was titled “busy boy” and a picture of Erik making a face as a kid pops up. Let me say, sometimes my son will make freaky faces (he’s 6) and it creeps me out. Kids making weird faces creeps me out and always has or some reason. So when I saw the pic of Erik I said out loud to myself, “wow, that’s creepy”. The words no sooner left my vocal cords that the youtube tab turns into a giant picture of Erik. The picture I had made the comment in reference too. I laughed my ass off. I knew immediately that was him and I certainly walked right into that one. So I apologized to him (for calling him creepy). An hour later (the questioning side of me) tried to debunk it. I went back to the post and tried to open in a new tab, all that jazz, didn’t work. The sense of humor this kid has, wow. My favorite thing about being human is laughter. I love making jokes, I love watching funny things, and to know that when my physical body is no more that I won’t lose my favorite part of myself is such a comfort. Erik shows me we can still be silly. So Erik, dude, I’m real real sorry that I called you creepy and it is an honor to be pranked by the likes of you.

Check out Ivan Teller trance channeling Erik below:

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  • 403LEC

    It is on my “Bucket List” to join the CE family in Houston one of the days 🙂

  • 403LEC

    Elisa…I watched the video of the guy channeling Erik. How did it appear to you…real??? You are most familiar with Erik’s words and body language. So did it appear to be genuine?

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