Vaccines, Part Two

Annika and Lukas came home from college yesterday afternoon, and I’m so glad to have all my babies here. Unfortunately, my eldest baby, Kristina, will be having Thanksgiving for the first time in her new home in North Carolina. 🙁 I know she’s excited! Of course, I probably won’t see Annika before noon because she’ll be catching up on sleep, and Lukas went out with friends and is MIA this morning, but I’m grateful for any time with my sweeties. I hope they won’t read this because it’ll cause them to have the dry heaves. 

Before you read on, be sure to check out Erik’s blog in Australia HEREDon’t forget there won’t be a radio show tomorrow. I’ll be in a turkey coma.

Here’s Part Two of our vaccines series.

Me: Well, is there anything you can take to help the body deal with the vaccines? She mentions things like omega-3, spirulina, chlorella, kelp, anything. Any other substances or food that might help?

Kim: Yeah, there are two things that he’s recommending.

Erik: If I were to tell you one thing and only one thing, it’d be to take an oil: fish oil, Omega-3.

Kim: He’s showing me this image like it’s acting as a carrier.

Erik: It’s going to help the body talk to itself internally and exchange nutrients.

Me: Oh, okay.

Kim: He’s drawing the letter K. So I’m going to assume, okay yeah, he’s referring to vitamin K.

Erik: Or any food that are rich in vitamin K. This helps the body saturate and process vaccines and nutrients.

Kim: He shows me this sponge soaking up everything on an equal basis.

Me: In which cases do you think it’s better not to vaccinate, if any? Of course you guys leave this up to your pediatrician and your healthcare providers! Seriously, this is just Erik’s take on it. Is it okay that everyone is vaccinated but just spread the vaccines out and start a little later or are there cases where even that’s not good?

Erik: Overall, you’re going to have a better experience if you spread them out. That shouldn’t be harmful. Give the body a chance to process one before the other.

Kim: Are there any you’d recommend not doing?


Kim: He’s showing me some of the smaller ones. You know how people go and get their flu shot?

Erik: Those are the ones where the benefits don’t exactly outweigh the risks.

Kim: He makes me feel like it cancels itself out, like it neutralizes itself. Do you see what I’m trying to say because he’s using images to talk?

Me: Erik, use your words! Okay, what’s the connection between childhood vaccines and autism?

Erik shakes his head no.

Me: Are there any bad side effects? What are some of the irreversible side effects caused by vaccines?

(Long pause)

Kim: Okay, this is what he’s showing me. He’s using images again, but I get what he’s trying to say. Let me try to explain. He’s showing me some of the bad, irreversible side effects of vaccines would be nerve damage, but I don’t feel like it’s because of the injection. I feel like it’s because of the reaction to whatever is in the vial.

Me: Is it the vaccine or the carrier in the vaccine that causes nerve damage?

Kim: He circled the word, “carrier.”

Me: Okay, what kind of nerves are we talking about? The central nervous system? The peripheral nervous system? The autonomic nervous system? I can give a lesson in anatomy if you want!

Erik (laughing): This is my mom for you!

Kim laughs.

Kim: When you said, “central nervous system,” he put a lot of his energy there.

Erik: I want to talk about autism. There are some cases that are linked to vaccinations, but 90% of the time, it’s a predetermined journey.

Kim: This is interesting because he’s never talked about this with me before.

Erik: These [autistic people] are supernatural beings. They’re very spiritually inclined, very intuitive, to a point where it feels like they’re in another world when they’re here. That’s when you begin to see them introvert or not be socially compatible.

Me: Are they like super-empaths?

Erik: Yes, Mom. They’re highly intuitive to an extreme degree. Sometimes this can cause them to shut down because they don’t understand why others don’t see, feel or experience the same thing.

Kim: It would be interesting to interview the family of an autistic person because Erik is saying they often have ESP where they’ll have premonitions. It’s natural to them, but when it happens and it’s not happening for other people, they introvert.

Me: How does the damage to the central nervous system manifest itself?

Kim: For whatever reason, he keeps covering his nose! I’ll ask him about that later. He’s showing me problems with dexterity and fine motor skills.

Erik: Well, motor skills, in general. You can have compromised mobility. There a laggish—

Kim (chuckling): I don’t think that’s a word!

Erik: There’s a laggish function of the organs.

Me: It should be a word if it’s not!

Kim: Sluggish, but he said laggish. He’s so funny!

She laughs.

Kim: He thinks he’s smart.

Me: He is!

Erik: What? You don’t like my made up word?

Kim: I like it!

Me: We have a whole new dictionary from your words, Erik! All right. Last question on this topic. Will the diseases we’re immunizing against ever disappear?

Kim: I’m getting a pretty strong, “no.” Let me explain. The way I have Erik answer yes or no questions: with a yes answer, his energy just flows right through me, and I feel that at my stomach.

Me: Okay.

Kim: When it’s a no, there’s a stop feeling in my stomach like a hit feeling.

Me: Okay. Why don’t you just use the word yes or no, Erik?

Erik: Kim speaks better with energy.

Kim laughs.

Kim: I thought I was stronger with clairaudience, but I guess not. I guess I’m clairsentient.

Me: Okay! Sounds good. Well, thank you very much, Erik! This has been very fascinating. Talk to you in a little bit for topic number four! Bye!

Kim: Bye-bye!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone. I won’t be posting tomorrow because I’ll be too busy burning food! I’ll try to post pics later!



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