Video of the Channeling Erik Weekend

I know, I know, I’m poll crazy, but many who aren’t able to attend the big weekend February 8th asked if there would be a video (DVD) of it available for purchase. Since Jamie will have to hire a professional videographer to do this, she wants to know if this would make sense for her financially. These guys don’t come cheap. Please give us your feedback!

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  • Susan

    Just a thought, but I’m not sure the most cost effective and widely distributive options are being considered. Who buys DVDs anymore? I’d pay more for a digital download than I would for an antiquated DVD that I have to load into my old and busted DVD player.

    There are smart, efficient, tech-forward ways to go about these things. Don’t waste resources unnecessarily.

    Love to all the CE family!

    • Oh yeah! Of course. A digital download. Love it!

      • Kari Silver Lining Mena

        Um, this technically challenged girl might like a CD…

  • D Mom

    I think a CD would be more affordable and just as helpful since we can’t see Eric anyway.

  • Cindy Lasi

    I agree about digital download. I buy webcasts
    That can be downloaded to my iPhone. Would
    Pay for something like that most definately!

  • Becky Darby

    If it’s reasonably priced, I’d buy it for sure! I agree that we don’t need the actual video feed, an audio download would be just as good, and cheaper.

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