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Last week Google and Bing helped locate random, relatively obscure figures from history and they were interesting guests, indeed. I skipped Y but just now thought “why do that?” (pun intended) and so today we welcome Visitor Y, this time chosen by The Committee. As we know, Erik was appointed head of The Committee for an indeterminate term; let’s have him get somebody they all believe interesting for us to hear from, not on The Committee. I’ll pose questions; let’s see what we get.

                          ST = substitute teacher C = The Committee Y = Visitor Y and Erik

ST:       Erik, you have somebody?

Erik:     Yup.

ST:       Visitor Y, I hope you do not mind if we use this name, given your position, I assume you know why we’ve kindly asked for your ideas.

Y:        Yes and I mind not at all.

ST:       Thank you; so…did you ever live on Earth?

Y:        No.

ST:       As a being in dense matter, somewhere in the galaxy?

Y:        In another galaxy, yes.

ST:       Not the Milky Way?

Y:        No, Andromeda is your Earth name for it.

ST:       What’s the name for it there?

Y:        There are many, many millions of names, for each planet where a civilization has achieved astronomy to identify a galaxy.

ST:       You know all about Earth, I guess, and The Committee has chosen you for some good reason, something relevant.

Y:        Yes, however ask your questions, this is what matters, this is the relevance, not me.

ST:       Yesterday I visited Crap Bakery and had several helpings of shit pie. Frustration gets the better of everybody; for many of us, it seems like the regular fare. Where are life’s donuts? Where do we find some cake?

Erik:     At the bakery, dude…..shit pie and sweets are made in the same place.

Y:        The frustration of many souls on Earth is as you made in your comments; your Earth cultures often prefer pleasant ideas and discourage the opposite. This does not make unpleasant things disappear; they should not be taken away.

ST:       That doesn’t mean we should seek them out?

Y:        You have; they are a choice. Your Earth visit is what was chosen.

ST:       We’ve heard all this before and still, it helps little or not at all to know we gain some lesson from frustration. It’s like wiping body lotion on a broken leg; it’s still fractured. At least the orthopedist will touch moisturized, pleasant smelling skin.

Y:        Earth is a Ph.D. in enlightenment.

ST:       School?

Y:        Research; as levels of education are climbed, degrees awarded and knowledge expanded, so it is with all of you. The expectation that a good student will always perform well and be rewarded with good classifications is the lesser, yet still important half, of the educating process involved.

ST:       What’s the greater half then?

Y:        Setback and its recovery. This, where theoretical meets actual, you expand.

ST:       Why expansion?

Y:        You know greater locations; your universe of knowledge expands with your experience from your locations.

ST:       What can we do with this?

Y:        Many great things you achieve with the insight you shall gain, to describe it in your time illusion. These things you have gained and applied in one alternative, what your Earth visit isolates in the laboratory Earth provides.

ST:       Time illusion?

Y:        Recall location is what you call time; what is achieved is not before or after and bear in mind these words also mean “in front of” and “in pursuit of, following” which are locations, are they not?

ST:       Wow. I see. Is there coming a phase on Earth where we will worry not about time?

Y:        Yes, there will be more activity where a glance at the sun might be all reference to time taken during a day; as this was so common it shall be again.

ST:       Erik, do you like watches?

Erik:     No need for them; I don’t think about it.

ST:       I like the mechanical ones; less precise, a little machine on the wrist and a reminder of human ideas and solutions. Can I have one after I leave Earth?

Erik:     You can have a clockmaker’s workshop if you want.

ST:       Visitor Y, can you describe for us what you see for Earth and humanity?

Y:        Yes.

ST:       Please then describe for us what you see for Earth and humanity. [This should be called Visitor L, for literal]

Y:        About your future I believe you inquire, yes?

ST:       <sarcasm> It ain’t the past…

Erik:     There isn’t the same future and past here; I remember, but “Y” wasn’t on Earth.

ST:       Ooops…yeah. OK. Yes, future, of course and apologies.

Y:        Not needed; we would ask the same; we remember not the automatic sequencing of life on a planet.

For Earth we see difficulties with adjustments then leading to a greater calm.

ST:       For how long?

Y:        You have this choice.

ST:       Isn’t a future pre-destined?

Y:     What is a future? There are alternate locations and events to each attaching. Your selections can be changed and new ones created. You choose.

ST:       So what alternative looks likely among choices mapped out so far?

Y:        What phase or aspect of your history do you prefer?

ST:       History? We want to know more of the future.

Y:        Which one and might a new one be created?

ST:       Which choice is the leading probability at this moment?

Y:        We like moment as momentum, the same they are; continuous movement examined when passing a location.

The likely choice now for the world is this; Europe’s coalition of nations will fracture and then break apart. The USA economy will not improve; it will worsen as do many nations. Benefits come from these, appearing to be a contagion, which they are not. Great pressures will come to national governments in Europe and North America; financial, security and overall the general welfare. They will not respond effectively, reducing government involvement in many things. As changes occur to economies, lifestyles will be altered. Many people will choose beneficial views of this; some will foresee a great loss despite all description and evidence of gain, for society and themselves. This will be a large example of a new thought to become common and quickly; loss of prior efforts will be better known in the way time doesn’t allow; what was done and what money it earned will not a future create as the past and future will be better seen as phases and not timeline increments. Sensing the moment before us without encasing illusions of before and after will make the current moment valuable. This will be more common in your fifth dimension.

ST:       What about money?

Y:        With less available to buy and dropping to disappearing demand to have many things, money will be viewed with less emphasis – less in a bigger way – compared to now.

ST:       Less in a bigger way?

Y:        The reduction in items available to purchase will appear as a shrinking but this will not be so, as those things will not be necessary or serve a purpose.

ST:       Which things?

Y:        Motor vehicles; airports and craft; food restaurants with drive up customer service; these are just a few small things not available for not being wanted.

ST:       Can we change all these things?

Y:        No, much has been decided and placed in motion; but the events remain to show.

ST:       Can we travel to another place and reset this phase of Earth?

Y:        Yes, this has been done, and has led you here. Your imminent surrounding is a retrofit and can be rebuilt after redesign yet again. This moment will be, others can be. You shall choose again we believe.

ST:       Choose what?

Y:        To live the 20th century on Earth with differing approaches.

ST:       Erik, parting words or questions?

Erik:     Yeah; who cut your hair….no, just kidding….looks fine! Seriously, who is gonna win the election for president in the USA?

Y:        The incumbent shall prevail, as events now stand.

ST:       Visitor Y we thank you, very much.

Y:        It was good; thanks returned. Be well.


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  • Yvonne Chireau

    Nice predictions! Good questions!
    But I do not think that she answered your question about the future of Earth and humanity. What about the majority of the planet, e.g. Asia, Africa, South America even? Why do “world” predictions such as this focus on the minority, North America and Europe? Would an interplanetary being care or know about the specific outcome of the US presidential election and not know where the next devastating 9.0-10.0 earthquake or similar natural disaster will occur?

    Oh I hope you feel better soon Patrick. Sending love


    • Patrick De Haan

      I am sure they know, however, the disaster data? I never get any. Good idea, to ask about Asia and South America exclusively. And thanks, I feel fine!

  • eupeptic

    When I asked my spirit guide, Elisa’s spirit guide, and a friend’s spirit guide I received the response from each of them that this spirit is not from the Andromeda Galaxy. When asking a lightworker if anyone from the Andromeda Galaxy communicates with any of us on Earth or in spirit the response is that no such beings communicate with us, and this is someone pretending to be from the Andromeda Galaxy (though my spirit guide contributed to the lightworker’s answer about who this is). (I asked about this because there is little evidence which indicates that transmitting information [via energy] across ~2.54 million light-years of space in a short enough amount of time is possible [I’m open to the possibility {in part because of quantum entanglement} but I haven’t found much evidence yet. When considering how many species of aliens there are in our own galaxy we could be surrounded by thousands to trillions of species of aliens from nearly all galaxies in the Universe if it is possible to transmit information in a short enough amount of time, but we aren’t… not to mention the number of aliens from other universes that could visit us if it is possible to transmit information instantaneously], because the limitations of lightspeed mean that any physical beings/craft from the Andromeda Galaxy would have to have been sent off towards our Galaxy more than ~2.54 million years ago if traveling at nearly the speed of light, and because when I began learning to communicate with spirits an important thing for me to learn was not to assume that spirits are who they claim they are. Anyone in spirit can pretend to be anyone they are not, and as such it’s important for us to assess the information itself rather than use the source of information as an indicator of its value as they could be misleading us. Billy Meier is one example of a source of misleading information. The Urantia Book is another. Those who state that they are a part of The Galactic Federation of Light seem to be another. Matthew’s Messages is another. [Though the quality of information from each of these different sources varies so more can be learned from some sources than other sources, but one needs to use their own judgment/discernment in order to figure out what is valuable information and what is not. It shouldn’t be assumed that these or other sources are all worthless because they provide us with some misinformation because they do provide us with some truthful/helpful information, and it’s up to each individual to figure out what information they should value and what information they should put aside.])

    Another example of this (how knowledge is limited or tailored towards its audience rather than being the absolute truth – and as humans have very little knowledge about aliens we may often be presented with misleading information about aliens depending on who’s asking, who the medium is, and who the target audience is simply because others are not obligated to teach us what we can learn on our own when we are ready to learn and want to learn; beliefs about December, 2012 are another example of how information from some sources is tailored to certain audiences [or it is presented by spirits who aren’t enlightened enough to be more likely to possess more accurate information] rather than simply being truthful) is that it seems to me (based on the interactions I’ve had with spirits at energy levels 3 and 4 over the past few months) that belief in God as a creator is common among spirits at energy level 3 (and possibly lower as well), while energy level 4 spirits often speak of Source instead. I’ve often heard that we create our own reality and this concept seems to apply to our views, beliefs, and perceptions about reality as well. (If you believe that there is a God and that God is a male being and/or creator you probably will find yourself among others who have the same beliefs as you do when you die. More accurate information about reality most likely will not be presented to you after you die as it can often be quite difficult for people who hold certain views to accept that what they’ve learned, been taught, and likely believed without question is not the truth about reality. Such individuals tend to be happier when they are only presented with the views that they’ve created for themselves based on their beliefs/faith/religion.)

    And as for the future spiritual enlightenment of humanity, my spirit guide, a friend’s guide, and I would all like to give support to what Rock Hudson said about a future life of his on Earth during the year 2079 in an earlier channeling session by Jamie Butler:

    “Rock: You’ll find the future to be amazingly similar to what you’re living in now. Technology grows, but human evolution takes longer.”

    • Patrick De Haan

      What I understood is Visitor Y lived in a body, as a being, somewhere in that galaxy but was very close to Earth in spirit when communicating.

      Distances are “longer” the lower the vibration and “shorter” the higher, but the idea of distances traveled in a straight line is an Earth illusion. To travel the surface of Earth requires a curved line – an arc – be followed. The notion of flat, straight travel is caused by Earth’s apparently flat surface; the ocean as an example. An illusion.

      There are different modes of travel between dense beings and spirits in energy; the latter can span galactic intervals much the same as planetary separation within a solar system; it is but a matter of bending locations, bending what “we” see as time.

    • I personally subscribe to the idea (I think first offered by Robert Heinlein) that fiction in our dimension is fact in another. That writers (particularly of Science Fiction) are actually not writing fiction at all but channeling the history of parallel dimensions. If this is true, then we’re not limited to the speed of light and that “warp speed” (as it’s called in the Star Trek universe) or “jumping” (as it’s called in the BSG universe) or “hyperspace” (as it’s called in other workds) is a technology we will eventually devise, and that other cultures have already devised. Most physicists agree with this idea, and much of Science Fiction is written with advise from such. So I cannot agree that the speed of light is “the limit.” That said, I also cannot agree that communications from the spirit world, wherever that is, could possibly be limited by our laws of physics anyway. We now theorize that there is not just one universe, but a multitude of them (the multiverse) and theoretical physicists are pretty sure that our laws of physics may be limited to just our universe, and that there may be other sets of laws at work in others.

  • M&M

    Thank you Patrick, good stuff. I still believe the whole point of this time, what we are going through, is to learn to detach from the old energy (let go, surrender), start to see things from a higher perspective (think from the heart, not with the mind), and then move into the new “you”- whatever that might look like.

    It seems our challenge at this time is to let go of whatever we are holding on to, take the plunge, and let the Universe take us to where ever we are supposed to go (much easier said than done). From this new being-ness, we provide the positive energy for others to change. Maybe it’s a matter of us becoming this “new person” first and then showing others the way by living it, by being the example of a new way. But that will never happen if we cling to the old and familiar, for then we just go down with the ship. It seems like this is a lot of what Erik, the Committee and those interviewed are saying. The disaster happening around us is not something we can control, but we can control how we react to it. I watched one of the 9/11 specials that was on tv last night, about two individuals who went up as high as they could in one of the towers to save as many people as possible. They stopped on every floor and ushered out more than 70 people who were stuck in the building, who were then able to make it outside before the building collapsed, and provided them a calming force and the light of hope. If we disengage from what is happening around us and focus on the task at hand- to help guide others with light and hope through their challenges, maybe that is our mission at this time. We can lean on each other for support.

    We can grow to be shinning lights to others during their dark times, or we can be in the darkness with them. Just one person’s perception at this point in time.

    • Maria

      I am reading “Birth 2012 and Beyond, Humanity’s Great Shift to the age of Conscious Evolution”, written by Barbara Marx Hubbard…with the “Welcoming Committee” that includes Jean Houston, Jack Canfield, and Neale Donald Walsch, among others, totalling 12. Barbara Hubbard ,, has formed the Cocreative Society (, established Birth 2012 Campaign Sponsors ( 28 affiliated organizations), Shift Network Allies (8 diverse organizations), and has two pages listing Evolutionary Leaders (, four pages listing the Members of the Transformational Leadership Council, as well as their individual .com addresses, and special essays on Social Synergy, Coherence, and New Social Function, and Evolutionary Creativity. Stephen Dinan, CEO and founder of The Shift Network gives the Foreward and the Afterword. Part 4 of the book is dedicated to Resources for the Birth, and recommended reading. Barbara M. Hubbard credits her “vocational arousal” to reading the works of Teilhard de Chardin in the 50’s nd 60’s. ( I relate to this, as he was in the 60’s one of my favorite reads!!!). In 1984, by bringing the ideas of Prigogine, Abraham Maslow, Teilhard de Chardin, Buckminster Fuller and many other new-paradigm thinkers into the political arena she was a candidate, with Geraldine Ferraro, for the Vice Presidential election, running as an “idea candidate” for the future of humanity: Campaighn for a Positive Future. She is a visionary! She proposed setting up a Peace Room as sophisticated as a war room that would identify, connect and communicate our successes and models that work. Her book is so good, I can hardly put it down. I highly recommend it!

  • Tiggg

    Love discussion about the 5th dimension, thanks again for so much wonderful information. Keep it coming Eric :). As always with many heartfelt thanks

  • ~Leah~

    I think they are kind of cute actually.

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