Vlad the Impaler and the Holocaust

My family and I are still enjoying my time in the mountains. Today, the skies are  blue and cloudless, the air is still and the temperature is unseasonably warm, around 40 degrees. On the roads near our cabin, the walls of snow are over seven feet, but they’re slowly receding, returning the pure water to Mother Earth. It’s a little depressing. I hate to see snow melting away. But there are a lot of Norwegians here who are of the opposite opinion. Nine months of snow makes them roll their eyes at every snowflake. “Not again.” 

Today’s post is an old one from the days when I used medium, Kim O’Neill, right after Erik’s death. As you read this, remember that we now know that there is no time and that we live all of our lives at once, past, present and future.

I often wondered why Erik was such an enigma. He was brought up in a loving and nurturing environment with endless opportunities to thrive. He was surrounded by so many friends who loved him. He was exposed to wonderful adventures, hobbies and destinations. So, why did he feel so lonely all the time? Why did nothing satisfy him for very long? Why did he avoid any attempt to develop a career? Why did he shirk all responsibility?

The other side of this riddle of a boy was polar opposite to his darker side. He was so loving, so creative, so clever with his hands, so willing to sacrifice for those he loved and even those he barely knew. He was never petty or jealous. In fact, the wins and attainments of others gave him a great deal of happiness. I’ve never heard him say a mean word about anyone. He didn’t have a single judgmental bone in his scrawny little body.

Now that he’s on the other side with a broader, deeper perspective, I asked him questions that I hoped would solve the mystery that is this wonderful soul.

‘What past lives were most significant to the issues you had this last lifetime, Erik? Oh, and which past lives helped develop the strengths and gifts you demonstrated this last lifetime, too?’

“Okay, two different questions there, right?” asked Kim.

‘Yeah,’ I reply.

“World War II. Concentration camp. I was a Jewish prisoner working in the crematorium.”

“Oh, boy!” Kim exclaims.

‘Ew,’ I utter under my breath.

“I was from Poland.”

‘Okay,’ I say.

“I was told that my mother and sister and father would live if I worked at the crematorium. That was the incentive for me to work hard there. But I found out later that my family was gassed when they first got there.”

‘Oh! That’s horrible, Erik,’ I say sympathetically. ‘So, what negative issues did that cause for you?’

“Feeling powerless. Feeling manipulated. Feeling like I was treated like an animal. It made me have huge self-worth and self-esteem problems. It also made me have problems completing things. You know, I started things in that lifetime, but I wasn’t able to complete anything,” he says.

As I think back on Erik’s life, I can see so clearly why he so desperately wanted respect, particularly from his father. He wanted freedom, autonomy, independence, but, as the next lifetime he discusses elucidates, he feared any responsibility that would hand him these things on a silver platter.

‘Because completing things were…’ I start.

“…Denied to me because I was sent by the Nazis to Auschwitz,” he interjects.

‘And because you weren’t able to complete your goal of ensuring the survival of your family…’ I add.

“That too. Exactly, exactly. And there was another lifetime too when I was in the Middle Ages in Eastern Europe. I was in an army fighting against Vlad the Impaler in Transylvania. I was one of the heads of the army. I had been drinking, and I made a foolish choice because I was so hung over. So my army was captured, and they were all impaled on stakes because of me,” he says with a subdued tone.

‘Ew!’ I exclaim.

“Yeah and I had such a horrible regret,” Erik adds.

‘What issues did that create for you?’ I ask.

“Unable to complete my destiny. Addiction.”

I thought how ironic it all was: just like that past life, Erik was unable to complete his destiny in his most recent one. Sad.

After a short pause. Kim says, “I’m just listening to him right now, Elisa.”

Erik continues: “I had lots of opportunities that I pissed away. And I felt the fate of all of my men in such a gruesome, terrible way and to know I was responsible for that, to hear them crying and screaming and dying.”

What a terrible cross to bear. My poor baby boy. No wonder he created so much pain for himself.

‘Did that make you have responsibility issues, Erik?’ I ask.

“Shit yeah. I was afraid to have any responsibilities. I knew I had fucked up, and I was afraid I would fuck up other people’s lives too. That’s why I felt like I fucked up everything I did  in my last lifetime.”

Sadly, I remember he always used to say these very words when he was alive. It felt like a dagger in my heart then. It feels like a dagger in my heart now.

In an effort to lighten the somber mood a bit, Kim prompts Erik to answer the next question: “What about the lifetimes that helped you accrue your gifts, talents, and abilities?”

“Oh God,” he says proudly. “I’ve been an artist, a carpenter, an architect, a philosopher, an author, a speaker, someone who has worked in government to make the community a better place, to change laws…”

‘We know you had so many gifts in your most recent life, Erik. Which of these were products of those lifetimes?’ I ask.

“Well, you know I was good with my hands and I was creative. And I could be pretty charming. Also my intelligence, my openness, my willingness to listen to other people, my sense of humor, my desire for everyone to have abundance. You know what I’m really most proud of?”

‘What, Baby?’ I ask, expectantly.

“I was not able to feel any kind of envy or jealousy. I was happy when anyone did cool shit, had cool shit, I was always happy about that. There was never any kind of envy inside of me. Boy or boy, I’ve seen that over and over how that fucks people up!”

‘Yes, oh, God!’ I agree.

“And, Mom, it’s funny because usually what they envy is not what they’re supposed to have anyway!”

‘Uh, huh!’ I say.

“You know, that is so true, Erik!” Kim chimes in.

“That’s interesting!” I add.

“I’ve had thousands of past lifetimes and those two I talked about are the ones that brought painful issues I needed to work through.”

These series of questions left me filled with sorrow. No mother wants her child to suffer. In this case, Erik’s suffering had roots in other lives, but he failed to use that adversity, as atrocious as it was, to heal, to resolve those issues that had plagued him for centuries. Again, he denied himself opportunities, he turned his back on his destiny, he cowered in the face of responsibility, and he always felt he couldn’t do anything right. I believe that’s why he chose to shoot himself rather than swallow a bunch of pills. He was afraid to survive a failed overdose as a permanent invalid. Erik was determined to get this one right. Oh, how I wish he had channeled this determination elsewhere. That moment when he held the gun to his temple was not the time to turn over a new leaf. I miss him so.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Blakita

    It’s interesting to think how much things have changed at CE during this time. I would love to hear this conversation again because you both have moved so much in the meantime. I imagine it would be even more moving.

  • Jacqueline Orszulak

    I’m so glad he experienced the love of your nice family. The acceptance, the opportunity to travel, to have a mother who was a professional. Siblings to be proud of. Many good things. Enjoying bikes with his dad. Why? Because two of his past life’s were so horrendous. This also shows us why we should be kind to ourselves and why we should strive to live by natural law. We have all probably had some awefulmtimesso lives. No wonder we all need to love, be kind, and accept one another!!,
    The message to everyone is accept joy and love and drop fear. Be kind always!!!,
    We truly have no control over our families past lives!!!

  • Dorit

    I am confused about how the past lifetimes affected Erik if there is no concept of time except to humans. If all lives are being led simultaneously than how does the soul “know” a “previous” life? Also, if Erik’s soul “remembers” previous lifetimes, how does one rewrite the narrative so it doesn’t have negative affects on a current life? I am sure that all of us have had traumatic past lifetime experiences. How do we make sure they are not preventing us from leading our best life now?

    • I think Erik puts things in terms of linear Earth time to help us better understand. He says there just isn’t the vocabulary to explain it. Maybe what we get out of one life uploads lessons to all of the others??

  • Giselle Werner

    Thanks Elisa for the reposting. Erik has been helping me with my past lives.

  • Suzette Peters-Williams

    Now I’m so confused my head hurts.(lol) I missed how we live all of our lives at one time. I just found you guys around this last Christmas 2014. What subject does is it under? Reincarnation?

    • Maybe you can check the categories past lives and time. The book (My Son and the Afterlife) has a whole chapter on time. Also search the blog for wagon wheel and stack of books. Erik uses these for analogies.

      • SoulScribbles

        If memory serves, I think Erik uses the analogies of a stack of plates in trying to explain that time is stacked rather than linear

        and that we can focus on a life, past, present or future, by pulling out a dish. It’s the image I use from Erik when my limited human brain is trying to understand the concept that linear time as we know it on earth is an illusion and that all our lives are happening at the same time in different dimensions.

      • Yes and he also uses the book analogy.

  • Anne

    This is so helpful yet I’m still suck on the idea of why we choose to come back, sometimes to horrible lives. I just watched a documentary on children who are used for sex trafficking/slavery in this day and age. Why would a soul contract to come into this life to be tortured? I really don’t understand. How do people contract to return as pedophiles? Can we choose not to return? I think Erik says we can.

  • Dani

    I was wondering, when we listen to ”Erik” is this primarily Erik, Elisa’s son or equally the entire consciousness that was Erik and Vlad and many more? And if it is primarily Erik Medhus then where is Vlad now? Who does he talk to… his family from then and does this occur simultaneously? Or because it was a while back they all reincarnated since or many of them and now they are busy focusing on their most recent incarnation? Do Vlad’s thoughts on things differ from Erik’s thoughts on things? Or have they merged and are just one now? And when Elisa talks to Erik now, does he sound different from her son if he is the sum of all of his lifetimes or same Erik just wiser perspective? (…) Thanks!

    • Since there is no time, all Erik’s and Vlads are in their present, past and future lifetimes as well as in the afterlife all at the same time. It’s about what life they’re focusing on. All lives are like a big stack of books and we’re experiencing the one that we’re reading. That’s Erik’s metaphor.

      • Dani

        So is Vlad talking at the same time to ‘his’ family while Erik is talking to you? Or is the person you really know as Erik actually Erik and Vlad and … all at once and you just used to see it as singular and even he may have forgotten about those parts of him at the time while he had the body of Erik but now its reintegrated? Maybe some of his current wisdom comes from speaking as a whole of identities and life experiences and just so that you would relate well or recognize him he assumes the clothing and mannerism of Erik as you knew him? Did you by the way ask him whether you knew Vlad too and had a different name at the time? Then it would go even deeper…

      • It sounds like you think Erik and Vlad are one and the same. They’re not. Erik was/is in a life that had Vlad in it. If I misunderstood, then I’m so sorry!

      • Dani

        Its ok, no I did not mean it that way at all. The way it sounds to me at this point is that Erik is part of a consciousness still don’t know would you say soul (please correct me there) that had many different identities and not Vlad but the guy who fought against him and Erik are just 2 of many however while we look at it as individual or seperate somehow there is a larger picture a whole that Erik merged back into that he is speaking from today just presenting himself as Erik to you because that is what you relate to but the extra wisdom comes from him returning to his whole self, soul consciousness whatever would be the correct term here and speaking from that whole self : “I’ve been an artist, a carpenter, an architect, a philosopher, an
        author, a speaker, someone who has worked in government to make the
        community a better place, to change laws…”, and so I hear the larger perspective from him not just because he learned after he returned to source but also because he Erik is a larger self, who is actually a really wise soul. Something like that if that makes sense but you are right for a minute I over read that he fought against Vlad not was Vlad himself, thanks for bringing it to my attention:)

  • I’ve done EMDR with great results. EFT also helps. I think that Erik would say that we should do whatever we feel would be healing. Seeing the lesson in our hardships, embracing and learning from them is the real path to spiritual evolution.

  • IhaveChangedThePast

    The life you are living now can influence all other lives you have
    ever lived or about to live. In spirit world, each life is a set of
    probabilities. Each life is a set of cards. You lived a life taking some
    choices which followed a probability strongly like marrying a guy named
    Joe, taking a job as a hair dresser etc (consider just the diamond
    cards in the set as representing this probability). But there are 3
    other type of cards spade, club and heart in the set of cards which
    represent 3 other life probabilities. In the same way, consider a human
    life as a set of infinite types of such probabilities and each
    probability is different out come for your life and all of them are
    happening now in Spirit world.

    In spirit world, you can
    focus on a sequence like say the spade sequence or diamond sequence or
    heart sequence and you can do this focusing timelessly as you want to
    experience it.

    But you will enrich your experience more, if you discover new probabilities in which you are more awesome than you are now. This discovery is what human life is about.
    To find hidden sequences within ourselves that enable us to focus on
    life in a more awesome way. Human life is about Internal transformation.
    Then once we reach spirit world we can focus on new probable sequences
    of life in which we have more enjoyment than we are having now..

    • IhaveChangedThePast

      And all regrets of this life are erased. We have let ourself erase that guilt and regret.

      • Well said. Regrets come from self-judgment. Judgment has no place in the universe. Instead of having regrets, we need to see the value of our actions that created them. Working on it!

    • The physics behind this is kind of cool. When two particles, say electrons, come into contact with each other, regardless of how far apart they are from each other, they still do the same dance. Einstein called this, “Spooky motion at a distance.” That’s the entanglement theory. It’s amazing how everything, at least in this dimension and Erik’s, can be explained through quantum physics.

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