Vulnerability, Part Three

I’d like to close this series with an incredible TED video with Brene Brown that a CE family member brought to my attention. Please be sure to watch it all. It’s very entertaining.

If any of you haven’t voted in the 2013 Bloggies, please do so if you get something positive out of Channeling Erik. The voting process is ridiculously difficult, but I finally have it down. If you want, I’ll be happy to help. Just email your email address to me at Otherwise, here are the instructions. Again, I’m very grateful for your efforts. This means a lot to me.

1) First, click here: VOTE

2) Scroll down to the Religion and Spirituality category and enter the blog name (Channeling Erik) and URL ( You’ll need to fill in the other two spaces with obscure sites. Here’s a site that might give you some easy choices. SITES FOR THE OTHER TWO SPOTS

3) Repeat the procedure for “Weblog of the Year.” I used “The worst cheese blogs” in the other three spaces. Hee hee.

4) Have your friends and family do the same or get permission to use their email addresses and do it for them. REMEMBER, YOU CAN ONLY USE ONE VOTE PER EMAIL ADDRESS. 

5) My daughter would be delighted if you’d nominate her blog,, for the “Best Fashion Blog” category. Click here for blogs to put in the other two spaces. OTHER FASHION BLOGS

Be sure to check your email as instructed after you vote in order to click on the link to make the vote count. If you don’t receive it, check your spam folder. That’s exactly what happened to mine and nearly every other person with a gmail account.

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