Walk-Ins and More on Destiny

Well, we had another tragic bunny experience. Arleen was holding little Cosmo who wriggled free and scurried under the fence into the neighbor’s yard. Nick and Michelle scoured their yard for two hours and couldn’t find it. The next day, it appears in our backyard, but obviously a hawk or owl got to it and it’s skin and tail were ripped from the underlying muscle. The wound was covered in maggots. We irrigated it with betadine and dressed the wound, but I knew that it would have needed suturing to survive. Although she seemed to have a good appetite, she succumbed to her wounds before we could take her to the exotic animal vet. May she rest in peace. I don’t know why, but her death affected me so much. I guess that’s because it could have been avoided. Now, we’ve completely bunny-proofed the entire yard so that nothing happens to little Cocoa. Little Cocoa is precious. Bella adores him. He’s chocolate brown and looks like a chocolate Easter Bunny.

Tomorrow, we’re leaving on our grand camping trip with Arleen. Blog member, Laurie Trapp is meeting us in Sedona and will hopefully join us on other parts of our trip, too.

Don’t forget, we won’t be having the radio show tonight since I’ll be attending Annika’s White Coat Ceremony!

Enjoy today’s Best of Erik. It’s a two-fer because both parts are pretty short!

Me: What about walk-ins? Why do they come in sometimes when somebody exits?

Erik: Woooooo.

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: Just to clarify, a walk-in, how do you perceive that, Mom?

Me: I perceive them as somebody who jumps into somebody’s life—into their body—and the soul that was formerly in it leaves. There is such a thing, isn’t there, like a 6 year-old that says, “Hm. I don’t wanna be body. Adios.” Then, another soul jumps in?

Erik: Okay.


Me: Aaaaannnnnd?

Jamie: Yeah, I know. He’s not saying anything. He’s thinking. I don’t know what about. I asked him, ‘Does it hurt?’ (She laughs.)

We both giggle.

Jamie: He’s listening to somebody talking to him about – (to Erik) Who are you listening to?

Erik: None of your beeswax!

Jamie: He wanted to clarify, on their behalf, exactly what a walk-in is.

Me: Mm hm.

Jamie: Because it’s not a common thing. It’s actually a little frowned upon.

Erik: I know people are going to read that and think it’s negative, you know, like, “Oh, you shouldn’t do it!” But the reason it’s kind of frowned upon is if you’re going this far to actually get into a life, to get into a body, we’re going to encourage you to finish it out, but if your sustainability is so weak—if your spirit is so weak in that process that you need to pass it on then, yeah, there can be a trade out. This can happen in different ways, so when you say “walk-in”, this is why it confuses me, because not all the time is it a spirit who leaves the body and a different spirit who arrives in that living body. It can be a spirit in that body who just says, “ I can’t do this. I need to know more,” and overnight they’re downloaded with information, and it makes them a stronger spirit that behaves completely different.

Me: Oh! Okay.

Erik: So, it can be like a mega-upgrade.

Me: Erik 2.0.

Erik: Often the walk-ins are when something traumatic has happened to a person. It could be coming out of a coma. It could be getting hit by a car. It could be having a life-changing experience like losing a mother, losing a child where that person decides they’re done, but they don’t experience death in the physical traditional way. It’s almost like a release effort. The walk-in.

Me: Okay. Well, that doesn’t seem to relate to destiny, so we won’t go on with that subject. How have your concepts of destiny and free will changed compared to when you were alive, Erik? Make it a quick one, because I want to go on to sex.

Erik Of course you do.

Me: No, I know you do! That’s your favorite subject! I want you to be happy!

Erik: They changed drastically, because it’s no longer—

Me: No, for you, personally, now!

Erik: That’s what I’m saying!

Me: Okay, okay!

Erik: The contrast, the, the—Fuck, now I’m talking in tongues. It changed drastically, because it was not longer a mystery about how it worked or where it was present in my life. It’s just so completely visible. It’s just how we live.

Me: Okay. Is there free will there in the afterlife?

Erik: Yeah, whaddya think, we’re a bunch of puppets?

Me: Does it affect you in the same way it affect us mere mortals?

Erik: Mere mortals! You muggles! Yeah. Yes, yes. It’s still the same.

Me: Okay. Is there anything else you want to share with us about destiny or free will?

Erik: Nope.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Lily

    What if after a traumatic event, such as a suicide attempt, there is no walk in and instead the current soul/spirit feels more broken, hopeless and unsupported than ever because life does not improve in any way? Does it mean it is it’s destiny to go through suicide? Why would life get more empty and hollow after something as traumatic as that? Isn’t the universe supposed to provide extra support and relief during that time?

    • Alba Kambouris

      Great question was there an answer

    • Rog

      In this case, would the attempted suicide mean the person has given up on themselves in some additional way? Maybe it’s their own self that’s missing and making them feel even more hollow. Lack of belief in self, lack of love of self, and therefore inability to feel much from other selves.

      Is there any ability for this person to take their own self and self value and worth back? To say fuck it to whatever life has been up to now and decide they’re worth more than feeling shitty, and that they deserve to choose a new direction and start stapling down on their own happiness?

      It wouldn’t matter what direction this person chose as long as it was self empowering. Choosing to see a therapist, choosing to get on anti-depressants, choosing to take a seriously cool and spontaneous vacation, choosing to quit a hated job, choosing to go back to school for something, choosing to follow some kind of dream, etc. As long as whatever that choice is is a choice of self love and knowing they deserve to choose better than what they’ve got, and that they’re capable of making such a choice, and that they have more power in their hands than they let themselves previously believe.

      The universe won’t let us keep playing victim. Because it’s not true…

      If it gets this bad, I think the point is to find that we don’t have to let it stay this bad. Because we are empowered godly beings, not apart from any of it and not less than any of it.

      Sorry, I want this response to be something helpful, but I can’t quite tell if I’ve managed to express it correctly to do so. 🙁 I hope that it is tho.

    • Marian Montoya

      Lilly it sounds like you are waiting for something outside of you to come save you. I will tell you this, You are the creator of your life and you are in charge of what happens to you. We are all creators and what we think and believe will be our reality. It is obvious you do not feel supported…even by the Universe and this is not so. You say you are not supported by the Universe and the Universe carries out your commands. What You believe you shall receive. Its not i have to see it to believe it, its i have to believe it to see it. This is how the laws of the Universe works. I can also tell you that you are here for a reason. You are just one version of Source/God experiencing self by being here physically focused. Please also know you are loved so much and you are very special. I pray you find Peace and Joy and Love. .

  • Marian Montoya

    I am a walk in. I would have loved to hear more of what Eric had to say about this though.

    • You should ask all sorts of questions about your situation through a medium. It’d be interesting. Or go to a past life regressionist who does between lives regressions.

      • Marian Montoya

        Yes I am in the process of doing this! Can you recommend anyone?

      • Go to the Links list under my Favorites tab. There are a lot of them!

      • Marian Montoya

        Thank You!

    • Ginger Nelson

      Hi Marian! I’m a medium
      And learning a lot about walk ins lately from my guides and I would love to speak to you sometime if your open too it. My name is Ginger and my number is603 8177603, I live in NH. I am very connected to Erik and Elisa and so blessed to be a part of this beautiful soul family and blessed to be channeling all my loved ones on the other side. Peace& blessings, Ginger

      • Marian Montoya

        Yes when is a good time for you?

  • Timely topic for me, since I am holding out hope that my deceased husband will pull a “Heaven Can Wait,” and be a walk-in, and then come find me. He and I loved that movie, and he was the most persuasive person I ever knew, so maybe he’s working on that very scenario. Then again, it may not be allowed because it’s not his destiny. Or mine. Bummer. “(

  • Norma Frederick

    Elise, back in 2000, I had to have part of my lung removed and was later told by a nurse that I coded. I can’t remember if she said how long I was down. I told her I didn’t go anywhere but that a woman’s spirit was operated along with me. After the operation, for the week I was in ICU, everytime I woke up, my first thought was the other woman. During the operation, I felt a woman holding me down, like, you’re not going anywhere. It could have been the anesthesia but I swear it was my best friend who died many years ago

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