Was it Erik?

Rune is in New Orleans racing (with his broken foot.) I hope he doesn’t re-break it, but he’s pretty cautious, so I’m sure he’ll listen to his body so that if it hurts, he’ll stop. Meanwhile, I’m at home taking care of Baby Easton who, thankfully, is taking a nap so that I can get a little work done. Every weekend, his mama, Michelle, is at a hospital doing her “clinicals” for nursing school. 

The father of a dear blog member from Ireland, Lesley, passed away yesterday. Please send Lesley and her family love and prayers. 

Story #1

I don’t specifically remember how I came across Channelling Erik but I have been watching the YouTube videos like crazy! Very intriguing! Anyhow, I am not 100% sure but the first thing that happened was I was sitting at my vanity doing my makeup and I had a video playing on my phone off to the side ( I was not touching the phone) when all of a sudden Siri turned on. I was a bit freaked out but just figured it was a glitch or something. Maybe 2 days later I was sitting on the couch, my phone near me, when all of a sudden Siri turns on. Siri didn’t say anything but types on the screen was “Hi Michelle”. Wow!! Can you ask if it was him? It is funny, I think I want an encounter but on the other hand I feel like it could be scary, lol. I was surprised at how calm I was about this.
I am happy I came across the site and the videos! Thanks

Story #2

The day was sunny. While I was walking down the street I heard a loud bang and ran to see what’s going on. Hell, it was a truck taking load to the junkyard.. I came home and lay down in my bed.. Tho I was thinking of erik, and those of the invisible cobwebs felt by me… I suddenly felt asleep I was dreaming and I know I am. I thought to call erik… Woa.. It worked he came but I didn’t seen his face. He just talked with meh in real..

2. Many times I asked for signs I asked features : I get them. He sometimes play with the electric bulb and sometimes give a punk smell. Tho he lie very much… But he is so loyal spirit.. Love yaa brother.

Story #3

Hi Elisa!

I emailed you a while ago about my new spirit guide that I can now speak with through clairaudience (and my seeking validation) and since then have been following your blog and YouTube channel on a regular basis. My spirit guide told me that he and Erik have brought this blog and books to my attention not in a random fashion but specifically as I “needed” them; my spirit guide told me he knew I needed serious “help” at this point in time even though he was continuously sending me life opportunities, messages and feelings of unconditional love. In a nutshell, I was going through some difficult situations and truthfully, it was at a period where I was starting to have very very dark thoughts while seriously contemplating the afterlife as I could no longer see the point of anything.

I am doing very well now, but anyhow, I am forever grateful for your courage and for Erik for somehow saving my life. I have always believed and known the truth when it comes to the invisible, deep down inside, yet my rational mind forever seeks validation. I have asked validation from my own new spirit guide over and over again, as clairaudience is new to me, and he nicely and always complies right away – e.g., telling me something specific and seconds later a stranger comes up to me to repeat the exact same thing – but for some reason, I always remain skeptical and I rationalize the situation away, sometimes wondering whether I am losing my mind.

Where Erik comes in… After first “finding” and browsing your blog, I “found” your first book, then my guide told me to email you – which I did. A few days later, I was working on my laptop and while I was typing, it went to sleep for no reason whatsoever. I thought my laptop was broken but it turned back on seconds later so I did not think much of it. The next day, the same thing happened, off and on, but two times in a row and for a longer period. I just got frustrated as I was working on something and once more thought I have to buy a new computer. Then the next day, I woke up to this horrid smell. All windows were open in the house and the smell seemed to come from the inside yet I could not figure out where it was coming from, I looked like a madwoman walking around smelling everything lol. Then I FINALLY got it and started laughing. I said “Ok Erik. I hear you, you’re here, I believe, you can stop pranking me now”. Then the smell simply disappeared. Lastly, yesterday, I was watching a few of your YouTube videos on my phone and found one where you can hear Erik on it and was absolutely fascinated so I kept playing it back over and over again to make out what he was saying. The third time, my phone locked while I was watching the video without any of my doing and then my guide told me playfully “Erik says to stop seeking validation, you already know the truth”. Your son is so special, has such a great personality and is such a beautiful soul!

Apologies for the essay, I am truthfully mindblown and am beyond grateful for the work that you and Erik are doing. He is helping raise the collective consciousness and I consider myself extremely lucky to be part of the Erik community. I now “work” with Erik regularly and am receiving immediate “feedback” from him. I am so grateful, so THANK YOU! All my love to you, Erik, Jamie, Kim, Robert, and the rest of your family!!


L. Marie

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  • Nancy Antia

    Sending you love and prayers Leslie.

  • T Diaz

    Loving thoughts to Lesley and family on the loss of your dad.

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