Weight Issues, Part Two

I’m not going to write much of an introduction because I’m a little bummed about some family drama. Triangulation sucks. But I do want to remind you of the radio show tomorrow! Also, I’ll be calling out for questions for the Ask Erik column, so be sure you read the blog to catch it. Remember it’s first come, first serve. Here’s the info on the radio show: 

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R: He says a lot of people are holding their weight in their root chakra. They’re just putting emotions down, and they’re not working through it.

E: Hmm…

R: And then he’s talking about the heart chakra, too. He says, “If your heart chakra is not balanced, your heart chakra’s connected to your top three and your bottom three. So if the heart chakra’s unbalanced, everything’s unbalanced.”

E: Ohhh…

R: “So if you’re having… somebody put you down…”

E: Mmm…

R: “Or if you’re in a situation where your heart is being hurt, then guess what, honey–”

R: *laughs* He’s calling me honey.

E: Awww…

R: He says, “Everything’s out of balance.” *Laughs*

E: That’s funny.

R: He got me off track. *laughs*

E: Well you know, so it sounds like… to reiterate, it sounds like you’re saying that if you’re overweight—that, besides balancing your chakras, one of a couple of important things to do is to be emotionally honest with yourself instead of eating your own emotions, you know, reflect and say, “Hey, why am I feeling this way? Let me reflect,” and also to be emotionally honest with others—and set emotional boundaries. Are those three things important?

R: He says, “You know, Mom—those things are more than important.” He says, “Think of those things as holding your life and presenting your life as it is.” He’s talking about people needing to communicate. “So guys, if you’re having trouble talking to the person that’s hurting you or to the person that you’re having trouble with, go to a therapist, go to a family member and talk to them. That way, you get the emotion out, instead of just leaving it there, and letting it hurt you.”

E: Yeah.

R: “You can communicate with anybody,” he says, “If you don’t have that type of system there for you, family or therapist see animals. They listen and they don’t judge.”

E: Ohhh…

R: He says, “You can sit there and pet an animal and they’re going to take away your anxieties, your fears, your worries. They have ways of taking them away.”

E: Do they bal… help balance your chakras, then?

R: He says, “Animals don’t necessarily help balance your chakras, but what animals do is they take out emotional trauma.”

E: Okay.

R: “And that balances your chakras.”

E: Okay.

R: Thank you, Erik.

E: That’s interesting, and also I think it’s important that Erik has said… you’ve said so many times before in order to be emotionally honest with yourself and others… you have to understand the sequence of—you have to feel first, you know… kinda identify—identify what you’re feeling, and then think. Let that emotion produce a thought. And then react. Let that thought… you know, create a response or a choice, but instead…

R: He says, “You’re…”

E: But instead, instead we just think first.

R: He says, “Yeah Mom. Think about if you reacted…”

E: Yeah we always just think first. We produce a thought and then that thought evokes an emotion and that emotion, which is a terrible way to create reactions… will create a reaction, or a choice. You don’t wanna make choices based on emotion alone.

R: Exactly.

E: So that’s all taught by Erik.

R: Exactly.

E: Yay!

R: He’s got his hands like this, and he goes, “Emotion is energy, people.”

E: That’s true.

R: “It’s fucking energy. Move that energy out and… and work through the energy, people.” He’s talking about people that are being underweight, now. He says, “Yes, Mom, there’s actually people there that are really underweight because they experience a lot of anxiety, and it’s like they gotta force themselves to eat. They’re not hungry. They’re body’s not hungry. When your body goes into overdrive, you stop giving your body nutrition.” Again, it’s like he’s talking about it being emotional—coming in to emotions.

E: Mmm hmm…

R: This is from like somebody not getting enough love when they’re underweight.

E: Ohhh…

R: I can see that. He says, “They’re lacking something, Mom. They’re lacking emotional support.”

E: Ohhh…

R: He says, “They could be lacking, besides vitamins, Mom, they’re lacking. Something in their life is lacking when they can’t put on weight and when they can’t take care of themselves like they need to. Tell the person to think about what they’re lacking, whether it’s love for themselves or whether it’s love for somebody else or whether they’re just lacking wanting to be here on Earth, you know.”

E: Mmm…

R: “If they both don’t wanna be here they’re not gonna take care of themselves.”

E: Yeah.

R: He says, “So people are lacking things that are having trouble putting on weight. Therapy people.” He’s telling people to get like some sort of therapy help. “Have some sort of support system in place that’s gonna help you be healthy and that’s gonna help you stop lacking emotional shit.

E: Well will an animal help in that case?

R: He says, “The animals do help because animals make you feel love .They’re so nonjudgmental. They’re not judgmental, and they make you feel loved, and they make you feel like you are wanted and needed. Once you feel like you’re wanted and needed by something or somebody, you feel like you have a purpose for being here, Mom. So that’s what the animals do help with, They make you, emotional-wise. They help you, emotionally.”

E: Yeah, and it’s somebody you can polish off a Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia tub together with. You can share it with your dog.

R: *laughs*

E: Or goldfish, or cat or whoever. Monkey.

R: You can do that, but he says, “I wouldn’t do that.” *laughs*

E: Okay, I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

R: He’s laughing at you.

E: That’s interesting.

R: He says, “But Mom, it’s not all about emotional stuff because there are some sicknesses and illnesses out there that cause people to keep weight on them like thyroid. Mom, that’s not really emotional shit. That’s more health issues. It’s real, people. There are health conditions out there that can cause you to have so much weight and that can cause you to lose weight. Also medications. There are medications out there that cause people to gain weight and cause people to lose weight.

E: Mmm…

R: So he says, “People, look at what you’re putting into your body before you put it in there.” Erik is telling people to use cannabis oils.

E: Okay.

R: He says, “The oils are not gonna get you high, people. There are strains that don’t get you high.”

E: Like cbd oil.

R: He says, “That helps, yes.”

E: Canna-di-binal… I don’t know. Cbd oil.

R: That’s a fancy word. *laughs*

E: Look, look… Google it. So, so that will help?

R: “Yes, because it helps with chemical imbalance.

E: Mmm hmm…

R: “When they have this weight that won’t come off or the weight that won’t come on, it’s also a form of a chemical imbalance, Mom, and the oils help with the chemical imbalance. They fix things. Think of your hormones and your energy being like in a zig zag.”

E: Mmm hmm…

R: “That’s going crazy. She wants everything to be straight.”

E: Mmm hmm…

R: “What the therapy and what cbd oil will do is balance everything out so you feel centered.”

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