Welcome Jesus!

Me: Jesus, we are so delighted you have come to honor us with your wisdom.

Jesus: It is I that am honored to be a part of the Channeling Erik family.

Me: Well, where shall we begin?

Jesus: Seriously, I’m a bit disappointed in Erik’s following. They’re so naive! How could they not realize that they’ve been snookered by your April Fool’s joke!

Me: Ha ha!

Jesus: Ha ha indeed! Bless you my child!

Me: Everybody wish Robert a happy birthday!!!  Now I’d like to share a cool past life account that my grand daughter Arleen shared with me. She was standing by the pool on Saturday while we also enjoyed the beautiful sunshine with her under our watchful eye. She gazed at the water as if in her own little world. It was odd that she was near the water, because when other were anywhere close to the pool, she would exclaim nervously, “Be careful!”

A few minutes later, she came up to me and told me that long ago she sank to the bottom of the water and drowned. Carefully trying to count on her uncooperative fingers, she said there were three circles and four circles and that she was a big girl, not a baby or a little girl. She also told me that it was raining. I was riveted, because I knew she was recounting one of her past lives so I asked her when this was. She said that it was a long, long time ago before she was a baby. She also said that after she “drownded” she “went home.” I asked her if she went to mommy’s home or Mim’s home, and she said, “No, I went to Heaven.”

Later that day, I called Robert, and he confirmed that Arleen was indeed sharing a past life. She was a little girl around 9 years old playing at a seaside with a little boy around 12. The boy, intending to scare her, tapped her on the shoulder. This startled her, causing her to slip and fall into the ocean. The rocks near to shore were to slippery for her to climb up on and reach the safety of the shore. Her guides, those seven circles, told her that everything would be all right and they were there to bring her Home. They instructed her to take in a deep breath of water. This all explains why she is so fearful when any family member gets close to the edge of the pool.

Later than day, Arleen pointing to the power lines near our house and giggling, saying “Look at Erik! He’s playing with Suki!” (Suki is a squirrel that we rescued from birth and released into the backyard. She lived a long life and had several litters, but for the last several months we have not seen her, so we presume she died of old age.) Robert often sees Erik horsing around on the power lines and the poles supporting them making silly faces at us.

That said, it looks like Arleen has some pretty special gifts. We’ll continue to nurture them. I hope you enjoyed the Jesus joke! You know Erik couldn’t stay away from us for long! Who else could put up with his playful teasing!


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