What is a Soul?

As I type on my laptop in front of a roaring fire, I feel so glad I’m not outside in the sleet and icy rain. Everything is covered with a thick sheet of ice. I know it’s worse elsewhere, but this is Houston, TX. We rarely get these winter storms. Because of that, most Houstonians are paralyzed. People stay home from work, schools are closed, and those who do venture on the icy roads drive in cars that have turned into hockey pucks. Brrr. Enough of my meteorological report. Let’s find out what a soul is.

Me: Where’s our boy?

Jamie: Oh, he’s here. He’s been playing with us early this morning.

Me: I love you, Erik.

Erik: I love you, Mom.

Me: Are you up to talking about souls?

Erik: Of course.

Me: Soul brothers. Let’s start with something basic. What are souls made of?

(Long pause)

Jamie: He’s being cocky. He said, “What’s energy made of?”

Me: Okay, well let’s answer that then. I guess energy is made of energy.

Erik: Yep. I don’t think there’s a better or more specific word for it.

Me: For example, bricks are made of energy so you can’t just say the house is made of energy; it’s made of bricks.

Erik: Yeah, well you can simplify it, but souls are made of energy, so you have to ask yourself, “What is energy?”

Me: Okay but I remember you talked about that the soul, while it’s in the body, is made of neutrinos which is a type of energy; I know everything is energy—neutrino particles. And you said that when we die, those neutrino particles change into waveforms that are carriers of information. That’s what I’m looking at. Are souls made of neutrinos, too?

Erik: No, the particles, that’s a human thing.

I get it. The waveforms are the soul. Souls aren’t made of particles because that’s matter.


Me: Can you expand on that?


Jamie: He’s joking around that we can bring in dead scientists to explain it to you.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: I told him that might not be a bad idea. He told me, “No. It’s called ‘The Erik Show’”.

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: Oh yeah.

Jamie: He’s just teasing. He’s really not full of himself. He’s just having a good time.

Erik: I’m trying to think of a really simple way to explain it to you. The soul really is just made of energy. It doesn’t have any kind of three-dimensional element to hold onto to really define it. And when we look at energy, it’s hard to give it one word like neutrinos or waveforms or rock, brick, table, because it’s ever changing. Remember I was explaining to you if I wanted to be somewhere, all I had to do is think about it and I would arrive. Well, that energy morphs and shifts. So as soon as you’re labeling it, you’ve described what it was and not what it is.

Me (lying through my teeth): Okay. I see.

Jamie (looking over to her right): He’s sitting next to me today instead of behind the camera.

Me: Aw, hi Erik. I’m waving to you!

Jamie (smiling): Sharing the screen.

Me: All right. Well, let’s ask another one. Are souls born or created? If so, by whom and—

A technical glitch prevents us from continuing. I’ll explain in the next post and we’ll start where we left off.

Here’s a bonus post:

Me: I was wondering if spirits had habits. Do they get stick in a certain level or vibration?

Erik: Yeah, we can get stuck. Absolutely.

Me: Why?

Erik: Because you want to, or you like it and you don’t want to do something new. Hell yeah.

Me: Okay. Do they ever do it when they don’t want to?

Erik: No. No that’s really not part of the awareness here. It’s like once you do it—because it’s so emotionally open here that when you do it you can really feel it for what it is or what the other person is giving. The truth is right there of you. You don’t have to do it four or five times in a routine until you get it right or until you understand the emotional quality. We do that right off the bat. That’s part of our communication. Getting into a rut that way, it doesn’t really go over well it doesn’t really work. But if you, personally, want to stay in a rut, then you can make that choice and do it. You don’t have to look at anything else but stay put. It would have to be a conscious choice.

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