What is a Soul?

As I type on my laptop in front of a roaring fire, I feel so glad I’m not outside in the sleet and icy rain. Everything is covered with a thick sheet of ice. I know it’s worse elsewhere, but this is Houston, TX. We rarely get these winter storms. Because of that, most Houstonians are paralyzed. People stay home from work, schools are closed, and those who do venture on the icy roads drive in cars that have turned into hockey pucks. Brrr. Enough of my meteorological report. Let’s find out what a soul is.

Me: Where’s our boy?

Jamie: Oh, he’s here. He’s been playing with us early this morning.

Me: I love you, Erik.

Erik: I love you, Mom.

Me: Are you up to talking about souls?

Erik: Of course.

Me: Soul brothers. Let’s start with something basic. What are souls made of?

(Long pause)

Jamie: He’s being cocky. He said, “What’s energy made of?”

Me: Okay, well let’s answer that then. I guess energy is made of energy.

Erik: Yep. I don’t think there’s a better or more specific word for it.

Me: For example, bricks are made of energy so you can’t just say the house is made of energy; it’s made of bricks.

Erik: Yeah, well you can simplify it, but souls are made of energy, so you have to ask yourself, “What is energy?”

Me: Okay but I remember you talked about that the soul, while it’s in the body, is made of neutrinos which is a type of energy; I know everything is energy—neutrino particles. And you said that when we die, those neutrino particles change into waveforms that are carriers of information. That’s what I’m looking at. Are souls made of neutrinos, too?

Erik: No, the particles, that’s a human thing.

I get it. The waveforms are the soul. Souls aren’t made of particles because that’s matter.


Me: Can you expand on that?


Jamie: He’s joking around that we can bring in dead scientists to explain it to you.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: I told him that might not be a bad idea. He told me, “No. It’s called ‘The Erik Show’”.

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: Oh yeah.

Jamie: He’s just teasing. He’s really not full of himself. He’s just having a good time.

Erik: I’m trying to think of a really simple way to explain it to you. The soul really is just made of energy. It doesn’t have any kind of three-dimensional element to hold onto to really define it. And when we look at energy, it’s hard to give it one word like neutrinos or waveforms or rock, brick, table, because it’s ever changing. Remember I was explaining to you if I wanted to be somewhere, all I had to do is think about it and I would arrive. Well, that energy morphs and shifts. So as soon as you’re labeling it, you’ve described what it was and not what it is.

Me (lying through my teeth): Okay. I see.

Jamie (looking over to her right): He’s sitting next to me today instead of behind the camera.

Me: Aw, hi Erik. I’m waving to you!

Jamie (smiling): Sharing the screen.

Me: All right. Well, let’s ask another one. Are souls born or created? If so, by whom and—

A technical glitch prevents us from continuing. I’ll explain in the next post and we’ll start where we left off.

Here’s a bonus post:

Me: I was wondering if spirits had habits. Do they get stick in a certain level or vibration?

Erik: Yeah, we can get stuck. Absolutely.

Me: Why?

Erik: Because you want to, or you like it and you don’t want to do something new. Hell yeah.

Me: Okay. Do they ever do it when they don’t want to?

Erik: No. No that’s really not part of the awareness here. It’s like once you do it—because it’s so emotionally open here that when you do it you can really feel it for what it is or what the other person is giving. The truth is right there of you. You don’t have to do it four or five times in a routine until you get it right or until you understand the emotional quality. We do that right off the bat. That’s part of our communication. Getting into a rut that way, it doesn’t really go over well it doesn’t really work. But if you, personally, want to stay in a rut, then you can make that choice and do it. You don’t have to look at anything else but stay put. It would have to be a conscious choice.

NEW CONTEST! Get your digital recorders out or look through the recordings you have, because whoever submits the best EVP will have access to the now private YouTube interview of Jesus! Email them to me: emedhus@gmail.com. Keep them short so you can email them, otherwise you’ll have to use mediafire or dropbox.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Jason

    Hi Elisa. Erik may have already answered this, but I’m wondering what souls see when they interact with one another? Do they mostly seen as light energy or do they have a humanlike appearance?

  • Amy N

    Hi Elisa, I’m so glad you are safe and warm inside. Have you asked Erik about earth changes this year? Are we headed into an ice age? Are any fireballs or meteors coming our way, like Russia last February? I think they may be responsible for some of the forest fires we’ve had. Any major earthquakes looming? If this winter is any indication of what we have in store for the future, I think we’re in trouble.

    • Arcturian

      A great wave of love, a tsunami of Love is coming
      This sounds good. But those people who do not prefer to vibrate this high level of love, will give up living. Their hearts will not be able to beat and vibrate this higher level of Love because it will conflict with their ego. Hence due to their own willed power, they will leave earth life, Die. One estimate I got was around 70% of people on earth will leave earth like that in the next 15-20 years. The first wave comes soon. See below link. There will be second and third waves, each grander than the earlier. Final conclusion is 2030-ish

  • Patrick De Haan

    Don’t worry about weather, it’s just global warming gone off budget, it’ll cool off again soon! (Apologies for the sarcasm, erratic weather is not from human activity and carbon dioxide. The energetic forces of the universe are at work! Even in Texas. Yee ha. [Yup, there’s ice at my house, too])

    Energy is thought. Our dense, slow environment delays effects. We release energy chemically and physically, by oxidizing and rubbing. Clouds and air rub together, ionize atoms, releasing electrons and when enough get loose, the make a big spark, leaping from one political party to the other! Just like the carpeting in my daughter’s college apartment when I walk and touch a doorknob.

    When the dense Earth is left aside and frequency ranges match up, the delay is reduced, even eliminated. No burning or friction releases energy; thoughts are energy sent and they do their thing quickly.

    So what is energy exactly? An atom’s pieces are really several other similar pieces moving fast enough to seem solid. A neutron or proton or electron is three smaller “atoms” – which make a triangle – rotating through four points or stops.

    Those smaller pieces, examined closely, contain the same thing, and again and again, the closer the examination gets, the more pieces we find. When we get several levels down – or up – we encounter ENERGY, the force that makes them rotate, move and vibrate. The solution to politics!

    Humans have this ability, slowed down like a hunk of concrete attached by chain to a car. Thoughts move through this structure, as always, in Heaven or on Earth. The difference is, we are weighed down and we experience the dense body sensations. The physical dominates the mental, like that chunk of concrete dominates the car’s movement.

    • cristina

      Love your comment Patrick ! Did you mean anything specific with this “The energetic forces of the universe are at work! ” ? Because I see angry people everywhere (including myself) — my very kind friends who were always able to accept big amounts of B***S*** now they are angry as bears 🙂

      • Patrick De Haan

        Hungry bears, whose fast food take away has been stolen. Well fed happy bears are the best!

    • Jen

      I used to be afraid of rainbows as a kid because I couldn’t understand them. Now I’m afraid of solids because I understand them too much.

      Everything is vibrating itself into density, and I don’t know how to cope with this! Ahhh!

    • Emeraldd

      Please don’t apologize, Patrick. Your satire is too precious to negate. For the rest of the scientific/spiritual explanations, I’m lost until I’m found, someday.

      • I love Patrick’s humor!

      • cristina

        love your picture <3

      • Patrick De Haan

        OK, no apologies. Thank you.

    • Cyndi

      Holy cow Patrick! You lost me at don’t worry about the weather..LOL!

      • Patrick De Haan

        Holy cow is right, Hindu teaching hits its sacred mark. Moooo…

  • cristina

    VERY good question Elisa “Are souls born or created? If so, by whom and—” can’t wait for the next post <3

    • JoAnn

      i am going to make a prediction,,,from my dreams,,,that a soul is,,,created,,,and then,,born again and again,,,,each birth ,,,,re-creates the entirety of the soul,,,re-writes what was there before ,,,adds to it,,,takes away from,,,giving taking ,,re-arranging,,,,,,we see only ,,ourselves,,,the matter the soul is manifesting in at that ,,,moment

  • wickedlydia

    How about a contest with the prize being the interview with Gaia? The description that Jamie gave of her visual was amazing. Made me wish that I could see with her eyes. Perhaps it is just a matter of energy. But how does one see that kind of energy? What do we have to believe in order to be able to do that or to have that be true for us, individually? Perhaps Erik knows?

    The weather is kind of crazy here, too. It looks beautiful outside, the sun is shining, the skies are blue, blue, blue. But, at the same time, the grass is frozen white and the temp is 30 and holding. I have great compassion for the homeless and these temperatures inspire people to give blankets, sleeping bags, and coats to the shelters for the homeless. So, there’s a positive spin to it, too.

    Now, I’m rambling. Great post, Elisa. I look forward to Erik’s answer tomorrow.

    • Great idea. The winner can choose the YouTube that they want, but of course they can’t share it with others.

  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    Weather is cold and icy for San Antonio as well but, will b 65 tomorrow and, that’s what I like about TEXAS!!!
    Thank you Patrick De Haan for the explanation on energy. When people ask me to talk about energy healing it sometimes can be hard especially if they have no clue about energy other than what science says. Most of the time I ask them to get on my massage table and let them FEEL their own energy. Peace!

  • He says that they’re usually just beams or balls of light. I’m sure if they wanted to, they could present themselves in a human shape.

    • Patrick De Haan

      Or lobsters. Erik says we could all look like that, too, if we want.

  • Hey Amy, I usually try to stay away from fear-based questions. If you want, you can ask those questions in one of Erik and Jamie’s small group calls.

  • Denese

    Hi Elisa,

    I am new to your blog and Erik. I am in the middle of your book right now. I know that Erik has said you see whatever your belief system is so does that mean he would see Jesus if you believe in Jesus, or even God?

  • Nate

    When I die I want to be able to travel the earth for a while, see the great sights, and live as a commoner (observing) in some other part of the world. I’m just afraid there will be malevolent spirits since I’d technically be trying to tune in to the low-frequency earth plane. I wish we could freely live in both this world and travel to the light so that no one is left dazed or confused. I also wonder if all beings from throughout the multiverse “go into the light” because whenever I read nde’s people are only seeing other people (human forms) and not simply because they “want” to, but because that’s actually what appears. Hmm.

  • Arcturian

    What you can do ?
    Release fears, Concentrate focus on love, service, daily meditation, God

    • That’s the most important thing we humans must learn. Erik says, “To live is to love all.” He also says, “We are here to remember how to love.” Pretty freaking profound.

      • Cyndi

        I agree. The key here is learning how to ” love all”. That requires the act of forgiveness…even in the most unforgivable situations.
        I say this because I have just read the tragic story of Erik’s former girlfriend Allie. How traumatic for him! I lost a best friend in a similar situation back in high school. Her brother was bored one day and thought it would be “fun” to play a game of Russian roulette with her…Shot her in the face……
        I still have not forgiven him…don’t know if I can. I wonder if Erik was ever able to forgive the guy that killed Allie, while he was still alive that is…maybe you could ask him for me??? I think that would be a good lesson for all of us.

      • I remember when Allie died he wrote on FB “RIP Allie, I’ll be with your soon.” We tried to hard to help him, particularly at that point, but it didn’t work, obviously.

      • Cyndi

        I’m sorry…Erik does say that this was his destiny…..This may sound weird, but I think it takes an enormous amount of courage to end your life in such a way. I wonder if what happened with Allie was her destiny as well…Maybe hers and Erik’s contracts were connected….Hers serving as the catalyst for him to follow through with his?? I don’t know…just trying to make sense of tragedy I guess.

      • My god I never thought if that. I think you’re absolutely right. He adored her and may not have found that courage without her death. After his only other suicide attempt (an overdose on Provigil) he clearly had a cardiac arrest resulting in an NDE. I remember seeing him sitting on the sofa holding hands with two invisible people on either side of him just grinning and grinning. He looked to the right and said “I love you Allie” and then he looked to his left and said “Denise, you’re my favorite Aunt”. I think they were both trying to put him at ease, showing him there is life after death and it’s sweet. I wish he could have done all this while he was here though.

      • Arcturian

        Help = Self Help = Daily Meditation
        A lot of people, if not all of them, will need it in the near future. They face the same “fate”

  • Fascinating.

  • Great questions. I just put them on the list!

  • You can see Jesus no matter what. I think he’s beyond any person’s belief system. That’s a great question though. Now as far as God is concerned: God is all there is. He’s light, which is energy. He’s sentient energy that’s self-aware and we are whole and part of him/her/it. It’s like a hologram–we’re the whole and if you shatter that hologram we’re in each piece. Try searching the categories like under Jesus and God.

  • cristina

    yes fascinating <3 Can't wait for the love cause i missed it so bad sniff sniff 😛
    Why do you sign as arctuarian? 🙂 Wondering, because my heart feels close to arctuarian teachings too 🙂

    • Arcturian

      That stands for the star Arcturus
      This is same as Angelic realm, the Ascended Masters realm, The after-life non-physical first heaven realm which acts as a gateway to earth incarnations for all humans. The only purpose of beings vibrating aligned to Arcturus is God realization.

  • Patrick De Haan

    Happy to explain it, it ain’t just oil & gas!
    Texas weather; don’t like it? Just wait a minute…..and that’s all it takes sometimes!

  • Cyndi

    Fascinating indeed…The Great Rapture…Been waiting a long time for this.

  • Sarah

    Loved the post! I was wondering if you heard anything on the celebrity interviews? Are you going to bring them back? I really miss them! So much to learn about how people feel after death!:)

  • cristina

    sounds good JoAnn <3

  • Tricia Myers

    I see energy all the time. It comes in different forms, shapes, colors, etc. I also see big engineering squares, it’s the best way I can explain it. Doesn’t scare me any more like it did at first.

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