What It’s Like to Be a Spirit

The holidays are over, everyone might be a few ounces heavier, but hopefully your hearts are full of love and gratitude and that that feeling will endure the years. God this is sappy. If my kids read this they’d be rolling their eyes. (Some of them do that often enough at things that I say or do that they could probably bench press 400 pounds with their eyelid muscles.)

We finished the poll for a possible CE Weekend in the UK and I have 24 with a great interest. It’s be pretty cool to start spreading this event internationally. Some commented on other places they’d like to see the events take place: Australia, San Diego, Colorado and others. Let’s make the survey official. Where would you want to see the next CE Weekend take place?

Now let’s learn more about spirits! 

Me: Erik, let’s talk about you and your brethren spirits. What do you think about that? Are you game?

Erik: I’m game for anything you can think of.

Me: Good. What do you and others look like over there?


Jamie (giggling nervously): Let’s skip past the first five words he used and get down to the real stuff.

Me: Uh oh.

Erik: Energy.

Me: Well, come on. Tell me the first five words! It’s not age-appropriate? Is that it?

Jamie (laughing nervously): No, it’s not age-appropriate!

Me: Okay.

Jamie: It was completely fresh out to the gate teasing, vulgar language.

Me: Uh oh. This should be fun though. All right, so you look like energy. Tell me more.


Jamie: He’s describing that they don’t have to hold shape all the time. They don’t ever have to present themselves in the way they appeared when they were in a body on Earth. (Pause) He’s telling me they can change shapes as they see fit, but I asked him ‘What’s the original state. (To Erik) If you’re not thinking about anything, Erik, what is the comfort zone in what you look like?


Erik: Pure light.

Me: Hm Interesting. Like a ball of light or a beam or what?

Erik: Not necessarily like a circle ball of light. A little looser than that, oval, oblong. It’s a light source of its own, and it shines out.

Me: Is it kind of like the orbs that we capture in photographs sometimes?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. Now you come to me as “Erik,” the shape and look of “Erik,” and I guess you do the same with Jamie. Do you do that with everybody? Do you keep your personality [and body] like Erik up there?

Erik: Well, when I’m communicating with people on Earth, especially the ones associated with the blog or who know about me as I was on Earth, I want present myself exactly the way that I looked then.

Jamie laughs. I had no idea why until she composed herself and continued to translate.

Erik: –which, by the way, was handsome.

Jamie and I giggle.

Me: Is that what he says?

Jamie: He’s using some other words.

Erik: Debonair. We can say that one.

Jamie: Debonair. That’s a big word.

Me: Debonair, yeah. (Somehow that adjective doesn’t belong to Erik. Sorry bud.) Okay. Anything else about how you guys look?

Erik: Nah. Probably what’s most important to know is that we don’t need a shape. I think that people think that if there’s something more holy to us or more grandeur, that they want to dress us or shape us—

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik): Wait. What are you talking about?

(Very long pause)

Jamie bursts out in laughter.

Jamie: I’m sorry. He just went off on a little sideline. He’s discussing how some people believe that they have had a past life experience or, let’s say, a near death experience. Let’s take this one. And he says that some of them will come back and say, “Oh, I was at a round table and everybody was wearing long robes.” It looks like I’m looking at a bunch of Romans, basically.

He must have sent her the image.

Me: Okay. Like togas.

Jamie: Togas, yes.

Me: Toga party!

Erik: Who the fuck decides that because we’re ancient and all-knowing that we have to fucking wear togas? That’s ridiculous. Or that we’re more holy so we have to look like a monk. Appearances mean nothing of who we are, so you can kind of tell people’s dream state vs. people’s real near death experiences or cross over experiences—

Jamie: That’s what he was talking about—the bullshit claims.

Erik: Yeah. If you’re coming across stuff like that: “They all walked as if they were tiptoeing like an encore at a ballet show.”

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Pretty much, that’s going to be an overactive mind and that’s not going to be an authentic experience. It’s coming through filters that you’ve created, that you’ve decided it should look like.

Me: Based on your beliefs. Just like you said: you afterlife experience you created while you were alive.

Erik: Ding, ding, ding!

Me: All right. Okay, you say you’re big, your light. Is it an infinite volume or—

Jamie laughs hard, face in hand. I have an idea why.

Me: Oh no. I know where that’s going. How big are you?

Jamie shakes her head quickly and very nervously.

Jamie (to Erik): No, how big is your light, Erik? Your light. (Pause) Your energy, Erik!


Jamie (To Erik, firmly): I’m not doing it! Come on.


Jamie: Um.

(Pause. Again.)

Jamie (laughing with the fingertips on both hands on her forehead, covering up her face.): Stop!

Me: Erik!

Jamie (still laughing): He’s not going to let up today. I don’t know what he ate for breakfast, but yes, they don’t really eat breakfast.

Me: But they can.

Jamie: If he did, it was Wheaties.

Erik: In my “relaxed” state, the size of myself is—


Jamie: That’s so interesting. I’ve never asked him this question before, because I always see them as people.

Me: Mm hm.

Jamie: He’s showing me about an 18-inch diameter sphere down to about a 10-inch sphere and it’s not stagnant like a ball. The image he’s putting in my head, the sphere has a breath of its own. Our chest cavity moves while we breathe; this has kind of a pulse to it and a growth to it and a cycle it runs. Yeah, so I guess they’re smaller than what I had imagined.

Me: Ah, Erik. You’re smaller than you let on to be!

Jamie listens to him for a few seconds then blushes.

Jamie: Next topic!

Poor Jamie.

Me: What are the spirits abilities after they transition, Erik?


Jamie: Oh, good. He can’t really get nasty with—well I guess he can, but. (To herself) Spirit’s abilities.


Jamie (to Erik with a shrug of her left shoulder): What can you do?

Erik: Well, the first thing that you notice right away is time and travel. They don’t exist with the same parameters that we believe them to have when we’re alive. Period.

Jamie (chuckling): Finally he sits down in the chair in front of me. I put a chair in front of me so that he’d be there, but he was kind of standing.

Erik (sweeping his hand, palm down, across his chest): So fucking different. It’s nice. It feels more natural. It doesn’t feel like you’re being scheduled or being forced into a routine or needing to think ahead about how to set up a process, to achieve a goal. Here you don’t have that linear thought. You see it as a whole, as how it’s going to affect everything. Like the way that [humans] think right now, most people will get out their computers, look at their schedules and decide that at 8:00 they’re going to do this, 9:00, 10:00, dut, dut, so that by Friday, they have this finished.

This is taken right from my playbook.

Erik: Now imagine that you’re thinking in this way. I know a lot of people use the little image (now talking like a sissy) of dropping a pebble in the lake or in the pond—

Jamie (smiling): He’s being really funny with his voice.

Erik: And then it ripples out, you know, 360, it ripples out. It touches the edges of the water and then it comes back in ever so gently, but imagine that your thought is on every single ripple, every single wave, 360 again and again and again and again and again, and then back at you.

Me: Interesting.

Erik: Soooo fucking cool.

Jamie: That must be his new phrase.

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: You’re still amazed by where you are and what you can do, huh?

Erik: Yeah. There’s a lot to learn. It doesn’t—

Jamie (to Erik): It? What’s “it”?

Erik: Your abilities, your language, your base knowledge—this “it,” it doesn’t stop on you. There’s no end in sight. That’s the most exciting thing.

Jamie (smiling): Well, that and a few other things. Just think nasty.

Me: Oh, god. Of course. Boy, you are on a roll, Erik.

Jamie: This is the dirtiest session. I have chosen not to say everything. Normally I’ll succumb and, like, turn red and do it, but I won’t do it this time!

Me: We gotta put a leash on that boy!

Jamie: We need to create a leash we can put on him.

Me: Exactly. Now, what do you have to adjust to the most right after you transition?

Jamie: His eyes light up and he kind of falls back into the chair and he goes—

Erik: Immediately, the overwhelming sense of peace.

Me: Mm.

Erik: That you don’t have anything to worry about, that you don’t have any physical pain—

Me: No homework. No chores!

Jamie laughs.

Erik (teasing): C’mon Mom. You think it’s simple. Think huge! All of a sudden, you have no concern if somebody is loving on you or hating you. There’s no need to please someone; there’s no—

(Long pause)

Jamie: He’s pausing.

Erik: Cause and effect. There’s no cause and effect, and that’s—

Me: Cuz that’s linear.

Erik: Yeah. You’re right. That’s linear. It’s the first thing that you feel, and you think it’s so surreal that you want to call it a dream state and you know you’re going to come out of it. I bet half of you, upon dying, are going to start pinching yourself, because you won’t want to believe it’s real. And then it keeps going; it keeps going, and it remains consistent. That’s what blows you away. It’s consistent. It’s not contingent on anything that you do, anything that you experience, anything that you desire, think, want, none of it. This whole compassion and peace remains consistent.

Me: That sounds good. Very good.

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  • Maya

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    Pick up your e-greetings here, please:

  • Michele Matthews

    What a great post ! I must say , that I have experienced a tiny bit of what Erik is talking about, and I have a couple of friends who have had similar experiences as well. Several years ago, I was living in Los Angeles with my husband and two children. Roger was on a business trip, and I had put my babies to bed and was in bed reading. In that really relaxed state I found myself outside of my body standing at the end of the bed, looking at my body. I thought, wow, THAT’S not me THIS is me ! Then I felt someone next to me , whom I now believe to be my spirit guide, and he communicated to me that we were going on an adventure ! I thought , let’s go ! We gently started floating up through the ceiling……then through the pink insulation in the attic……and then through the roof. It was raining and my first thought was that I wasn’t getting wet ! Then , one thought later , we were in the stars. I felt the most amazing…….. all encompassing …….feeling of unconditional love. I could weep when I think of it now. I knew at that moment that I was home. That this was ” heaven”. And I didn’t want to go back even though my two children were asleep in their beds.
    The next thing I knew was ……..bam !!! I was back in my body feeling oh so heavy. So heavy. But I have never been afraid of death since then because I know what is waiting for me……for all of us…..just love. Pure love.

    • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

      beautiful and what an experience….I have heard it described as you just have….wonderful!

    • Lynn

      Why is it still so hard for me to believe that this is an amazingly GREAT feeling? I guess since I suffer from anxiety in my body, I keep imagining that this would be so scary!! <:

      • Michele Matthews

        Hi Lynn……believe me….if I had any inkling of what was going to happen to me that night, I would have been terrified ! Nothing like that has ever happened to me before , and if hasn’t happened since then. But I promise you, if was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. I know a couple of other people who have had the same experience , and felt exactly the same way. Up until recently, I didn’t know who took me on this grand adventure as I couldn’t see them…….I could only sense their presence……but a very accomplished medium told me that it was
        My spirit guide. Perhaps if you asked yours, they will take you on the same trip !!!! Xxx

      • Lynn

        Thanks, Michele!

    • Michele Matthews

      I would also like to add to my post, that I have worked with the dying, and worked in a hospice here in England for over 5 years, and I found that my experience helped me , help the people I was taking care of. I saw some pretty amazing things at the hospice as well ! I have been spiritual for most of my life. ( not religious ! ) And I had found that the more you open your mind and try to understand the spiritual side of our human existence, the easier it is for our loved ones to make contact with us. It is also easier to have other amazing experiences like I did ! As Erik has said, you begin to vibrant on a higher frequency. Magic is always just around the corner !

      • Lynn

        Definitely! I have been reading and studying and practicing for so many years. Just went to a dear lady’s funeral Friday, and she is already sending us many signs! 😉

    • Judith

      Thank you for sharing this….two years ago. My experience was in 1987, similar but I felt pure joy, the light in ‘heaven’ was unlike any that can be described with our words. I didn’t want to leave either, I asked what the meaning of life was and was told and I said that’s so simple, but I’ll never remember it and I didn’t for some time until I read somewhere that LOVE is why we’re here. When I woke up (this was like a dream) it was morning and the sun was shining but it seemed so dark here compared to the place I just left. This experience changed me. I don’t know if it was just a dream or a visit…..but it was the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m thankful for it.

  • cristina

    :))))))))))))))))))))))) omg Elisa “Some of them do that often enough at things that I say or do that they could probably bench press 400 pounds with their eyelid muscles” – I heard all kids do that [eye-rolling] to moms, dads, so …. including myself 😛

    I bet he is 😛 “Erik: I’m game for anything you can think of.”

    He is so adorable “Erik: –which, by the way, was handsome.” :))))))))))))))

    omg :))))))))))))))) you poor girls “Jamie laughs hard, face in hand. I have an idea why.Me: Oh no. I know where that’s going. How big are you? Jamie shakes her head quickly and very nervously.”
    You know, in such moments I bet you would want to kick his ass and teach him a lesson 😛 How can you do that to spirits? 😛

  • Raul

    Great post as always, really liked the example of the ripple effect. Thanks to this amazing team for the insights!

  • Milla

    Hi Elisa!!! Not posting lately!! Too much going on here..kkkk…just moved back from New York City to Arizona. Maitland said that I looked like “an alien” there and NYC was not a place for me…kkkkkk.. I feel so much better now, relaxed, happier and …I gained some weight….not good…but nothing that I can’t get rid of!!! Eyes rolling?? My son does the same all the time!!! Then I remember that I used to do the same to my parnts…ouch!!!.kkkkk…
    BTW: did you decide what you’re going to do with the website and stuff? Count on me whatever you decide to do :D. I bought the books and the board, just received today!!! In deep gratitude for everything you and Erik and Jamie do for us!!! Have a Wonderful 2014!!!

    • I’m soooo glad you’re happy! Takes a lot of courage to pick up and move! I am going to continue the blog, of course. Jamie and I are going to talk after the first of the year about a possible radio show, live video chats, etc. I want to do ads on Facebook and I know how to start it but I’m not sure how to monitor it for the success of keywords, change them, etc.

  • Milla

    And Michelle experience is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing it!

  • Chris Scardino

    Thanks for this one (all of them of course). It was relaxing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Curious

    That is what I was hoping for – a bit of perspective of the life on the other side.
    Can Erik please let us know more? fun activities? group activities? studying? we might imagine it as similar to Earth interests and our viewpoint is so limited…

    • From what he says, they do all of that and more. I’ll ask for specifics.

    • Michele Matthews

      Have you read Michael Newtons books……..JOURNEY OF SOULS …….AND DESTINY OF SOULS ? There is a lot of information in those books as well ! He uses hypnosis to take people back to past lives, their deaths, and life in the afterlife. They also talk about playing games, going to concerts and lectures, and preparing to come back to earth. Good stuff !

      • Yeah, they’re great books. I’ve read them both. I think they’re on the blogs bookshelf too!

      • Michele Matthews

        Thanks Elisa ! I am still new here and didn’t know about the bookshelf. That’s great…….I have read many of the books, but there are still so many to be read !

      • So true! I’ve yet to get through them all but all of them seem aligned with everything Erik shares. I love that confirmation!

      • Michele Matthews

        I don’t know if you have heard of Doris Stokes, but she was a very famous British medium who also wrote many books. She was just so endearing and down to earth.

      • Michele Matthews

        Yes, Elisa, you are so right about that ! I read those books many years ago, but everything I read , I somehow felt that I already ” knew” . I also have connected with my family and friends in the afterlife through some truly gifted mediums, who have come through with evidence that no one else knows. I , too, am still learning. Last June, I had a reading with Georgia O’Connor, who lives in Amsterdam New York. She is a brilliant and amazing medium ! ( I think she lived in Houston at one time) , ……..my sweet daughter gave me the reading as a present.
        I already had lots of questions ready to ask about what everyone was doing on the afterlife. ! When I asked my mother where she was living…..she said she had a big house with oriental carpets……punch bowls……..and sterling silver tea sets ! I knew at that moment that that was my mother !!!!! She always wanted a house exactly like that to entertain in and have all of her children ! She also said that Christian came to visit often. Christian was my nephew …..my sister’s son…..who died in 2005
        Our cChristian reminds me of your Erik ! Since he has crossed over , he has bombarded all of us with so many mischievous pranks ! We love it all ! When he died , he was deaf, blind, and mentally and physically handicapped. He said to me through Georgia, ” I’m smart now ! ” ! I cried.

  • Lelabelle

    I agree with Raul. The ripple effect is more powerful and profound than I realized years ago. My “intuitive reader”/psychic friend, has been telling me about the ripple effect for a long time. I am understanding it more now. Also, may I say, Erik is SO much like my own brothers. Maybe that’s why his “language” is so easy for me to understand…I get the intention and the humor!

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    Thanks for that post..awesome….. I think Eric and my son (in the afterlife) would get along just great…. potty mouths and all!!!

  • keyoix

    Great post, thank you so much!

  • Judith

    I’m so sorry you lost your soulmate, even when we know they are still with us in spirit the pain is almost unbearable. I love that you’ve heard from Pete, I’ve had dream visits from my mother, she’s the one I miss terribly and that is healing but as you know, we will miss them every day until we’re with them again. I’m not in any religion either and I didn’t raise my daughters in religion which was not cool back in the late 70s and 80s, especially living in the south. When I was twelve I knew in my heart that my grandmother’s religion was wrong, it was wrong to judge others and there was only fear, no love. Finding Erik online confirmed my feelings about life, why we’re here and that there is something after we leave this life. My husband has no interest in discussing any of this, he’s sweet about not running down my beliefs but he’s someone who believes when we die there in nothing. I can’t even imagine what that’s like.
    Anyway, thanks so much for replying, I didn’t expect to hear from anyone since this was two years ago. Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.

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