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Headed to Monument Valley! Last night, we went to a restaurant called Into the Grand in Page, AZ. Dinner consisted of Navajo fare, including “fry bread” and the entertainment was Native American singing and dancing. Arleen absolutely loved it and said, “When I come back, I want to be a Native American.” She told one of the natives that she saw her energy and that it was purple and yellow. She went on to say she saw “purple energy people” around her all the time. Needless to say, the woman understood. What a spiritual lot. 

Here’s Arleen, an honorary blond hair, blue eyed Navajo, with her new friends:

Enjoy today’s two Erik Encounters. Be sure to share your own!

Story #1

Just finished reading my life after death yesterday. Thinking about Erik and all he has accomplished all afternoon. Leaving work that day i was about to pull out of the parking lot when my coworker got my attention. I asked what he wanted and he said my trunk was open. I know when I started my car I would’ve noticed the warning light. So I figured it was Erik playing a joke just to let me know he thinks about me. I probably have more people in the afterlife looking out for me than in the physical world.

Story #2

Im at work today doing what I do when all of the sudden I saw an elderly woman trying to get out my car. Seeing that she looked about 90, I told her to push the button to make the door open. I knew the door was sticking a bit, so I told her I would open the door. When the power button would not open the door I tried to open it manually by flickibg the power switch to manual and then giving it a good pull. Well, I tried and I tried but the door would not budge. Thinking that thhis woman was about to go postal on me, I looked around to see if anything else was preventing the door from opening. Finally I tried the door lock and it slid opening the door. I know I would never lock the door with passengers in the car. So I figured it had to be Erik messing around with me again. In the 15 years I’ve been working on the train, this has never happened to me. Erik is on slickster when playing pranks. I’m a prankster myself and I would’ve never thought of that. When I get out of this place, I’m giving Erik such a noogie.

Check out this week’s radio show HERE!

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  • Kathy Dench

    I was a school teacher on the Navajo Reservation for a few years. I fell in love with the people and the culture. They are very spiritual and extremely artistic from a very young age.

  • Was the fry bread good?

    • It was! Hey, I’m posting Part Four of your session today!

      • That’s aweaome. Im embarrassed to say I’ve never had food strictly considered Native American fare. Embarrassed because I AM Native American. (Cherokee)

        I figured our Tech Zombies Session would be broken into a few sessions…there was a lot of infirmation.

        I have shared the links to the blog on my Facebook page and am anxious to share the YouTube video when it get loaded.

        Have an amazing vaction!

  • Gianna

    Beautiful photo!

  • Fli

    Hi Elisa! I found this site by “accident” while I was searching for some paranormal videos on Youtube (I was bored, looking for the some electronic voice phenomenon videos) then in one of these videos I saw your Youtube channel on the recommended session. I don’t know why, but I feel the urge to click on it right away. Then I stumbled across your blog and read about Erik’s story, which I can relate a lot to, it was very touching. Ever since, I always take some time to come here and learn something new, can’t thank you guys enough.

    I’m 24, self-directed and had a hard time adapting to the conventional education system throughout my life. Even though I haven’t had bad grades most of the time, school for me was hell and I’ve had some bad teachers. Some were stupid enough to bully me because I’m an introvert. The pinnacle of this was in 2009 when I was 16 and about to finish high school, which was the worst period of my life. Back then, I had severe anxiety and panic disorder along with agoraphobia, I didn’t receive any support or understanding from teachers or the school. It also took some time for my family to understand and accept what was really happening to me, I lived with that on a daily basis until 2015 with numerous ups and downs, when I finally got better.

    Well, long story short, after more than a year reading the archives here, I think Erik appeared in one of my dreams months ago. The only thing that I remember from our conversation was something about “being in a hospital” or similar to that, maybe he was referring to the time that I had a kidney stone and underwent a surgery? (I was super scared, because I hate hospitals and a surgery to me was like my worst nightmare coming true) I know we talked about some other stuff too, but that’s all that I can remember.

    • He probably nudged you to the channel and the blog! Maybe you should ask on one of the radio shows if that’s the case and why and what the meaning of the dream was!

      • Fli

        Think so! I will on the next one 😀

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