What’s Not to Love?

Enjoy these testimonials for Erik and the blog!

Praise #1

I just want to address Elisa and Erik and Thank them for this site, and the books. I lost a newborn in 1997. My sister lost her son Dan, 21, 7 years ago. Then my other sister lost her son Nick, 35, last year. It all just seemed too tragic, too much loss in our family. Then we also lost our mother last year. My faith has been tested, over and over, and I had become a little bitter and hopeless that there was much happiness left for us. I believed in an afterlife, strongly, but the supporting evidence seemed just wishful thinking, or so I thought. Until I read Erik’s own words, my skepticism proved stronger than my faith. Now, I have renewed hope and joy that there was a purpose to our sons lives, and their deaths. And, a purpose here on Earth for all of us.
Thank you, thank you. I appeal to Erik to help me be open up, and show me the way.
Love and Light, Joanne

Praise #2

i am at this moment reading the book, my life after death by erik. I find it helping me to understand, what life on earth means, I am not afraid to pass over anymore, but when erik says angels don’t have wings, this does confuse me a bit, and if erik can come back why don’t our own family, comeback to visit like erik does to his mom in the evening,

Praise #3

Eric & Elisa Medhus,
So grateful through your pain Elisa, that you found your Sons voice to teach us all.
Eric is a powerhouse & so grateful for this website
I am grateful to have explanations to what I have felt all of my life, that we continue on.
Thank you for your determination to find your Son! and sharing with us all!
Amazing Love!
Cindy Parker

Praise #4

Sunday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day. I hope we all give thanks to Erik for showing us the Universal Love for humanity we can all have. Thanks for being a willing contact on the other side, for the healing and upliftment in our loss and sorrow. For reminding us through his wisdom and lessons, his appearances and playful pranks, that life is eternal. That death is a transition. That we come out on the other side without the burden we’ve carried on earth, whole and well, filled with bliss and eager to make a connection with the families we left behind.

I’d like to thank him for being quick and ready to help when I call him. I’d like to say “sorry” for frustrating him, when I don’t act quick enough after he reveals the solution to my problems. Thank you Erik. You are definitely special to us all! I can’t wait to see you on tour and give you a hug and whisper my thanks personally.

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