Why Incarnate?

I’m so excited that I’m going to use the life coach services of my friend, Jamin Olivencia. One of my kids is struggling to find direction in life, and I think Jamin’s perspective will help him. It’s interesting how Jamin came into my life. He was in an out of body state when he found himself in the backseat of a car with Erik at the wheel. Erik said, “So what do you want to know, dude?” Jamin asked him a lot of questions and got the answers he sought. Later, one of his friends commented that he thought Jamin was channeling a lot of the wisdom he imparts, perhaps from his Higher Self. So, Jamin looked up channeling on YouTube, found our channel and saw a picture of Erik on the video “Erik Describes His Own Death.” He was shocked. That was the kid driving the car! Pretty cool. Anyway, I think it’s no coincidence that Jamin is now going to work with one of my kids. I’ll let you know how it goes. Their first session is going to be at 4:00 PM my time. Send prayers!

Me: Since there’s so much freedom on the other side, why would any spirit want to incarnate? We’ve covered this so many times, but there are a lot of new readers, so I think it’s important to address this again.

Jamie: Why would spirits incarnate?

Me: Yeah. For most people, could you say it’s because they want to accomplish something, or do they just find it exciting and enjoyable being down here?

Erik: Both!

Me: Well, let’s give them the detailed breakdown for the newbies.

Erik: Living on Earth, you get to be in a certain set of dimensions you can’t find anywhere else. It’s like only drinking Deer Park Spring Water. You have to go to the location to have the experience. Same with Earth. Many of us come back—I like to call it an extreme sports experience. We say extreme, because in these levels of dimensions we get very dense energy patterns that we don’t get to experience in Heaven or Home. They just don’t exist. That doesn’t make it better or worse; they just aren’t here. But they’re on Earth, and that’s why, um, a lot of us come back—so we can feel anger, jealousy, being pissed. We can feel touch, resistance, and sometimes through that excitement of having it again, we get caught up in the whole labeling system of right and wrong, yes/no, black/white, good/bad, good/bad, good/bad.

I chuckle.

Erik: That’s such bullshit. It is what it is. It should be labeled neither good nor bad no matter what the outcome is.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: It doesn’t need your judgment to exist.

Me: Mm hm!

Erik: But when we come back here, we can continue our learning. It’s like, uh, summer school. You know, the semester’s shortened. School hours are longer. You get more in a lesson at a time.

Me: Exactly.

Erik: We can still learn at Home. It’s just, you know, longer classes. It’s not as compact. It’s not as extreme. I’m telling you, you think your life sucks and it’s horrible and it’s miserable and you’re always a victim and it’s nuh, nuh, nuh—always fighting, always battling. YOUR LIFE IS FUCKING AWESOME! . You just wait until you die and you look back and you go, “Damn, I can’t believe I just pissed that away!”

Me: Ah! It’s like nobody likes to go to summer school. They get finished with the regular school year and go, “Oh god! I don’t get to play! I have to go to summer school. That sucks!”

Erik: Exactly. It’s so stupid.

Me: Yeah, but then when it’s over, they go, “Oh, god, I’m glad I don’t have nine months of that course!”

Erik: And if you’re sitting there reading this going, “Well did YOU go back and say you loved your life, because it was so horrible, and did you think you pissed it away?” I’ll take that on.

(Long pause)

Erik (solemnly): I do look back sometimes and think I pissed something away. But I do look back and I loved, I loved that misery, that suffering. It taught me so much more than it could have here—here being Home. Heaven. And, for me, knowing that my exit was my, you know, appropriate exit, my appropriate timing, it’s not like I left all these regrets and cut things short and—

Jamie: Blah, blah, blah, Erik? Really.

As I listened to Erik’s last sentence, it made me sad. Didn’t he regret leaving us behind? Didn’t he cut things short in his time with his family?

(Long pause)

Jamie: Hm.

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik): I don’t understand what you mean.

(Pause, again!)

Jamie (to Erik): Yeah, but that’s not your job.

Jamie (to me): He like crunches his shoulders down, and kind of hunches his back and goes, “I so wanna teach people that there’s no happiness and misery. There’s no right and there’s no wrong. I really just wanna find that one impactful way of saying it.” And I said, “Just stop. That’s really not your lesson, Erik.”

Erik (frustrate): But I talk about it all the time.

Me: So people in the throes of misery just don’t get it. It’s just so hard to get when you’re unhappy. Erik, people can’t completely understand what a brownie is by reading its recipe. If only misery were just a big ol’ chocolate brownie, and they could just taste it, then they would know. They wouldn’t have to come to Earth to learn the difference between the brownie’s recipe and the actual brownie. But, sadly, misery is not a brownie.

Jamie (giggling): He thought that was funny. Anyways, he keeps messing with his hair. You can tell, like, he goes in deep, you know.

Jamie (to Erik): I know when you get into this mode, given some time, you’re going to come out with just something that will just blow us away. It’s just not right now. Just sit on it. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Me: Aw. He gets frustrated sometimes.

Jamie: Yeah. Definitely.

Me: It’s hard to work with us humans. It’s like being teacher in the Special Ed class. Okay, anything else you want to say on that?

Erik: Nah. It’s just pissing me off. Can’t find a way to explain it the way I want to.

Me: Okay. We’ll go on.

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Elisa Medhus

  • David Cohan

    Do not be depressed Erik, you have helped me a lot in my life. For 20 years, I want to understand why we live and what life is about and I understand what you teach us.

    Your knowledge has become my primary source, along with some other teachers from other dimensions.

    Thanks to you, I understand what the earth is and how I can improve my life, I have already changed a lot, try to control my negative thoughts, I judge less about people because we are basically all the same and hardly eat Meat, do more sports and am generally more interested in positive things. My attitude towards life has become more positive, your knowledge soothes. Thanks also to Elisa for your great work!

    • 403LEC

      Great insight David! I enjoyed your comments.

  • Marie

    “It doesn’t need your judgment to exist.”

    Preach it! 😉

  • Marts

    l will spark up candle tonight for you Erik and bring myself into the heart energy frequency, l will checkin as a spark of light source energy, then send as many high vibes out to you mate, this is something l can do for you… you give to us, l would like to help boost by giving back.
    Bless and thank you..

  • Both my son and daughter love to play video games. Very often, they’re “killed” within a few minutes, and they start right over again, unfazed. I mean, they might say, “Oh, shit!” when they die, but basically they’re ready to go again. That’s what I think incarnating must be like: a rich, visceral experience that you know you’re going to survive and have another go at, over and over, if you wish.

    I told my kids this and they just stared at me like, whatever. I said just wait till you get to the other side and you’ll see I was right. Mother knows best. ;^P

  • Nancy Antia

    I swear when I get back home I’ll be very careful not to engage myself in extreme sports again. They’re not for me.

    • Yes, and life IS an extreme sport.

      • Nancy Antia

        Yes, Elisa. I’ve learned that in this life of mine. Oh! I wish I had known better.

      • Mauigirl

        Even though you feel that way now, I’ll bet when you’re back home and you’ve had some time to refresh, you’ll be ready to go again. There’s so much richness here and so much going on all the time! We get so wrapped up in our lives, we don’t even notice what’s going on all around us, and how miraculous it truly is, and that we’re here, in these amazing bodies, on our brave and courageous journeys. And we can change it all whenever we choose, if we just believe we can. It’s precious and awesome and sacred, and we’re so lucky to be here. Keep the faith, Nancy. You are the beloved child of God, in whom He is well pleased.

      • Nancy Antia

        Thank you for your loving words. Powerful message!

      • Nancy Antia

        Thank you

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