My World is Rosier Now

After asking how to overcome sadness and desolation and sadness after my husband of almost 60 years passed away, I came upon a reading fr0m Erik about moving on. I really cannot remember all of the advice, but I now have a different attitude. I am intent on remembering all of the good things we did together, and all of the blessing this marriage brought to us; Thank you Erik. kathi


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  • Stephanie

    Nice. And how blessed you must be to have had such a long marriage and to feel so strongly about all the good things.

  • T Diaz

    Consider yourself hugged

  • Bruce

    I’m with Ms. Diaz …….. hugs to you, Kathi.

  • Lelabelle

    You are one of the LUCKY ones! Be grateful and know you are loved 🙂

  • Mummy Sue

    Grief can be like a nasty, horrible disease. We can only remember how painfully it is, what medication we need to take and when, how it is ruining our life and stopping us getting on with things- basically, how disabling it is to us. However, once we learn to embrace the happy memories and moments, we can keep our loved ones and ourselves alive – hard as this may be, it sure is worth the effort and time. Positive thinking and being happy is not a crime. it is a human right. Death and grief seem to take this away from us. Tears and sadness are only a reminder of how much we loved and cherished who we have ‘lost’. So although the tears and sadness may hurt, remember it is love and laughter that will conquer all and make us ‘better’!

    • Lelabelle

      Thank you for your insight Mummy Sue 🙂

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