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If you click on the Twin Flames, Part 3 video from Friday and go to timestamp 11:55, you’ll hear our boy saying loudly and clearly, “IDIOTS!” I don’t know how he makes such clear EVPs!

I want you guys to know that since it’s a holiday Monday, I won’t be posting and there won’t be a morning Q&A with Pamela Aaralyn and Erik. Sorry!

Here’s a great Erik story. To be clear, the Share Your Praise button is if you want to give a testimonial. The Share Your Story is if you have some sort of prank, etc. from our rascal. Neither are ways to communicate a message to me because I’m over a year behind in posting them. And it’s not a means of suggesting topics or interviews. When my list gets low on either, I will call out for suggestions! 🙂

Hi Elisa

I want to share my experiences with Erik, or should I say Erik and I want to share our experiences together as he is helping me to write this.

My encounters with Erik started the same way as it does for many others; I discovered your YouTube channel and started binge watching. One particular evening after watching I saw lights in the dark, this is not unusual as I often see lights from spirit but what was unusual was that they were so big, so big in fact that I said holy shit hahahaha. It was at this moment that I wondered if it was Erik coming to say hi. Little did I know what was about to come…..

About a month later I had a reading from Kim Babcock. Erik came through and confirmed that he was the one behind the “holy shit” lights. Kim then asked me if things had been going missing, to which I replied actually yes I’m working on my truck and my tools keep going missing. Kim said, “Erik says that’s him he likes to see my reaction”. Kim went on to tell me that I was going to start seeing and hearing spirit and that they were educating me in my sleep. What followed this reading has turned into quite a rollercoaster ride that Erik and I wish to share with you.

I started using a pendulum to talk with spirit and progressed onto to indeed hearing spirit as Kim had said. As I was learning to hear thought I often would question whether I actually heard something or not. So one day I was having a conversation with my Grandfather in Spirit when all of a sudden I hear, “ASSHOLE!!!!”, being shouted at me followed by laughter. Was it my Grandfather called me an Ahole? Nope it was Erik making sure I knew it was spirit talking and not just something I made up in my head. One of the many lessons he has given me on communication, unorthodox but effective.

I enjoy working on my cars and motorcycles and it would appear it is a passion of Erik’s too as he gets excited about my projects and sometimes almost impatient with his excitement. Often I here him saying this is cool shit man or what are we going to do now? He especially seems to like when I run into a problem and how I’m going to fix it.

Now to share some more of his pranks…….

Turning on the fan in the truck at full blast even though it is switched to off.

Repeatedly turning off the fan recirculation button in the truck.

Making rotten egg fart smell when I’m in the office, then simultaneously making the same smell at the other end of the house in the kitchen and having my wife shout to me that it stinks of rotten eggs in the kitchen.

Adding “Love You” emoji to a text that I sent to my wife after I’d forgotten.

One day I was talking with my sister in Spirit and having watched a video on sensing spirit on the channel she and I were trying to see what I could feel. I’d felt her touching my head and giving me goose bumps so I asked if she could give me a kiss on the cheek to see if I could feel it. Amazingly I could feel like an electric pulse on my cheek so she kept doing it in the same place. All of a sudden while I am feeling her kissing my right cheek I feel the same thing on the other cheek only stronger. I asked if you’re kissing my right cheek who is kissing the other?……….ERIK!!!!!!! What the hell Erik hahahahaha.

Erik is with me every day hanging out, joking and teaching me. He’s even come to the race track with me and ridden on the back of my Ducati motorcycle, though how he managed I do not know as it has a single seat. Never the less he spent time saying how cool it was and how fast we went through the turns.

Erik has told me that he is going to work with me when talking to people about spirit. We have also talked about a video he would like to do on Expectations because of my learning experience opening up to spirit, it may help others that are opening up to spirit. Hope that you can make that happen Elisa.

I consider Erik to be my friend and look forward to our daily encounters.

Thanks Erik for helping me on this path…..

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