Crystal Lightening Round, Part One

Well, I figured out why I’m in Facebook jail, dammit. I copied and pasted Tammy’s email about the event, and it had a border around the text. making it appear like a flyer. So it got flagged as spam. So I can’t share any video or links on Facebook until the 13th, two something PM. I’ll just have to find a workaround. 

First I want to share last night’s radio show. Raylene Nuañes was ON FIRE! Her channeling after the presentation about crystals had so much validating information. Check her out at

DON’T FORGET THE TAMMY DE MIRZA EVENT THAT STARTS AT MY HOUSE ON FRIDAY! It’s not too late to book remote or in person tickets. I was watching the clips of her healing each of the attendees (including me) and it’s so cool to see the huge wavy aura surrounding her body and not around the one being healed. She is one powerful channeler of divine healing energy. Here’s the information:


If you do, you are being normal. However, why be normal when you can have the confidence you need to make decisions! You have the answers within you.

I remember years ago having great difficulty making decisions because I was looking at my life so seriously that I believed that if I did not make the right one, that I could or would damage my entire life and not be able to make up for it. It was paralyzing to be in this space and one day, I decided that I would face the FEAR OF MAKING THE DECISION and just make one, knowing that I am not infallible nor is anyone else; that I will in fact make mistakes and that I can change my mind and therefore change my life again. I went through this process of being taught by God/the non-physical, of how to read the energy of my decisions and therefore feel confident that this is the path for me without worry paying some kind of penalty for not doing it right.

Facing the fears of making decisions is one of the biggest things you can do for yourself and the other part is being able to feel the resonance of what is in alignment with you and what isn’t. This is what I call tapping into the intelligence of your own Inner Guidance System.

The workshop I am offering the weekend of October the 11th to the 13th (which is my 60th BD) in the home of Elisa Medhus is entitled Learning How to Read the Heart Energy to Get Your Own Answers is all about teaching you how to do this for yourself.

Whether you participate remotely or in persona, you will receive personal attention during this workshop on how to tap into your heart energy to get your answers and find that “sweet spot” of knowing when it resonates and when it doesn’t. I will guide you intuitively to knowing that you have the answers within you already and how to reach that awareness, so that you can thrive by being here and not be paralyzed by the fear of indecision. I no longer struggle with decisions because I have learned how to do this, and if I can, you can.

These abilities are inherently within you to do so, but you may not yet know how. This is why it is on my heart to offer you something that will change your life. The whole point to me is to get you independent of others who do not really know your life well enough to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do and to cause you to be able to stand in your own power of owning what you resonate with and don’t so that your life goes easier.

Once you know the difference between what feels easy, good, truthful and the contrast of heaviness, dis-ease, complicated and more, you will be able to determine with every decision, what feels in alignment with your purpose in life and what does not. Come and join us and know that YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS WITHIN YOU. This workshop will teach you how to tap into that space.

I only have love for you – Tammy

To sign up, go to:

Elisa here. Lukas started his own corporation, being a business major and all, and named it Medhus Enterprises. Please don’t think that my husband and I have converted CE to a money-making enterprise. Lukas just uses this to organize the events, pay for host travel arrangements, catering, chair rental, etc.

Here is another one of Tammy’s descriptions of  her event:

Tapping into Heart Energy

In today’s world, we spend most of our time coping or trying to cope with what life is throwing at us, instead of knowing what we want and following our own guidance system. This is a very frustrating place to be when you know that you came here to do something with your life, but have no idea what it is or how to achieve it.

Knowing what your inner guidance system is, how to use it, how to get your own answers and know, therefore, be and do, is paramount to peace of mind. Not only that, but feeling that your life has meaning, purpose and that there is a clear direction, makes life exciting, fun, exhilarating and fulfilled.

Did you know that only 3% of people on the planet know what they want and that only 1% of those are happy when they get it? The issue isn’t that we know that there is something missing, but that we don’t know how to tap into the heart energy to figure it out; to know how to get the clarity and answers and to feel comfortable with what we are pursuing and knowing why we are pursuing it.

We spend much of our time catching up, making up for, and little of it is about moving in a conscious way to create what resonates and what doesn’t, knowing what boundaries to have and what to do and not to do to fulfill our values. Most of us do not even know that our values are what governs our actions and we are typically unconsciously walking around very busy, but wondering why we feel disconnected, discontent and with a lack of clarity because we are filling our lies with things that we don’t value or want, thinking that at some point, it will – like lightening – strike us and we will get the revealing of what it is and what we do about it.

Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend with a private mentor who can work with you individually to extract what you value and how your life is reflecting or not reflecting that, you will find yourself stuck, feeling a little lost, frustrated and concerned about your future. Learning how to tap into that energy, that supreme intelligence is paramount to your getting your own answers.

In the workshop that I am offering in Houston, at Elisa Medhus’ home, you will get the clarity to know when something resonates and when it doesn’t, the tools to use to be authentic and how it feels, finding the “sweet spot” of your heart energy when it feels right – in alignment. You will be able to change your life with this weekend of having me work with you and seeing me work with others and getting the concepts and principles engrained because of the many examples. It is like going to an Abraham Hicks event and hearing the principles and seeing them talked about with a lot of different scenarios and finally getting it because of the repetition. You will have your own breakthroughs and “aha” moments that are so personally designed for you in your scenario. Come and let’s fellowship, bring your questions of what you really want to know and get the assistance you want to move forward with an intuitive who can read past what your mind says and into the soul and heart of what you really want to know.

To sign up, go to:

When: October 11 – 13, 2019 and you can attend in person and have a personal session with me or remotely view with your phone, iPad, tablet or computer and be able to schedule a session with me remotely at a great discounted price.

Last but not least, don’t forget that this is the time I hold the Channeling Erik annual fundraiser. Thank each of you who have donated something. I so appreciate it. Here’s the call out for help. 

Please help the Channeling Erik Cause in our Fall annual fundraiser. My husband and I want to cover half of the expenses but we ask that everyone who watches the YouTubes, listens to the radio show and/or reads the blog and receives something positive contribute what they can so we can continue. I no longer practice medicine, so I have no income. Of course I do get paid with the satisfaction that I’m giving my son a way to help others, including you! It’s very hard and time-consuming work, and the overhead is significant. IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD any donation at all, your friendship is enough. I love you all, and Erik and I want to help, heal and move you in the right direction with a chuckle or two along the way.

The donation will show up as going to my company, ATLANTIS, INC. Thank you in advance. I love you all!


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