Do You Want to be a Zombie?

On Saturday, a documentary producer is flying all the way from Oslo to film me about Channeling Erik. Then he flies to Atlanta to film Jamie. It seems as though Channeling Erik is starting to get the notice we all hoped for. Exciting! I’ll let you all know what happens. 

The weather across most of the South today has been brutal. I hope those of you who are in the middle of it stay safe and remember that March should be the beginning of a nice warm Spring. 

Here’s another brilliant post by Kate Sitka.

Hi beautiful CE Family! It’s Kate Sitka, I’m back after taking nearly a year off writing posts with Erik while focusing on my mother. My mother is doing amazingly well, dodging the odds at every turn, and thank you again everyone for your support and prayers.

Erik has this way of popping in, and over the last year I’ve taken some notes about topics he wants to cover with me / through me. When I refer back to them, I’ll see little additional notes I don’t remember writing, like “Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness. Hairy balls.”

Recently, Erik gave me a polite (for Erik) kick in the ass.

Erik: Kate, if you can’t do the big entries, just to the teaching. Quick telepathy tips, you can at least do that! Yeah, Quick and Really Dirty Tips for Telepathic Communication.

I’ll tell you guys, I was feeling pretty worn out in December. I needed a kick in the ass. And yes, we can absolutely do that. Thank you too, Elisa!

But first: Erik, let’s pick up the Artifical Intelligence conversation.

Erik: (shows me the photo of a client’s father.)

Kate: Oh yeah. I had a client last year whose father was actually cryogenically frozen when he died. It was the coolest opportunity to talk to someone who, before he died, had every intention of coming back via his same body.

Erik: It would be like something from a Zombie movie! But without the brains, just chips.

Kate: Yeah, he said he no longer intended to come back in the same body, because that body would want to just sit around and eat chips.

Erik: It would be like being half in a coma. Some people in comas don’t really hang around their bodies, and their body is just there doing really basic things. Hey, mention Ghost Boy.

Kate: You guys, I just heard about this book “Ghost Boy” by Martin Pistorius. He went into a coma as a child, but his body returned to consciousness after a few years – so he was aware of everything going on around him, even though he couldn’t make any indication of awareness. His consciousness and awareness was trapped in his body – there was in interview on CBC where he talks about what that was like. I wondered why he didn’t just leave his body behind, or allow his body to die?

Erik: He *couldn’t* die, they were keeping him alive with the feeding tubes. This is the fucked up cruelty I wanted to talk about, because the focus of the medical system is still on keeping people alive as long as possible, once you start going down that road (of providing treatment / fighting the disease) it’s impossible for some people to stop, and it’s illegal to stop treatment in some states.

Kate: Why did his consciousness come back? We’ve seen brain death in comatose people before, where their body is kept alive but there’s no brain function at all.

Erik: He actually agreed to it all (life contract) BECAUSE there’s all this fucked up shit happening, and it will only get worse unless the thinking changes. We have to get away from this fear of death. I’m not talking about withholding treatment for those that want it, I just mean creating a place for death in our lives. We’re all born, we all die, why do we fight the death so long and hard??? It’s stupid!

Kate: So he came back to teach –

Erik: – compassion for comatose people, people who are non-verbal and non-responsive. It happens more often than you’d think – a consciousness trapped in a body that’s seized up, like a dead car. But there’s still a person inside! They want to be acknowledged, they want to know that their care-givers and family KNOW that they’re still in there!

Kate: My thinking after listening to Martin’s interview was how huge an impact this could have on how we care for anyone who is non-responsive.

Erik: YES. They set him up (the care-giver center) in front of BARNEY every fucking day! That shit is used as torture in some places, and I’m not even fucking kidding. The only people who should be exposed to Barney are little kids and parents – and only for a LIMITED period of time.

Their whole thinking – why they thought it was okay to set this kid up in front of the same damn VHS tape every fucking day – was that he was ALREADY dead, and it didn’t matter. AND THAT’S BULLSHIT!

Kate: Bullshit. Agreed. And our elders too – a lot of older folks experience disintegration in their ability to communicate.

Erik: Uh huh (nodding) and this is how the thinking needs to change. R-E-S-P-E-C-T right? Helloooo! (pats my head, like, are you paying attention?)

Kate: Maybe there will be some new standards in the future, regulations requiring care givers to treat all comatose / non-responsive people as though they are completely cognisant.

Erik: That’s where I’d like to see it go. Not everyone in a coma fucks off. A lot of it has to do with what they believe in, their training (spiritual / religious) their expectations of what happens when the die. Some people immediately recognize when their body’s in a coma, and they yank away from it. But it’s really hard to go through the spiritual separation of *death* while your last body is still alive.

Kate: Is there an energetic tether to the body, if it still breaths?

Erik: Here’s the cool thing that happens – when a consciousness fuses with a body, (shows me gears inter-locking and turning into place). There’s a physical process that happens between the soul consciousness and the physical body – Kate, you don’t have the background to understand it right now – but people are researching and working on it. It’s hard to research, ethically, and it’s hard to control for.

But I’ll tell you this, they’re doing it with animals already. Frankenstein shit.

Kate: Yeah, I know. I’d rather not go into detail on it.

Erik: (energy of “sorry to bring up a thing that bothers you but I had to”) because they’re already beginning to understand what triggers animation. They think they’re creating consciousness out of nothing, and so far, they haven’t really gotten an independently-thinking animal yet. They’re only able to animate bodies that have enough instinctual behaviour programmed into them genetically.

Kate: So is it really a consciousness? Is it self-aware?

Erik: See, that’s the cool shit – there are *degrees* of consciousness, and a lot of it depends on needs. When they animate the body of an dog, (shows me cellular mitosis – a cell splitting itself in two) that’s the consciousness splitting off. It’s a new consciousness, not an incarnation of a dog who has had dog lives before. No dog would go into a body like that. So this new consciousness is more on the level of worms.

Kate: Hmm. Okay. So I’ve run into some pretty neat slugs who are super self-aware. I know a lot of people believe that plants rank under animals, animals rank under people in terms of consciousness, but I don’t really agree – especially since I’ve talked to so many animals with a huge degree of variation in awareness. A few pets I’ve talked with have a really high level of experience incarnating around people, and they’re capable of rational discussion, negotiation, logical deduction – all sorts of stuff some people think only humans are capable of.

Erik. Oh shit, I’ve hit a nerve!!! (teasing) I know this makes you nuts. Okay, it’s like an amoeba consciousness. It hasn’t had a chance to evolve into a multi-cellular organism yet. So we have this really basic level of awareness in a body that was artificially manufactured. So the level of the consciousness is mis-matched with the body. Talk about playing God.

Kate: So what about artificial intelligence – andriods, computers, The Matrix stuff. Will that happen?

Erik: Oh, abso-fuckin-lutely. Computer intelligence is defined a bit differently – it’s like an intellect without a history. Say, I’ve had all these past incarnations with my family waaaaay back through human history, right? So when I go into a human body, my level of consciousness is backed up by this boots-on-the-ground experience.

The batshit-crazy-narly part of computers gaining sentience is that THEIR intelligence is backed by the cloud of human knowledge in data banks. They are not plugged into this (the human cloud of consciousness).

All of our thoughts and experiences, on every level of consciousness whether you’re a human or a self-aware slug or a blade of grass, it makes an energetic impression, like a program on a disk. That cloud of data is accessible to anyone and anything whose plugged into the motherboard. Earth is our main hub here, but you know, it all boils down to a central source, right? That’s how we’re all connected, yadda yadda yadda.

But computer consciousness – THAT is something else. They’re going to have their own cloud of knowledge, and they’ll be able to propagate it (pass it down to new generations of machines). But it’s all based entirely in this dimension – it isn’t accessible on our level.

So an organic consciousness that came from the central source isn’t going to be able to communicate telepathically with a computer (unless we start going through electrical impulses in the brain, but that’s something different!)

Do you see what I mean???

Kate: Is this computer consciousness technically a consciousness then?

Erik: Well, it may as well be when you’re incarnated and getting killed by it. It’s like playing chess against a computer that has an FBI file on ya.

Kate: But – isn’t it just a program, running an algorithm at the end of the day?

Erik: At first, yeah.

Kate: What’s that you’re trying to show me?

Erik: (Shows me a small spark of light branching off of a larger source.)

Kate: I don’t understand what that means. Is that a piece of the same consciousness we have?

Erik: No. You might have to just trust me. There is a point where computer hardware / software becomes sentient. Humans will define that moment when the computer’s decisions change to be self-interested and self-preservation.

Kate: Huh. How far in the future are we looking?

Erik: The technology is almost there, and there’s a lot of money pouring full-tilt into this. It’s gonna make a few people rich, and it’ll be like the next atomic bomb.

So Kate – you want to give us a Quick and Really Dirty Tip on talking to aliens?

Kate: Ha! Why aliens?

Erik: Because ALIENS are the coolest. And it’s where a lot of my people want to start.

Kate: Okay, well! The quickest, easiest way to make contact with anyone or anything is to ask for help. Develop a strong relationship with your angels, guides and friends on the other side, and then ask them for help!

The main things you want to remember is: 1. Set up your protection 2. GROUND yourself.

If you don’t know what those things are, check out Jamie Butler’s awesome learn-it-live classes.

  1. Set your intention. I always set an intention to help people. You could set an intention to learn about aliens, and ask for help reaching a friendly or interested being who is currently incarnated on another planet.
  2. It will happen almost instantaneously. This is how you can begin to tell the difference between telepathic communication and “imagination”. The telepathy happens almost too quickly to possibly be a thought. Before you’ve finished verbalizing a question the answer is already in your head.
  3. Go with it. It’s normal to have self-doubt. The only way to get past it is to practice. Practice will give you more opportunities to get confirmation, and confirmation helps to build your confidence and hone your techniques.

Erik: THAT’S IT!!! AWESOME!!!   HIGH FIVE-HIGH FIVE-HIGH FIVE-HIGH FIVE!!! (He’s high-five-ing y’all!)

We’ll be back with more Quick and Really Dirty Telepathic communication tips!

Kate: Erik, I know aliens are cool, but why start with aliens? Why not pets or loved ones?

Erik: Aside from being the COOLEST, aliens is a great place to start because people don’t actually know a lot about them. So when this information pops into their head, they’re gonna KNOW they’re not making that shit up. It’s the most fun way to start people off. It’s like having a pen pal in another country, except now we’re setting up a classroom letter exchange between GALAXIES! And no one’s done it before, so I like to be the first!

Kate: Awesome, thanks, E.

Erik: You can call me “Big E.” Peace!

Kate Sitka is an animal communicator and spirit medium in Tofino, BC. To learn all about her work and free stuff, visit


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