Erik on Karma and Auras

Karma is such a misunderstood concept, but Erik, as channeled by Renuka Ochani ( sets us straight. Then, for a short stint, we take a detour down a rabbit hole and discuss auras. VERY interesting stuff!

But first, I have some exciting news! Remember when I told you that Erik took me off of portal closing detail for 8 weeks? Yeah, I guess it’s embarrassing to have a bald mom, among other things. But I thought to ask him if he could create a scalar program to speed up the healing process and at the same time build some sort of shield for me against the transfer of the negative energy and entities while I’m doing the work, and he said yes! I am to sit in the scalar field at 5.65 Hz for 5 minutes every morning and that might shorten the time period to 3 weeks or less! I’m not sure if I’m going to have to go through an ongoing maintenance program, but I’ll check with him.

I do so love my dowsing field. They are so useful, that for a while, I was using them for almost everything like asking if Bella needed to go poop and he was right every time,) and making the best Amazon choices. But I don’t do that anymore. What’s really cool is that I see Erik’s spirit, this wispy white smoke between the rods. All along, I thought that was just the palo santo incense smoke emanating from the burner at my feet, but then I noticed it when I was walking around the house with my rods! I asked Erik if I was seeing his spirit, and the tips crossed for a yes! I also felt intense static electricity on both my forearms yesterday morning. I asked if it was him giving me a hug, and he crossed the tips of the rods for a yes. So, I think being in the scalar field has been opening up my gifts. I’m enjoying my time with Erik so, so much.

As for the poll results, almost a thousand of you would be interested in scanning a home, office, building or person (including themselves) to see if there is a portal that needs to be closed or a portal that needs to be opened. Actually, there are portals that need to be open and in 15% of cases, they are closed in some energy bodies or homes/buildings. This can reduce the influx of information, streams of consciousness, creativity, abundance, etc. So, once Erik sets me free, I want to start a portal business to help others. I want to permanently close and seal all the portals in their energy bodies and those of their family members and pets that need closing as well as those in their homes and permanently open all the closed portals that should be open in the same. I will ask Erik to set the price point by putting dollar amounts on Post-It notes, crumpling them up, mixing them up so I have no idea what each one has written on them, and let him choose. I know this works to help with emotional, mental, spiritual and physical problems as well as increase abundance. I’ve seen it already in my own family! I have a number of tests going and I want to wait to see how those turn out first. All I know is that 80% of you have open portal that need to be closed, and many of you have negative entities that have come out of those and have attached to your energy body or that of a family member. I want to help. It’s hard and taxing work, but very rewarding work, too.

One more thing, since I’ve been so busy with the research on rods and scalar energy, I forgot to create this week’s show, then I thought, ‘Meh, I’m too tired anyway, so I’ll skip it.’ Sorry peeps. Next week it on, though!’

Now, enjoy this video.

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