Erik Reveals More Secrets About Stonehenge, Part Two

Do you want even more of the secrets Erik has to share from his perspective as a spirit guide? Then watch this Part Two and you won’t be disappointed. If you missed Part One, use the Chanel search bar to find it. Stephanie Perez ( did a fabulous job channeling my sweet angel. PEASE DONATE TO HELP WITH THE CE OVERHEAD: Click here:

But first, don’t forget about the radio show tomorrow! Again, because so many are struggling during these VERY uncertain times during the pandemic, the entire hour will be devoted to Erik answering questions. If you’ve been able to get on during the last few times, please let another person have a chance. Also, remember, only one question per customer unless it’s a follow-up because I want everyone to get to talk to our rascal. Some have actually been trying to get picked from the studio board for months, so here’s their opportunity! And some are just now discovering the show, so please step aside and let them have the mic.

Channeling those answers from Erik and those messages from loved ones will be none other than our wonderful new CE medium, who Erik touts as highly accurate, Stephanie Perez. Check her out at

If you want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735.

You can also access the show through

And now for the reveal!

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.

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Featured image courtesy of English Heritage

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