Healing Rays for Sandra

As you all know, Stanley’s friend, Sandra, has been battling for her life. Last night, she took a turn for the worse. Here’s Stanley’s email to me:

Hello Elisa,

Things have gotten worse. Sandra had a heart attack overnight. Thankfully they got her blood pressure stablized. And then because of the sepsis infection, they gave her 1 unit of a blood transfusion. They also added a arterial line for better control. I am just thankful that she’s alert and was able to talk and hold a short conversation. And as expected, she was tired so kept drifing off the sleep. So I am thankful she’s hanging in there. It seems every time I go to the hospital something else has happened while I was gone. I am emotionally spent. Sorry to kind of vent to ya, just difficult to deal with alone. So thanks much for the eye Elisa. **hug**

Of course I don’t have the remote healing capabilities that many of you have, but I’m hoping those of you who do can send her Reiki or whatever you can. Throughout the day, I plan to send healing thoughts both to Sandra and Stanley. It’s all I have.



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