Loving the Deceased

First of all, I know we have a lot of new Channeling Erik family members since The Sheila Show interview which aired yesterday, and I want to welcome you all. I encourage you to start at the beginning of the blog and work your way through, because there’s a lot of valuable information you don’t want to miss. Also, introduce yourself through the forums. Your new siblings and I can’t wait to get to know you! Enjoy this next part of the session. I had  blast with it and hope you do as well!

Channeling Transcript

Me: What makes our deceased loved ones happy? What can we do to help them?

(Pause as Erik thinks a bit)

Erik: I got it! Live-Your-Own-Life.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: He’s saying it real slow like people are retarded.

Me: Erik!

Erik: That’s not why! I’m just trying to make a point, an important point. They’re not retarded. They’re my friends!

Me: Oh, okay. Good, we’ll let you off the hook then.

Erik and Jamie chuckle.

Me: I can be a little retarded sometimes, though. So, is that it, then? Is that the only thing we can do?

Erik: No, really. You live your own life. It’s great to include us in memories. I’m not saying they should totally make us disappear, but don’t forget to live life. Don’t live your human life based on our death or our memory. That’s horrible. It makes us sad. Like don’t buy cookies because it’s our favorite ones. That’s really nice, but let that be a memory for YOU. Don’t buy the cookies because you know we like those cookies; cuz I can get whatever fucking cookie I want any time I want.

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: Well, I’m sure that’s true, and you probably already have gorged on plenty of them. I wish we had the low calorie ones over here too.

(God, I’m really starving for homemade Tollhouse chocolate cookies now. Sigh.)

Erik: Yeah, I do eat ‘em all the time. That and ice cream!

Me: Lucky boy. Mint chocolate chip used to be your favorite.  So what about just sending love? Does that really help the energy of our deceased loved ones?

Erik: Okay, look. If we have a really rough passing—

Me: Um hm.

Erik: Okay. I was just speaking in general, across the board what makes us happy. If y’all are happy, we’re happy. Period.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: But if there’s a traumatic passing or a hardship right before the passing or right after, then love and attention—like in a prayer or an intent, a statement, a shout out—yeah, we absorb that and that helps us transition.

Me: Oh yeah. I can imagine.


Me: Okay, so Erik, a while back you were saying that the physical body is fed by the energetic body, and if we could open that up and allow more energy through, we could do amazing things—stop bullets even. Well how, Erik? Tell us! How can we open up the energetic body and allow more energy through so we can do those amazing things?

Erik: Well, the practice of Reiki is a real basic foundation. That’s like your everyday bandaid.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: The practice of Reiki allows more energy in through the body. Qi Gong fine-tunes the body to allow more energy in. Um, eating healthy foods—no processed shit, no white sugar, no caffeine, no drugs or things like that—you know, nothing manmade or abnormal.

(Of course I’m still thinking about those chocolate chip cookies so as far as I’m concerned, bullets can roam free. Someone else will have to stop them Keanu Reeves style.)

Erik: All that shit kinda gets in there and takes away the space where energy is supposed to be.

Me: Oh!

Erik: Clogs it all up. See, people want to have these abilities, but they don’t want to practice the discipline that goes with it to allow that energy to move through the body.

(Guilty. Hmm. I wonder if there’s such thing as spiritual Drano? Gotta look that up later.)

Me: Yeah, I’m one of those.

Erik: Well, as long as you’re happy, and—

Me: Yeah, I’m gonna have my Latte every morning until my Tassimo machine heaves it’s last breath. Anybody try to take that away from me will draw back a bloody nub.

Jamie (laughing): Erik’s laughing so hard! He like spreads his hand across the sky and sings out, “ADDICTION!”

Me: I know. I know!

We all laugh.

Me: Oh well, I’m happy; it’s a happy addiction.

Erik: That’s right. If your happy, then that’s all that matters. You’re in the right spot. If you’re constantly yearning for something more, then you need to learn a discipline.

Me (singing): So, if you’re happy and you know it, clap you hands, right?

Erik claps twice just as he would after that phrase in the preschool song.

Me: So speaking of grade school songs, is it true about the Hokey Pokey?

Erik: What?

Me: Is THAT what it’s all about?

Erik: Yep, as simple as that. That’s what everything in life and the universe is all about. I’m surprised you didn’t know that, Mom.

We all laugh hard.


As many of you know, the link for the live interview didn’t seem to work, and Sheila Gale sends her apologies. Here’s the link to the archive. I’m the second (and last) guest. Please be kind with your constructive criticism! (grin)



CE member, Renuka, has a brand new blog. I encourage everyone to join (upon Erik’s insistence as well.) She channels Erik so skillfully through automatic writing, and they’ve become fast friends. Here’s her email and the link to her blog:

Hi Elisa

How’ve you been dear??

I’ve been busy with Erik. He s been insisting that I send you the link to the blog. I have uploaded it recently. Also he wants you to introduce the Channeling Erik family to the blog. I am not as good as you, but you know can’t say no to Erik. I can’t tell you what a treasure he is in my life. Have come to love him soooo much. Thanx a lot for introducinng me to your wonderful son. I am forever indebted. Byeee.In a rush.Erik has given me a whole agenda and that too with a time limit.heeheee.

Oh the link.





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