Ka-ching, Ka-ching

It's official! The Channeling Erik U.K. event this August has a website, and they're ready to sell tickets. Be sure you purchase them as soon as you can because Shruti wants to keep the event small and intimate, so there will be a limited number of spots. Click HERE to find out more. Note that my … Continue reading

Gimme, Gimme, Part Two

Let's start out with a fun poll: Erik: So behind their backs, wrap them in white light and say a little something like, “God, Higher Self, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus—whoever you say your prayer to or have your belief system into—when they go to sleep at night, please show them the destruction. … Continue reading

Love ’em Through it

Kate Sitka graciously channeled this guest post despite the fact that her mother just passed away. She's headed home to lend support to her father. I'm reaching out to all of you to send her and her entire family love and prayers. Thank you. Errrriiiiiicccckkkk!!!!!! This is the very first piece … Continue reading

Give me da Mulah!

This is a "Best of Erik." I felt bad not posting today. :-) Me: Erik, why do so many people have so much money while others starve? Jamie: I know! Isn’t it unfair? Me: Yeah. What’s that all about? Erik: We can chalk that up to lessons. It’s all about fear of abundance. There’s enough … Continue reading