Erik on Aging

Lately, I've been trying to connect with the grandkids more regularly, especially with the three living in a town 40 minutes away. Sustaining a healthy relationship is especially important when they reach the double digits, and I want to be the old lady who has lived many years and has a lot of … Continue reading

Erik on Dementia

Rune and I got up early to  be on the road by 3:00 AM for an early flight to Barcelona. God I'm groggy. We got to our hotel, met my sister, Laura and her husband, Jim, and went to this amazing restaurant on the beach named Salamanca. I've never had better paella! Then, we walked on the beach for … Continue reading

AIDS, Dementia, Obesity and Cures

I just dropped my youngest, Annika, off at the airport where she's about to embark on a  trip to a small village in Peru. She spends the night in Lima, then wakes up really early to take an 8 hour bus ride to the village. Can't remember the name. There, she'll dress up in scrubs and a white coat, … Continue reading