Finding Comfort and Hope

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! Rune and I are camping again in Galveston. It's pretty cold, although not Minnesota cold, and we even had a bit of sleet in the morning. My morning got off to a rough start when the hubs pops his head up from his pillow and says, "Oh my god, it's nine … Continue reading

Night Awakening and More

Enjoys these heartwarming Erik encounters! Story #1 I was ghost writing for the first time and got the message to read Erik's book . So one night while I was reading his book in my living room I could swear he was watching me. At first I felt something up on my right and then I had this … Continue reading

Erik Visits and Signs

Enjoy these Erik stories! Story #1 Hi Elisa, I hope this email finds you well! So I think I just had an Erik visit (I'm about 90% sure). When I get up in the morning I usually have my coffee and read through the news and whatnot on my phone and I also check your website for any new posts you … Continue reading